Fairy Land

SUMMARY: Angel has a bill to pay.
POSTED: 27 Sep 2003
AUTHOR NOTES: Dedicated to all those who love fic – silly stories, some smut and dessert.
“Thank you, ladies. I owe you one.”
STATUS: Complete

I left the Caritas – still not quit myself, I needed to fix my thoughts and some how I needed to give myself some quality time. Battles and fights always made me in a kind of way horny.
I laughed , a wicked thought came to my mind.

The gang had taken the cab, we had a few drinks and I needed to go some place else. The night was still young, the case was solved and everything was back in order. LA was saved once again – I do wondered how long that would be – LA and order – not the best mates.
I jump in my car, drive away and take the left turn instead of the right.

I had a bill to pay and also it had been a long time since I had a nice chat with some friends-friends. But first I made a stop to a grocery store. You can’t pay a visit empty handed.
::I’m a gentleman after all.::

Finally I arrive at my destination. Moving my fingers through my hair, dusting of my pants, shirt straight. I looked like a picture. Well I think I looked like one, haven’t seen myself in a mirror since …..- anyway – I knew I looked nice, still having the glow and adrenaline working – I knew they would be pleased to see me.

I knocked on the heavy door, it opens, nobody is there – but that is no surprise as I’m visiting The 3 Furies.
I know my way in the house, and I could guess where they were hanging around. But first I went to the kitchen , putting something in the fridge.

I leave the room to go outside entering their Japanese garden, a beautiful place to be – build the way where you feel relaxed, enjoying being there, even forget who you are. the garden is made up of a large pond, filled with many dull colored koi , rocks of many sizes, an arched bridge , many deciduous trees and the various colors of the stones placed at irregular intervals forming a path threading through the entire garden.

“ladies !!!! guess who is here””
I hear their laughter, even one that screams, “Angel ?
Sis, it’s Angel ! – Yes it is him.

They come towards me, the 3 sisters saying “mmmmmmmm Angel” , taking my hands, leading me to the bench, we sit.

“Angel ? what’s the occasion of your visit “ one asks. “You know you’re always welcome into our humble house” the other one replies. “He knows that sis, he came to pay his bill.” The last one says.

“mmmmmmmmm Angel” they say together, and their hands are all over me.
I stand up, even backing away for a few inches.
“now now ladies, easy – and yes I came to pay a bill, but not only for that, I know I’m always welcome here , but I ……

“mmmmmmmm Angel” they say in choir sound.

I smile to them “well you see I just came from … well, let us say I’m in need of some relaxation. So I came to the one place that can give me that. So here I am, gonna stroll around, feed the fish and listen to some Shakuhachi;

“yes you do that, meanwhile I’m sure my sisters have things to do, while I join you in feeding the koi.” One says to me. As she makes hand movements to her sisters to leave us.

The two others , look at me and smile. Leaving us, while they whisper into each others ears, even me can’t hear what they are saying but I can guess.

“So Angel, tell me what can I do for you ?” she says, as we walk along the path, going to the pond.
“It is more what can I do for you girls, as you lifted a spell a few weeks ago , saving me from being dusted. You sure saved my ass that day.
“and what a nice butt it is,” shey says , looks at it giving it a slap. “Worth saving “ she adds and gives it another spank.

I cough, if I could blush I would. But then I knew in coming here, what to expect.
:: I’m not a fool :: and I give her a smile.

We go to sit in front of the pond, there is a basket nearby with fish food. For some reason it never goes empty. You can feed those carps for an eternity. Everything around here is a bit like me,
Ancient, old, eternal and mysterious.
“you wanna talk ?” she asks, looking at me , giving her brightest smile, eye lashes flicker , one hand caressing my thigh. I bend my head, looking at the ground, hands fouled together, resting on my legs.
“not really”. I reply – “being here is always good for my soul, it gives me peace and ….

“some other requires” she finish my phrase.

I lift an eyebrow, my head slight going up, “you want me to pay my debt ?” I ask in a boyish voice.
“mmmmmmm Angel – you can read my thoughts.” She replies in a playful voice.
“Not as good as you can read mine.” I say.

“I don’t need to read your mind, I can see what you need.” She answers, and gives my lap a wicked view.

“you know,” I reply to her, “there are some nights that I want romance, candlelight , being touched, soflty kissed and not to be beaten up, fight and left in the cold.

“I can give you that, you know I can” she says. Her hands even more caressing my thighs.

“He can give” we hear , a phrase coming from the house. . And the sisters giggle.
She takes my hand, leading me to go inside ;. As I enter I hear them say :mmmmmmmm Angel.” Followed with giggles and girlish laughter.
Once in the living room, she pushes me into the couch. Her sisters are joining us, they all 3 stand before me They give me a smile, their lips fully red, eyes that make you forget to be a gentleman and to become a fool.
“It’s time…”
“to pay …”
“the bill…”
“You ….”
“owe ….”
They say, finishing each other’s words.

This is more of a night where, as I watch them, I know my pants will be unzipped.

My eyes wandering and admiring their sexy presence. They eye the buldge in my fitted black pants and smile with a grin. They look at me, silently licking their lips, they start to undress, they get me hotter. They move towards me, their fingers going for my shirt, buckle, pants and boots.

My hands find their way to one sister’s nipples, rubbing them, flicking them quickly. Pleasure sweeps through my body, I can feel the heat building up. One fury kisses me softly, the two others kissing each other. Their breathing increases significantly. My fury is rubbing her hips against me, she looks into my eyes. She is hungry , she is starving for whatever I might want to feed to her. I catch her look and suddenly my lips are upon hers. Meanwhile the two other ladies join us. One is caressing my fury’s breasts, the other is sucking my earlob.
She pulls me closer, wanting to bring me into her.

“Wait,” I whisper, I lift her up, the two others leave my body, with protest.
“I brought something” as I disappear into the kitchen.

When I come back, I’m holding strawberries and whipped cream. They giggle.
One fury comes closer to me, takes a strawberry and dips it into the cream. She holds it up to her mouth. Sticking out her tongue and licking off all the cool cream. I dip a strawberry, I run it down her chest, making dots of whip cream on each of her hard nipples. The two others joining us once again, hands are everywhere, whipped cream spilled over their bodies and strawberries decorating their skin.
We teas, we play, we lick and we caress. Those furies sure know how to make me feel a man and not a EUNUCH!

One fury caught what I was thinking. “who says so ?” she asks me.
“Who what “ I reply.
“That you’re not a man.”
The two other say out in one tone. “Angel an Eunuch !!!”
“Oh if they only knew how that isn’t true”. And they giggle.

“He sure has the equipment to prove they are wrong” one says as she reaches for my manhood.
Taking it into the palm of her hand, leading me towards the bedroom.

One King size pine four poster canopy bed with frilled drapes and bedding, covered in honeysuckle and wild roses. The girls push me on it, I let myself fall freely, they join me.
Spreading my legs, my arms above my head, feeling their hands covering me, their lips kissing me all over. This Angel is sure in heaven.
They arch around me, some legs draw up, some toes touching me where I’m hard and wet.
I feel some legs burrow between mine, changing the angle of my leg and hip.
“mmmmmmm Angel” I hear, I look up and see one fury drawing her own hands down over her breasts, twisting her nipples harshly. I know what this one wants.

She crawls away from us, her finger making that little move of “Com’on babe, get over here”.
In response to the pleading I give in. She spreads her legs, my head lands on her lap. We move aside, my mouth not leaving her pussy, my tongue searching for her hot spot, finding it and I start to nibble her clit. I feel my cock being sucked into a warm place, one of her sisters is starting to deep throat me, the other one is moving around, purrs like a cat, trying to find something to lick on. I hear my fairy moan wildly , her breast are touched by her mate, my tongue is getting her juices, my cock is giving pre-cum to a delicious mouth.
I move, I need to be inside a woman. I make my path towards one of the ladies, I let myself slide into a wet, moist core. I start to thrust, she arches her back, We flip over, I’m landing on my back, still inside of her, her beautiful body on top of mine.

My hands move back to her hips as she rocks back and forth, her movements getting increasingly wild as she comes closer to her orgasm.
The two others are watching us with a bit of jealousy. I grin.
“mmmmmmm Angel” I hear from one. “My turn” the other replies.
I’m definitely not a Eunuch. Stretching a hand out, one hand takes mine, a body leaves me, an other coming on top of me.




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