The Revenge Series #2: Scissors

SUMMARY: Angel sneaks into Cordelia’s room and…
POSTED: 29 Oct 2003
CONTENT/PAIRING: Cordelia and Angel
WARNINGS: None Listed
AUTHOR NOTES: You only have yourselves, and Shaun, to blame for this….
STATUS: Complete

Two weeks later and his hair still had a pink tinge, he could tell if only from Gunn’s chuckles every god-damn afternoon when he came down to see what was happening. ‘Washable my ass. Cordelia this is not washable!’ Speaking of Cordelia after the tongue lashing he’d given her she had been treading on eggshells for all of two days before just plain laughing at him like the others.

He had a plan though, had done since the morning after she had infected him with this accursed stuff. Vengeful gypsies had nothing on Cordelia Chase in a playful mood. No, his plan was brilliant, he just needed to find the right time to put it into action. The consequences would be grave, but he thought it was worth it. Tonight was the night, he only wished he could see her face when she saw what he’d done. Actually on second thoughts- no. He didn’t. She’d kill him.

After making sure Dennis was out of the way for the night it was a simple matter to pick the lock on her front door. He made a mental note to talk her later about that, assuming he was still alive that was. He closed the door, careful not to make a sound, she was a usually a heavy sleeper but he didn’t want to take the chance that she would wake up.

Sneaking into her room the vampire paused, looking down at her, sleeping so innocently, unaware of the disaster about to befall her. He grinned wickedly and crept over to the side of her bed, resisting the urge to lift her covers and see what she was wearing tonight. Instead he just nudged her lightly getting her to roll onto her stomach.

He gently crawled onto the bed, carefully placing his weight and slowly reached out his hand, wrapping it around the scrunchy holding her hair in pace. Slowly he pulled it out freezing completely, holding an unnecessary breath when she stirred, only to release it when she settled again. ‘Hey this is fun, reminds me of the old days, but with less blood.’

Grinning like a mad man now he pulled the new pair of scissors out of his pocket, gently lifted a lock of her hair and… snip. He could barely contain his chuckles as the first bit of her long brown hair fell prey to the blades, he wasn’t cutting it all off, he’d be insane to even contemplate it.

After he’d finished, gathered up as much hair as he could, just to remove the evidence mind you, he didn’t want to keep the silky golden locks, put them under his pillow, no way. He slipped out and was surprised to find it was almost dawn, looks like he’d see her reaction sooner than anticipated.

Cordelia woke up and stretched, something seemed a little off, she shrugged it was probably just the way she’d slept. Sitting up she ran her hands through her hair and paused, horrified. ‘He wouldn’t.’

She bolted upright and ran to the bathroom, turning on the lights she covered her eyes, only opening her hands very slowly she looked at the mirror… she let out a bloodcurdling scream, then she fainted.




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