You Never Know

SUMMARY: A kiss of comfort and relief.
POSTED: 14 Apr 2007
CATEGORY: C/A Friendship and More
AUTHOR NOTES: This short fic was written as part of AO’s Writers Workshop as a writing exercise on KISSING.

The torture nearly killed him. Fear flowed through her body and gripped tightly at her heart. Cordy was afraid that by the time they reached Angel he would be dead. They arrived, but only by the skin of their teeth. A few moments longer and Spike would’ve finished him off, if anyone could’ve, it was the other vampire

It was too much, all of it. Their lifestyle was dangerous, that was something they had to deal with but, with Spike it brought back memories from Sunnydale from how she used to be bait, a rebar through her stomach and of course the return of Angelus.

Wrapping long slender arms around his trim waist she held on, he was her lifeline.

Pulling back slightly she looked up into his smiling face, Angel was happy to see her. Cordy tried to smile but couldn’t. Those handsome features were hidden beneath dark bruises and blood that covered him. She wanted to wipe it all away, to heal him. Reaching out her hand, she stroked it softly down the side of his face. Trying not to hurt him but not being able to stop herself from touching, feeling. Just to make sure that he was there and not a figment of her created by her mind.

She brushed a gentle kiss against one of the bruises that discoloured his face wishing that with that one touch it would make it all disappear. The pain, the marks and the memories. With everything that had happened Cordy could see that he was trying to put her at ease but the pain in Angel’s eyes could be clearly seen as if it were written in neon lights.

Tears welled up in her eyes. “You idiot. What were you thinking, oh right you weren’t. You could have been killed. Spike could have killed you.” She yelled at him, fear making her angry at his stupidity. Cordy pulled back and slapped him on the shoulder, feeling guilty when he winced.

A solitary teardrop, that glittered like a diamond slid down her cheek as rain did down a windowpane. Cordy felt the wetness on her face. Her mouth opened in a soft sigh as she watched the change in his face as he wiped the droplet away. The pain had disappeared, but it was replaced by something that she had seen in others but never in him.

Something she had only seen in her dreams: desire.

Her heart pounding like the beating of a drum, mouth dry like a desert. The excitement and fear flowing through her veins. She licked her lips, the movement followed by Angels’ gaze as he followed the slip of her tongue across her lips. It left them wet, glistening.

The hand that seemed to hold her waist hostage pulled her closer. There was a slight pause. It just for a second fearful of where this could take them. What it could change but that didn’t matter. There was an urgency now, a curiosity that couldn’t be denied. Cordy’s fingers slid up the material of his shirt to his shoulders, his name fell from her lips. A revelation. A prayer. Desire clouded with trepidation. In that one moment in time, all of her feelings were clear. This was going to change how they reacted to each other but her feelings from him would never change.

Angels’ head dipped, his mouth opening and zeroing on hers in a slow agonizing way. Her head moved fractionally, to meet his halfway. Eyes wide open to memorise every moment. An eternity passes as if a spell weaved around them holding them a breath away from their destiny.

It was a whisper, barely felt. A slight pressure against hers. There was a softness to his lips that she hadn’t expected. Her heart pounding so strong it seemed to beat for the both of them.

The time was now, her tongue tracing across his lips wanting to feel and taste them. Her body reacting to this simple caress of mouths, there was a throbbing from her very core. Cordy’s breath was rapid as if she couldn’t get enough oxygen, palms sweaty. Her breasts felt heavy and sensitive, her shirt rubbing against them. Closing her legs against the tingling between them, knowing that she wanted more but not sure on how to ask him, to show him.

Eventually they both pulled back from each other, Angel’s chest moving beneath his top. His eyes were almost as dark as the night sky, desire and longing written in them.

Cordy smiled at him and ran a hand through his dark, thick hair. Just staring at him, seeing who he truly was. With a gentle pressure from her hand, his lips once again touched his with more pressure, they moved together getting to know how their mouths moved and tasted. Taking in every little detail as if this could be the only time that this happened. As much as she wanted this to go all the way, she knew it wasn’t possible but this, what they had at this moment in time was.

The grin wouldn’t leave her face, strong arms wrapped around her pulling her against his body, chest to chest, thigh to thigh, every inch of them touching. Their mouths came together again but firmer, a need to find out more. Tongues entwining together, exploring and finding out what made the other move in pleasure. A banquet of flavours and sensations. Teasing. There was nothing urgent in it. This was just being together, finding out new things and becoming closer.

Cordy finally pulled away a little breathless and very nervous, no idea of what to expect next. Angel’s arms dropped from around her waist. He shuffled nervously on his feet, what had just happened sinking in. He held out his hand and with a smile, they walked out ready. This would be like everything else in their lives taking one day at a time and dealing with what was thrown at them.

…The End…


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