Frag’ole e Rose

SUMMARY: Cordelia interrupts Angel’s dream of being Angelus again and gets caught as he acts out the dream.
POSTED: 27 Jul 2003
WARNINGS: Explicit Sexual Content
1) story takes place at present time and pieces from Angelus Past (1766 – after Darla and before Penn)
2) The title means Strawberries and Roses. Strawberry for the heart. Roses for the blood.
STATUS: Complete

I must be dreaming, the last thing I remember I was locked up in a cage. Then all of the sudden I was in hell – and now I’m laying here in my bed, between clean silk sheets, but I’m feeling dirty as I never have been.

I must be dreaming because I see that sensual smile leaning over me. I see those dark beautiful eyes looking into mine. It can’t be her, it can’t be Cora not after what I have done ; was it a dream or a nightmare.

All I remember is that cage, that horrible cage – and me or should I say Angelus fucking her like she was some prostitute he brought home. I close my eyes – I don’t want to look in those eyes – eyes of caring ; eyes of love.

I feel so guilty – I want to go back to my dream – I want to go back to neverland – nothing happened. I’m Liam – I’m in Ireland – I’m sired – I’m Angelus – No No – don’t want to go back.
I hear voices around me – so familiar and yet so far away – I hear that soft warm voice – Cora – is it Cora or is it some girl inviting me in. I don’t know anymore – I let myself slip away into the vortex of my memories – Leave me alone – I can never face her again – I can’t look at those eyes – look at that smile – Leave me alone.

It was to easy. It had been too easy. I remember now. I see her smile and her eyes. I only had to look into it and she was mine. My Angelic glare sure gave me the easy way to have those girls fall to my feet. I remember now – eyes ; smiles ; inviting me in to their precious homes.
“Mother” she said in a sweet voice, “ I was wondering if I may invite a gentleman to supper?”
I still hear that phrase – That girl I had saved from some pocket thieves and rapists. And my plan had worked as usual. She falls for my charms – I am a gentleman after all. My demon can play that part so well.

Heather’s mother curiosity was to strong and came towards the door. Her daughter brought a gentleman to the house – her daughter at an age to be wed. Was their lucky day at the doorstep ?
“Good evening Mam’ ” I said, and gave her my smile and angelic look.

“Good evening Sir. Do please come in.

That was all I needed to hear – “Do please come in” It is like a waiter bringing you the menu card, with the house specialities on top of their list.

“I don’t want to intrude your family meal, I just wanted to make sure your daughter came home safely.” I reply.

“Sir, you are welcome in my home. Please join us for a meal. It is no trouble to set another place.”

“I’m sure there will be plenty to go around” and step over the threshold. “
‘Oh yes more then enough to have a feast” it cried out in my mind.
I counted my meals like I was in a grocery store. Two women, a baby and a young man.
My eyes flicker , ‘Thank you Santa.!’
Suddenly I hear a voice calling me – “Angel, wake up. Angel ? Stay here with me. Angel?
I feel a wet cloth on my forehead, I open my eyes and there it is again – the eyes – the smile.
Leave me alone I cry out in my mind. Leave me alone.

“Angel, talk to me? Angel, who is Heather?”
“Heather ? oh my god !!! Heather. And I close my eyes – I don’t want to look in her eyes.
Leave me alone.

We are all seated around a wooden table. The young man looks up and smiles to me.
“this one I’m gonna save for last.” I say to myself. He will make a fine dessert.

“Sir ? perhaps you could say grace for us.” The mother asks me.
I smile – and a realize I’m having supper in a God-fearing household. Even better.

“well, actually I thought maybe Heather good start to say her prayers, as you see I would rather just start my supper and just eat you, if you don’t mind of course.” I reply as I struck with a swift, my face turning to my actual me and not that angelic poof.

Sinking my fangs into her throat with a precision of a snake. I drink deeply, the rush of blood humming , singing its way through the path of death. I hear Heather scream. The baby cries. The young man’s face contort into a mask of horror. I drop the lifeless body and go for the cradle.

I hear Heather yelling out “ No !!!! “ Oh please Sir, not the little one. In Heaven’s Name.”

I look at her and with a wicked smile I answer. “Didn’t Christ say bring your children to me.”

As I take that little human being , holding it up into the air with only one hand, while I give her younger brother a blow. “You stay put and down” I say to him. As he flies into the corner of the wall. “you sneaky bastard!”

Heather drops on her knees. “Please Sir – take me instead.”

“Oh I will – but first I’m gonna finish my appetizer” and I sink my fangs into that little neck, slowly and gently.

Heather disbelief intensifies as she looks at me, my eyes with a golden gaze of a demon, I give her a bloodstained smile of purest evil.
I put the baby back ; laying it softly down and even cover it with the blanket. “Say the angel’s Hi from me” as I close the eyelids.

“Now my dear we can do it the hard way or the easy way.” I whisper into Heather’s ear.
She shakes her head. She prays.

“Don’t bother my dear – he doesn’t even know you exist” and I point out my finger into the air.
“Personally I would prefer you choice the hard way – bring me the appetite – have some fun.”

“Holy Mother of Grace……” she prays.

“Now that bitch is even worse – making all of you whimpering virgins till the day you die.”

Heather looks at me – her eyes wide shut open.

“Don’t worry , not your case – you will lose your virginity before you join your beloved ones.”

I take her by the wrist , dragging her towards the table that is still placed with all the goods; I look at it – “to many plates as I only need one” and smash the lot on the ground with one move.

I pick her up and set her on the table. I undo her blouse, unheeding of her whimpering words. Spreading open the fabric with an infinite care, caressing the slight swelling of her lushes breast with a gentle touch. Her chest hitches, she shivers when my tongue licks her nipple. I suckle the swollen pink temple of paradise, her prays and sobs turn into gasps, as I let my fingers play with the other nipple.

Her flavour and smell are a pure delight – she is a girl on the cusp of womanhood, her fear yielding so fast to arousal. For a moment I regret that this flower will never reach her full blooming. I sharpen my fangs and tear at her breast. Blood is dripping out, decorating her skin like rose petals.

I move my mouth downwards, leaving her chest with strains of blood. My tongue licking her milk skin , moist my lips with the red fluid and mark her belly with kisses. One hand still rubbing her breast, bathing in her blood, she almost passes out.

“Hé there,” and I slap her face. “Waky waky – you don’t want to miss the fun”. She gasps for air, my fingers sliding in her wet core. She moans and bucks her hips up.
“That’s my girl” I say with a grin. “I knew you weren’t made to be a non.”
Suddenly I feel I am somewhere else – I’m Angel and somebody is watching me.
My body is aching , my head spinning. I open my eyes and there it is again. The Smile – The Eyes full of warmth, love and tenderness. I reach out my hand and fingers are sliding between mine. “Angel, it’s me Cora. Do you hear me, Angel ? “
I try so hard to look in those eyes , they are pulling me – screaming to me to come back but something darker wants me to hit the bottom of my inner self.
I unbuckle my belt and let my manhood rain freehand as I lift up her skirt. Playing with her inner lips, they are moist and warm. I grab my cock and with one thrust I am inside of her.

I smell her virginity – it is broken now and as I pull out my hardon it is glowing with pink blood. If I could I would lick myself. I smile.
I know – I’m wicked.

She lays there , finally passed out. I grab for the bottle that is laying their on the ground, uncork it and pour it out over her pretty face. The red wine mixing itself with blood pooling around her, cascading to the floor. She opens her eyes, I grab her head , making her to fix my look as I thrust inside her once again. She moans, she whines, she screams.



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