Her Song

SUMMARY: A small piece of Angel’s memoirs.
POSTED: 6 Apr 2007
WARNINGS: Character Death
STATUS: Complete

The woman I loved is dead.

She taught me the greatest gift of all that was to love and be loved in return. So here I am putting down these words. How wonderful life had been when she had been in the world. It is now colder than it has ever been and in all my years. I have never felt so alone.

The time passed so slowly and I had been in so much pain that I could not talk about what had happened to anyone. But now I realise that I was doing her a disservice and that had to be rectified.

Just to make sure you understand that I will never give up this fight for my redemption, if I did it would be forgetting her and that is something I could never do. Years have passed and sometime I feel as if I no longer remember how she looked, the colour of her eyes, the tone of her voice but then something happens. It could be a sound, a smell and everything comes flooding back.

Nothing and no one will ever replace what I have lost, it is not tangible, it is something beyond that and as these are my thoughts and memories I needed people to know.

These words might be simple but it is her song.




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