She Walks in Beauty

SUMMARY: Angel observes Cordelia.
POSTED: 26 Jan 2010
CATEGORY: ANGEL POV / Prompt “Neoclassic – Victorian”
WARNINGS: None Listed
AUTHOR NOTES: Title from Lord Byron’s poem She Walks In Beauty like the night.
STATUS: Complete

Angel just sat and watched her walking around laughing and joking with Fred. She walks in beautynever fitted anyone so perfectly. No matter what Cordelia Chase did, the beauty shone through and it wasn’t just because of her looks or her body, both were in fact stunning.

What shone out most was the beauty from within, that caring heart that she hid from people. The strength and the courage she had even with all of the visions.

Cordy saw the worst parts of life, she had even seen Angel at his worst, but she had faith in him that he would do the right thing. That one day he would get his redemption.

She was the most beautiful woman he had ever known and he loved her with everything that he was and that is something she would never know because he would never be able to speak those words of love.




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