An Angel in Name Alone

SUMMARY: The empire has arisen…
POSTED: 17 Jan 2004
WARNINGS: None Listed
AUTHOR NOTES: Sequel to Serenity in the Face of Corrosion- not going to be serial, will be about four or five parts though. And yes I know this characterisation of Angel is off, but really look at the title- it applies in more ways than one. Oh thanks again to Cali for betaing.

He stood at the top of the building and looked down on his empire with something akin to satisfaction. He let his mind drift back a few (okay five) decades to when this all began, or at least when he could say that it had began with no doubts.

His empire had started almost suddenly in the eyes of the outside world. California was the first to fall, after the election of Arnold Schwartzenegger it was only a simple matter of exploiting the contract he had signed with Wolfram and Hart, it wasn’t long after that when he had changed the company name. Angel and Associates somehow had a better ring to it, especially after he had killed the Wolf, the Ram and the Hart.

In the end he’d had to get rid of Lorne and Wesley. They had remained too steadfast in their morals… Funny; if asked before he would have said that Wesley would be the easiest to corrupt, and Fred the hardest but no, sweet innocent Fred had turned out to be as blood thirsty as the best of them. Of course Gunn was dead now and Fred a doddering old lady, constantly trying to relive her glory days, the sweet old thing had driven at least three attendants to suicide in the last two years.

He was well aware that he ran a tight ship, if only because he both metaphorically and literally fed people to the sharks if they didn’t obey. As such of course he was well aware of the little secret rebellion that had been formed, how could he not be? It would be like trying to ignore the return of the prodigal son. Speaking of sons anyway, his face tightened at the thought of his own offspring and the trouble he had caused. Though in the long run it had been him. Him and that stupid slut who had the nerve to call herself a seer that had opened his eyes to the futility of fighting the good fight, he supposed that was the one thing either of them did that he could thank them for.

Angel didn’t really have to do much; he was more like an anonymous leader, mysterious and never seen by anyone. By now the populace wouldn’t have cared if they learnt that he was a vampire, at the same time though it did suit his purposes to remain an enigma, after all if they thought he was an invincible immortal of some kind, who was he to argue?

He was interrupted from his musings by a knock at the window behind him. Timid, for no matter how much control you had over anything else, Angel could always just decide to kill you. He turned to face the window as the glass slid open revealing a pretty young woman. Cold and efficient, she reminded him of Lilah Morgan before she had stooped so low as to dally with the ex-watcher. She started talking as soon as he acknowledged her, something about the rebel forces gaining strength and a meeting on the old peers.

“Send two squads, I want no one left alive.” He calmly ordered; Elizabeth did a slight double take. “Two? They’ll be ripped to shreds.” She paused and then smiled as the thought sank in. If Buffy had of had a grave he was willing to bet she’d turn over in it knowing what her daughter had become. Angel just thought it was a great irony and Elizabeth was fast becoming one of his favourite employees.

He had to make an example of the rebels once in a while and really without them to eradicate he’d fast become bored. He started paying attention again with the mention that one of their spies had heard rumours of the prophecy coming to fruition, he wasn’t that concerned though, there had been at least three false alarms in each major country he controlled. Still though, it could be possible; her body had been lost after all – he really doubted that the prophecy was even true though.

“The sleeper shall rise and the guardian will protect.
With the darkness complete all it will take is one shining light
The clash of the…”

That was it; the rest of the prophecy had been lost but the mystics in each branch were determined to interpret the sleeper as meaning his former Seer. Prejudice aside he just didn’t think that it was that much of a threat… that she was that much of a threat. He waved Elizabeth aside and stepped into his office, ignoring the moans of pain coming from the corner with an ease borne of practice, really it was just another day at the office.



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