Ties That Bind

SUMMARY: I’ve always wondered what would have happened if Angel had found Cordelia instead of Darla at the end of “Reprise.” So, here’s yet another take on how this might have played out had it occurred.
RATING: NC17 (eventually)
POSTED: 6 Apr 2005
CATEGORY: Angst / Smut
WARNINGS: Sexual Content
1) Cordy didn’t have that unfortunate encounter with the Skilosh demons. She went straight home after she spoke with Wesley that night.
2) This is my first fic ever. So, feedback would be greatly appreciated!
STATUS: Incomplete

Angel was cold, and he was soaked to the bone. How the hell had that happened? For the first time since leaving the elevators of Wolfram & Hart, he lifted his face to the night sky and was greeted with the sting of the pelting rain on his cheeks. If he was honest, the harsh cold of the winter rain was a welcome reprieve. He could actually feel the ache of the icy center that had become his soul, and the rain some how fed off of that aching as he had once fed from countless victims. It quelled the soul’s ravenous torment if only for a fleeting moment. But, he knew it wouldn’t last. Soon it would consume what remained of him, now that there wasn’t any hope left to stop it.

At that moment, a flicker of light caught his eye and made him take stock of where he was. That “where” shocked the hell out of him. He was standing across the street in the shadows facing herapartment, and the light that captured his attention was streaming from her bedroom.

The curtains had fallen ajar, and he could see that she was dressing–her back to the window. Having already donned those deliciously low slung jeans, she reached into the wardrobe and pulled out her red cashmere sweater. He knew it was her favorite, and he watched her take a moment to slowly caress the delicate fabric. It was because of her little indulgence that Angel was allowed a painfully brief moment to peruse her perfectly bronzed skin. It actually took on a slight iridescent glow. Amazingly, he could feel the heat and light that radiated from her.

Her body spoke to him, whispering its promises of warmth through the raven locks that graced the elegant length of her slender neck, the hard toned planes of her back, and the soft swell and gentle curve of her hip. Mmmm…those hips. That had secretly always been his favorite part of the female anatomy. And hers…God, it was the most alluring he’d ever been privileged enough to see. The way it gently tapered at her waist only to teasingly flare again. It was the definition of womanhood, and an irresistable invitation to indulge himself in the savory sweet pleasures he knew would be hidden below. He yearned to caress her there–to take hold and never let her go.

That last thought hit Angel hard. Up until a few moments ago, he had been completely lost. Now, his body was floating in a sea of desire, and the exotic beauty in the window above him seemed to be offering her own divine version of a life preserver. He was fully aware of the once forbidden path his thoughts were currently barreling down, and he wondered how in the hell he had denied himself this pleasure for so long.

Unknowingly taking advantage of Angel’s momentary distraction, she quickly finished dressing. As she turned to exit the bedroom, she finally glanced in Angel’s direction and noticed that the curtains had fallen apart. She approached the window with a seductive sway but stopped short of her goal. Instead of closing the curtains, she glared into the shadows beneath…the shadows he currently lurked in.

It was like she could see through the dark that shielded him. The infinite depth of her gaze was hypnotic. He could feel his body struggle to meet hers, and at that moment he began to believe in all of those gypsy tales he used to shrug off of as myth–the ones that told of vampires having the ability to fly. The pull to leave his shadowy hiding place just for the chance to take solace in her blazing heat was overwhelming. He decided he would definitely have to reevaluate gypsy vampire lore. After all, for vampires, pretty much anything was possible with the proper motivation…as if anything he was feeling or planning right now was proper.

Angel was suddenly brought back to reality as she turned away from the window forgetting the open curtains. She walked out of her bedroom and out of her apartment. Where was she going at this time of night? He didn’t know the answer to that question, but he did know one thing. He did not intend on letting Cordelia Chase get away…not ever again!!



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