True Confessions: Mini Prompts


This thread will contain a variety of MINI-PLOTS and other story ideas to inspire your muse. Some are funny, some are raunchy, and some may be a bit lame, but maybe it will spark an idea.

From our TRUE CONFESSIONS challenge thread:

The idea is that Cordelia & Angel have to confess something to the other, or Wes/Gunn/Fred confess something to C or A or both.


. Cordy confesses to having all her magazine subscriptions charged to AI.

. Cordy confesses to maxing out Angel’s credit card/cards.

. C/A confess to the others that they are now together. This can be with the curse & no boffing or a newly secure soul. That way, the FG reaction can be a little different, lol.

. Fred confesses to Cordy that she overheard something last night.

. Cordy confesses that she used the dagger of whatsitscalled to …. do whatever.

. Wes confesses to Cordy that he used her favourite – and VERY expensive clear nail polish to varnish something.

. Cordy confesses to swiping the ocasional silk shirt of Angel’s for use as night shirts at her apt.

. Cordy is in a (not naked please) commercial nobody knew about.

. Someone (not Cordy for obvious reasons) forgot to tell Angel that Buffy planned to come to town, He missed her visit.

. Angel confesses to Cordy that once, in SD, he deliberately let her get gooed/slimed by a demon he killed cos she’d pissed him off.

. Cordy confesses she took advantage of a chained up sleeping Angelus and felt his butt/?.

. Angel confesses why Angelus picked Cordy to tackle instead of Willow or Xander.

. Angel confesses he had plans for her both times he lost his soul.

. Angelus confesses Angel read her diary.

. Cordy confesses she pretended to be Wes over the phone.

. Wes confesses to Angel that he’d borrowed his hair gel and leather coats for dates- many times

. Gunn confesses he used Angel’s brown leather polish for his head

.double whammo: Cordy confesses to Angel that she chopped some of his spiked hair off when he was Angelus (Eternity) while he was knocked out- and Wes confesses he could see what she did afterwards but never told him.

.Angel confessing he sometimes thinks of biting Cordy. and not on the throat.

. Cordy confessing she wants to be bitten. And not on the throat.

. Cordy confesses to craving a little darkness!

. Angel confessing having dark erotic fantasies about her on occasion.

.Cordy confesses she DID mean Angel when she said “I love him” in the pylea Arc.

. Angel confesses he actually liked shopping for Cordy’s clothing- because he imagines what she’s wearing underneath

. Cordy confesses she spied on Angel getting changed when he lived with her.

. Angel confesses he watched Cordy in the shower once when he lived with her.

. Angel confesses he listened to her ‘nice’ dreams.

. Angelus confesses Angel thought about her cheerleading outfit.

. Angel confesses that he chose to wear his boxers minus the robe on purpose to try and get a reaction out of her.

. Angel confesses he got off on watching her in the shower.

. Cordy confesses to fantasising about him.

. Cordy confesses to accidently seeing Gunn in the shower once. Angel overhears.

. Wes confesses to accidently seeing Cordy in the shower once. Angel overhears.

. Angel confesses why he enjoys their training sessions

. Cordy confesses to finding the vamp face hornily attractive!

. Cordy confesses to adding (insert choice here) to his blood once after finding out he’d given clothes away.

. Angel confesses to hiding money round the old office just to see her uncanny ability to sniff it out.

. Angel confesses to Cordy and Wes he played the video tape of her acting practice and his dancing at the W&H charity fundraiser.

. Cordy confesses to Angel she uses the name of Aurelius to get street cred at Caritas.

. Cordy confesses to Angel Doyle was a little attracted to him!!

. Angelus confesses he watched Cordy practice a school play with a mop. *how humiliating*

. Wes confesses he and Virginia role played at being Angel and damsel. Hey, since it worked so well the first time…!

.Cordy confesses she likes to make Angel jealous.

.Angel confesses he used one of Cordy’s face masks.

.Cordy confesses being up and close personal with Angelus wasn’t all bad.

.Gunn confesses to kissing Harmony once, when everyone else had their backs turned.

.Cordy confesses to borrowing Angel’s clan ring and name to get into an exclusive club.

.Fred confesses to liking her Pylean burlap sack.

.Angel confesses too forcing Doyle to take Cordy to those bad apartments, so she might live with him.

.Wes confesses to having two women at the same time.

.Cordy confesses to having been arrested.

.Cordy confesses to spreading gossip of a slanderous nature about Spike to avenge Angel’s torture session.

.Angel confesses to having a conversation with Cordy’s mother, about Cordy, when she called the office.

.Cordy confesses to having fantasies about Spike and Angel overhears.

.Cordy confesses to sabatoging Angel’s Cell Phone to make him look stupid

.Angel confesses wearing black because Cordy called him fat and he read in her cosmo that black is slimming

.Wes confesses that he really wasn’t head-boy

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