Like Father, Like Daughter

SUMMARY: A deal is struck between Angelus and Cordelia, but can Angelus keep his word?
ARCHIVED: 27 Apr 2017
CATEGORY: Fluff/Humor
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2) Thank you for reading my rambles and please don’t hold back with any feedback!
STATUS: Complete

“Angelus, you promised!” Cordelia yelled, throwing her hands on her hips eyeing the irritated vampire in front of her. She could not believe she had allowed herself to acknowledge his promise to protect her and her daughter from their many enemies in exchange for her giving him her freedom. She knew that they had multiple enemies. Years of detecting, killing demons, and throwing curve balls at Hell’s favorite law office certainly piled a heaping list of bad blood in one’s life. But she had someone who depended on her to keep her safe and Cordelia was mature enough to realize that she needed help. Sure, she had Wesley and Gunn, but she knew it wouldn’t be enough. She wished she could run into Angel’s arms and hear him console her and let her know that nothing bad would ever touch her or their precious daughter.

She felt a stab of pain as she remembered the night that Angel had made love to her culminating in a night of passion and pure happiness. Cordelia had known that something more extraordinary had happened that night- she had conceived a child. It had taken Wesley many weeks to find a prophesy that explained that the vampire with a soul would find such perfect happiness, that the supernatural laws would bend blessing the vampire with a soul. However, the prophecy failed to mention that in finding this perfect happiness that his own soul would be lost effictively creating the child that Cordelia was bearing.

Holding back the tears threatening to betray her, Cordelia pushed them away with sheer force as she faced her once perfect happiness encased in the same sexy body but home to different eyes. Soulless as they were, she could not escape the feelings that they aroused in her. When they looked at her she saw the animalistic nature of a predator, but was tapered by something else. Passion? She nearly scoffed at herself out loud. Angelus didn’t feel passion, he felt domination, pain, and lust. She felt the hint of a shiver pass through her but quickly shook it off. The only thing that mattered now was protecting the last piece of Angel she had and if that meant she had to negotiate her freedom for her daughter’s protection, then she knew that their was no other choice.

Angelus could only smirk at the obvious anger emanating from the beautiful brunette now facing him. She had no idea how her anger only turned him on for her. Ever since retaking his body back from the soul after he had had his perfect moment of happiness, Angelus couldn’t shake the lingering feelings that Angel had had for his seer. He had tried to deny it, but even he couldn’t overlook the fact that she had grown on him even as he lay dormant deep within the soul. He admired her stunning beauty, sharp tongue and quick wit, but what drove him over the edge for her was her ability to reduce him to an evil puddle whenever her hazel orbs looked at him. Shaking out of his thoughts he returned to the situation at hand. He had finally convinced Cordelia to be his, but she wouldn’t budge expect if he was willing to allow noisy, smelly bundle to accompany them. He hadn’t believed Cordelia when she first told him that he was the father, he nearly choked on the bile that threatened to escape from his mouth. In all of his years, he had never heard of another vampire conceiving a child. It was something that humans did and he was certainly not a disgusting human.
Turning his attention to the woman in front of him, he said, “I am an evil vampire, so it is well within my nature to go back on my promises as I see fit. Duh, as you would so adequately put it.” Angelus towered over the brunette expecting to see fear from his intimidating stance, but instead saw only a reflection of his own anger.

Cordelia threw her hands up in the air, “Fine, be evil-ly. See if I care! The deal was you only get me if you also accept her,” she pointed to the blanket swaddled mound on his bed, “She is our daughter, Angelus, and I refuse to abandon her. The deal is off. I’ll find someone else to protect us,” she thought about it, “Maybe Hollywood still has a young, sexy movie star who’ll take us in.”

Remembering where she was and who she was speaking to, she crossed her arms over her chest and dared the vampire to say anything else. Angelus just stared incredulously at the woman before him. He drank in her form with his roving eyes. She had the most intense hazel eyes that their brightness almost matched the smiles he received when he had a soul. She had the most luscious mouth he had ever had the fortune to kiss, again, with his soul. He couldn’t stop the studying of her figure when he saw her long chestnut hair flowing down her neck and resting on her shoulders. Looking further down he appreciated the pertness of her breasts heavily emphasized with her arms across her chest. Lastly he allowed himself to drink in her curves picturing his hands fitting perfectly around them and then grazed his eyes down her long legs. He couldn’t decide if he wanted to kiss her senselessly or throw her across his knee for daring to disobeying him.

Confusing his silence for submission, Cordelia walked towards the bundle on the bed, scooping the baby into her arms, her facial expression softening as she looked upon her daughter’s tiny face. A deep sadness crept across her face as she realized that it would just be her and the baby, utterly alone in this world. Her bottom lip trembled in knowing that her precious bundle would never know the love of her father, Angel. Sure, she had always known that Angel and Angelus were the same person, but she also knew that the soul is what gave the vampire the ability to love, right? Evil things couldn’t love. She quickly looked back at the statue-like vampire staring back at her.

Tightening her resolve, Cordelia straightened her shoulders, “If you can’t accept your responsibility in this, or acknowledge our deal, then I’m leaving and never looking back. Goodbye, Ang- “

Before she could finish his name, Angelus had her and the baby pinned against the wall, brown eyes swirling gold devouring hazel eyes after they adjusted to her new surroundings.

“You’re not going anywhere, Cordelia. You’re staying here with me where you belong. With me.” He leaned down so that his mouth barely touched her ear. “You are mine,” he seethed releasing his tight grip from around her shoulders and placing his arms on either side of her head effectively caging her in.

Cordelia could only roll her eyes at the possessive display before her. It figures she would fall in love with the most ruthless, possessive vampire to have ever walked the Earth. Woah, love? She wasn’t in love with Angelus was she? Her own logic stated that soul and demon were one in the same, but surely she couldn’t love the soulless version as well. However, in her time spent with the broody vampire, she had realized that she had accepted the vampire- good and bad. Broody and scourgy. Realizing her own predicament, she allowed herself to come to the inevitable conclusion. She was his. In love. In spirit. And in soul.

She blew out a huff. “Yes, I am aren’t I, just as you belong to me, buster. However,” raising the small bundle in her hands so she could nestle the baby closer, “she is our’s. Your’s and mine, Scourgy. A deal is a deal. All I’m asking is that you protect her from all of the evil in the world and give her a good life and in exchange you’ll have me, forever.” She jabbed a finger into his hard, lean chest.

Angelus pushed himself from the wall and crossed his arms across his chiseled chest trying to think of a way to get rid of the tiny obstacle between him and his mate. He looked into her eyes and didn’t like what he saw…determination. Who was he kidding? He loved her stubbornness as much as it drove him nuts, just as the soul had. Sighing, he knew from just being around the brunette that he would not win this argument and that it was in his best interest that he concede. After all, didn’t these little pests go away after eighteen years? What was nearly two decades to a centuries old vampire like himself anyway?

“Fine,” he conceded throwing his hands on his hips in a mock Cordelia stance, “but don’t expect me to be Father-of-the-year, I’ll allow you to keep your pet,” he eyed the bundle in her arms.

“Daughter, Angelus, our daughter,” she said rolling her eyes.

“Daughter, whatever,” he groaned.

Happy that the vampire had finally conceded to her wishes, Cordelia crossed the room erasing the space between them. She held out the baby to Angelus, flashing her signature thousand watt smile in his face.

Trying so hard to keep his annoyed façade and not allowing that beautiful smile deter him, Angelus could only stare back.

“Um, exactly what are you doing?” he looked at the baby that now was staring back at him. Was it possible that a baby could size you up?

“I am in desperate need of some R&R and you need to become better acquainted with your daughter,” she said nudging the baby toward him again.

“Geezus, woman. I already agreed to be her body guard, but do I have to be the babysitter too?” He couldn’t believe what he had agreed to.

“No, but if you want to spend any alone time with me, then you must be willing to put in the effort,” she winked at him, “If I’m forced to take care of this precious little girl all by myself for the next eighteen years, then I’ll have no energy for anything else, no matter how sexy a certain manpire may be. Do you catch my drift, Romeo?”

Grudgingly, Angelus took the baby and watched as his heart walked into the bathroom effectively shutting herself away from him leaving it just a vampire and a baby alone. One was nervous and the other was more interested in it’s newly discovered hands. He was ripped back to reality when he felt small hands padding his face.

Angelus stood arms outstretched, putting as much distance as he could between himself and the scrunched up, pounds of human flesh. He stared at the gurgling baby and winced in disgust as drool fell from the infant’s mouth onto his outstretched hand. As he grimaced, his vampire senses didn’t miss the scent of another vampire coming up behind him. What kept him in a relaxed posture was that said vampire was unfortunately related.

“It’s a baby, you poof, not a bomb,” Spike moseyed his way up to Angelus with a grin on his face. Word had reached Sunnydale that Angelus had conceived a child with the cheerleader and being the actual curiosity that killed the cat, Spike just had to see for himself. He wouldn’t miss out on a chance to see his grandsire in such a predicament.

Noticing that Angelus was ignoring him, Spike continued on, “Cute little thing actually, must be 100% Cordelia. It would be a cosmic injustice to curse the young lady with your ugly mug.” Spike reached to tap the baby on the edge of her tiny nose, but was shocked when he found his finger caught between two powerful baby jaws. Wincing at the slight pain, Spike pulled his finger out of the monsters clenches not knowing if his finger or his pride was worse for ware.

“Why you little—“

Angelus leaned his head back letting out a roaring laughter. He brought the baby to his chest seeing the baby grin at his laughter. He couldn’t help but feel a little proud of his little monster.

“I think she got something from me, William,” Angelus grinned looking at the baby as she stuck her own hand in her mouth and began sucking on it. Spike rolled his eyes and sauntered off annoyed that he wouldn’t get any joy out of Angelus’ predicament tonight.

Turning his attention back to the bouncing baby in his arms, Angelus could almost feel the swell of his unbeating heart as he gazed into tiny hazel orbs that reminded him so much of the woman he loved just up the stairs. Noticing the flecks of gold in the irises that reminded him of the demon in him, Angelus gave the baby a tiny squeeze and whispered against her head, “I think we are going to get along just fine.”

Later that night…

Angelus laid in bed with his woman stroking her hair as she fed the small baby in between them the last of the formula effectively soothing the baby to sleep. Even though he had to pep talk himself into being able to survive the next eighteen years in this predicament, Angelus wouldn’t be at all mad if he stayed just like this for all eternity.

Thinking over the conversation he had had earlier with Cordelia, he thought of her proposal. She had asked for his protection, but he couldn’t imagine who would ever threaten the property of Angelus.

Looking at the silent brunette, Angelus whispered as to not disturb the baby, “Who is it that you think you need protection from exactly? No one would dare harm you now that I have claimed you as mine,” he puffed his chest in pure male ego.

Cordelia laughed quietly.

“Having a supernatural private investigations company doesn’t exactly wrack up the pen pals, does it? Besides, there are other evils besides the demon-y kind, Angelus.”

Confused, Angelus asked, “There is?”

“Of course,” Cordelia said with a grin developing on her face, “There’s natural disasters, missing a Victoria Secret blow out sale, and the worst kind of evil- boys.”

“Boys?” Angelus scoffed. Why in the world would Cordelia be scared of boys?

“Oh yes, boys,” she said showing a mock shiver passing through her, “Our poor baby girl, she’s going to have them flocking to her one day because, duh, she is my daughter and will only be the most gorgeous and well dressed lady, like ever! Oh yes, as they say, boys will be boys. Angelus, you have the sacred father duty to protect her from all the evil boys. If you don’t they will only break her heart. Do you want that for her?” Cordelia finally looked into his eyes and she saw just a hint of flashing gold behind them.

Angelus felt a coldness steal his heart as he gathered up the small bundle in his arms, “No one will ever hurt her. I’ll tear them limb from limb before the thought even crosses their minds.” He didn’t know where this fierce protectiveness was coming from, it was only just recently that he believed that he and the bundle in his arms had come to some sort of agreement that they would both share her mother, but he didn’t push his instinct to protect her away.

“Ok, calm down, over-protective daddy,” Cordelia giggled, snuggling closer to the vampire. “I’m sure she’s going to dish out just as much heartache.”
Glancing down at his daughter, perhaps for the first time seeing her as a part of him and not just something he had to deal with, he couldn’t imagine she could do anything to harm someone else.

“What do you mean, deal out heartache?”

“Oh, I’m talking about the dating game.”




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