SUMMARY: Angel is looking for companionship.
POSTED: 27 Sep 2003
WARNINGS: None Listed
1) “Innamorata” ~ Higlander fans will know what the meaning of this word is.
STATUS: Complete

Angel drove miles before he paused at Point Dume. The sea was rough ; it rained and he could hear the waves clash to the cliffs. He didn’t wanted to go back to his new office. He had left Sunnydale once he knew The Slayer had beaten The First. She had paid a high price for it but so did he. His Faust deal had made him loose his own flesh and blood. The Boy that he would have wanted to see grow up but as usual destiny had yet again made a twist and turn.
Everything he loved always turned to ashes ; got lost or turned on him.
Cordy his only true friend ; the woman he loved in silence had been taken away from him and not even WR&H could bring her back.

Finally he had reached Point Dume ; he remembered that evening so well. They had finally admitted themselves they needed each other more then in a friendly way.
And then whole hell broke lose. And now it even seems he was still there ; under the water only surrounded by memories and hallucinations. He was once again in the darkest pit of hell.
“Get over it !!!!”

He turned and saw a young couple arguing ; she in tears her boyfriend in anger.
Him shouting she should get a grip on herself. She begging and saying she loved him.
“Get over it !!!!” Cordy had said that to him. How is he supposed to get over it when everything he had and wanted from his undead live had been ripped out.

The only way for him was to move on ; he was to so tired of it. Move on with solitude as his only companion. It was a true friend that never left him.
As the voices faded away ; so did his previous life. He closed his eyes ; let the silence slowly fill his body. A tear ran down his face as he welcomed his only friend.
He once again became the shadow of his shadow.
The ringing of his mobile brought him back from his empty place. He took a deep breath.
“Angel Investigations ; we ….. “ How many times he had heard that phrase but coming from a warm voice and not as cold as his.
It was Wes asking if he was alright and when he planned to come home.

“Home ! Where is home now. “ he thought.
“Tomorrow Wes “ he answered. Tomorrow ; will there be a tomorrow for him. Or will he yet again be like a drop of water slipping slowly through the ages of time.
He had still a few hours left before dawn. He felt so cold and wanted so much the human warmth close to him. He had a bag of memories of those and non were real.
He walked with slowly pace toward his car ; overviewed for the last time the spot at Point Dume. Started the engine and drove into town.
He needed activity, he wanted body heat, he wanted life.

He finally found a parking spot ; stepped out of his car and walked the streets of LA.
As he walked he could feel the heart beat of all those humans ; he could feel their souls and hear their cries. The night aged, the crowds swelled. He walked towards down town and finally reached his destination.
If you want body heat best place to go was Anita’s demon brothel mansion.
No question asked and he knew he was welcome there.
A memory flash startled him but he didn’t allow himself to go there.

Tonight he was willing to pay the price and in the real sense of it.
Watch ; look ; choice ; take ; have and pay up.
Just as he arrived to the closed house a woman’s voice came from behind him.
“Are you sure you want to go in there?”
Without turning his head he said “Yes”
“Pity” she answered. “I could have taken you to a better place”
“Been there ; done that” he answered and turned around.
She was settled back against the wall and waited for his approach.
He came close to her and whispered “Find yourself an other lover for tonight”, and turned around.
“I already found what I was looking for” she replied.
“Are you sure, as you can never tell what you’re buying for” and a small smile showed on his face as he turned towards her again.
She smiled back, her eyes capturing his, then roaming over him, finally returning to his face.
“Pretty sure.”

She stepped out into the light. He could smell she had lovers before tonight. She made already some cash. She was in a good mood.
“What do you want? “ she asked him.
He wanted to cry out. ‘I’m a lonely guy. I’m sliding back into my pit of despair ; into this endless tunnel of darkness. I want love , even for a moment ; even fake.”.
“Depends on what you can give” he said.
“Oh I can send you to paradise and see angels “ she answered.
He laughed out loud .
“What are you laughing for.” She asked him with a girlish voice.
“My name is Angel” he said.
“Oh I see. Well shows how close I am to the truth then”.
“Maybe” he said.
She caught his arm, he dropped his head in defeat.
“Come on , follow me. I can prove it to you. I can give what you need” she replied.

Need…. What I want …. I can’t have what I want. Do I deserve what I want. Maybe I should leave and go back to my dark place and brood. What I’m best in. This was a silly idea ; come to town and look for companionship; body heat ; fake love.

She gave his jacket a tug and his eyes strolled her body.
The despair rose in him, but the wanting was worse. She had black long hair; like smooth silk.
Dark eyes. He looked at her gorgeous warm body;

He followed her, the apartment was only a few blocks away.
She unlocked the door and opened it, signing him to come in. As he stood there, she entered the dark room; switched on the light and saying “Don’t be shy , come on in, it will be fine” and he did.

She took his leather jacket and hung it on the peg behind the door.

“Do have a seat, would you like something to drink?” she asked
Angel shook his head, not saying a word. Looking at her and wondered what he was looking for here. He tried to block out the feeling he had set up the moment he walked he had passed her doorway.
“I’m going to take a bath, make yourself at home, it will not take long” saying that as she touched the side of his face.
She went for the bathroom and a few seconds later he could hear the water running.
He could smell the bath-oil she was pouring ; rose petals ; it smelled like a garden in full bloom.

Then all of the sudden he heard her scream. In no time he was in the bathroom.
She stood there naked ; grabbing for a towel ; shaking like a leave.
Her eyes pointing to the ceiling , “Spider !!!!”

Angel looked up and saw the tiny 8legs.
“Can I ??” he asked. She nodded. He took off his shoe and smashed it.
“Sorry, about the stain” he said.
“and also sorry about the ……” as he looked at her.

“I hate those bugs ; those hairy hell monsters” she told him. “Look at me all shaking now and scared. You must think I’m acting like a schoolgirl.”
“Well saving damzles in distress is a part of my job. Well I still think it was part of my job. Don’t know anymore right now. Gonna leave now” he said as he walked towards the door.
She held him back. “No” she said. “Join me ; my back could use a good rubbing” and she took his hands in hers. “Nice hands ; big manly hands” as she gave him a wicked smile.
Before he could reply , she dropped the towel; kneeled to unlace his other shoe, tugged it off and took off his socks. Her hands strolled upwards to his belt and with one click she opened it. Unbuttoned his trouser and there at that moment , he surrendered, not holding back anymore. Gave her the pleasure to undress him and he moaned whenever he sensed her hands touch his skin. Just be; only for tonight “BE !!!and let go” he thought.

The room slightly surrounded with steam ; the hot water filled the tub. The moist heat draped itself over him, then it seeped ever so gentle into his skin.
Slicking her hair back and stepping into the bath. Making the move with her finger and invited him to join her. He slid by her, she gave him a cloth and soap. He knew what she wanted. He kneaded her shoulders, running his hands lightly over her back, she closed her eyes as he soaped her. She lay back on his chest as his hands strolled over her breasts. Going down to her belly, touching her inner thighs.
Then she stood up, turned on the shower, let the water wash over her. He joined her movement, then slid his arms around her waist. She turned to him. Looked at his face but his eyes were closed. She slipped herself from him and placed herself behind him.

She soaped his back, massaging every curve and he braced his hands on the wall, letting the water hit his the back of his neck. She worked her fingers into the tight muscles along his backbone, then going for his waist and leaned into him. He could feel her hard nipples. She rubbed herself against him, both bodies slick with soap. Sliding up and down. He moaned and let his senses take over. So softly he mentioned her name “Cora” , she heard but didn’t reacted to it. She knew that he was lost, she knew he wanted something he could never have and all she wanted was to give him an instance of heavenly sensations. Give him the angels he dreamed about.
He tried so hard to concentrate on the girl that was holding him, but he could only see her face.

His lips moving once again to say the word he so loved to pronounce “Cora” but instead he asked what her name was. He just realized he was being touched by a stranger. He didn’t knew her name, only knew she was a girl he met a few moments ago.
“My name is of no importance Angel. Relax and let me be who you want me to be.”
She worked one hand across his left cheek, down between his legs, the other touching his chest, going for his belly and gently sliding under his erection. He was hard, and a silent growl was heard.. He shivered.

Memories flashed as he saw his Sire kiss her way to his neck, seeing the first moment of his cursed undead live. The little gipsy girl being an unwilling participant in their moment of flesh, She was so young, He groaned and shuddered. Oh God what have I done. He lifted one hand and slammed it back down on the wall.
The price he paid for this unholy act and so many others was hard to pay.
A cursed live ; damned till eternity and for all the lives he had taken they took away what he needed the most. After all this years he had finally found his true soulmate and now he was left naked. “Forever two souls destined to be together but forever separated by the Gods.”
The girl had stopped moving and her stillness brought him back. Raising his face to the water and shook his head. “I’m so sorry, I’m fine.”

He turned, cupped her face and kissed her forehead. Posing his hands on her shoulders she stepped on her toes to reach his mouth. Strolled his lips with hers, then his ear, letting herself guide to his neck. He backed away wanted to say “Don’t” as he knew darkness lay ahead.
But for some reason he couldn’t. He embrace her, He took her close and she pressed her taut belly hard against him, pulling him tight. Their mouths found each other, open mouths, hot and wet. He wanted her so badly, he wanted ‘Cora’ so badly; his unbeating heart screamed it out.
He scooped her up, stepped out of the tub, still holding her and moved towards the bedroom.
She could feel his muscles carry her. He was strong, he was beautiful. As he carried her she looked at his face and noticed he had an angelic glare.
Both still wet, he laid her down on the black silk sheets. . Reached for a towel that was laying on the chair standing next to the bed. He dried off her body and his.
She laid herself out on the bed, took his hand and whispered. “Make love to me.”
He smiled and for a moment she saw his eyes brighten up to a yellow gold.
He grabbed her calves, gently pulled her towards him, making her wrap her legs around him.
With a hoarse voice he said “You know I’m not thinking about you, are you still sure you want this.”
She nodded, he closed his eyes, saw her face and with one swift entered the girl.
She automatically closed her legs around him, thrusting her hips up, throwing her head back, displaying her neck to him, moving against him. He felt his demon crawling his way up.
He saw the vein, he felt the pulse, he could already taste the copper of sweet blood.
Why should she trust him as he didn’t trust himself. Any moment he could rip out her flesh and drain her. She felt he was holding back again. “Let go Angel, don’t think, let your passion flow, give me what you so want to give to her.”
“She is me, do you understand. We’re separated but one.” He said.
“Yes, I understand” the girl replied “and her name is Cora”.
He looked at her, eyes moist not sure if what he did was right.
“Yes , I call her Cora” he said.
“She is your heart, and she will always be” she said.
“Angel, say her name” and she closed her eyes.
He pressed one hand down between her breasts, over her belly, feeling her ach beneath it. He splayed his fingers, the hell of his hand hit her dark curls and rubbed in small tight circles, barely brushing her wet core. . He brought both hands up, settled her more firmly against his heat, lifting her slightly, as he leaned in to suckle her nipples, then laving them with his tongue.
She wanted more, he could feel her body ask for more. She fisted her hands into his hair. He kissed his way down her belly, sliding his hands down. He dropped to his knees, and she brought her legs up to rest on his shoulders, opening herself to him.
She wanted more, she wanted to feel him. She wanted to hear his voice.
“Angel… say her name.”
He rubbed his face on her thighs, and then kissed gently, finally at her hot, wet , spot. He could smell her, sweet as honey. She gasped as he started to tease her. Burying his tongue in her, scraping her with his teeth, lap her folds.
Anchoring her to his ministrations, one hand on the back of her neck the other moving to her breasts. Kneading roughly, running his thumb over her nipples. He sucked her clit hard, flicking his tongue . His hand came down and he plunged two fingers into her core.
She was bucking against his hand , kicking his back, exploded and shuddered.
As he looked up to meet her eyes, he saw they were closed and she was gasping for breath.
He could hear the rush of her blood, smell her heat and her coming to an orgasm.
He kissed her neck, nuzzling, sucking in the skin , savouring the soft flesh. Her jugular cached his eyes, he felt his fangs coming down.
“No” it yelled in his mind. “She trusts you, she doesn’t know what evil you are. Cora knew, Cora trusted me even when she knew.”
And then he said it, in her ear he whispered her name “Cora”
The girl tugged his head down, kissed him hard, opening her mouth, thrusting her tongue into his mouth, urging him tight against her. Arching herself , tilting her pelvis up, inviting him in.
He drove himself home, she gave what he needed and asked for no more.

…The End…

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