Thrill of the Chase

SUMMARY: When Angel loses his soul, Cordelia must fulfill a promise she made to him by hunting Angelus down. “Oh, I’ll kill you dead.”
POSTED: (This thread appears in the AO Writers Workshop. Archived here in case someone wants to pick it up again.)
WARNINGS: None listed yet. Likely explicit sexual content.
TIMELINE: Set in AtS around Eternity
EDITOR’S NOTES: Well, there was a ton of facinating discussion and planning for this story. We just never got around to actually writing it. Maybe someone wants to take it on as a detailed challenge. Listed here is a basic summary of the plot, but there are a lot of fun details and ideas in the ‘Thrill of the Chase’ thread in The Writers Workshop forum at AO.



Time Frame: AtS/S1/Eternity

A/N: Angel has been at the Hyperion since coming to LA

Basic Chain of Events:

1.) Events as seen in Eternity, except that Angelus retains control.

2.) Angelus wakes up chained with Cordy & Wes watching him and realizes that if he wants out he’ll have to convince them that he’s Angel. Wes leaves & Cordy does, too. Just as in the episode, but it gives Angelus time to plot & plan, perhaps devising an elaborate death scene for the two of them.

3.) As part of his plot/game, Aus plays the ‘good Samaritan’ fighting the Good Fight. Inwardly, he’s possibly laughing at how stupid they are & easy to fool. But he’s doing this for his own amusement & because he plans to get something out of it.

4.) Being a demon at heart with no conscience to guide him, Aus starts to do things that seem strange or suspicious to Wes & Cordy. The way he fights seems like he enjoys it a little too much. There are subtle things he says that throw them off just a bit. He’s also touchy-feely and has taken a liking to invading Cordy’s personal space at every turn.

5.) Aus starts to get bored with his own game and thinks about moving straight into his end game. If nothing else, he plans to up the stakes.

6.) Cordelia has a dream (possibly smutty) about her & all of the things Angel has been doing to her. Only she wakes up thinking about Angelus. She’s not sure if she’s imagining things or if the dream is trying to tell her something.

7.) It’s early morning just after sunrise. Cordy heads over to the Hyperion determined to face Angel and discover the truth. If he really is Angelus, she plans to kill him. After all, she promised.

8.) She grabs a crossbow, thinking that she’ll find Angel/us asleep & that will make him an easy target. She plans to ask him point blank whether or not he is Angelus.

9.) Only Angelus isn’t asleep when she arrives. He’s awake & in the lobby & taking to Wes about some prophecy or scroll.

10.) Wes grumbles about the lack of Starbucks coffee or doughnuts or something Cordelia promised to bring when she came in this morning. Angelus makes his comment about “Promises are made to be broken.” Wes automatically corrects him. Cordy suddenly understands what he’s hinting at and realizes that he’s been Angelus all along.

11.) Cordelia lifts up the crossbow and makes an attempt at shooting him. Wes finally realizes what’s going on. He & Cordy make an escape into the sunlight leaving Angelus inside.

12.) Cordy is determined to go through with her promise.

13.) What would Wes do? Try to help her initially? Warn her off because it would be too dangerous for a non-rogue demon hunter? Be focused on saving Angel by reensouling him?

14.) Then we have lots of stuff to plot about how Cordelia goes about trying to kill Angelus and what happens between the two of them along the way.

15.) Somewhere near the end, Wes’ plan to restore Angel’s soul works. OR…maybe the Doximal finally wears off.


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