Moments in Time

SUMMARY: Three Angsty Ficlets. Just a look at a moment.
POSTED: 21 Feb 2004
WARNINGS: None listed
AUTHOR NOTES: I haven’t written anything in a long time. I have bits and pieces of some of my fics done but just can’t seem to fit them together. Anyway this is just my way of trying to get back into writting……anything. I may not write another one or I may have a whole slew of them in me, either way, this is kinda of just me trying to find my muse again.

The wind swept streets echoed the eerie silence back to him as he walked boldly and yet without sound. The nights shadows finding him, enveloping him, clinging to him like a lover. He embraced them in return, using unnatural abilities to be seen and yet un-remembered. His outward appearance was calm and yet the lust pounded in his ears, overwhelming him until he thought of nothing else but the hunger. Hunt the prey, his body said, instinct taking over, feed on that of warmth and innocence. Drink your fill and rejoice in the death you bring.

He could hear the man’s heartbeat quicken at the sudden realization of a presence behind him. It thrilled him to smell the fear of the man, made his own senses heighten as the sensation swept through him. His muscular legs took him swiftly to within grabbing distance and letting one heavy footfall resound, he watched eagerly as his victim spun around quickly, eyes wide, to confront his stalker.

The man saw mostly darkness, sinister and foreboding. Then as if melting out of the night, the figure moved into a splash of street light and then he saw death in the handsome face of the stranger. In the chiseled cheek bones, in the strong jaw, in the dark eyes that looked into his soul and cared nothing for it’s life. ‘Not human’ some unknown place inside whispered, and watched as the truth of it was shown to him when the demon’s true visage appeared.

He slipped into game face within a moment. The freedom of letting loose his true being, a release in it self. Power surged as his brow tightened and his fangs slipped into his mouth. With the grace and speed of an immortal, he had the man in his arms, plunging the razor sharp incisors into the pliant flesh beneath his mouth. He felt his victims arms encircle him and hands grasp the taught muscles of his back.

The liquid, thick and pungent, rushed into his mouth, coating his tongue, sliding slickly down his throat. Ecstasy swirled through him flushing his skin and tightening his loins. His hips thrust against the man’s as he subconsciously pulled him closer, wanting and needing all this moment had to offer. His throat worked slowly, methodically as each swallow increased his pleasure and filled him with the warmth he craved. Again and again he drew this man’s life into him until all he knew was the taste and feel of him. Only he existed and his existance would be branded forever upon him.

The breeze ruffled the beings hair and swayed his long black coat. The man made no sound, his face now relaxed and at peace, with his hands having only the barest of grips on the creatures clothing. To any passers by it would seem only as if this were old friends meeting anew or lovers on a rendezvous, the scene poignant and private.

Moments that felt like hours went by and as the blood slowed in his mouth, he felt the man’s arms slip from around his body to hang limp at his sides. With one last draught, he withdrew from the now empty vessel and lifting his head, looked into the sightless eyes. His fingers gently closed the lids and touched his now warm lips to the cooling forehead.

Laying the corpse gently on the ground, he swiftly re-traced his steps , his human face once more emerging. Approaching the opening of the alley, he could smell the stench of the demon he mutilated only moments earlier. Moving closer to the gory mess he bent down and looked at it, the demon that he let get away for the sole purpose of chasing him to a place he could reach in minutes, but would take them twice as long to find.


Raising his head he watched as his beautiful seer ran to him an assure herself with her own eyes of his safety.

“I hate it when you do that.”

A weary, yet sad half smile tilted his mouth. “I know. But sometimes it can’t be helped.”

Standing up and pulling his broad sword from what was left of the things torso, he could feel his soul scream with what he’d done. But his demon was quiet and satisfied, the hunger abated, the gnawing lust controlled. And because of that, what he did, sometimes couldn’t be helped.


The lights from the city shone weakly through the curtains of the balcony doors and muted the room in a soft glow as her scent lingered in the heavy air and whispered to his desires. Lush and sweet, a plum so succulent it was ready to burst. So thick he could taste it on his tongue Closing his eyes he focused on the sound of her retreating foot steps, they were hurried as she tried to get as far away from him as possible. He’d hurt her. Cracked her just a little more and felt the sharp remorse of it the moment the words were out of his mouth.

‘I don’t NEED you Cordelia. I don’t need you here trying to get into my head. Trying to help. I don’t need your help. Just get the hell out!’

The shouted words echoed through his head, sliced another piece of his heart off then added themselves to the long list of hurtful things he’d done to her. But doing them was the only way to keep her safe. Safe from him.

She thought she knew him. Knew what he really was. She believed in the good that he did and the remorseful persona he showed her. Not that that was a lie, he too believed in helping those that couldn’t help themselves. But he was so much more than the champion she believed him to be. He was a demon, a vampire always.

Experiencing Angelus in Sunnydale gave her the knowledge of what he was but she couldn’t seem to admit to herself exactly what he IS. To tell her the deviant thoughts that ran rampant at all times would have her screaming and running from him even faster then she did tonight. To let out all those things lurking just below the surface, dirty, nasty things, would satisfy his utmost desires and surely come close to killing her.

Love never came into it. To love her would be to lose him self in her and that too would kill her. So he kept her at a distance with words. When he’d turn around and realize she had snuck into his heart again, he would push her away. It was killing him inside little by little, but better him than her.



He twisted his body as he went crashing through the window’s pane, hoping it was enough to protect the bundle in his arms. Glancing back through the broken shards of glass, he took a last glimpse of her knowing it might be the last time. She stood still as a statue, not a single emotion showing on her beautiful face. But he knew better than to take more than a glance. Without further hesitation he sped off down the dark ally way, staying to the shadows and off the main streets. The smell of death and despair was overwhelming his senses. The city was aflame and the screams of the dying echoed in his ears.

Once he would have reveled in the rebellion going on around him, even strolled boldly through the chaos. Now he couldn’t seem to escape from it fast enough. She would come after him. He was sure of it. He’d broken his promise; he’d lied to her. Her anger would come swiftly and his punishment would be lethal. The infant squirmed in his arms as his grasp became too tight and his attention swiftly came back to the immediate objective. He needed to get the child some place safe. His mind working rapidly, discarding idea after idea of where he could go. But by the time he reached the outer limits of the city he had a semblance of a plan.

Angel stood completely rigid as the memories invaded the forefront of his mind. He didn’t have to concentrate on bringing them clear; they were as vivid to him as if they had happened yesterday. His consciousness registered the sound of Cordelia’s voice but he hadn’t heard her actual words since she had opened the plain manila file that was lying on her desk. She had been explaining her need to find out more of her past because she was sure she didn’t have much of a future. The file was stuffed with documents and sitting on top was an old black and white photograph of a woman he had not seen for over 60 years.

“You know Angel, when you ask someone what they’re doing, the polite thing would be to actually listen to their answer.”

Tap, tap, tap went her foot on the linoleum, her arms crossed as she leaned back in the chair to give him an annoyed look.

The ‘Sorry’ he muttered came from stiff lips. Her response was a look with pursed ones and a short ‘humph’ to punctuate her irritation.

“Well, anyway. That’s what I’m doing. My family tree. So…just let me get to it.” Swinging her chair back around and going back to the computer, she dismissed him without another word.

Still in a daze, he quietly left the office and headed upstairs to his room. Closing the door behind him he walked over and slowly lowered himself into the chair. His mind reeling at the revelation that ‘She’ was Cordy’s great-grandmother. The child that changed his entire life.