Were We?

SUMMARY: What do people do when they’re in love?
POSTED: 14 Feb 2005
WARNINGS: None Listed
STATUS: Complete

“Were we in love?”

Angel’s question came out in a nervous and uncertain tone, his voice shaky and slightly high pitched.

Her mouth, full and pursed, moved from side to side. “We were” eyes closed and face scrunched up. “We are… I mean I am and was… Are you?”

Shuffling on both feet, Angel fiddled with his shirt. “I was, uh, and still am… With you, I mean”

“Oh, that means we are in love right? We were and are.” Not knowing what else to do, Cordelia entranced herself with the wallpaper and her shoes, which were wearing a hole into the carpet.

“I am and you said you were, are,” Angel amended “So yes I guess it does…”

“Okay. We were, and are, in love.” Her thumbs played wars and fingers were soldiers while her eyes, happy but skittish, were everywhere but on his. “Ok…”

“Yeah.” Angel, not anticipating the affirming reply, licked his drying lips and shuffled some more. “So, I guess this means we’re a couple, huh?”

“We are, and were, a couple.” Determined no wires would be crossed, Cordelia made sure to include both past and present tenses. “What do we do now?”

Hands, itching to take hold of her, were locked at his stomach and blunt teeth nibbled lips. “It’s up to you, really”

“We’ll do what you wanna do, cus I’m not fussy.”

“We can watch a movie, if you want?”

“Sure, if that’s what you wanna do…”

“If you wanna do something else, we can.” Completely out of practice, Cordelia stared at Angel, silently hoping he’d take the lead in this.

Not wanting to rush her, Angel stared at her, hoping she would take the hint and suggest something. “A movie would be good, what about Sophie’s Choice? It’s not romantic, but it is one of my favourites”

Sophie’s Choice or Gladiator, it didn’t really matter to Cordelia. As long as it got them hugging and possibly kissing, then it was okay with her.

After all, what else was Valentine’s Day for?




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