Chance Encounter

SUMMARY: Some random chance encounters
POSTED: 15 Nov 2003
CATEGORY: Not Specified
WARNINGS: None Listed
AUTHOR NOTES: I really don’t know how much older Wesley is to Cordy- I just guessed.
STATUS: Complete

“Boy stop gawking. You’re a Wyndam-Price not some ignorant savage.” Came the angry accented tones of a middle-aged man. The boy trailing behind him winced visibly, boiling in the stuffy and over starched suit he had been made to wear. He wished that for once his father would just shut up. It was his first visit to America and so far he’d only seen the inside of his father’s friends studies.
Scowling behind his father’s back he ran into a girl, considerably younger than himself, dressed in the puffy frilly dresses and ribbons that all girls were at that age, impeccable. She shook her head and jumped up before he could offer help or even apologize and darted in the direction of whom he assumed was her mother, who was also impeccably dressed- flaunting the money they obviously had. The English boy flushed a pretty shade of red when he heard the girl, now a few meters away ask of the woman what ignorant meant.
He doubled his pace in both an effort to catch up to the departing back of his father and to avoid hearing the answer to the question. At least sitting in the studies of the few American members of the Watcher’s Council wasn’t embarrassing.


Cordelia Chase had to repeat her question twice, and when she finally got an answer from her mother it was a curt response. “Stupid” and then was promptly told to keep up or get left behind, by that time she wasn’t listening anymore and was instead staring into the street where the boy had gone, she was wondering how you could call anyone that much older than her stupid, he must have been at least 15, her cousin was 14 and she knew everything….
Distracted as she was Cordelia didn’t notice her mother steadily pulling away and entering a shop a few doors down, she was tired and couldn’t see why they couldn’t shop at home- why they had to catch a plane here to walk around and buy things. Still when she lost interest in the boy she looked up, and couldn’t find her mother anywhere.
Sure she would be just ahead of her somewhere she took off at a sprint her baby doll shoes clacking against the pavement as she went straight past the shop her mother was browsing through and continued down the busy walkway ducking and weaving between people.
Eventually getting caught in the crowds she took several turns and by the time she came to a street that was more or less deserted she was thoroughly lost. All she’d wanted to do was get to a place where there were less people so it would be easier to see her mommy and now she couldn’t see anyone.
Turning around in a circle the small girl decided that the only way to be found was to keep moving so that she could find somebody else, when nightfall arrived and she still had not found any handy policemen she started to get scared.
By this time the pretty girl had gotten her shoes scuffed and her dress was snagged, her hair was falling out of the ribbons, she was also in the bad part of town. The first two people she had seen all night, well for the past two and a half hours, appeared suddenly from around the corner. They paused seeing her and without a word spread out slightly stalking towards her, both thinking that the cute little thing would make a nice dessert by the end of the night.
Cordelia didn’t notice any of this and the two vampires were presently surprised when she practically skipped right up to them and stopped, just beyond their reach.
“Excuse me,” She said polite, even though the people were what her mother would call ‘common riff-raff’.
“I lost my mother, have you seen her?” Again a look passed between the two vampires, they couldn’t believe their luck. The female crouched down, adopting a sympathetic air and purred. “Yes I think we did see her, come with us.” She held out her hand and Cordelia shrugged before putting her tiny one in it.
The had been walking in the opposite direction to wear Cordelia had some from for about a minute before Cordelia fell over onto the hard pavement, her hand slipping out of the female vampire’s larger one.
Rolling his eyes before kneeling down to feign concern the younger vamp asked the girl whether she was all right. Bottom lip shaking slightly she said that she was but she thought she might have cut her knees, this mention of blood was too much for the fledgling vampire to deal with and he let his demon take over.


Angel glanced up briefly at the sound of a shrill scream echoing though the night before deciding it was none of his business, and turning back to his dinner, the rat squirmed in his hands and his demon took as much pleasure as it could from the pathetically small kill, prompting him to play with his food a little longer before he ate it.

The scream- or squeal sounded again, closer to him this time and his feelings of guilt started to magnify. It wasn’t his problem though, and the last time he had tried to interfere in anything mortal he had gotten hanged for his troubles. Better a monster like him stayed away from civilized culture anyway.

The choice was taken away from him though as the sound of clacking shoes rapidly drew near to the mouth of the alley. The owner of said shoes skid to a halt and ran down the alley not noticing him, nor the fact that she was no longer being followed.

The vampires had in fact gotten in front of her easily and were just letting her get sweet adrenalin pumping through her small veins. As one they dropped down from the roof of the building on the left side of the alley and landed in front of her. She managed to stop in time to avoid running straight into their arms, screamed again and scrambled backwards, she tumbled over a bin and landed on something, which immediately moved under her. She twisted and seeing a male shape under the hair grabbed hold of him and made him let go of the rat. Angel’s demon thought that this was a whole lot better than the rat and with that instinct alone guiding him, he stood the child just sliding off his lap at the sudden move.

He advanced towards the two younger vampires and they, obviously not realizing the danger they were in just stood there.

“Get out of the way you bum. “ The male said and in response Angel grabbed him by the throat and lifted him up off the ground morphing into his vampiric face. The female didn’t even try to attack and just stood back a step calmly stating that even though she was so small that they were willing to share.

“She’s mine now.” Angel snarled and with that promptly ripped off the head of the male, his sire just fled.

His demon almost jumping up and down in anticipation, Angel turned around to face the child now crouched against the wall. She stood up shakily as he approached her and stood for a second, still and silent before leaping forward and wrapping her arms around as much of him as she could.

He stumbled backwards with the shock of the human contact (because lets face it, she couldn’t move his arm if he didn’t want her too) and suddenly he was faced with the idea that he didn’t want to kill her. Besides the fact that he would feel so guilty afterwards, she was the first person who had approached him without being scared or more recently disdainful. The child pulled away and said what appeared to be the first thing that came across her mind.

“You’re dirty and you need a haircut. Thank-you for making those ugly people go away.”
He resisted the urge to chuckle at her and took no offence from her comments; adults usually said a lot worse if they ever saw him. He looked at his young charge and found himself wondering what she was doing alone in this part of town; she obviously didn’t belong on the streets.

“Wha,” He coughed, unused to speaking, “what are you doing out here alone?” He asked and had to pause to translate the answer into adult terms, she was lost. He could’ve gathered that much alone.

Angel was hit with the realization that having saved her life, he was essentially responsible for her and he sighed, telling her to take his hand. The girl just looked at it and told him no, the ugly people had wanted her to hold their hands, and they wanted to hurt her. Resisting the urge to growl he slowly explained that they should go find a police-person to help them find her parents. She promptly informed him that she was 5 not stupid and started walking towards the street. She then paused looking back at him.
“Are you coming or not mister?” He did laugh then and paused at the sound. Cordelia, not grasping the uniqueness of the situation, just scowled, this man was laughing at her.
Seeing her expression Angel only laughed more walking up and prodding her slightly towards the mouth of the alley they had made it two blocks before they came across a patrolling police car and Cordelia had been chatting the entire way, Angel was ready to go back to being a hermit just to stop her, sure she was cute and wasn’t that annoying but he had no idea what she was talking about- for example, what was a Xander? And how were they related to Willow trees?

He handed her over to the police-woman who was immediately suspicious of him but took the young girl, promising him she would be in safe hands.

Now if only he could find that rat again….



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