The Journey

SUMMARY: Cordelia reflects on her life and death and communicates her feelings to Angel.
POSTED: 10 Feb 2008
STATUS: Complete

She watched the retreating figure of the man she loved with tears in his eyes, she wished that she could have reached out and comforted him but she couldn’t. Cordy sighed and reappeared as the door closed and she sat down on the closest chair.

The brunette knew that she wasn’t on the same path as her friends, no her family but that was now and she missed them, tears came to her eyes as she thought about before now, before LA.

Sunnydale where she was once the spoilt rich bitch, then she was dragged into Buffy’s world there were times that she had remained oblivious to things that go bump in the night but that was where Cordelia Chase’s journey began, there were hiccups on the way but all of that made her whom she was now. There was Xander, Xander and Willow, being poor, Angel, Spike and of course Buffy. Cordy thought she understood the slayer a lot better now, knowing that there was only one way your life was going to take you for the young woman it was the visions and that brought her memory to LA.

LA, the City of Angel’s, well one that she knew of. That fateful night, the night took her on this path of redemption not for her but for Angel. There was Doyle, his one special kiss, Wesley, Gunn, Lorne, Connor and Fred her family. Her outlook changed when she had the visions 24/7 when she felt all the pain in the world and that was when she realised that they had to help. But even when she was offered a way out, a whole new life, a life of the rich and famous Cordy couldn’t live it there had been something missing and that was why she had chosen to become part demon, she’d rather have a short life living who she was meant to instead of a long unsatisfied one.

Cordy chuckled to herself it was a short one she wasn’t even 25 and she died. There were something’s that she would have liked to change Connor being taken, the whole ‘her’ and Connor, even though it wasn’t she still had the memories. Her main regret the one that she would carry on the rest of her journey and was not realizing and telling Angel earlier that she was in love with him, that was her one true regret but now it was too late, too late for everything.

Cordy turned as she heard the door open and vanished; Angel walked in and sat down where she had been. The tears finally falling freely.

“I love you Cordy, you were my best friend, my heart.” He whispered.

“I love you Angel, you will always be my best friend, my heart.” She whispered back and kissed him softly on the lips.

Angel lifted his head at the sound of her reply, placed fingers on his lips, and smiled.

Cordy would always be with him.




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