SUMMARY: Angel gets a demonic jolt.
POSTED: 27 Sep 2003
WARNINGS: Explicit Sexual Content
STATUS: Complete


Tu lui ressembles
Quand elle tremble
Et dans ta voix
J’entends parfois
Un peu sa voix
Elle te ressemble
Quand elle tremble (Magnolias for ever)

A few hours later, he opens his eyes. Looking at the ceiling. His hand touching her, she lays beside him, their legs are tangled together. “Cora ?” as his hand touches her thigh.

“Good morning” she says.

Her voice startles him. He realizes now that the brunette beside him isn’t her. He remembers last night so well, but still he expects to find his beloved next to him.

“Still a little hour before dawn.” He says. “I should go back”.
But she is already back to sleep.

He slips out of the bed, puts his boxers on, followed by pants and shirt , taking his boots by the hand.
Walking silently away from the bed, going for the door like a thief into the night.
He goes for his wallet, takes a note and as he wants to put it on the little stand he hears


Angel turns around, he sees her face, those eyes just like hers, looking at him and giving him a little smile.

“Don’t” she says again.

“Why shouldn’t I” he asks.

“Why should you” she replies.

“Are you sure ?” he asks.

She comes out of the bed, her naked body moving towards him.
“Yes,” she answers him, and gives him a kiss on his cheek.

She opens the door “Maybe one day we will see each other again. He looks once again to the bed then to her. “It was good this night, thanks” and he leaves his brunette.
A few days later, as Angel is sitting in his new office at WR&H , he gets a call from Wesley.

“Yes Wes. So what seems to be the problem.” He asks.

“Well I just got a call from a friend of mine, she owns a club.”

“Yes and ???”

“Well it seems there is a case of …… at the club.”

“So , can’t you handle it.”

“I think it would be better not, as I’m human and …..”

“You need a demon to solve this one.”

“Yes” he said with a sigh;

“ok count me in , tell your client I will be there in a half an hour.”

Angel drove towards the given address, and for a moment he noticed that he knew the place, not sure, but it wasn’t that long ago he had been here.

The closer he came, the weirder the people around the building acted. All you saw were couples, kissing each other, women literal hanging on their boyfriends neck.
Or men, carrying their woman in their arms like theY entered a honeymoon suite.
He could smell the arousal from every body that crossed his path.

Normally you give the piccolo a tip, but this one was to busy in kissing his , Angel looked again, yep , his boyfriend.

“Have fun” he said to them , wicked smile on his face, as he opened the door of the club and enters.

The moment he enters he can fill the first prickle of unease.
He looks around, and sees a lot of couples doing … (well you know what * coughs )
Couples dancing as they were doing a ritual. For a moment he thinks he sees his brunette on the dance floor, literal tangled on a man, her legs around his waist, kissing his neck.

The feeling of unease gets stronger , he feels weird all of the sudden, possessive. The more he looks at the girl, the more he gets that vampire feeling of “that belongs to me”.

The brunette wrapped, in that man’s arms, enjoying his strokes on her back.

He gives a primitive roar as he walks towards the couple. He feels something is taking him over and the view of his brunette, arching her body, lights the fire in his eyes.

The man looks at him with glowing eyes and demonic face.
Angel knows then, that this man isn’t human at all. How come he didn’t sensed that.

Not having the time to analyse it he leaps into action, he can’t control the growl that escapes from his throat as he goes for the girl, grabbing her away from the demon, shoving her behind him.

“That’s mine!!!” he says as he launches himself at the creature. But before he can touch the demon he is pushed by an electric punch, making him fly a few feet away to end up on a table at the corner of the room.

A strange sensation of primal animal lust comes over him as he hears in a demonic laughter the words “Fight yourself tonight my friend “

Still shaking from the jolt he had received Angel finally pulls him up , looks around, to notice the demon has left and that his brunette was once again wrapped in another man’s arms.

As he sees her seduce the man, he feels his demon surface, a pure, animalistic desire to rip her out of that idiot’s arms is the only goal that crosses his mind.

The more he looks at his brunette the more she looks like Cora, same hair, same eyes, same smile. He remembers now that was the reason he had spend the night with her.
Because she reminds him so much of her.

He walks up to the couple, and with a jerk, wrenches her from the man’s arms, gives her a swing, she lands into his.
“MINE !!!” he growls, game face on, his eyes glowing. The man simply shrinks away from them.

“I’m not !!” she says. Looking at him, “Oh but I know you, you’re that guy from …..”
Angel’s arms taking her closer, burying his head against her neck, smelling her. A sweep rush of desire comes over him, “Cora?”

The brunette still feeling the arousal , slips a leg between his, “If you want me to” she replies, moving her heated centre against his thigh. He could feel his alter ego inside him, take over as he rubs her tighter against him, kissing her neck, sucking her earlobe.

“I’m taking you home” he says to his brunette, still thinking it is his her. She must be her, she has the hair, the looks and even the voice.

He can hear her moan as he loses himself in her scent. He grabs her ass and pulls her hard against his thigh.

She can feel his manhood straining against her. Now it is she that is lost in a world of heated desire. She wants that man Now , Here .

He wants to fuck her right here and now. He wants to lay her down on the floor and take her. Pound himself into her , claiming her.
He can hear her say “Angelus ?”, only Cora can know of him. He pulls him back to look at her, to realize it is his brunette. It isn’t Cora.
But he doesn’t care, all he wants is that hot baby in his arms. His eyes turn molten, his hands pulling her against him.
She sees his grin, the flare in his eyes.

“Take me home.” She whispers in his ear.

“At your service ma’me” he says.

Angelus can already taste the blood, the sex. His imagination has no end. The thoughts crossing his mind , he leads her out of the club. He wants that brunette, so hard he wants her, it belonged to Angel one night and now he is going to take it. He wants her so badly as once he wanted Cordelia. One he never had. That thought made him go even crazier, the image of Cordelia in Angel’s arms and not in his.

Once they are outside, he drags her to the car. Pushes her on the car’s hood , her back pressed against it from the weight of his body.

“Mine” he growls once again, taking her mouth to his for a ravenous kiss.

She heats up like a volcano, biting his lips, drawing a hiss from him, her nails rack down his body, wrapping her legs around his waist, his cock grounds against her hot flesh.

Angelus can feel her nipples harden through the skimpy material of her blouse.

“Angelus ” she moans, as her hands come to hold his head to her breasts.

For a moment his thoughts are cleared, is he Angelus ? He wants to back away but her desire and his are stronger.

She doesn’t care what he is or who, he doesn’t care who she is or what.

The lust , the hunger is stronger. She wants him, He wants her.
Her legs still around his waist, arching her body into his, he thrust himself hard against her. He hears her whimper, his mouth going for her neck.

“Fuck me” she whispers in his ear, her hands going for his crotch, stroking him through the leather.

He wants to do it, right here, right now; but then realizes this isn’t really the right spot to do it.

Once again he growls, pulls away, opens the car and shoves her into the front seat.

The moment he throws the car into reverse, she places her feet on the dash, spreading them wide, teasing herself slowly , savouring each stroke.
His gaze slides predatorily over her full cleavage and hard nipples. He likes what he sees.

The occasional highway light casts orange-yellow pools of dim luminescence on the black highway. Home is near and yet so far. No one else is on the road as the car barrels down the highway.
She pulls her skirt and blouse off to reveal her naked body, he licks his lips and pulls off at the next exit.

Lights from a gas station beckon in front of the car, but Angel just pulls to the side, hiding them in the rest stop shadows.

“I want to watch you play with yourself.” He says.

Her fingers begin to caress her clit, moving faster and faster. The seat between her legs becoming more and more slippery.

He unzips his pants, pulls out his long hard cock. His hand encircles and moving up and down his shaft. Her orgasm is close as she watches him.

“Come over here” he says.

She stretches across the gearshift on her knees to his lap, taking his cock deep into her mouth; moving lithely up and down, tasting the salty sweet flesh, letting her tongue slip and slide as she sucks him.

His hand goes for her pussy, slipping a finger into her dripping centre.

He groans again. His fingers move from her hot core to the back of her head. His hand in her hair, holding her head in place, his body arching into her mouth as she continues to run her tongue all over his straining flesh. With a vicious yank, he pulls her head up and down on his cock, faster and faster.

“Take me all the way in,” he says softly, “I’m going to come.”

She takes him all the way back, letting her throat close and contract on him, feeling the rush and pulsing of his cock begin.
The salty white come shoots down the back of her throat and he grunts, filling her mouth with liquid. He guides her slowly up and down, in tune with the last few spurts, and then stops.
She wipes her mouth with the back of her hand and he smiles at her.

“I told you we would meet again.” She says.

He grins.

“Why do you have that wicked grin on your face?” she asks

“Oh nothing.” He says.

He starts the engine and steers the car onto the highway.

“Are you taking me home ?” she asks.

“Sure am – so I can devour you.


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