SUMMARY: Cordelia tries to make a deal with Angelus
POSTED: 17 Jul 2003
WARNINGS: Explicit Sexual Content and Language
1) Lezioso is Italian for ‘sugary’.
STATUS: Complete

Angelus passed along his cage. He could hear them argue and carp.
He smilled “Now that was fast”;
He lay on his back and wondered off.
I must find a way to escape ; it’s a demons playground out there now. All the things I could do ; can you imagine 24 hours a day ; 7 by 7. A dream come true.
He sighed and closed his eyes.

Cordelia was looking at Wesley and Gunn. How those two were fighting like two dogs over a skinny bone.
While the office started to fill with words of anger and jealousy she slipped away on her tiptoes.
Gently without any noise she made her move towards the basement.

Angelus heard the door go open and could already smell her scent.
“Cordy; Oh yes. Now that didn’t took to long neither”. Wonder what she wants. I only hope she doesn’t start her one-woman yapper because I can’t flee. I can always make me some earplugs from the candle that is standing over there.
Well we will have to wait and see my friend.
He could still feel the Soul raging deep inside him. He could still feel Angel “that bloody poof” screaming.
As his thoughts wondered off at the idea of his hands touching Cordelia the sould made its presence with a high -pitched whine in his brain.
“God damned, will you shut up! You wanker, I’m trying to fantasize about the woman you want so heavily and you give me the headache.”
He couldn’t do anything about it, but until the little fang gang got him his soul back he was at the wheel of fantasy land.
The whining didn’t stop, but it wasn’t all that different from the screaming of ghosts he heard all the time, so he just turned it out.
And while he was at it, he fully fantasized about having them all for dinner before they could restore that filthy soul back.
Again he sighed deeply. What a boring fucker he was. Angel so stereotypical, brooding, sensitive, gentlemen, culture-guy. What a waste of all those decennias. Collecting all this human garbage, moping and crying. How many things he had missed , the hunt the claim, the kill, the human blood all because of this idiot conscience. It was pittyful, a shame. Being evil was more fun, oh yes a whole hell of a lot more fun. But oh boy did he plan to make it up for it. He could hardly contain himself.
The possibilities were simply mind-screwing”
He quickly ran through his mental roll of the poofs little family.
That’s right he called them family.
Fred. So cute, she would whimper, beg and cry. He could vamp her. And then Wesley, the rogue demon hunter, my ass.
He would do him last. Make him watch how he turned Fred, his little precious.
He could smell her coming closer.

Cordelia descended the stairs very prudent. She didn’t want to let him know she was paying him a visit. Before she went to the cage she turned down the surveillance camera.

Angelus noticed every move she made.

“So Cordy, do you want a private conversation then.” Angelus asked and gave her his irish accent. He knew she came on on that.
Startled by his voice breaking the complete silence she almost stumbled.
“Don’t do that ; don’t scare me like that.” she creeped.
“Oh I can do more then that my kitten, much more. Come to daddy. Come kitty kitty kitty, he said in a childish voice.
He didn’t move , still laying on his back , his eyes closed but with a smirk on his face.”
“I wont bite my love.”

“Don’t play games with me Angelus” she said. “I know you better then all those morons upstairs. I know you since my cheerleaders days in Sunnydale and may I say I know you better since I saw you in my realm. So

“what, Cordy ? ” He replied before she could termine her words.
“Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Like you said you loved me,
but oh yes almost forgot that is why you are banging my son.

She came closer, took the key from the table and went for the cage door.

“I want to make a deal, Angelus. You tell us what we need to know and I promise I will give myself to you. Once your soul is restored I will leave Connor and move back into the hotel. Like ou always wanted.”

“promises ; promises ; so hard to keep.” he said

“I will, I love Angel and I know I always had. Just didn’t realised it soon enough.”

She was standing in front of the cage, holding the key in her hand.

Angelus stood up. He walked slowely around the cage, examing her.

“okay , we got a deal. I tell you what you want to hear and you are mine.”

“yes that is it” she replied. “Angel I know you are still inside there, deep down I know you can hear me. Remember I love you.
“you see my love, ” Angelus said “You got one little problem,” as he was coming closer to her. There they stood face to face with only the bars as a barrier between them. “I take before I tell.”
and with his speed and strenght he grabbed her wrist. Took the key from her hand. Still holding her with one hand he managed to open the door and dragg her in.

“This is brilliant” he shouted.
“now my love what do you think will happen?” as he swung her against the wall.

“I didn’t came empty handed Angelus.” she replied and showed him a stake.

“Now now aren’t we a little bit to brave my dearest.” he said

“We both know only one of two things can happen here.” she replied.

He could hear the fear in her voice.

Angelus looked at her and smiled. “Really.”

“you know that” she replied.

“Do I dare to ask?” he watched her , through squinting eyes, preparing himself to move, ready at her attempt to dust him if he came to close.

“You can die or I can die, she answered.

“Oh you want to play that little game. And I thought you came here to seek some pleasure and dangerous adventure.”

“I’m not, playing a game. I came here to make a deal that I’m ready to keep.” she said

“You came here because you are curious to know how Angelus can fuck your brains out.” He hissed.

She approached him, he quipped, backing away from her at the same rate.
“Okay, then why don’t I just stand here and wait for you to get close enough to kill me ?”

Angelus could hear her heart pounding, the danger made her body building with desire.

He could smell the fear. He could smell her arousal.
In a moment he was behind her, and before she had the chance to turn to face him, he grabbed her and spun her around, forcing her head down to his, and kissed her fiercely.

The hot contact of his lips made her explode. Any doubt disappeared, he crused her against him as he devoured her mouth.

There was no resisting, he plunged his tongue between her teeth, finding hers and tangling with it, licking and sucking as her hands roamed up his back.

Angelus groaned senselessly , hardly able to control the boiling in his blood and go for the kill. But she undid his slacks and reached her hand inside, stroking his hard cock hesitantly, but firmly. He reached down and guided her, using his free hand to slipp open her dress, to carress her damp firm back as he rained kisses on her neck and her tender throat.
The sensation of her breasts crushed against him, her strong heartbeat to echo in his silent chest.

She was desperate and eager, she was in a hot rush, devouring every inch of his mouth.

His fangs made little wounds on her bottom lip, and the smell of her blood next to the terror, the scent of her juices starting to flow between her legs. Angelus enjoyed getting his victims all riled up, sometimes even bringing them to orgasm before he ripped their throuts out. Sex in the blood was like a good bottle of french wine.
The longer it lasts the sweeter sugary it gets.
In one moment he stopped kissing her, he backed off , looked at her breathtaking body.
Angelus hated the bitch, and Angel loved her, but what, love what’s the difference, it is only nominal.

“I love you” she said in a sweet voice.

“you love me? Angelus hissed. “You love him, that simpering loser. You want him, not me. You want pretty music and flowery words. You make me SICK ” he shouted.

“No , I love you Angelus, I don’t care about flowers and chocolate. I want you. Don’t you get it, I knew the moment I came down it was to late. I knew this would turn out this way.
And it was my one chance to have you now. In a few hours they will call Willow and have your soul restored back.” she said.

“I want you ANGELUS YOU !!” she yelled.

“Then you are sicker than I thought.” he shouted,
He took her by the arm and smashed her against the wall. There was no escape. Her arms in his grasp above her head. He heared her breath escape from her lungs and she touched the cold stone, his weight against her.
He letted go of her arms and in an instance her hands were on his body, tore his sweater and tossed it away.
She was desperate to get her hands and mouth on his broad, muscular body. Angelus made animalistic grunting noises as he bent down on her, sealing every inch of her skin between his lips until he reached her rock hard nipples.
She gasped a he closed his teeth around one and bit down, hard, siding a screech of pain through her before he suckled it roughly with his lips and tongue.
Her hands mauled him, searing his cold flesh, making his muscles clench and shudder under the strong attention.

“Angelus!” she cried out, “Take me, I want you”.

He growled and began tearing at his pants and continued to assault every inch of her that he could reach with his mouth.

Both naked, Angelus moved quickly down her body, sliding his tongue in a chilling line down the center of her, from her chest, over flat belly and directly into the swollen tissue between her legs.
He dove face first into her, devouring her pulsing flesh, plunging his tongue deep inside her throbbing opening, teasing her inner lips in a way he knwe full well that would drive a woman mad.

Cordelia died, moaning senselessly at this foreign touch. She cried out as his tongue moved swiftly out of her center, up the trail of nerves that led to her clit. He replaced his tongue with two fingers, stretching her to the blissful breaking poiint while he sucled that most sensitive part of her, teasing its tip with his cold tongue.

Angelus senses were overwhelmed as he fucked her with his fingers. He didn’t bother controlling the change as he felt his fangs come down, and allowed their points to barely scratch her burning skin.
He didn’t care, He ate her until her climax subsided.
She grabbed him under his arms and dragged him upward until they were face to face. She looked at him without fear, into his gleaming amber eyes.

“I’ve always wanted you. All of you. Angel and Angelus. Make me yours.” she growled.
Angelus snarled and grabbed her wrists, yanking them up over her head. Pried her legs back open with his knee. Pushed himslef between them, resting the head of his cock just ouside her steaming opening. Her increased blood flow incensed him, making his rage grow in perfect tim with his desperate, consuming desire.

“You want me? I could break you in half! he growled.

He grinned, rubbing her still pulsing center with the head of his cock. She arched her back, moaning, trying to force him inside.

“Then beg for it, show me how much you want it. Tell me how much you love him. Beg you bitch and then maybe I will give it to you.”

“uuuummmmmm; yes please ” she begged.
“take me now”.

“Is that all , that is so cliché. I want dirty talk I want you to tell me how I can make you come.”

“Take me Angelus, fuck me, suck me, lick me. I’m all yours”.

“Now that wasn’t hard, wasn’t it you bitch.”

“you slut, you …..”

Before he could say another word her mouth touched his lips and her tongue searched for his fangs.”
She carressed his fangs and made little point marks in her tongue.
The taste of her saliva and her blood made him wild.

“You are more wicked then I thought Cordy” he whispered.

“Shut up Angelus and eat me, god damned it.”

Angelus laughed. “That’s more like it. Hardly artistic, but… concise and to the point.”

Holding her amrs, Angelus rammed himself home. She cied out in pain and elirious pleasure as he invaded her, and she took him as deep as he could go. He threw his head back and matched her cries with his own as he slammed mercilessly into her, jerking her body so hard. She cired out, and then grunted in time with each painful thrust, rocking her hips up and into him, making the rhythm twice as violent.

Angelus finally let go, and with her body spasming around him he dived to her tender throat and claming his jaws around her though jugular, violating the skin with his fangs. She scramed, and he felt her come, going completely rigid from the strength of her orgasm. He kept fucking her viciously as the hot blood shot from her veins, over his tongue, and into his throat. He drank her greedily, feeling the magick within her. It drove him into screaming darkness, and he released his feeding hold to let let out a howl of his own as he came.
Then with all her force she dove on him, knocking him flat on his back. She growled. “Now it is my turn.” she said.

“Would you like that, baby?” she murmured, dipping her tongue into his belly-button.

“Mmmmm… yesssss…” he hissed, winding his fingers in her hair.

She quickly obeyed, latching on to the sensitive skin connecting his abdomen to his groin.

“Like that?”

“Suck me ,” he moaned, pushing her face closer. “Take my cock in your mouth.”

As she suckled on his testicles, he groaned, “Oh god… your mouth… there’ s no…ahhh, yesss… ”
“Better than this?” she purred, laving around the bulging head of his shaft, then sealing her lips over the top and sucking fiercely.

“NO!” he cried out, clutching her hair, “No… that… oh… that’s so good.” Angel forced his eyes to open and watch her as her lips wandered slowly down his shaft, until he was sheathed so far, he could feel the back of her throat.

Continuing to suck him as she brought her tongue into play, slowly drawing him out of her mouth, trailing her tongue firmly along the underside of his length, then sucking the head, flickering over the tip, and sinking him deep once more. Slowly increasing her pace with every thrust of his hips to meet her, she wrapped her hand around his substantial girth, stroking him with fingers and mouth until the sounds he made were so feral, so primal.

And then she did it, she started to chant while he was laying down so vulnerable. She started to hum and speak latin words.

Meanwhile the others came down each with a talisman and a candle, chanting the same words as Cordelia.

He tried to get free, tried to push her away from him but it was to late. The spell started to work and he could feel the energy surrounding him.

“BASTARDS – I hate you all. I will kill you for that.

BASTARDS” he yelled out , he howled ; shouted his lungs out.

“NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Don’t bring him back, NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!

“You fucking bitch,” he screeched at her, unable to rise from the floor, “I’ll fucking tear you apart.!”

Cordy struggled to sit up just out of his reach, and looked down at him, with tears in her eyes. “I love you” she said softly.

The spell power grew in the air around him, thunder cracked, Angelus looked at her in confusion, saw Wesley, Fred, Gunn humming and chanting.
He screamed a long demonic echoing wail that would haunt them the rest of their lifes. He made one final attempt to reach for her, and then collapsed, his eyes closed.

Cordy sat there, her arms around her legs rocking herself. Staring at him for a moment, then moved over his broken body and looked at his peaceful sereen beloved face.

…The End…

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