Sing Me a Song

SUMMARY: It’s X-FACTOR, Demon-style at Caritas.
POSTED: 18 Aug 2009
AUTHOR NOTES: Prompt Number 009 Still Grr
STATUS: Complete

Caritas was packed it was full of demons all shapes and size, humans and TV cameras.

Ben Sheppard smiled at the camera. “Hello and welcome to X-Factor Demon style and as always we have our three judges, they will give their points of view but only you can decide who is going to win. So please welcome Louis Walsh, Sharon Osbourne and Simon Cowell.”

The judges smiled at the crowd, waved and sat down.

“So our first singer tonight is a vampire, one with a soul, his name is Angel and will be singing Mandy”

Angel nervously looked around the room, not believing he was actually doing this, he saw his friends smile and wave at him, with a quick grin at them he turned back to the microphone opened his mouth and started to sing.

The place was silent as he sang and once he’d finished Angel turned to face the judges and see what their opinions were.

“Well it’s obvious that you care about the song, but it wasn’t really good enough to win.” Sharon gave him an encouraging smile.

Louis nodded in agreement with Sharon’s assessment.

Ben then turned to Simon, who leaned back in his chair assessing the dark-haired vampire in front of him

“You know if you sang that in the olden days, you would have been stoned for it.” Simon said forthrightly.

The crowd booed loudly.

Angel couldn’t believe what he was hearing; it hadn’t been that bad, really, had it?

“Ok thank you judges.” Ben smiled at Angel, “Now our next singer is from Sunnydale and singing My Girl, please welcome Clem.”

The audience once again clapped and cheered loudly for the shy demon, with a nervous smile at Dawn he started to sing.

Simon stared impassively not showing whether he liked the song or not, Sharon was smiling and moving her head side to side. Louis was laughing at Sharon.

“I’m sorry Clem but I didn’t like it, you don’t have a bad voice but that song was totally wrong for your voice.” Louis offered apologetically.

“If you were singing to save people from drowning, a lot of people would have died tonight.”

Sharon turned and looked at the men either side of her, disbelief covering her face. “What are you two talking about, are you listening to the same thing that I am.”

Ben turned away from the arguing judges and back to the audience. “Finally the last contender, here from LA and from Caritas please welcome Lorne singing Lady Marmalade.”

The room erupted in screams, as they cheered on that many of them had sang for so that he could point them in the right direction and now it was time for every single one of them who he had helped to show him

Silence fell over Caritas as the green demon opened his mouth and began to sing, the three judges watched Simon as usual had no expression but Louis and Sharon were enraptured by his voice.

Simon was the first to speak once Lorne had finished.

“I thought that was excellent and I really like you. I hope that the public will do the right thing and vote for you.”

That was all Lorne wanted to hear, that they thought he was good but he knew, of course he was going to win.

After this was Caritas and it led you on the path you were meant to be on, even his.





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