Matchmaker Girl and the Vampire

SUMMARY: The Fang Gang’s “nosy parker” is at it again, this time asking Angel questions.
POSTED: 31 Jan 2004
CONTENT/PAIRING: Fred/Angel Friendship, C/A implied
WARNINGS: Language, Sexual Topics
AUTHOR NOTES: You asked for a sequel.
STATUS: Complete

“Can I ask you a question?” Angel looked over at Fred, glad the girl was coming out of her shell more.

“Sure.” He answered, glancing over at Wes before steering her into the enclosed office and closing the door.

“What did you want to know?” He sat on Wes’ chair and propped his feet up on the desk hoping against all hope that the question wouldn’t be about his past.

“You’d help any of us if we were in trouble right?” He sat up a bit straighter, relieved and at the same time concerned.

“Yes.” He slowed the answer trying to draw her out.

“And if they weren’t in danger, if they just needed, erm… a hand you’d try to help out right? Like if I couldn’t reach something or if Wesley needed help with some research or…” Angel cut her off, raising his hand.

“Did you need my help with something?” He asked gently and was confused when she flushed a bright red. Fred cursed herself, it was different needling Cordy about this stuff.

“N- NO. I was just. So you’d help any of us if we had a problem, if we were frustrated by something?” Angel hid his reaction to the statement offering her a nod as he began to see where this was going.

“What if the problem was… sexual… in nature?” She stumbled out, wishing for the bravado of earlier.

Playing dumb Angel responded, “Are you in trouble Fred?” and leaned forward, placing his larger hand on top of hers, squeezing lightly a wide-eyed and concerned expression painted on his face. Startled beyond what she should have been Fred shook her head dumbly.

“Cordelia needs a fuck-buddy!”

Stunned silence met her statement and Angel jerked backwards and forgetting where he was tipped the chair over dumping him onto the floor. He just looked up at Fred in stunned surprise as she covered her hand with her mouth; eyes wide.

“What!?” He exhaled, getting up and sitting back down.

“Why are you telling me…I can’t… curse… Fred!” He ended exasperated confused once more when instead of looking sheepish she perked up.

“Oh I researched that when Cordelia first told me about it and while I’m not as good as Wesley is at these things, logically if you have lost your soul this many times and it has come back then there is a flaw in the curse somewhere that can be exploited well either that or a different soul is being used each time which probability dictates isn’t correct and…” She trailed off as she noticed Angel’s raised eyebrow.

“The curse can be fixed.” She ended weakly. Angel refused to get his hopes up too far.

“Even if it can be fixed, what makes you think that Cordy would want me as her ‘fuck-buddy?’” He asked and frowned when instead of answering she stood and made her way towards the door tossing back a comment when she was almost gone.

“I asked her.”




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