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Darkness & Daylight: Cordelia/Angel Fanfiction & Art 
by Lysa Whitmore

You’ll find lots of new fan fiction and fic updates there.
Listed below are the stories original posted at Angel’s Oasis.


Birthday Wishes (A Sequel to Scorch’s Fic ‘Birthday Surprises’)
I’m Game
If We Fall in Love
My Share of Miracles
Temptation’s Light
The Clock Ticks
What the Dickens?
Where Dark Things Dwell (The PG13 Version)


A Night to Remember
All the Days and Nights to Follow (Sequel to ‘A Night to Remember’)
Baiting a Master Vamp (Series):
Interlude 1: Baiting a Master Vamp
Interlude 2: Mastering the Bait
Interlude 3: Hooked on the Bait
Blinded with Love
Connections (Series) – Note: Now titled ‘Soulbound: The Connection Series’
Book One – The First Connection
Book Two – The Next Connection
Crisis at Crater Lake
Double or Nothing
Double Take (A Parody / Alternate Take on Lysa’s ‘Double or Nothing’)
Freedom’s Prize (A Collaboration with Califi)
Friendly Persuasion
Immortal Beauty
Open Invitation
Phantom Hand of Fate
Promise of the Night (Sequel to ‘Open Invitation’)
Puzzle Pieces
Rapture: A Lusty Little Drabble
Red Velvet Ribbon
Santa’s Gift
Season of Solace
Seeing is Believing
Splintered (A Collaboration with Califi)
The Mirror Crack’d
Threads of Love
Tinsel Time
Undercover Lovers
What the Heart Wants

Lysa Whitmore

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