Chain Reaction

SUMMARY: Cordy is back from her coma, she is already working again with the FG. Angel decides they need a break after the very exhausting previous season, so Cora and Angel are taking the week-end off.
POSTED: 28 Sep 2003
WARNINGS: None Listed
1) (yep – that song just haunted my head – The Supremes omfg ! – well it gives me a muse moment – so it must be good )
2) Dedicated to all those who love fic – esp. for all the C/A shippers
STATUS: Incomplete

WR & H building – Mr. Angel’s office
Friday evening

“Are you sure Wes” Angel asks.
All of them were gathered in Angel big office at WR&H –

Sunrays dancing with their shadows, the evening making his call.
It had been a very hard week, but now everything seemed to be settled and Angel was looking ahead for his week-end off.

“Well not a 100 per cent sure, but with the warlock being dead, I’m sure the spell must be broken.”

“Well I do hope so, we sure don’t need more zombie co-workers around.” Angel replied,

“As for Cordy, she seems kk – so as you know we are off this week-end.
WR&H has a marvellous beach house at Sunset Beach so why not use it , and we need to catch up, you know talk.
We haven’t had a moment of rest since we took over this law firm and she just been out of the hospital. Already solved a case of voodoo dreams. Now all she needs is some comforting and lots of caring.”

“Yeah, I will page you if something comes up and needs your helping hand for the hopeless.”
Fred said. “you both so deserve a time off, as for me, gonna chill out in my lab., it’s a dream come true – all the equipment and …..”

The guys looked at each other, smiling.

“Okée – so everything is settled , you know where to reach me , in case of extremely urgent matters and I express on the extremely guys.” Angel said as he winked to Wes.

“Harmony ?” he said when he pressed the button of the intercom.
“yes Boss” she replied.
“Do you know where Cordy is ?”
“Oh, she just went back to the hotel, sorting personal stuff out and make her bags.”
“Fine, well give her a ring and tell her I will pick her up in about an hour.” Angel replied.
“Okies. Have a nice week-end Angel.” Harmony’s girlish voice screamed out.
“Thanks” he answered, and closed their conversation.
“I still don’t get it she is working here” he said while he looked at Wes.
“Small little world it is.” Wes replied.

“kk I’m off now” Angel says as he stands up from his chair, and walks to the elevator in his office that will bring him straight to his Private Rooms.

Once in his room , he was whistling a happy tune. Make his bags, a few phone calls and took a shower.
While the water was caressing his body, he recalls in some flashes the moments of worry, heartache and Cordy being in coma. But now she was fine, she has even helped them with a case and he was looking forward to see her move in with him.
Everything fell to place like it should. Cora was back and now he could battle with even more strength inside The Belly of The Beast.

Angel arrives at The Hyperion, walks into the lobby. To find it all empty and dusty.
But he isn’t worried, he know she is there, he can smell her, he hears her walk around her room. Knowing that the woman he loves is back in his life makes him smile.

“Cora ? I’m here.” He says with a loud voice.
“Coming down !” he hears her say. And the sound of her voice makes his undead heart warm.
The look of her, coming down the stairs. To see her fine taste of clothes, her gracious moves and that smile is a gift from heavens to him.

He smiles back at her, and if he could blush he would. “I’m in love” he says to himself.
“You’re beautiful,” he says as he takes her hand, pulling her closer.
“Thank you,” Cordy answers, “you look mighty fine as well”.
“Are you ready ?” he asks
“Oh yes !” she answers him, and gives him the biggest smile she can give.

And then for a moment she feels weak, almost passing out, Angel just has the time to catch her up.

“Cordy ?”
“I’m fine, don’t worry – still have those dizzy moments now and then.”
“Are you sure, if you want to stay home we can do it an other time.” He replies
“Oh no, this little weekend is all I need to get me back to my feet and …”
“reload the batteries.” He says while finishing her phrase.
“Yes, and we so need time together Angel” she says and gives him a kiss on his cheek.
They take each others hands, as he leads her outside towards the car.

“We’re gonna be just in time to catch the sunset,” he says while he drives his way up to the coast. “ You gonna love it.
Cordy smiles at him, reaches out, and touches his hand. He smiles back, and turnes his hand over. Her palm rests on his palm, her female delicate fingers wrapped around his hand and squeezes gently. He closes his fingers over her hand as they drive the Pacific Coast Highway along the Pacific Ocean

They arrive in the seaside village. It looks as a picture postcard.
“Oh it’s lovely Angel,” Cordy says in a soft voice.
“Wait till you see the beach house, he replies, as he drives up towards the sea.

A few moment later he stops in front of a marvellous house, it is painted lemon yellow with a terra cotta roof, it has large windows framed in bright white shutters.

He stops the car, helps her out and lifts her up in his arms as he walks up the wooden stairs. He opens the door, lifts her up again and walks in.
Angel puts her down on her feet.
“I go get the bags” he says as he brushes her lips with his.
Cordelia nods her head, still speechless and amazed of the beauty of this place.

While Angel unloads the trunk, Cordy wonders around the house, discovering with joy all his rooms and furniture.
Arrived at the bedroom she finds the bed turned down, a fire crackled in the hearth, a bottle of chilled champagne and two glasses on a little table.
She smiles, Angel has taken care of everything, everything is perfect.
She sighs as she whispers “I love you”.

“Hé, there you are.” She hears him say as he enters the room.
She turns around, walks towards him, wrapping her arms around his neck, lifting her self up, looks into his eyes “Have I said lately how much I love you” she says.

His answer is a kiss, their lips on each other as he pulls her closer.
“you have all the week-end to tell me that.” Angel says.

“Are you hungry ?” he asks as they let go of each other.
“just a little bit, not much.” She replies.
“kk, so I’m gonna fedge something from the kitchen while you make yourself comfortable.”

She nods as he gives her a little kiss on her forehead.
Cordy takes her bag into the bathroom, to fresh up and change clothes.
While she was in the bathroom Angel came back with a plate of canapés , oysters and strawberries. The perfect match to go with a glass of fine sparkling bubbles.

He looks around, makes sure the hearth is still giving his warmth, lights some candles to make the place even more romantic.

A few moments later she emerges in a white satin nightgown, walking slowly, sensuously into the room, her hips moving in a way Angel can only gaze at her and make him hard.
“Cordy you look beautiful, you look …..”

“Come here” she says as she reaches out to him. Angel walks towards her, took her in his arms and they kiss passionately. Their tongues welcoming each others mouth, they fence, the fever is rising, until Cordy breaks the kiss.
“I need to breathe” she says gasping for air.
“I’m sorry,” Angel says in a boyish voice. “I sometimes forget that …..”
“I’m fine Angel,” and walks towards the little table where the champagne stands and the decorated plate. She pours out the champagne, reachs out a glass to him, “care to join me ?” she asks. He takes the glass, while his fingers caresses hers, the touch of her soft smooth skin gives him pleasure.

“To us” she says as she lifts her glass,
They toast , wrapping their arms together and sip the cold golden liquid.

fter they have a few glasses and some snacks the alcohol helps to relax them both.
Angel picks her up and slowly carries her to the bed.

Cordy giggles, her arms around his neck and her head snuggled to his upper chest. He lays her down on the bed, and then turns of the lights so the only illumination is the fireplace and the candles. He take of his shoes, and starts to undress, only leaving him with his boxers as she watches him in the firelight.
Cordy gives a little moan of anticipation as she sees his gorgeous body.

He walks to her, and she shakes her head, going “No “
Angel looks with a question mark on his face.
“Down, “ she says as she points a finger at his boxers.
“You want me to …..” he asks
Cordy nods her head, gives him a wicked smile and pouted lips.
“I want all of you” she giggles.
He takes of his underwear, and Cordy lets out a moan and growl going “pppprrrooooaaarrr grrrr” as she sees Angel’s manhood free.

Angel climbs onto the bed and kneels over her. She reaches up and draws him lovingly to her open lips. Their kisses become more impassioned, their tongues dancing , their lips, their teeth, breathing only when Cordy needs to, devouring the sweet mingling of their tastes, so different, yet so alike, sweet and salacious and addictive all at once. It gives them a maelstrom of sensations, churning and spinning. Hot kisses, tender hands and shivering bodies.

Angel’s hands undressing her, he can feel her warm skin touching his cold body.
Cordy’s hands make their way to his hip, and slip between their bodies, finding his manhood, Angel closes his eyes and breaths deeply as her fingers move and explore. His own hands move down her body as well. Angel had dreamed of her, had woken heated and unsated, longing for her more then ever. He had wanted so much to return to her arms, and now, finally he was there.

“I missed you, Cora” he whispers as her hands move over his body.
“I missed you too, Angel. I missed your fingers tracing my skin, your lips on mine, your heat , I missed you.” Cora replies.
Her words make his head light, and Angel brings his lips to one of her breasts. Cora encircling his hips with her legs.

Angel’s nails grazing the skin of her abdomen as he moves lover. Her gip on him lessens , he smiles, feeling her fingers coming through his hair, following his ears, as he presses his lips against the insides of her thighs. He listens to her breathing becoming more deeper, her hips bucking up slightly, and fingers grasping his hair in handfuls.

“Angel ?”

He looks up to find Cora’s extending her arms to him, inviting him back. He leans over her, sighing at the feel of her lips against his neck. He kisses her, meeting her tongue, moaning.

“I was lost without you” he whispers in her ear.
“I was so lost in those dark woods, never thought I was going to make it back”

“I’m here now, and never leaving you again” she whispers in reply, pressing herself up against his hips, very aware of his hardness so close to her heat.

“I want to love you for the rest of my undead live, I want to cherish you, take care of you, ..”

“Takes care of my state of pure agony and make love to me” she replies in a very hoarse hot voice.
He smiles at her, brings up a hand to run it through her hair. “At your service My Lady” he says, laughs as he encircles her waist, lifting her against him.
Cora throws her arms around his neck “Thank you Sir” she chuckles.

Angel’s mouth descends on hers. “This is so much better then a dream” he says.
“Convince me it is not a dream.” Cora replies as she frees one hand, to wander lower, to venture in the tight space between their bodies.

With one hand still around his neck, she hangs onto him, her other hand encircling his rigid head with her fingers, leading him only a little way before she wraps her legs around his waist and drives him into her.
Cora throws her head back as he fills her.

“Convince me Angel, prove to me that we are more then just a dream.”
She hears him breath, feels him inside her, she hears him gasp, moan. His lips locking with hers. Arching his back to reach deeper, he groans as he pushes his hips into hers.

Cora’s fingers move through his hair, her nails graze his back. Her moans inviting him back over and over, he lifts her closer to his body, to press her against the bed a moment later. Fluent movements and motions, all perfect.

Their eyes meet each other as he leaves her lips, Angel slows his movements, his eyes darkened with passion, her eyes glimmering.
Angel drives himself deeper into her, she can feel his strength, endurance.
Cora shivers under his gaze of passion and closes her eyes as climax washes over her.
Angel feels her arch beneath him, her nipples pressed against his chest.

As Cora sinks back onto the bed, he bents forward to bring his mouth to ones of her breasts, her entire body now so sensitive to every touch of his.
Changing position, turning onto his back Angels pulls Cora along. For a moment he is still, and then he meets her lips in an intense, open-mouthed kiss. His hands caressing her thighs, she straddles him, riding towards the last waves of pleasure.

Her hands trail his chest, she feels him raise his hips to reach deeper, for a moment he holds her hips and forces Cora down on him. He is working towards the end, to reach the mind-shattering peak, their breath becomes irregular, almost inaudible whispers escaping their mouth,
Her wet core drives him insane, Angel feels her nails grazing his skin, it makes him shiver, it brings him closer, her presence all around him is exciting , it urges him on further, together they moan and gasp. With hoarse voice they call out each others name.

Angel pants Cora’s name, at the summit of the moment, to plunge himself into her as she calls out for him, they come together, as his hands clasp at her to pull her down one more time.
Cora lays on top of him, the breathing returns to normal, lips are meeting again, but in a more gentle, easy way; ecstasy still flowing through their veins, Angel strokes her back softly, she moves off of him, rolls onto her back, they settle against each other. Cora strokes his chest, as her head rests on his shoulder.

Saturday – early morning

The birds chattering in the early dawn woke up Angel, Cora had curled up with her back to him, his arms around her.

To his good fortune he found that one hand could easily reach one of her breasts and nipple. He massages it softly, only to get out a low moan of pleasure from Cordy.

He nibbles on her ear and whispers “Good Morning, Beautiful sleepyhead.”
Cora turns to face him, gives him a little kiss on his lips and murmurs, “Good Morning, Handsome.”

She looks at the window, and sees the darkness of the night slowly move away.
“I better close those shutters before I have a toasted boyfriend” she says.

Angel lets out a growl as he feels her move, to slip away from him.
“Don’t worry about that, stay here” he whines
She lifts an eyebrow as she looks at him.
“Are you all of the sudden an un-flammable vampire then” she asks with a grin.

“No, which is still a pain in the butt” Angel replies.
“besides it is winter, it will take some time till the sun comes lurking from behind those grey clouds and I can smell the rain already.”
“Oh and a weather expert also.” She jokes at him. “ gonna close them anyway, you never know we could have more then the sun lurk in.”

“Come back here, “ Angel says “I miss you already.”
“Coming !!!” she yells out, as she jumps back onto the bed.
“Here I am, all yours to take.” She giggles. “You impatient Teddy Bear.”

“Did you sleep well ?” she asks him as she presses a kiss to his chest.
Angel smiles, “Great, best night since months. But what about you? You tossed and turned and talked in your sleep.”
The sudden thunder made his first appearance. Angel looks over her shoulder at the window.
“Told you it would rain” he said in a boyish voice, but didn’t see Cora shudder as if she remembered a nightmare.

As he turns back to her he finds her open lips on his, her tongue trying to find a way in.
He feels her goosebumps under his hands.
“Are you cold ?” he asks.

But her mouth kisses him feverishly, “Warm me up” she says as she lets one hand down to find his cock.

Cordy raises up and lowers herself onto his manhood. Cooing in delight. Angel gives along , drawn out moan as he feels her warmth welcome him into her. She begins to slowly raise and lower herself, Angel reaches up and plays with her wonderful dark nipples, which cause Cordy to gasp in pleasure.

She becomes more active, her hair flying, her breasts bouncing as she works to bring them both off. Her arousal, her scent fills the air. Even Angel finds it hard to keep up the speed.

Angel grunts, “Cora, … what …. Oh yes …. Cora …. Oh yes baby, make me come!”
Cora pants, her wet core squeezing him , speeding up even more.
“Angel !!!!!!!!!! “ and she climaxes, arching her back as she drains him.
He cries out her name as her fingernails bury them into his shoulders.

She sags onto his chest and after a few moments, Angel gently slides Cordy off of himself.
“Gonna make you some breakfast, relax.” He says as he leaves the room, hearing her whimper as she says :”Don’t stay away to long.”

Cordy curls up, drawing the covers under her chin. She closes her eyes, hugging herself. Inhaling, she takes long deep breaths, still silently praying for forgiveness for whatever sins she had committed. It was a chain reaction of flashes presented to her as a slideshow.
Voices echoed through her memory. Connor, The Beast, Angelus made fun of her, taunting her. She whimpers like a child afraid of the monsters in the dark.
“Go away, go away. It wasn’t me.” She screams inside herself.
Each strike of thunder makes her shiver. She opens her eyes and see his face.
“Angel ?”

As Angel walks into the bedroom, he sees her curled body, shivering and shaking.
She is whispering unkown syllables, falling rhythmically between her parted lips.
The sudden strike of thunder wakes her up, she lifts up her head to look at him.

“Cordy ? The storm, isn’t it?”

She nods, unable to speak.

“Hungry ? “ he asks.

She takes a deep breath. “Yes, I’m starving.”

“Good,” he answers “breakfast is served.” And he reaches his hand out to her.

As they enter the kitchen , she sees steaming toast, eggs, fresh OJ and pancakes all arranged neatly on the kitchen table.

“Angel ! this is … it must been a lot of work. She says.

“Not really, and you know I love to cook. “

“Which is a paradox for somebody who is on a liquid diet.” Cordy replies

He smiles, “Com’on dig in” he says.

She sits at the table, enjoying her breakfast while he sits across her, watching her mouth devour, sipping and licking her lips.

“This is good” she says while she points at her breakfast. “You should eat some too.”

“I already ate” he replies.

“you know having you as my wake up call and serve me breakfast is sure a good reason to stick with you for eternity.” She says while she sips on her glass.

“Do you need a reason then ?” he asks as he reaches out to touch her hand.

“Not really,” she answers in a laughing voice “ but it sure adds a plus”

“Do you love me Cordy ?” he asks

His question surprises her, why does he asks this. He must know she loves him. That he is the reason that made her come back, he was the reason she fought her way back to the living.
“You know I do. Why do you ask me, even doubt me.”

“I’m not doubting you, why don’t you share what is really disturbing your peace”

“What do you mean.” She replies. “I’m fine, I feel good, never felt better by the way.”

“I saw your face, Cordy and it isn’t just the storm that is scaring you.”

She looks at him, not sure what to say.
Should she tell him, that they are still haunting her. Should she tell him how sick it makes her feel when she thinks about Connor. Should she share her demons with him.
She takes away her hand from his, stands up , takes her plate to go towards the sink.
“Do we need this conversation, Angel. You know damn well what is haunting me as you are part of it.”

“I know I’m part of it, as you are part of me. We are one Cordy, that is why I want you to talk about it, you have to accept what happened, you have to do this if you want inner peace.”

“Well maybe it is easy for you to accept it , as you are the king in atonements, guilt trips and chasing demons, but it isn’t easy for me. So how are you doing with all that ? Can you give me some tips , you know some brooding expertise to share.”

Angel shakes his head, “I told you how I was doing with all that. I realized what’s important. I accept that Connor is gone, I accept that you were a vessel of evil. It wasn’t you Cordy. I love you Cora, I know your heart, your goodness. That is enough for me. “

“Is it Angel ? Will this reason still be enough for you after a while. She asks as she tries not to let a tear escape her eyes as he walks slowly towards her, “Maybe one day, you will hate me, you will say I’m the reason that Connor is gone for good in your live. That I stole your son from you , that I …..”
“Don’t Cora, don’t say it.” As he cupped her face. “Remember it was my call too , I made choices, and I deal with them.”
“Angel ….I so want ……”
“sssshhhh…..” as he brushes his lips on hers. “I love you Cora”

As he kisses her lips, a strike of thunder rumbles through the house. Rain begins to tumble to the earth, releasing a torrent of tears from the sky.
Cora hugs herself against him, tears running down her face.
“Hold me” she says.
His strong arms give her safety and warmth. They both sink to their knees, he rocks her gently, Cora silently cries as the rage of the storm intensifies.
Angel is whispering comfort into her ear, as he strokes her hair.
“Always” he says.

She feels herself gathered in strong arms and lifted. She doesn’t feel afraid anymore.
Nothing can harm her when she is in his arms.

He can feel her relaxing, as he carries her towards the living room. She closes her eyes as she feels his lips on hers as he lowers her to the couch.

Cora returns the kiss hungrily, reaching for him, pulling him to her, kissing fiercely, biting gently at his upper lip.
His fingers tracing her skin, removing gently the white cotton from her hips.

Angel is stroking her, teasing her as their lips meet in lushness.
He can feel her sex tingling and pulsing slowly. As he enters two fingers in one smooth motion she cries out at the sudden penetration, enjoying his touch.

Thunder crashing around them. She cries out as he slowly begins to stroke her clit, his mouth moving to explore the skin of her neck. He can hear the soft pant of her breath, the excitement in her as his teeth nibble their way on her throat.

The murmur of her pleasure, the intense look on her face as she arched up to his hands with soft whimpers makes Angel move to settle his hips between her thighs, reaching up to wrap his fingers in her hair, tugging her to him to kiss her as his cock probed her damp petals.

Cora’s fingers come between them, helping Angel to position, arching up to him as he drives inside her.

Cora gasps sharply, her panting gasp becoming a muffled groan of pleasure at being filled so fully. Angel bites his lip tightly and buries his face in her throat, beginning a slow tempo of thrust and withdrawal, his hands clasp gently against her hips.

She pushes herself against him, wanting him into the depths of her. Cora’s hot core is rubbing against him with each movement wrapping her thighs tightly around him.
Angel’s hands to either side of her head, pulling up on both to look down on her, kissing her hard as he begins to move more quickly.

Cora starts to tremble, tossing her head back and forth. He can hear the intensity of fire running through her veins as she pulls him ever closer, shivering violently.

Angel can feel her muscles clamping, caressing every inch of him as he thrusts several times before slamming deep into her finally, orgasm overcomes him as he shudders in her arms, moaning her name in a gravely tone, hands clasping her waist.
She feels him stiffen inside of her with a muffled cry, spilling gently into her. It sends her cascading over the valley of her onrushing climax. She screams out his name, the thunder embraces them.

As her pulse returns slowly to normal, Angel lets his weight softly lay down on her hot skin, laying his head on her shoulder, whispering

“Better ?”
“Oh yes,” she sighs into his ear.

Warmth and peace floods through her. She cradles her head against him.
The storm passes, they can hear the last of the distant rumbles.




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