Rebel Rousers

SUMMARY: People of the world unite, we’re looking for a better way of life.
POSTED: 24 Feb 2004
WARNINGS: None Listed
AUTHOR NOTES: I am finding it increasingly difficult to come up with names and summaries for these things
STATUS: Incomplete

Terentia took Cordelia’s hand in her own as she led her through the almost abandoned streets. She didn’t need to really but in the months since her awakening, Terentia had been by her side the whole time, and both were accustomed now to relying on each other.

Cordelia smiled at the feel of the smaller hand in hers, the younger girl was like a younger sibling in some ways; yet she knew more about this world than Cordelia ever wanted to learn. She’d been understandably confused when she’d woken up and whoever thought that coma patients just woke up and were fine were wrong. However part demon coma patients did recover faster than most and after a month she’d come through, the only noticeable injury she still bore now was a slight limp.

She didn’t think that said limp was caused by the coma though; she suspected someone had been a bit clumsy with her. Sighing she looked around, no matter how many times they had ventured out, she still couldn’t bring herself to completely believe that this was the world they lived in and worse still, that Angel was responsible for it.

Sighing inwardly so as not to alarm her companion, Cordelia let herself be led down a road like many others, buildings crumpled and decayed where once they stood tall. Her feet dragged on the ground and her shoulders were hunched as if they were bearing an invisible load. It wasn’t only to fit in, Cordelia’s once proud stance had been eaten away by the knowledge that this could quite possibly be her fault. With that in mind, they were visiting the resistance today.

They approached one of the decrepit buildings and Terentia squeezed Cordelia’s hand once more before letting go and stepping forward, leaving Cordelia just a bit more in the open, away from the building. She rapped on the door sharply and was aware of Cordelia’s amusement when a little rectangle peek hole opened in the door.

“Password.’ Came the gruff voice from within. She just knew that Cordelia would be fighting laughter as she answered with ‘rat-a-tat-tat’. The door opened with a creak and they were ushered into the darkened depths of the rebel headquarters. The Anti-Angel Coalition.
The room they were led to was lit with candles, practically the only way anything was lit nowadays. About ten figures stood in a rough semi circle, clad in old school black robes.
Terentia leaned in and whispered to her that this was the main council, they started the rebellion- or at least they started the rebellion this time around. They were instructed to stand in the middle of the semicircle, classic standover tactics.

“Greetings fellow fighters.” The alto voice echoed through the room.
“Allow us to introduce ourselves. I am James Dean, you may call me J.D.” Cordelia’s eyes widened.


The ridiculous names continued. Cordelia bit the inside of her mouth, she knew this was serious and it was the only thing keeping her from laughing out loud. After what seemed like forever they got to the reason they had come here.

“So, what’s the plan here guys?” Cordelia’s question was met with silence and her eyes widened in stunned disbelief before narrowing dangerously.

“You mean you don’t have a plan, you’re not destroying any resources? Kidnapping employees? Making traps? You’re just… standing around in a circle talking?” She ranted heedless of any possible danger she could be putting herself in and she only calmed down when Terentia put a hand on her arm in silent warning.

Voices were raised all over the cavernous room until one of the leaders spoke, she hadn’t done so before and at the sound of her voice everyone hushed.

“I’d like to see you come up with a plan young lady.”

So Cordelia did. They stayed there until the wee hours of the morning, way past curfew, plotting and scheming until they were satisfied with the validity of their plans.

Tomorrow the war would begin.




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