Brands of Ownership

SUMMARY: Angel’s thoughts after and during making love to Cordy… in Buffy’s Bed!…Oh, and a little more.
POSTED: 3 Apr 2006
CATEGORY: Romance / Smut
WARNINGS: Sexual Content
AUTHOR NOTES: The Fang Gang head to Sunnydale to help with the First. During touched, Cordy and Angel join the other couples in pre-apocalyptic boinking. Oh, and Cordy’s hair is long and brunette, because I freakin’ say so.

(Summers Residence, the sun rays peak through the drapes of Buffy Summers’ bedroom.)

Sunrise, it’s not exactly my friend. While it makes other’s sweat, it’s a bit more painful for me. But the thoughts of 3rd to-the-infinite-power-degree burns don’t really bother me at the moment.

(Pan to see Cordelia, naked, curled up next to Angel, her leg draped over his, and her fingers tracing affectionate patterns over his pectorals as she nuzzles his neck.)

Last night was the most incredible night of my 250 years of existence, I know this may sound a bit… well, for lack of a better word, feminate, but no one has ever been so in tune with my own body before

“Hmmmm… now we’ve definitely gotta save the world, cause that’s something you can’t do just once.”, Cordy said sultrily.

“So… you saying I’m addictive?”, Angel replied with a smirk, tracing the tattoo on the small of her back.

“Mmhmm, just like a Lays chip”. She says as she begins to kiss along his neck down to his chest, delicately sipping at his cool skin.

“Mmm, *smek*, mmm, *smek*”, She kisses her way down his torso. Angel lets his head fall back, basking in pleasure.

Getting hard to think, warm lips gliding down my stomach…oooohhhmmm… warm digits on my manhood, I look down, eyes full of love and mischief stare back up at me before…oooOOOOOHHHHhhh gooood…

(Cordy smiles around his aching member as she takes him to heaven once again, using her pouty lips, flexible tongue and throat. Bobbing her head up and down, humming and giggling around his shaft, sending delicious ripples of pleasure up his body.)

Unngghhh, yes, oh yes.

“Unngghhh, yes, oh yes.”, he vocalized.

(He was close, so close, she had this way about her. Suddenly, she stops.)


“Wh–what are y…”, he panted.

“I want you to watch…watch yourself when you cum.”, she whispered hotly.

The just as suddenly, her lips encase junior once again, he head bobbing at an incredible speed, Angel strains not to throw his head back, he watches as she performs her magic.

Yes, yes, YEs…YES!!!

“Cordy, YES!!!”, he yells as he climaxes, as promised, he held her gaze as his rigid cock shot spurt after spurt of cool seed down her throat. She releases at the last moment, allowing him to see the final stream leave his body.

Oh… my… god.

“See how beautiful you are?”, she breathes.

She giggles and kisses his skin just blow his navel.

“Well, time to get up”, she said in a very upbeat, cheerful tone, contrasting to the sensual whispers she exhumed before.

“wh… ge-he-he-ez, gimme a minute.”, he said, still slightly panting.

“Time a wastin’ big guy, we’ve got a world to save.” she stated, getting up to get dressed.

“Whew, all right, let’s get some coverage on,” he sat up and started to pull his boxers on when he looked up at the most arousing thing he’d ever seen.

(Cordy bent down to get his leather coat, but instead of giving it to him…)

I watch, mesmerized, as Cordy slides every gorgeous inch of herself into my coat. She doesn’t even bother with underwear. I think the time we spent together has turned her into risk taker… not that I’m complaining. There’s nothing now between her and me but a thin piece of cowskin… and I’m ready for another go.

“I know we’re supposed to meet everyone in a few minutes, but do you think we have time for…”, he’s cut off as she bends forward.


They touch foreheads and grin.

“Not so much”, she pouts. “but lets make sure there’s plenty of more opportunities ahead”.



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