As I Lay Dying

SUMMARY: Cordelia is dying.
POSTED: 26 Jan 2010
WARNINGS: None Listed
AUTHOR NOTES:  Taken from the title of a William Faulkner book “As I Lay Dying”
STATUS: Complete

As I lay here dying, my body aging. I can see everything that goes on around me. It is definitely one of the out of body experiences. I see myself trapped inside my own mind. I want to be able to scream, shout, and let everyone I know that I am still there.

Most of all I want Angel, my champion of the night to come and rescue me from this prison. I feel so alone and afraid what if I am stuck like this forever watching as I slowly die, just as everyone does but there is no one to comfort me, no one that I can tell my fears too.

The thing that scares me most is if I am like this for years will I watch those I care about visit me less and less, moving on with their own lives. I want that for them, I truly do but then I will be alone.

They all visit and tell me about what has happened in their lives and how they feel. It still makes me part of the family, as if I am still the heart of Angel Investigation.

I wish they knew that, I wish I could show them how much I love them all. However, I can’t all I can do is watch as everything passes me by and I remain here visible to them all but not a part of it.

Why can’t they wake me up or let me die, I hate being in this limbo alone.

 – The End –

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