SUMMARY: Angel undresses Cordelia.
POSTED: 24 Apr 2007
WARNINGS: Explicit Sexual Content
AUTHOR NOTES: A writing exercise for AO’S Writer’s Workshop to explore the art of ‘unveiling’.
STATUS: Complete

His long, strong fingers slipped the thin straps of Cordy’s dress, his touch barely whispering across her skin.

His eyes dark with desire, took in every single detail. Leaning forward he placed a soft kiss on her lips; he could hear her heartbeat speed up. He ran his hands over her face, memorising by touch, by sight and by taste as he slowly kissed his way down her cheek to her neck, sucking on the pulse beating there. Angel could feel her nipples tighten beneath his chest, shirt rubbing against those sensitive nubs.

His large palms gently squeezing her bare breasts, fingers teasing the nipples until Cordy threw her head back, her mouth open gasping for breath. Angel smiled against the smoothness of her skin and then continued kissing down her neck until finally reaching one of those hard peaks, taking one into his mouth flicking it with his tongue, nipping with his teeth. A deep and breathy groan came from the writing body beneath him. He moved his mouth giving the other breast the same treatment.

Long, slow licks continuing down her body the dress being pushed down as he went. Tongue swirling around her belly button, dipping in exploring everywhere. Standing back staring at that flash body, tantalising him with only half enwrapped. Gripping hold of the dress, with a slight shimmy from Cordy he pulled the dress and underwear smoothly off her body.

Cordy laid wantonly, her body flushed with need. Angel could smell her arousal in the air. Taking hold of her ankles, he parted her legs, his hands sliding up those toned thighs. His trousers tight across his erection as he settled in between them. Her legs over his shoulders. Moving forward his tongue lapped at her clit, his eyes focused on her face, her mouth open in surprise, her eyes open and watching him.




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