Just a Look

SUMMARY: Angel takes a good look at Cordelia.
POSTED: 7 Apr 2007
CONTENT/PAIRING: C/A implied. Set during WiTW.
1) This short fic was written as an exercise for AO’S Writers Workshop. Erotica Lession #1: Looking.
2) Thanks to Lysa for her encouragement
STATUS: Complete

Everything was forgotten mouth opening and closing. Angel took a silent deep breath that he did not need. All the reasons why he and Cordelia could not be together they died a quick death as soon as he saw her standing in the doorway.

That simple black dress that on anyone else would look ordinary but not on her, nothing would ever be ordinary for him.

Her smile was the sun and he wanted to feel it, to taste it. Her hair was pulled away from her face and neck, a neck that his vampire would love to bite, would love to run his fingers down. Angel wanted to find out if it was as soft as it looked.

His eyes moved downwards to the low cut of her dress, he growled silently, deeply not wanting anyone to see her like this. The vampire and alpha male in him wanted to have her on his arm showing her around and letting everyone know that Cordelia Chase was his and no one else could have her. He also wanted to draw on that pale canvas with his mouth, paint her body with love bites and finger marks, covering her body with the only paints he could.

Angel could sense her eyes on him but there was nothing he could do but strip her, mentally pushing those thin straps of cloth from her delicate shoulders. His eyes followed the curve of her body wishing that it were his hands, his tongue. He could see in her eyes that she knew what he was thinking, the pupils dilating, and the quickness of her breath pushing her breasts against the material.

They could both read what the other wanted, desired a few steps more and they would be together, touching, undressing. It wasn’t enough he wanted more, he knew they both wanted more. That was one dream neither of them would ever have.




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