Touched by an Angel

SUMMARY: Angel tries to test his senses and gets more than he bargained for.
POSTED: 13 Oct 2003
WARNINGS: Minor mention of certain body parts
1) Dedicated to Christie, you rock *g*

“Are you sure you can’t see anything?” Cordelia questioned.

“I’m blindfolded Cordy, what do you think?” Angel asked, taking a tentative step forward.

“Just checking, wouldn’t want a certain person cheating now would we?” Cordelia said.

“I do not Cheat Cordelia,” Angel replied.

“Did I mention your name? If you’ve got a guilty conscious, it’s not my fault.” Cordelia told him.

“Can we just get this over with?” the vampire asked.

“You’re not the one who’s going to be bound and gagged,” the seer replied.

“True,” Angel agreed.

“Okay boys and girls is everyone ready?” Lorne called as he entered the lobby.

“As I’ll ever be,” Angel replied. “Why are we doing this again?”

“Because you never know when you’re going to have to use your other senses, Angelcakes,” the green demon replied. “And beside, it’s not like we have anything better to do now is it?”

“That’s true, okay let’s get the show on the road,” Cordelia said. “Where do you want me?”

“Over there is fine Brown Eyes.” Lorne replied. “Don’t forget the gag.”

Cordelia rolled her eyes but silently walked over to the other side of the room. “Spin him around a couple of times,” she called, trying hard not to giggle.

“Do I look like I have a death wish, honey?” Lorne asked.

“Chicken,” Cordelia replied before putting on her gag.

“Okay you big broody hunk, go find the girl,” Lorne said.

Angel inched forward, trying to remember where the furniture was. It doubted Lorne would tell him to watch out. Angel went in the opposite direction to where Cordelia was.

Lorne used the opportunity to slip Cordy into some pre-made bounds so she couldn’t move her hands.

“You’re freezing cold,” Lorne shouted. “Plus, you’re no where near Cordelia either,” he chuckled.

“Very funny Lorne,” the vampire said. He started to feel his way along the wall, trying to sense where his seer was.

After a couple of minutes, he was inches away from Cordelia. He could smell her, close by, really close by. She smelt so good today but there again, she always smelt good to him.

“Cordy?” he whispered. She didn’t answer him. He stepped closer.

The phone started to ring, making him jump. Cordelia who was now directly in front up him, let out a muffled cry and something that sounded a lot like a curse from where Angel was standing.

“Now, now,” Angel commented.

Cordelia muttered something in reply.

“I’ll get it,” Lorne shouted. He crossed the lobby and answered, “Angel Investigations, We help the hopeless.”

A few seconds later he was in full conversation with whoever was on the other end. “I have to take this upstairs Angel, it’s one of my old clients, I’ll be back in a minute. Don’t go anywhere,”

Cordelia mumbled something in replied.

Lorne ran up the lobby stairs and out of sight.

Angel shuffled forward even more. His hands straight out in front of him, he came into contact with something, this time it wasn’t the hard wall. It was soft and kinda rounded. Angel gave the object a little squeeze. Cordelia squeaked.

“Cordy are you okay?” Angel asked.

Angel couldn’t understand Cordelia’s response.

“I can’t understand you, I’m taking off the blindfold,” Angel replied.

With his free hand, the vampire removed the eye protection. The first thing he saw was Cordelia’s horrified face, he glance further down and saw the reason for her look. He was touching her; somewhere he shouldn’t be touching her. Somewhere he only touched her in his dreams, the only difference being in his dreams, she enjoyed it.

He still didn’t move his hand though. His mouth dropped open and he shut it quickly.

Cordelia was trying to say something only he still couldn’t understand her. He pulled the gag from her mouth.

“Get you hand off my boob, Angel,” She demanded. He complied immediately.

“Cordy I’m sorry,” Angel said. He untied her hands.

“I should think so, how would you like it if I grabbed your penis?” she said hotly.

‘Actually I’d really like that,’ a voice inside of Angel’s head replied. A voice Angel chose to ignore. “Really sorry, I was blindfolded. I didn’t know what I was touching.”

“Way to state the obvious,” Cordelia said, despite her immediate anger, she was now getting embarrassed. She needed to retreat and time to recover. “I need to go to the bathroom.”

She charged towards the bathroom and locked the door behind her.

Angel watched her go in disbelief. He couldn’t believe what he’d just done. ‘Dumbass,’

Lorne appeared at the top of the stairs. “Okay kiddies I’m back,” he paused at Angel’s guilty expression. “What did I miss?”


…The End…


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