Tis Definitely the Season

AUTHOR: FICBITCH82 (aka Christie)
SUMMARY: A little ficlet of what could happen on Christmas Day for the gang in the Golden Year of S3.
POSTED: 19 Dec 2003
WARNINGS: None Listed
AUTHOR NOTES: Dedicated: To Manders21, hope you have a fantastic Christmas and a very happy New Year. (Oh yeah, I hope you like the fic too! Hee!)

“‘Tis the season to be jolly, fa-la-la-la-la–”

“He makes the next la, and I’m going to bite him.” Angel scowled, glancing towards Cordelia. The eye roll he received was one he’d seen many times from the brunette, her annoyance written plain across her face.

It was Christmas, therefore very in the season, and Angel being Mr. Scowly-Pants-On-Legs wasn’t helping the jollies much.

“Angel, sweetie,” She began, meeting his eyes. “See the twinkling lights? Hear the soft mellowish music? It’s Christmas. ‘Tis really the season. And it’s two days before said season draws to a shuttering halt with the giving of much Christmas presents so– Get with it!”

Angel looked down, face creasing into a frown. Now he felt bad. Here was Cordy, taking time out to help him pick stuff for the guys and he was being all cranky. God, what was with him?

Well, actually, he knew what was ‘with’ him. His crankyness usually appeared this time of year, right when the world was fa-la-la-la-la-ing. Angelus had loved this time of year. Christmas was a time that offered hope to the most desperate of people and Angelus had revelled in taking that away. Angel could remember the faces of every single person he’d killed, especially around this time of year. It wasn’t exactly fair that he was dragging Cordelia’s spirits down into the gutter with his.

“Maybe we should–”

“Oh no!” She frowned, holding up a hand. “I know exactly what you’re going to say…” Cordelia’s eyes darkened as she put on her best stern-Angel voice, one that (as usual) didn’t come out too well. “Perhaps we should wait, Cordelia. We have time to shop, Cordelia. We’re not really going to be busy before Christmas, Cordelia. We’re–”

“Actually, I was going to suggest we go for coffee.” Angel said, eyebrows raised.

Cordelia’s skin flushed as she stared at him. “Oh, well… Like I knew you’d say that! You don’t even drink coffee unless it’s mine and even then you’d think you were being forced.”

Angel found a smile crossing his face even as Cordelia dragged him into the most expensive coffee shop on Melrose. The inside of the shop was lit up with a thousand twinkling lights and Angel justcaught what Cordelia was saying as he turned round, her frown evident when she realised he hadn’t been listening.

“You didn’t listen to a word I was saying there, Buster.” She scowled.

“I… There was something about our tree.” He murmured, suitably chastised. He should have known better than to not listen to Cordelia.

“Our very non existent tree, Ebeneezer,” She told him, in between ordering their coffee. “It’s two days ’til Christmas and we’re not putting across a very festive vibe for our clients.”

“What clients?”

“Don’t get all technical on me! You don’t know when a visionity attack is going to pop up. For all we know, I’ll get struck on Christmas Day and we’ll have even more to do than normal.” She was, of course, referring to the last Christmas they’d spent together when it seemed like every minute of their festive activities were dampened a little by a case or a vision that they needed to work on.

This Christmas they had two new additions to the family, Fred and Connor – and Cordelia was determined to make their respective first Christmases good ones.

“Look, we got through December 21st and the whole longest night of the year crap. You promised that after that we’d– Angel?”

Angel nodded, a little distracted. The whole twice he’d been in here, he’d noticed that guy, the one behind the counter. Now usually, Angel could smell danger a mile off – or… Well okay, maybe not a mile. But he did have a keen eye. Last time they’d been in here – following a late night case near the La Brea tar pits, Angel had noticed something strange about the young guy serving.

Only now did he realise that it was the fact that he kept staring at Cordelia. Not that she wasn’t pretty or anything. Not by a long shot. In fact, Angel was noticing more and more these days that–

“Angel!” Cordelia yelled. “Will you listen to me when I’m talking to you? Geez, I’d have got better conversation out of Connor and that’s saying something…”

“What? I-I was… I was just…”

“You were getting all large and glowery over Joey.”

“You know his name?”

Cordelia rolled her eyes. “Yes. It’s this weird little thing, see, all the people who work in here? They have this thing called name tags. Marvellous invention. Really lets you know who a person is.”

“Does he know your name?”

“Oh please, I am SO not a name tag person.” Cordelia snorted, then pointed to Angel’s hot chocolate, “You want sprinkles?”

Angel shook his head no, and picked up his plastic cup, warming his hands slightly from the liquid inside. “Where to next?”

Cordelia pointed to the largest toy store on the Melrose strip, taking a sip of her chocolate. “There and then… Well, I’ve been done for weeks. But I promised Fred I’d pick something up for her. She’s come a long way since Pylea, but I think the notion of hitting LA shops terrifies her more than she’d like to admit.”

“I know how she feels.” Angel deadpanned as they crossed the street.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
Christmas Day – (late, as usual…)

“A little to the left,” Said Gunn, nodding, watching Cordelia up the ladders as she tried to position the Angel on the Christmas tree just right. He’d offered to do it but Cordelia (being Cordelia) had refused, telling Gunn in not so many polite words that he – a man – knew squat about decorating. And neither did Angel, no matter what his taste in clothes indicated.

Today, they’d worked on two cases – closed one, and now, they were indulging in Christmas festivities in the hope that nothing would interrupt. No visions or potential clients pouring through the door (or in her head).

“That it?” She asked, clutching the top of the ladder with one hand and the Angel with the other.

“Back right a bit.” Wesley told her, lifting his hand and pointing to where he wanted the Angel to go.

“Guys, make up your mind! I’m not standing here for the good of my–” Leaning a bit too far forward, Cordelia felt the ladder start to wobble and yelped as she lost her footing, plunging backwards and to the floor of the lobby.

She was met with a cushion. One of the human variety. And an ‘oomph’…

Their bodies collided, Cordelia all soft fabric and softer skin, Angel all arms and legs judging by the awkward way he lay beneath her.

“I tried to catch you.” He explained, more than a little uncomfortable by how close they were. When she was this close, Angel had to admit all those things he tried so hard to forget when they were standing apart. The little gold flecks in her hazel eyes that danced and sparked when she was happy or angry. The apple shampoo that she used every two days, without fail. The fresh, clean body lotion that she moisturised with every single day of her life.

When they were apart, even if it was three feet, he could ignore it.

But when they were this close, Angel couldn’t help but notice all those things.

She smiled and the tiniest of laugh lines appeared at the corner of her eyes, face lighting up brighter than the Christmas tree in the corner of the lobby. All too suddenly, she was moving to stand, extending a soft hand to help him from the floor.

“Did I hurt you?”

Angel shook his head and glanced up at the Christmas tree, smiling as he got to his feet. “It’s beautiful.”

“Duh!” Cordelia grinned at him, threading a piece of tinsel between her fingers. “I was trying to get the Angel in the right place but Pinky and the Brain here couldn’t decide whether it needed to go left or right.”

“Pinky and the Who?” Wesley asked, puzzled, still trying to get the Christmas lights to work.

“The Brain,” Gunn offered, “Cartoon mice who– Hey! How come I’m the dopey one?”

“You want to be the mouse with the big head?” Asked Cordelia.

“Well, okay…”

“My head is not big.” Wesley frowned, as Cordelia imagined him getting a complex about the size of his head.

“That was supposed to be a compliment,” She tried, “Big head, big brain, y’know…?”

Wesley eyed her suspiciously for a moment before his face broke into a smile. “I suppose I can give you that one, since it’s Christmas and all.”

“Wow, and we didn’t even resort to bickering. New record for us…” She grinned, making a few last minute adjustments to the Christmas tree before stepping back and throwing her arms wide. “Ta-daaa!”

“Oooh, now that’s my kinda song!” The voice came from the doors of the hotel lobby, Lorne standing in his usual brightly coloured suit – a festive bright green with a red shirt and a gold tie – Fred by his side. “Sorry I’m late kiddywinks, got held up with an emergency reading.”

“Trouble?” Asked Wesley, immediately concerned.

“No, just one of my regulars,” Lorne shook his head, “Thinks the worlds out to get him every other week. It’s best I listen or he pesters me all the more and then I get nothing done, least of all this wonderful family feast you lot have planned.”

“That’s Fred’s department.” Cordelia smiled, “Luckily for us she actually remembered the cooking lessons she got when she was younger.”

“That and my mother was on hand to help with most of it.” Fred laughed, holding up a bag of more goodies – mulled wine and pre-made egg nog and other things. “Being in a cave for five years doesn’t exactly enhance your culinary skills.”

“Well it smells delicious, Plumcake,” Lorne smiled, stepping down into the lobby with her. “And the lobby looks all kinds of wonderful, even if I do say so myself.”

“And again, I say duh. You couldn’t go wrong with me doing the decorating, could you?” Asked Cordelia, winking at Lorne. “Now we just have to wait for The Br– Wesley to get the lights on and we’re set.”

Frustrated, Wesley glanced up at Cordelia who stood, hands on hips. “It might help if the lights weren’t as old as Angel.”

“Hey! I heard that.”

“You were meant to,” Said Wesley dryly, a bubble of frustration bursting from the back of his throat. “Where did you get these bloody things?”

“The guy down the street,” Said Angel, who – in all fairness, had sort of skimped on the decorations in order to buy presents. “He said they were in perfect condition.”

“Perfect my arse.” Wesley snorted, “Was this the man who also sold you those elves with the balls?”

“I liked those elves.” Fred offered, smiling at Angel, “They were cute, they…”

Gunn snorted, eyes rolling, “They had balls!”

Cordelia’s gaze turned to Gunn, puzzled. “And what’s wrong with that?”

“Elves don’t have balls. It’s like… Women and Adam’s apples…”

“What are you, nuts? What do you mean, elves don’t have balls? It sure as hell felt like Doyle had a pair to me.”

Every eye in the hotel shot to Cordelia at that point, their eyes riveted as Angel spoke and asked the question that no one else dared. “You and Doyle… You were… You and Doyle?”

“Uh, no! Hello!” Cordelia laughed, “Let’s just say that one morning after a whole lo-ot of research I woke up and my hand was in sort of a… Weird place. I don’t even think he noticed. Or if he did, he didn’t say anything… Not that he would ’cause y’know, Doyle, perv-much?” She smiled wistfully, then noticing the look on Angel’s face, laughed.

“Okay, Angel sweetie? You’re turning colours. There was nothing going on between me and Doyle. Now, where’s my baby?”

“Wh–” Angel’s face almost drained completely of colour – which, for a vampire? Not that difficult. “What are… I mean… When did… Are you…”

“Connor!” She laughed, “Where is he? It’s almost present opening time and–”

“Got it!”

For one brief, spectacular moment, the lights that Wesley and Gunn had been working on all morning sprang into life, illuminating every part of the hotel lobby with gold.

Then, after the moment had passed, there was a fzzzt, a pop and an ‘oh… BALLS’ from where the lights had sprung to life.

The laughter started from the decidedly green portion of the group. When Angel flipped the switch to bring the lights back on, the others had joined in, each grinning at each other. It was official… The Angel Investigations Christmas had begun.
* * * * * * * * * *

“Ohhh, God, I don’t think I can eat another thing…” Cordelia groaned, reaching down to pop open the button on her jeans. “I mean it… I think for the rest of the year, that’s me done.”

“But it’s a Christmas thing,” Said Fred, who – considering the way the rest of her friends looked – was rather upbeat right now. “You eat too much, feel icky and then do the winding down while watching TV. Besides, you haven’t even had Christmas pudding yet.”

“Angel?” Cordelia murmured, glancing over at her favourite manpire. “Do me a favour? Lift up my hand and smack her with it. How you can even think about eating Christmas pudding at a time like this is beyond me.” Cordelia murmured, watching as Fred got up off the lobby seat and actually walked herself into the kitchen. “I swear, that girl has hollow knees.”

They were all seated in the lobby – minus Fred, who’d gone to get her Christmas cake – Wesley and Gunn were currently exercising their thumbs on the Playstation, Lorne was singing Christmas Carols upstairs to a now very sleepy Connor and both Cordelia and Angel were seated next to each other on the couch, Cordelia’s legs slung up comfortably over his.

“This is nice.” She said happily, watching him for a moment. “Even you seem with the joys of Christmas spirit – and that’s saying something.”

“I have reasons to celebrate.” He said simply, watching as Wesley and Gunn thrashed out their food-tension on the computer, drooling over the ‘hotness that is Lara’ – according to Gunn. “I still don’t get it.” He said after a moment, “They drool over a computer character?”

“It’s the breasts.” Cordelia mused, watching as the angle on the TV screen shifted to do an obligatory close up of Lara Croft’s bits. “Unfortunately for Gunn and Wes? The only people they know in real life with boobs that big are–”

“You?” Gunn grinned, shooting a pointed look at Cordelia’s nippular area.

Angel growled, then remembering what he was doing, tried to cover it up with a cough. “I-I…”

“Maybe it’s the idea of the whole super-girl with guns.” Fred offered, mumbling through a mouthful of Christmas cake as she came back into the lobby. “I mean, I get it from Charles’ point of view, but Wesley knew Buffy and from what Cordelia said, she was pretty enough to make Angel do the wacky.”

“Yeah, but Angel’s always had a thing for blondes.” Gunn snorted, shaking his head.

“Hey!” Angel frowned, “Can we leave my exes out of this?” It was a potentially bad situation talking about your exes when what the person who you were hoping would be your current was sitting in the room. His gaze went to Cordelia who, quite simply, looked amused – then to Wesley, who was rolling his eyes. “I guess the computer games were a good present then?”

“You know it,” Gunn grinned, “The one thing that gets more exercise than my hubcap axe is this thing.” He gestured to the screen with his thumb and then turned back to it, taking over as Wesley got Lara killed again.

Cordelia glanced at Angel, fingering the silver necklace he’d bought her for Christmas. They’d been shopping a month ago, Cordelia demanding that he come along so that he could at least say he’d made the effort and looked for something when he gave them all gift vouchers. He’d surprised even her.

The necklace was simple, elegant, with a silver drop and a diamond nestled between two tiny silver clasps. “Did I mention I loved this?” She asked again, after a moment.

Angel smiled at her and nodded. “Once or twice.”

“And did I mention I loved you?”

His grin widened. “You didn’t, but it never hurts to hear it.”

“So whipped…” Gunn muttered under his breath, receiving a glare for his troubles from Angel. “We still having that Slip ‘n’ Slide competition?” He asked, changing the subject.

“You only want us to wear swimming costumes so you can do the drool and stare thing,” Cordelia chastised, shaking her head.

“Damn straight,” Gunn laughed, “Best present Angel ever got that thing.”

“I still can’t believe you bought it.” Said Cordelia, turning to Fred. It was maybe the most original present that Angel had ever got, but best? She didn’t know. Besides her Charlton Heston DVD collection had gone down pretty well.

“You said he needed fun!”

“I meant the kind that involves going out and spending money!” Cordelia retorted, “Not the kind that involves sliding across the floor on an inflatable dohicky and breaking every bone in your body. Angel is not the stealthiest of guys.”

“Again, I say ‘hey’!” Said Angel, shooting Cordelia a mock-wounded look. “I can Slip ‘n’ Slide with the best of ’em.”

“Is that a challenge?” Cordelia’s eyebrows shot up in interest, just as the others groaned.

“Angel, do you happen to remember the Charades incident?” Asked Wesley, archly. The last time they’d indulged in anything where the groups had been split into teams, Cordelia had made Angel brush up on his pop culture references for three weeks after they’d lost, should they ever play again. It wasn’t that she was a sore loser, it was just that she didn’t want to lose, damnit! “You almost lost your head after you failed to get that ‘Bye Bye Birdie’ clue.”

“It wasn’t that bad.” Cordelia hmphed.

“I seem to recall you telling me you were going to shove a stake up my English channel.” Wesley teased, fighting to keep the grin off his face. “We don’t want another repeat of that, now do we?”

“Who says you’d win?”

“Well, if it were girls against boys – like it always seems to come down to in our little games – then, 200 years worth of Angel being in the same body? I’d say we’d have a good chance…” Said Wesley, nodding.

“You wish.” Said Cordelia, laughing, “Please, have you seen him at two in the afternoon when he rolls out of bed?”

“Heyyy! What’s with the bashing of Angel, here?” He asked, pouting.

Cordelia didn’t have the heart to tell him that he was less cute and more serial-killer stalkerish when he did that. “But you’re such an easy target…” She replied sweetly.


“Duh, yes, you rise to, like, the least thing. And another thing you– Ah, no, Angel… No!” Cordelia yelped, trying to twist out the way as Angel’s fingers dug gently into her ribs. She laughed and hiccuped at the same time, yelling that she was going to barf as she shot off the chair. She got right up the lobby stairs and next to the door when Angel was beside her, one arm round her waist, holding her to him as he tickled her sides.

“Angel! I swear to God, I’m going to barf all over you unless you–”

“Oh, hey… You’re under the mistletoe.” Fred grinned.

Immediately, Angel stopped, looking up at the sprig of mistletoe and then back down at Cordelia. He could feel her heart beating through their clothes, the beat never changing. He was sure that if his heart had been beating, it’d be doing the Samba in his chest right now.


“Oh, c’mon.” Cordelia smiled, “It’s Christmas! And it’s tradition! And… I’m not that bad a kisser.”

He tried to smile but found he couldn’t, his eyes never leaving Cordelia’s. The rest of the world around them seemed to disappear and all Angel could do was stare at her. He’d dreamed about this moment a thousand times, he knew. He’d imagined something else, something different – something wonderful.

She deserved that.

But this was tradition. It wasn’t really like their first kiss, it wasn’t like this would be the one that every other would be measured against. His first kiss with Buffy had burnt his chest, literally. And as Cordelia reached up to slide a hand round his neck, her lips meeting his – Angel knew that this kiss had burnt his soul.

The taste of her lips was intoxicating, the feel of her hand against his chest warm against his skin.

They broke apart and the rest of the hotel rushed into meet them, a wolf whistle from Gunn and a round of smiles from Fred, Wesley and Lorne.

Cordelia stepped back, resisting the urge to touch her lips and stared at Angel for a long moment. She laughed, but it was nervous, her attempt at making this better read as just that. “Wow, when you get in the Christmas spirit…”

He tried to smile, but it faltered and froze as he wondered if he’d just messed everything up between them. “I… Did…”

“So, who’s up for a little White Christmas?” She asked, forcing an extra note of enthusiasm into her voice.

Angel watched as she headed down the stairs, trying to keep the look of dejection from his face. “I’m going to go check on Connor.” He said after a moment, his limbs feeling heavy as he trudged up the stairs, feeling the others’ eyes on his back as he walked away.

* * * * * * * * * *
A while later and Angel was back downstairs, sitting rather stiffly in the chair across the room from Cordelia. Every so often, they’d shoot a nervous look at each other until Wesley, Gunn, Fred and Lorne could stand it no longer and demanded they talk about it, heading out for ice cream as the two friends sat opposite each other.


“Maybe we should…”


They both stopped, staring at each other for a long moment before Cordelia spoke. “Why is this so weird? It was mistletoe for God’s sake, it’s not like we had sex under it.”

“God forbid.” Said Angel archly, causing Cordelia to look up at him in surprise.

“What does that mean?”

“Nothing, I just… I was…” Angel sighed, “Maybe I should go check on Connor.”

“Angel, sit!” Cordelia snapped, “What the hell’s wrong with you?”

“Me? What about you?”

“What about me? You’re the one trying to get out of this conversation, not me.”

“Me? That’s rich, you backed away like I’d burned you after…”

“After what?” Cordelia demanded, folding her arms across her chest. “Angel, what’s going on?”


He had that look on his face. The one that clearly said ‘this conversation is over’. But today, of all days, Cordelia wasn’t buying that. Christmas was the season of goodwill, the one where dreams came true and destinies were realised and all the other nice crap that Bing had just been singing about. They were going to sort this and now.

“Okay, so that kiss was a little weird, but…”

“The kiss was weird?”

“Yes.” She nodded, then, “Okay, no. Well, a little. Angel, this is you we’re talking about. With your lips very on me. A-and the guys were all sitting and…”

“What?” He asked softly, seeing her getting flustered. This surprised him more than anything. Cordelia didn’t get flustered.

“What do you mean, ‘what’?” She muttered, resting her hand on her chin glumly. “You come back from Sunnydale and you’re all about Buffy. You won’t talk about it but you’ll brood which, hello, classic in-love-with-Angel Buffy. Then, you buy me this gorgeous necklace which by the way? Is like a guy-guy present, not a friend-guy present and then you kiss me under the mistletoe and it’s weird but it’s nice in that freaky ‘I just kissed my best friend’ sort of way and then you leave! You go upstairs and then it’s all weird and… What? Do I have something on my face?”

Angel stared at her, stunned. On one hand, he had no idea where that entire speech had ended up. And on the other, he couldn’t help but love her more for actually rambling the way she just had. “Cordy…”

“Don’t ‘Cordy’ me.” She growled, “I hate when you ‘Cordy’ me like that.”

“You hate when I say your name?” He asked, half amused.

“When you say it like that, yeah.”

“Like what?”

“In that, I’m Angel, I’m six thousand years old and therefore know everything and–”


“Sorry.” She mumbled, suitably chastised. “I didn’t mean that and you don’t sound like that. I just… I think I’ll go check on Connor.” She stood then, trying to skip straight past him and up the stairs when Angel’s hand closed around her wrist.

“Hey.” He said gently. “Cordy…”

This time, he didn’t know everything. It wasn’t that tone of voice. He knew about as much as she did over what was happening, which – in all honesty? Was very little.

“If you’re going to tell me what I think you’re going to tell me? Then just… Don’t tell me, okay? I can do pretending fine, just as long as I don’t hear those words.”

“What words?” He asked, gently, aching to take her in his arms.

“Y’know, the speech.” Said Cordelia, rolling her eyes when he looked at her blankly. “The, ‘I love you like a friend, Cordelia and that kiss – while, okay was nice – it didn’t really do much beyond that…’ speech. I didn’t even know that I felt… That I had these feelings until fifteen minutes ago when you were kissing me and… Then everything got weird.”

“I’m sorry if–”

Cordelia reached up and jammed her hands over her ears, “La-la-la, not listening!”

“Cordy… Cordy!” His yell brought Cordelia back to earth with a bump, her eyes meeting his wearily. Part of him felt guilty. Guilty for not showing Cordelia that his family meant everything to him now, that he wouldn’t be here without them by his side. If she didn’t know that, then it was damned well up to him to make him see. He smiled and took her hands in his gently. “I love you like a friend, Cordelia,” He began, “And that kiss – while, okay was nice…” Lifting his hand, Angel pressed it gently to her cheek. “It didn’t do much beyond that because I imagined a thousand different scenarios where that would be different, better, more special.”

Seeing she was about to talk, Angel dropped a finger to her lips, silencing her. “That kiss didn’t do much beyond that, because it wasn’t perfect. But right now? I’m imagining our second kiss…”

Cordelia smiled, her eyes registering a little shock but what Angel thought (or hoped) was more happiness. “Our second kiss?” She asked gently.

“Well,” Angel glanced upwards, “We’re not standing under mistletoe, so it’s not tradition. It’s not a birthday, or a special occasion really…”

“You know your logic doesn’t make like any sense, right?” She asked, laughing.

“Sometimes,” Angel smiled, “You just have to pretend like it does.” He bent his head then, capturing her lips with his. The kiss was soft, sweet and tentative. This time, one hand rested at the small of her back, the other splaying softly at the base of her neck, fingers running through her hair as he pulled her towards him.

Cordelia relaxed into him, her body moving beside his until they fit, her arms sliding around him as their kiss deepened.

When eventually they pulled back, Cordelia’s eyes were glazed over with tears, her arms still locked at the small of his back.

“Was that… Was it…”

“Perfect?” Cordelia smiled, reaching up to press her palm to his cheek. “Yeah. That was perfect. And also? Thinking that I’ve found my perfect Christmas gift…”

Angel’s eyes sparkled with mischief as he pulled Cordelia back towards him, “Oh, I don’t know. There’s a few things we can do to beat that. The guys aren’t here, Connor’s asleep… We have the hotel to ourselves.”

“I so like the way you think…” She grinned, before kissing him again. “And y’know, that Slip ‘n’ Slide? Not just for the kind of games Gunn’s talking about…”

“And you call him a perv?”

Cordelia smiled sweetly, glancing pointedly at the box that held Angel’s Christmas present from Fred, “Merry Christmas, Angel…”

The vampire grinned, taking her hand in his. “Merry Christmas, Cordelia.”

What Manders21 wanted –

1) Cordy saying “Are you nuts…What do you mean elves’ don’t have balls? It sure felt like Doyle had a pair to me!”

2) Angel getting a Slip ‘n Slide as a present, and hopefully we get to see someone using it.

3) The mention of December 21st somehow, whether it be a day in the storyline or not. *it’s my birthday, and I get forgotten because of Christmas*

4) And my last is for some C/A smut. (Hopefully it can go with my #2 and be Slip ‘n Slide smut!!)

The only one I didn’t get in there was the C/A smut and for that, I apologise. My smut-muse is apparently on vacation, but I promise that as soon as she returns, you can have a sequel to this, with C/A smut! 🙂


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