Bed -n- Breakfast

SUMMARY: The relationship between Angel and Cordelia has changed.
POSTED: 12 Dec 2005
WARNINGS: None Listed
STATUS: Incomplete


Angel glanced over at Cordelia, soundly asleep in the passenger seat of his car.

She had been so excited earlier that week when he told her they were getting away for the weekend, it hadn’t even dawned on her they would be travelling together without the others.

He realised just how tired and worn out she had become from the visions and their aftermath headaches, she always told him she was fine, when he could read the truth etched in her face.

When had he become so dependant on her, she set the tone, if she was happy, he was happy, if she were tired, he was tired, Angel kept finding excuses to spend more time with her in the office, helping her with the accounts, checking the stationery order, silly things, idiotic, menial things any excuse to spend more time with her, just in her presence.

Wesley had noticed straight away the change in the balance of his and Cordelia’s realtionship and he had been quick to pull Angel aside and remind Angel not to toy with Cordelia’s affections.

Angel had bit back that he wasn’t toying with her affections, he was simply helping her carry out the office tasks because she seemed so frail despite her generous smiles and quick, but not so often quips. But he assured Wesley that he wouldn’t deliberately hurt Cordelia and that he had taken precautions.

Wesley had huffed “Well I guess that’s alright then, if you’re sure Angel, that you’ve taken every precuation you can” his voice rang in Angel’s ears as he almost missed the turnoff to their destination.

When one of Angel’s Investigations recent clients offered a weekend at their Bed and Breakfast cottages in exchange for the removal of a Mynock demon infestation, they had accepted simply because they couldn’t afford not too. It wasn’t quite the same as a cash payment, but now he was able to do something nice for his Seer and he realised as he left city for the suburbs and then the hills, Angel realised he needed this break as well.

He heard Cordelia snuffle and grinned remembering her double take earlier that week.

“You mean us, just us, in a cabin…”

“Not a cabin, a Bed ‘n Breakfast cottage”

“What on earth is a Bed ‘n Breakfast, that could be my place in the am…Angel?”

“It’s a cottage in the hills, they provide overnight accomodation in a small cottage with breakfast in the morning”

“We could all go to a hotel and just get breakfast in the restaurant”

“Cordelia, you’re missing the point”

“I’m missing what?”

“It’s secluded…” Angel started

“Secluded up in the hills with the snakes and wildlife, that type of secluded?”

“Dammit Cordy, it’s mean’t to be a romantic weekend getaway”

“Oh yeah, well when you say it like that! It sounds just fantastic” Cordelia said turning away from Angel.

“Cordy, I’m sorry, I just thought you’d enjoy being away from here for the weekend, you know away with just me” his voice softened and his hand came to rest on softly on her shoulder.

The few seconds it took Cordelia to turn around, seemed like minutes and as she turned, she took Angel’s palm in hers and kissed it and said softly “I’d love to go away for a romantic weekend with you”.

Angel was so prepared for her to dismiss him, that he stood with his mouth open (catching flies Cordelia called it) before it registered that she had agreed.

“That’s great, so I’ll pick you up from your place about 6pm on Friday?”

“On Friday Angel” Cordelia gave him a soft smile and let go of his hand gently and turned and walked back to the office.

Friday as luck would have it, had not one, not two but three callouts and by 6pm that evening, the enitre Angel Investigations staff were all lying on seperate pieces of furniture around the lobby, totally exhuasted.

Angel nearly fell off the couch when Cordelia started speaking softly in his ear “I have all my stuff here Angel, how about I take a shower upstairs and we can leave when you’re ready?”

Angel pushed up off the couch and watched her ascend the stairs. Some thirty minutes later (which privately Angel thought was a personal record for Cordy) they were packing the trunk of his car and Cordelia managed to look stunning in a pair of jeans with a light khaki jumper. They didn’t speak whilst packing the car, Angel put it down to tiredness on Cordelia’s part until she climbed into the passenger seat and he heard for certain, the loud quick thumping of her heart.

Again she was feeling, the way he’d been feeling on and off all day, one moment he felt excited at the prospect of them finally being alone together without interruption, then next he felt hesitant wondering if he had read her wrong and if in fact, and wondered if they would ever actually, fully consumate their relationship. They’d been so close, so many times previously, that Angel had gone to Madam Dorian’s several weeks ago, purchasing a potion guaranteed to protect him and Cordelia.

He glanced at Cordelia again, who it seemed, could sleep anywhere. Only a couple more minutes by his calculations and they should be there. He picked out the lanterns to the driveway in the distance, he wished Cordelia were awake to see this, it was beautiful. He slowed down, turned into the driveway and slowly drove his car up the drive passing lanterns and he could see lights in the distance.

Cordelia woke mortified, to find she’d been drooling, turned and caught a glimpse of Angel’s thigh.

Oh my god, get a grip, wouldn’t I like to grip that…wooha, he’s the one who suggested a romantic weekend away, I should be allowed to think anything I want, oooh pretty lanterns, fairy lights…

“Hey, you’re awake”


“Did you see the lanterns?”

“Uuuh huh”

“We’re almost there”

Cordelia stretched then reached over and stroked the inside of Angel’s thigh.

Angel was so suprised he momentarily let go of the steering wheel.

“Hey watch the lanterns dufus” Cordelia responded having shifted over to Angel, and was now deliberately stroking the inside of his thigh.

“N..e..arly th…e .. re” Angel’s eyes almost rolled back in his head, “Cor, please hon, I can’t think straight when YOU!”

Cordelia removed her hand laughing quietly.

“So we’re gonna be alone the whole weekend huh Champ?”

Angel was concentrating on getting them to the main house which was only metres away at the end of the drive without further distraction. They pulled up without further incident and they had just begun to get out of the car when their host and hostess appeared.

Old and grey and smiling they were greeted with “We didn’t think you were going to make it, welcome, welcome both of you, I’m Bill and this is my wife Mary, we just need Angel to sign you both in on our Register and we’ll direct you to the cottage”. Angel caught Cordelia’s roll of her eyes at the thought of walking anywhere after their day at work, as did Bill, who as he continued winked and smiled at Cordy and said “You can actually drive up to your cottage, it’s a couple of miles further down the track, and your close to the lake, so if you feel like swimming, it’s very cool during the day………. ” Cordelia smiled at Angel, both almost oblivious to the running commentary.

“Hello, you must be Cordelia, wonderful to meet you, do you want to come inside to freshen up?” she looked from Cordelia to Angel and held out her arm gesturing for Cordelia to follow.

“Would you like a drink before you leave, Angel?”

“No, no thankyou”

“Well, this is wonderful, I’m so glad, you both decided to come and visit, in the Cottage there are Tea and Coffee making facilities, plus ice cream in the freezer and also a selection of my wife’s deserts, she made them special for you folks, once we knew you’d be coming this weekend” Angel couldn’t help but shift from toe to toe as he anticipated the evening ahead and replied “Thank you, I know Cordelia and I will appreciate that”.

“Cordelia, did you want a drink or snack before you go?”

“That’s very kind of you to offer, Mr Symthe, but I’m actually not hungry or thirsty at the moment” and Cordelia having returned to the lounge room, gave Angel a look that made him feel like every part of him was going to be eaten later on.

“Bill, let’s let them get away” his wife said smiling, easily recognising the polite but impatient lovers.

“Okay, this is the road you just came up, ” said Bill pointing to a mudmap “and then you want to keep following the lanterns until you come to the last lantern on the left and that’s your cottage”.

“Here are the keys, breakfast is already made up and in the foyer of your cottage which doubles as a small kitchen”

Angel nodded as he grabbed the keys and Cordelia said “Thank you” as they both climbed back into the car.

Bill looked at his wife and smiled and she said “We won’t see them again this weekend” and they smiled, walking back to their house together.


It took them moments to unpack the car, before Cordelia was happily lying on the giangitic double bed surrounded by pillows

“Yep that’s me for the weekend” she giggled. “I’m not moving”

Angel sat on the bed at her feet and smiled.

“Perhaps we could both do with a little snooze before..” he continued to smile as he palmed off one of Cordelia’s loafers. His fingers massaged tired and sore muscles, he’d seen the hit she shrugged off in the last fight, she was so strong, sometimes he forgot how soft she was and she was sighing under his touch.

“You sure, you don’t want to take off those constricting clothes Cordy?”

She gazed at him from hooded lids and bit her lip.

“Maybe…maybe if there was an incentive…maybe…” she stretched, arching like a cat as she watched Angel stand and peel off his jacket.

“What sort of incentive?” Angel whispered, sitting back down and continuing to remove her shoe from the right foot, followed by more gentle strokes to her foot.

“Oh, um, I don’t know…you … naked would probably suffice”

Angel went to stand again, and before he could move, Cordelia was kneeling next to him on the bed, her hand inside his shirt at the neckline stroking and touching him, he turned and she kissed him long but lightly on his lips and they both laughed as he growled.

“It’s been awhile” said Cordelia breaking the kiss.

“Too long” Angel answered pulling Cordelia’s lips back on to his as he twisted to face her, he was enjoying nibbling and licking her, she tasted so sweet, she was his addiction.


Cordelia threw her head back, her body arching into Angel’s hand, her body taught, on the verge, before she came, screaming his name. Angel smiled, thrilled he was able to make her feel this way. She lay panting, trying to catch her breath, so turned on and as she opened her eyes, she caught him smiling at ther. He continued to stroke her, bringing her down, Cordelia simply smiled and asked cheekily “So why don’t we do this at work Angel?”

“Are you kidding Cordelia, the fantasies I’ve had about us at work, would….”

Cordelia wiggled her hips and pushed herself harder onto his hand replying “You, you fantastise about us at work?”

“Cordy” Angel rumbled, smiling at her.

“Tell me, I want to know” she whined.

“No, how about I show you” Angel got up from the bed.

“Showing me is good, I can handle showing, show me what…”

Angel stood up and for the first time Cordelia saw all of him.

“Your beautiful” she whispered, followed by a breathy “Come here”


“Oh my god, they’ve got chocolate mudcake, Angel”

“You want to eat mudcake for breakfast?”

“Well, how about this, I get to eat mudcake for breakfast and I won’t tell Bill and Mary you drink bl……” Cordelia disolved into a fit of giggles as Angel grabbed her, pulling her back down to the bed with him.

“You’re trying to blackmail me?” “You know what I do to someone who is trying to bribe me?”

“Tickle them to death?”

“Good idea!”

“Angel, no…. stop….no…uh huh…giggle..giggle….giggle…gasp, I can’t breathe, Angel, stop, giggle”

Angel stopped tickling Cordelia long enough to wipe the hair back off her face and whispered “You know we have go back”

“No” Cordelia pouted.

“No?” Angel’s non-existent heart gave a little leap.

“This has been a peeerrfect weekend” Cordelia purred.

“Yes it has” replied Angel stroking her hand.

“Could we come back?”


“Where else dufus? Sometimes I wonder about you, Angel!”

Cordelia’s eyes widening as she caught him out, playing dumb.

“You, you, you do that just to piss me off, dont you!!”

“Works everytime!” said beginning to laugh hard.

“I’m so going to get you for that, come here”

“Cordelia, put that down”

“You are so gonna get it, Angel” Cordelia her voice rising, advanced upon Angel with one of the large fluffy pillows.

Angel was laughing so hard, he was having difficulty standing up straight, and copped one thwack of the pilllow from Cordy before turning and sweeping her up in his arms, pillow and all.

“So” he smiled.

“So” she huffed, pretending to be annoyed.

“Here again in two weeks?” Angel pressed his lips to the back of her hand and looked up for her reply.

Bed-n-Breakfast ~ PART 2: Interlude (PWP)

Cordelia woke to the smell of coffee brewing and half asleep she wandered into the foyer of the cabin, greeted with the sight of Angel barechested and barefoot making breakfast for her.

She smiled and so did he aware of her prescence before entrance at the archway. He turned asking “Sugar?” She noticed that he tented his pants.

“So…. ” she moved in behind him “Do you have this problem every morning Angel” brushing her fingertips lightly over him.

“Princess, if you want breakfast, you’re gonna to have stop doing THAT!” he groaned thrusting his hips back into her groin.

“A girl can’t have any fun” sighed Cordelia moving away but not quick enough as Angel grabbed her wrist in passing.

“Well, I don’t technically eat breakfast” smiled Angel his thumb making lazy circles in her palm.

“You want something else to eat?” Cordelia asked her eyebrows raising and she began to laugh at the bluntess of it all.

“What’s so funny?”

“God you’re so hard”

“For you”

“Can I eat it?” Cordelia knelt and with practised hands began undressing him.

“Not necessarily what I ….. you should…be…eat groan breakfast”

Her hands cupped naked skin, running her hand followed by lips and tongue along the underside and Angel reqluished control giving in and thrusting into her mouth.

He dimly heard the whistle on the kettle, realised somewhere between heaven and her that Cordy had turned the stove off whilst “Almight gah ah ah jezzus”.

Her lips stopped moving on him and he looked at her lovingly and pulled her up from her knees.

“Not finished” she panted, the bench becoming another hard surface to spread her on.

“No not finished, just starting” he thrust gently into her.

“My, my…coffee”


“No what?”

“Should only be concentrating on me” he said licking her shoulder, kissing the nape of her neck.


“…Gonna make you…”

“Promises, promises” chuckled Cordelia, knowing full well that Angel would bristle.

“You” he said drawing back

“Are gonna scream my name”

“Yeah, make me!” Cordelia laughed again, spurring Angel on.

“Oh baby, I’ll…”

Cordelia grabbed at his shoulders, he thrust into her achingly slow, so slow, so hard and hot and Cordelia was shaking on the verge and he stopped.

“Way to kill the moment” she hissed.

Angel looked up smiling, actually smirking as he slowly withdrew.

“Your breakfast..” he said picking her up off the bench and planting her on the floor “is getting cold”

Bed-n-Breakfast ~ Part 3: Dinner

“Cordelia, I’ve been thinking..” Angel started

“Now didn’t we tell you that could be bad for your health” laughed Cordy in return.

Angel swatted her backside playfully and continued “This weekend, Bill and Mary suggested we..”

He finally had Cordelia’s full attention, their weekends away together were precious to her.

She turned into his arms and said “Suggested..”

“That we go out to dinner on Saturday, they say there’s a very good restaurant in town and I thought you might like to go out to dinner with me”

“Well..” Cordelia replied, fiddling with buttons on Angel’s shirt, “You know how I just hate” her fingers caressed Angel’s chin and he gripped the reception desk tighter “Spending weekends away with you Angel” she smiled as her fingers moved lower.

“Cough, cough” Wesley made sure that Cordelia and Angel heard him as he entered the foyer, too many times lately he had walked in on something, well, something in progress and to save them all further embarssment, he had developed a very loud cough.

“Angel wants me to go out to dinner with him on Saturday night Wes” Cordelia smiled happily.

“That’s uh, very nice, were are you planning to go?”

“What’s the name of this place again Angel?”

“uh Harbison’s”

“See Wes, me and Angel going to dinner at Harbison’s, oooh what do I need to wear?”

“Clothes naturally” muttered Wes

Angel looked at her, pulled her hand away from his groin and waved a finger at her, whispering “Naughty, naughty Cordy” and continued “Wes is right actually Cordy, clothes would be a good idea”

“No, you both don’t get it, why do I always pick the dumb ones, there are different types of clothes for different types of occassions, like for instance is this restaurant casual or smart formal or ..” Angel put his finger to her lips effectively shushing her.

“Cordy, just dress for me” Angel smirked as he caught her hand for the second time.

“Honestly, it’s been what, six months now, I just thought you would have gotten past the double endtre stage of your relationship” exclaimed Wes, closing the office door in a huff behind him.


“This has been a perfect night”

“It has, hasn’t it”



“You know Christmas is um, a time where people give each other gifts”

He smiled as he watched Cordelia’s eyes light up at the mention of the word gift and she thought he was easy!

“I have an early Christmas present for you” Angel slid a scroll tied with red ribbon across the table to her.

Cordy just sat there looking at it.

“Don’t you want to open it?” Angel asked

Cordelia looked up tears in her eyes and whispered “No more clause”

Angel simply nodded.

Cordelia was still crying. This wasn’t the way it was supposed to happen, what on earth had he done wrong.

He moved and sat next to her, his arm around her shoulders as he pulled her to him.

“Cordelia, please tell me what’s wrong, we can fix it, I know we can, I….”

“It’s really stupid” Cordelia sniffled.

“Tell me, please”

“We won’t be coming here anymore”

“To the restaurant, no, not if you don’t like it”

“Not that dufus” Cordelia smiled still sniffling.

“To our cottage” at which point Cordelia blew into the napkin Angel had handed her.

He noticed though, how she said our cottage, instead of the cottage and turned to face her.

“Sweetheart, you know I love you”

“Uh huh”

“And if you want to keep spending weekends here with me, then I don’t have a prob…”

Angel started to laugh as he was covered in kisses “thank you” peck “thank you” kiss and Angel caught her face in his hands and kissed her back thoroughly.

“Oooh, no that’s, that’s, now that’s a really strange thought”

Angel’s hands caressed hers under the lip of the tablecloth.

“What’s that?”

“Those fantasies we both you know have … uh had….um about work”

“You are an evil, evil woman Cordelia Chase” said Angel rising and pulling her up with him, he was also carefull to pull out his dinner shirt to hide his very physical response to Cordelia’s suggestion.

“Finally, I finally understand why you wear your shirts untucked” whispered Cordelia into his ear, her palm grazing his backside.

BED-n-BREAKFAST ~ PART 4: A Little Bit of Everything

“I feel a little faint is all”

“So sorry, I shouldn’t have…”

“Don’t you dare apologise …that…was the most fantastic sex I’ve ever had…Angel, it was raw, frentic and oh my god” Cordelia gasped. Angel was as hard again pressed against her thigh.

She stroked him gently trying to make it to the lake before they both took each other again.

Cordelia singing slightly off key “Santa Clause is coming to town, he know’s when you’ve been sleeping (pointing at Angel), he knows when your a SNAKE! Cordelia screeched, stopping dead in her tracks so quickly that Angel almost bumped into her.


“Snnaaake” her fingers shook as she pointed to the triangular shaped head of the snake that was shaking it’s rattles against each other. Cordy whispered “rattlesnake” her eyes wide.

“Don’t move Cordy” Angel still held onto one hand that was shaking from nerves “Cordy please try and stay still”.

“It’s only a baby rattle snake Cordy, it…”

“Look buster, I actually did Biology at school and baby rattlesnakes are born with a full supply of venom at birth and they, they, they don’t have the control a momma rattlesnake has, they are more likely to inject all of their venom when they bite!”

“Well then don’t get bitten” there was a shakey nervous laugh from Cordy and a slight “Eep” as the snake slithered closer.

“This is so not the way I pictured us spending the evening” smiled Cordy tiredly, they had both been standing still for the last ten to fifteen minutes, hoping in vain the snake would find them unappealing and move on it’s way. However, this baby rattle snake had other ideas and at this moment was slithering across Cordelia’s foot.


He raised his finger to his lips in a shushing motion. Cordelia held her breath, every inch of her silently screaming run, run, RUN!

Another five minutes and Cordy was lathered in a sheen of persperation and the baby rattlesnake was slowly making it’s way to the other side of the clearing.

“I thought we came here to leave all the demony things in LA”

“A snake is not a demon Cordy”

“Is too”

“Cor, actually it’s not a demon, are you still going to come swimming with me”

“Is too, and I don’t think I can move”

“Actually it’s not, you want me to carry you?”

“Well I disagree, it was scaly and creepy and what?”

“I could carry you to the water’s edge”


“Well it could be romantic”

“Romantic, you, pffftt”

“Who found us this Cottage in the woods”

“Well, uh you did”

“And that’s not romantic because…..”

“This doesn’t count”

“Yes it does”

“Put me down”

Angel just smiled and walked down to the shoreline carrying Cordelia easily.

“I really thought that snake was going to bite me”

“Don’t you like being bitten?” asked Angel mischievously as he removed Cordelia’s sling back shoes, one at time.

“I uh” Cordelia turned to Angel, very aware of his hand moving slowly up her thigh.

“I’m sure you taste delicious” his hand gently moved hair away from the nape of her neck.

“uh Ang..”

“…need to taste you” Slowly, his tongue rasped the side of her neck.

Cordelia moaned into Angel’s shoulder, her hips slowly grinding into his.

“Vixen” he purred, his hand tracing the pulse in her throat.

When Angel licked her pulse point again, her body responded, arching, grinding, pushing into Angel

“Are you going to take them off?”


“..clothes..” he sucked and nibbled her throat.

“um…groan.. why?”

“swimming” he pulled her away from him and she sighed

“Angel are you going to strip for me”

“..Cordelia I..”

She crossed her arms and stared at him, one eyebrow raised.

“..prefer kiss to do stripping kiss, in private”, his hand grazed between the apex of her thighs.

Cordelia smiled and slowly began to raise her skirt, till it brushed the top of her stocking thighs, her hands constantly moving until she found the tie that held her dress together and gently tugged it, letting her dress fall open to reveal a low cut bra and panties set that matched her stockings for their sheerness.

She heard Angel growl and knew for certain, they had achieved their desired effect.


His hands were all over her, brushing her breasts, deliberate between her legs and pulling her towards him. Grinding his erection into her.

“Still want to go swimming lover?”

Angel stilled his fingers inches away from her centre, his mouth nuzzling her neck, Cordy felt the vibrations as he growled into her neck and began to laugh softly.


“You’re so easy”

“You’re a tease”

“..and that’s a problem because….”

“You want to go swimming!” Angel’s eyes took on a mischevious gleam.

“Angel, no, no, take off your Angel!!!” Minutes later Cordy was spluttering against Angel laughing hard as they both sat in the shallows.

“Your …giggle…good silk shirt!”

“And your bra, is seethrough, stand up sweetheart”



“Pervert, it’s not like you haven’t seen me before”

“Not like this” he moved towards her on hands and knees, watching the beads of water pool between her breasts.

“You know, we have a perfectly good bed back in the cottage” Cordy tried to shift herself away from Angel, yet still he advanced.

“Want you” he pounced splashing them both, one hand claiming her shoulder, the other back between her thighs.

“or the shower, we still haven’t tried the shower and bath”

“Tommorow” he hissed, exciting her again.

“Angel, please, your pants are heavy when they’re wet”

She giggled as he tried to remove the sopping garment.

“You win”

“I win what?”

“Let’s try the shower”

He held his hand out for her and gently pulled her out of the ankle deep water.
She stopped to grab her dress, looked around in vain for her shoes and then marvelled at Angel’s physique as he shed the rest of his sopping clothes on the track, leaving him with boxer shorts that moulded to his tight arse and showing off his hard erection.

Despite being sopping wet from the dunking, Cordelia grabbed Angel’s hand and began to pull him up the path to their cottage.

BED-n-BREAKFAST ~ Part 5: Interlude II (aka PWP)

“Cordy what are you wearing?” his voice husky with need.

“My pj’s of course, I was just about to go to bed” Cordelia’s voice held that “I’m ticked off at you” lilt.

“Go to bed, take me with you”


“You’ve got the mobile phone”

“Yeah, but I don’t see what that has to do with me going to bed, unless…”

“Are you wearing underwear Cordy?”

“You know I don’t wear underwear to bed Angel”

“Just checking” his voice was needy and full of …

“Go into your bedroom Cordy”

“Okay so here I am in the bedroom, what’s gotten into you Angel?”

“Three days….” he started

“Three days, okay cryptic much?”

“Three days since we………”

“Oh, okay, okay, I get it now, you’re just horny”

“Grumble unintelligable…growl…Cordy are you in your bedroom”

“Yes, god stop with the melodrama much”

“I want you to touch yourself, for me”


“Cordy..” he rumbled

“Are you still at the office?”

“God I need to be near you, inside you, my fingers spreading you wide so I can taste you”

Cordelia sat down on the side of her bed hard, her heart racing.


“uh An..”

“Good Cordy, are you touching yourself, making yourself ready to accept me, all of me” Angel growled into the handset and every hair on Cordelia’s body stood upright.

“Are you wet Cordy?” he whispered.

“Do you want me to fill you up?” he hissed, his pants barely disguising his own need and excitement.



“Angel!” closer, more immediate.

“Wes, Wes, Wes!”

“Yes that’s my name Angel, listen I don’t need you to stay, it’s only research from now on and I think I have books at home that will help, why don’t I see you tommorow, good night then”

Angel hissed as his erection scraped the underside of the desk and he pulled the mobile phone out and purred “Cordy?”

Cordelia was past listening, fantasing that Angel was with her instead, it was his lips and hands exploring her, his weight against her, pushing her into the bed.

Angel listened to the sounds of Cordelia’s obvious arousal as he almost ran to the garage to retrieve his car. Driving to her home, passed in a blur.

“Dennis!!” The front door swung open, Angel ran to the bedroom, pushed the door open and stopped, watching in lust as Cordelia continued, lying across the bed, almost unaware of his entrance to the room.

She moaned and her own hands excited her further. Angel growled loudly and she turned her head towards him. Instantly he was kneeling between her knees, inhaling the spicy aroma of her arousal.

“” Cordelia panted, so terribly close to the edge of a prepice.

He shucked his pants to his knees, placing her hands on his shoulders he leaned in to kiss along the inside of her thighs and she bucked up against his mouth.

“Sssh, Cordy easy”

“Going t..o…”

“Ready for me?” he purred.


“Isn’t Cordelia here yet?” Angel was pacing the floor of the Hyperion.

“You know she had an appointment this morning, she’ll be here shortly after 10am, and Angel, stop with the pacing, it’s distracting”

“Yo, how’s it hanging?”


“Hello Gunn, don’t mind Angel, he’s..”

“..distracted, yeah I can see that”

“So where is Barbie?”

“She’s uh …”

Angel finished with a growl “at an appointment”

“Okaaayyy” said Gunn warily and looking at Wes with the what the hell is wrong with Angel look.

“Angel perhaps you could help Gunn, I was just going to send him out on reconnaissance to see if he can find that nest of…”

“Fine” Angel turned and stormed out of the lobby, Gunn approached Wesley quickly on his way to follow Angel and hissed “English, are you SURE he’s alright?”

“Angel, Angel man, wait up!”

Wesley turned back to his books tiredly. He ought to try and speak to Cordelia about the situation because, because, because something needed to be said, but why him, why couldn’t they discuss it and sort it out like the two adults that they were, but at the moment admittedly Angel was behaving like a spoilt two year old and Cordy, well Cordy just didn’t have any idea of the impact her relationship with Angel was having on his ability to work effectively and some days even to work at all.

“Morning Wes, hey cheer up sour puss, I bought donuts” Cordelia held out pastry bag out in front of her.

“Thank you Cordy, I’m going to make a pot of tea, would you like a cup”

“Me, nah, bought coffee” Wes moved to switch on the electric jug and turned back to Cordelia.

“Bohyz oWt on a fob” asked Cordelia through a mouthful of donut.

“Yes, they’ve gone to locate that nest of Lautwerke demons”

“Ohff, bill vey be ack soon?”

“I honestly don’t know” the kettle whistled and Wes turned around to pour it into teapot.

“Okay Wes spill, no not the water, you’ve got bad news face”

“I have, I mean I have bad news face?”

“Well actually it’s a cross between the “i’m serious face and the bad news face”.

“Just let me finish brewing my tea and then we need to have a talk Cordy”

The telephone interupted both of them and Cordelia beat Wes by a microsecond, smiling into the telephone cradle, she answered with “Angel Investigations, we help the …..” “Slow down Gunn, I can’t understand what your saying..”

Cordelia hung the phone in the cradle and just looked at Wesley.

“Okay Cordy, what is it, what’s wrong?”

“Apparently, if I understood Gunn correctly Angel uh, Angel fainted”

“What, that’s not possible, Vampires don’t faint, or at least there’s no mention in the books I have of vampires fainting, it’s highly unusual, did Gunn say were they where?”

“He’s bringing Angel back here, apparently the guy’s no lightweight, ya know” Cordelia gave a wain smile, her humour surfacing to cover her real worry.

“Hey a little help here” Gunn stuck his head round the cellar door, speaking to Wes and Cordelia.

“He’s certainly pretty thick, I mean, he’s a solid build” Wes’s eyes grew wide as he and Gunn dragged Angel by the shoulders three quarters of the way across the lobby, before admitting defeat.

“How did he, I mean did he say anything, before he, well you know…..” Cordelia was kneeling at Angel’s side, automatically checking for his pulse.

“This is so not good, he doesn’t have a pulse Wesley, he doesn’t have a…..”

“Cordelia!!! Vampire, Angel is a vampire, no pulse remember” Wes shook Cordy’s shoulders gently.

“Uh vampire, that would explain the no pulse problem wouldn’t it, oh god I can’t think straight, he’s not supposed to faint is he Wesley? What do we do, I don’t know what to do?”

“Cordy, stop panicing, you’ll wear yourself out, let’s go about this calmly and rationally, okay maybe just calmly, first things first, is he hot?”

“Woo doggy, is he hot, last night Angel and I…oh, hang on a second, you mean does he have a temperature, don’t you!” Cordelia finished speaking to her shoes, her head hung in embarssment.

“Cordelia, how about you sit on the couch and calm down and Gunn and I will try to figure out what’s wrong!” Wesley patted her shoulder gently and Cordelia sat, her elbows on her knees leaning forward, determined ascertain the immediate cure for Angel, well fainting.

“Nup no temperature”

“Ya think he’s a little colder than usual?”


“I don’t know about you Wes, but since when did Angel start sweating?”

“Okay, he might have a fever”

“This one time in Sunnydale, Faith shot him with a poisonous arrow and the poison, the poison….”Cordy faltered.

“Actually I was there for that one Cordelia, and it’s not the same, well I know he hasn’t been wounded by an arrow, because Gunn would have told me, right Charles?”

“Yea, I would have said, hey, see the big arrow sticking out of his um whatever, right!”

“Guys, we are seriously getting nowhere fast, can we call someone like that guy with the green bits and the horns, whathisname, the singing and the karoke and guys!”


“Did he say anything, I mean did he say anything before he fainted, or did he just you know faint” Cordy waived her hands around to illustrate.

“Nup, one minute we were walking towards the Lautwerke demon nest and the next thwump he was out cold, first, I thought he’d slipped you know and I just kept walking expecting him to return to my side, but I turn round and the guy’s still out cold on the floor of the sewer” Gunn sighed, exasperated that the situation had not noticeably improved since bringing Angel back to the Hyperion.

“Oh hang on, he did say he smelt something”

“Did you smell it?”

“Nah, think it’s those spidey senses and smello-aroma nose he’s got, I didn’t smell anything apart from the stinky slimy sewer, you know”

“Do I what, Angel just doesn’t seem to realise how much they charge to dry clean a skirt once I’ve worn it through the sewers”



“How about you go and ring Lorne, this is his number, go on now, we’ll keep Angel safe”

“She’s not handling this very well” Wesley whispered consipiratorily to Gunn

“Ya think!” Gunn replied.

“Any ideas?”

“Do vampires get infections?”

“To really make a proper analysis we should remove his clothes”

Gunn and Wes simply looked at each other and said “Cordy”.





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