Run Away

SUMMARY: Veronica Mars meets Angel Investigations
POSTED: 23 Aug 2006
CATEGORY: CROSSOVER FIC: Angel / Veronica Mars
CONTENT/PAIRING: Cordelia/Angel and Veronica/Logan
WARNINGS: None Listed
AUTHOR NOTES: Ok I have slightly changed things for this to fit, Duncan and Meg are together, Veronica and Logan have kissed the first time but the snog after seeing Trina’s boyfriend get beat up did not happen it is based after that and Logan did not appear at the 80’s party. I think you understand where I am, well I hope you do please forgive the messing with the timeline, but this idea would not leave and I had to do it to make the story work, if it works LOL
STATUS: Incomplete

Chapter One

Logan sat on the bus staring out of the window watching the familiar sights go by, he was just so tired, he wanted to be free from it all but he couldn’t take the way out like his mother did. Did that make him a coward because he didn’t have the guts to pull the trigger, so to speak, if so, coward it was.

He could finally breath a little easier as Neptune faded into the background, Logan knew that he could not run from his past forever but he didn’t need that, he just needed time to get his head and heart together. He wanted the nightmares to stop the death of Lily the girl he loved unconditionally who never felt the same way about him, his father, his sister, his mother’s suicide. The mother that was supposed to love and protect him who let her husband beat their son and then she left him alone with him, yes she gave him money but he wasn’t old enough yet to collect his inheritance but he would be soon but he couldn’t wait that long.

Then there was Veronica he had blamed her for so long, and of course himself and once he had asked for her help he realised he hadn’t blamed her for a while it just made him feel not so alone. Then, when she held him as he cried he knew that he had fallen in love with her, maybe he had been for a long time and being nasty to her was the only way he could show it, but she was still in love with Duncan, he could never compete with that, with their history. Veronica knew that his father beat him, she had seen what the film star had done Trina’s boyfriend that was when he saw the horror in her eyes and he couldn’t wait around to see the pity, she was the last person he needed that from but none of that mattered now, he had left, it was over, well he hoped it was for awhile anyway.


Veronica sat at her usual table her eyes searching around her, she had been doing that for the last couple of days especially while at school, something seemed to be missing and it never really occurred to her until she caught herself staring at Logan’s locker, she hadn’t seen him around her hand automatically went to her mouth and touched her lips softly remembering that kiss. Where was he? Was he ok?

The young P.I. had no idea what kind of life Logan had, she thought that it was just like your average spoilt rich kid but she had been wrong, she had been so very wrong, broken noses, cigarette burns and then what she saw Mr Echolls do. Veronica knew she should have found Logan or gone to see him but she had no idea what to say, she still didn’t but she had to try.

“Hey Veronica.” Wallace said as he sat down beside her at their table and when he saw the far away look on her face he frowned that was never a good thing, she as thinking about something too hard again.

“Hey Wallace.” She said with a grin coming back to reality.

“So what were you thinking so hard about?” Wallace wanted to know maybe he could help.

“Logan.” Veronica muttered without really thinking about it.

“So you’ve heard then, why am I not surprised?” Wallace said sighing he would just like to know something before she did, he only wanted it to be a couple of times, not much.

“Heard what?” Veronica stared at him, a sick feeling deep in the pit of her stomach.

Wallace leaned forward and stared at her confusion all over his face, they were both obviously missing important parts in this conversation. “Logan, he’s missing.”

“He’s what.” Veronica managed to keep her voice low even though she wanted to scream those words out.

“He’s missing has been for a couple of days, people just think he’s off partying.” Wallace said with a shrug of his shoulders.

Veronica turned away from him she knew that Logan was not off partying after everything he had been through in the last week partying would be the last thing on his mind.

“Where are you Logan?” She whispered to herself.

Wallace watched her carefully there was even more he didn’t know. “Veronica?”

“I’ve got to go Wallace I’ll tell you about it later.” Veronica rushed off not giving Wallace a chance to say anything else to her.

Wallace sat there and watched his best friend run off into the school, he shook his head and went back to lunch.


Veronica ran through the school until she reached the lockers she was looking for, the person she was looking for.

“Duncan.” She called out as she ran to his and Meg’s side.

Duncan and Meg both turned to her and smiled.

“Hey Veronica.” Meg said softly.

“Hey Meg, Duncan what is this about Logan, that he is missing?” Veronica asked quickly, she wasn’t in the mood for small talk, but then she generally wasn’t anyway.

“You know Logan he’s probably out partying and having the time of his life.” Duncan said with a smile but that soon changed as soon as he saw the look on his ex-girlfriend’s face.

“No you don’t understand he..” Veronica shut up quickly it wasn’t her place to say anything, shaking her head she turned away.

“Veronica, Dick told me that he saw Logan go into the bank a couple of days ago and that was the last time any of us saw him, his dad and sister haven’t either.” Duncan told her and before he had finished talking she was rushing off.



It was night by the time Logan had arrived in the City of Angel’s, he pulled his coat tighter around him and slung his rucksack on his back, he had no idea where he was going but there was bound to be somewhere he could stay so he just started to walk. He knew that he didn’t want to stay in any expensive or top class hotels because that would be the first place that they would look.

“Look fresh meat.” A male voice said from behind him.

Logan spun around and looked at his would be attackers and his face turned from fear to surprise. “Is it Halloween already?” He muttered sarcastically.

Instead of speaking they grabbed Logan and threw him against the wall he hit it with a heavy thud, the rain soaked ground seeping into his trousers, as he tried to disappear though the wall.

“You do realise you’re not helping the tourist trade.” A new male voice said.

Logan looked up and saw a man with dark hair, and a flowing black coat, on either side of him were two other man one had a crossbow and the other had a weird looking axe.

“This not happening.” Logan mumbled to himself as the dark haired stranger pulled out a stake and plunged into deep into the heart of the man that threw him and watched as in a couple of seconds all that was left was a stake and dust.

“Hey my name is Wesley.” Wes leant over and touched the young man on the shoulder. “Are you hurt?”

Logan looked at him dazedly and shook his head. “A few bruises,” He muttered.

“Do you have somewhere to go?” Wes said glancing at her friends with concern.

“Uh no I’ve just arrived in town, I was looking for somewhere, what happened?” Logan asked still trying to get his mind around what had just happened.

“You’d better come with us. That is Gunn and Angel.” Wes pointed out the two other men.

“Let’s go Cordy and Fred will be worried.” Angel told them as he turned and walked away his coat swinging behind him.

Gunn walked over and helped Wes get Logan to his feet.

“You’re safe now.” Gunn said softly.

“Safe.” Logan repeated sadly.

Gunn and Wes glanced at each other, there was obviously a lot that had happened in this kids life.

Chapter 2

Logan stared up at the large hotel in front of him, the doubts that had been plaguing him since he had left that alleyway with these strangers was getting stronger with each passing moment. He had no idea who these people were, so what the hell was he doing with them now?

“You’re safe now.” Wes said as he gently touched Logan on the shoulder. “You don’t have to come in you know, you could leave right now?”

Logan turned to him searching the Englishman’s face trying to find out if there was any deceit, anything at all he wanted to be able to read something in their faces so he knew that they were going to hurt him but there was nothing just a concerned man staring back at him.

“I’m sorry it’s just that I.” Logan stuttered.

“You don’t know us.” Said a quiet Texan voice.

Logan turned back to the door of the hotel and standing there was a petite brunette with a smile on her face, she walked towards him, reached out and took hold of his hand and with a gentle pull he finally walked into the Hyperion Hotel.

“I see you found him.” Another female voice said.

Logan turned to the side and walking down the stairs was a stunning woman with long chestnut hair and a beautiful smile, the young man’s jaw dropped as she slowly made her way to him.

“I’m Cordelia Chase and I see you’ve already met Fred.” Cordy told him with a grin.

”Fred?” Logan questioned.

The petite Texan giggled. “That would be me, Winifred Burkle, but everyone calls me Fred.”

Logan smiled back at her everyone seemed so friendly. “Why did you help me?” There had to be a reason no one did good deeds just for the hell of it. His mind went to Veronica, ok so she helped people but there weren’t many that did not in his experience anyway.

“That is what we do, we help the helpless.” Cordy said with a grin and took hold of his other hand and the two women led him upstairs. “We’ll get you settled in and then when you have rested you can ask us what you want and also decided what you want to do. Just know that there is a place for you to stay.”

Angel’s eyes were glued to his seer, his heart ached to tell her what he felt, he wanted to hold her in his arms forever and whisper words of love, but he couldn’t do that, he was just her broody best friend and he didn’t want to ruin the most important friendship that he had ever had.


It had been weeks since Logan was last seen and no one had heard from home and Veronica was now on the verge of panic, no matter what she did she couldn’t ding him, she had never had this much of a problem before locating anyone especially someone she knew, or she thought she knew.

“Veronica?” Duncan said as he walked over to his worried looking ex-girlfriend.

“What is it Duncan?” Veronica asked absently as she stared down at the computer.

“Have you found out anything more about Logan?” Duncan asked he was worried about his friend but it seemed that Veronica was, a little too worried last time he checked they hated each other, he was sure something had happened but he couldn’t really ask her as it wasn’t his business not any more.

“No I am going back again to the last place anyone saw him, leaving the bus depot.” Veronica sighed and rubbed her eyes, maybe a trip to LA, to that bus depot might give her something on where Logan was, it was a long shot but she didn’t have much of a choice really.


Logan couldn’t believe how quickly time had flown at first when they told him who they were and what they did he was sure the men in the white coats would come and collect them and when Angel vamped out for the first time he had moved backwards so fast that he fell over one of the couches, but what really made the difference was when he saw Cordy have a vision for the very first time her screams and her pain went through his very soul that was when he started to see them all differently that was when they had started to all become friend and how he started to know all about them.

Angel and Gunn had started to train him to fight he had to learn to at least look after himself if he wanted to help so now he could use a crossbow and a stake, and now started the training with the sword. He was also learning basic self-defence so he could do more than just punch someone.

Fred and Cordy had become sisters to him and he told them all about Veronica and how he used to be Cordy understood that better than anyone because once upon a time she had been a rich brat too but just like him things in her life had changed her, obviously his wasn’t quite as extreme as parents leaving the country, living over a hellmouth and then working for a vampire with a soul. It was strange he never thought he would be happy living like this but this was the happiest he’d ever been and each day he picked up the phone to call Veronica he would start to dial the number then hang up, he had no idea what to say to her.

Suddenly a scream echoed from downstairs and that could mean only one thing Cordy was having a vision. Logan was on his feet in an instant and running down the stairs. Cordy was in Angel’s arms and they were both on the floor he was holding as the terror went through her mind.

It seemed as if it were forever until she stopped and then with sad eyes she looked at Logan.

“Veronica.” She whispered

Logan’s heart went cold, something was after the woman he loved, he had to go back to Neptune and face his demons, he had to help he wouldn’t let anything happen to her.






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