Scorch / Scorched / Sunscorched


A Cobbon Cold
A Special Somebody
All You Need
Baby’s First Words
Best Ideas
Better Ideas!
Big D
Birthday Surprise (See Sequel ‘Birthday Wishes’ by Lysa)
Book and Dagger
Boy Needs Some Colour
Christmas Kisses
Circle in the Sand
Evil Angelus
French Kiss
Fruit or Vegetable
Here’s to Hoping
I Need You
If You Can’t Be Good
Monkeys and Gravy
Morning After
Moving On
Omega Men and Popcorn
Parental Guidance
Presents and Thank You Notes
Prized Pet
Queen B
Running Scared
Secret Santa
Skill of Observation
Sleigh Bells Ring
So, You’re a Vampire?
Something Schweet!
Story Time
Strange Faces
Swallow Me Whole
Tequilla Mockingbird
The Big Bad
The Chatty Rooms
The Date
The Oscar Goes To…
The Shan-Sh Series:
Shan-Shu: Humanity Strikes!
Shan-Shu: Natural Disaster
The Trouble with Cordy
The Vision
Things Uncommon
Thought that Counts
Time to Dance
Training Days
True Lies (A Collaboration with Nobody’s Angel)
Untitled Drabble
Untitled Serial
Vamp’s Best Friend
Waking Up and Smelling the Cappucino
Were We?
What Becomes of the Broken Hearted
You Need to Share


39, 23, 59
A Little Bit of Bondage, A Whole Lot of Fun (A Collaboration with Nobody’s Angel)
After Dinner Mint
Bedtime Story
Big BlueBig Blue
Big Dog
Blessing of the Son
Cordy’s Secrets
Counter Moves (A Collaboration with Califi)
Dance with the Devil
Dead on Arrival
Dividing Differences
Fight for your Right
Fighting is the First Sign (A Collaboration with Nobody’s Angel)
Five O’clock Shadow
Food of Love
For Your Eyes Only (A Collaboration with Helen)
Force of Instinct
House Guest
Hypnotic Suggestions
Immaculate Conception
In the Dark
Keep On Truckin’
Kiss Below the Mistletoe
Love Potion No.9-1/3
Loving Me, Loving My Demon
Loving Liaisons
Melting Point
Passion Personified C/Aus Series
#1: Paradise at Sunset
#2: Champagne and Roses
#3: Euphoria
#4: Ride in the Night
#5: Pillow Talk and Fights
#6: Ice Cool
#7: Always
#8: Only Time
#9: Forever Starts Now
#10: Food & Vampires
Christmas Special: Passionate Christmas
Princess and the Vampire
Ring My Bell
Rose Red
Run and Catch
Russian Roulette
Second Time Lucky
Sensory Perception
Services Rendered
Slave to Love
Sticks and Stoned (A Collaboration with Califi)
Sweet Serenade (A Collaboration with Califi)
Sweet Surrender
These Things Happen
Threads of Control
Three Vamps and a Princess
Turning the Tables
Under Your Spell
When Spells Go Very Wrong
Who’s Evil Now, Huh? (A Collaboration with Nobody’s Angel)
Who’s Stalking Who?
Winter Nights
Wishing on a Star
Wish Verse
Yank the Chain

Scorch (aka Jude)

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