Untitled Drabble

SUMMARY: Connor is convinced that his life sucks.
POSTED: 5 Sep 2004
WARNINGS: None listed
1) No Evil Cordy!
STATUS: Complete

Everyone present in the Hyperion watched, unblinking, as Connor sullenly threw himself down onto the circular couch and pouted. “My life sucks”

Through hardened russet orbs, Angel stared at his son. “Get over it” he stated sharply, dishing out the same advice as Cordelia had given him moments ago when he complained about lack of hairgel.

While father and son became locked in a glare match, disbelief raced through Cordelia, her mouth opened and closed as she attempted to form words. “I beg your pardon young man? What did I just hear you say?” Did Connor have any idea what Angel, all of them, had gone through when he’d been abducted? What they had gone through trying to get him back?

Cold, sulking blue eyes snapped violently towards her. “I said” Connor repeated, loud enough so no mistake could be made. “My life sucks”

He knew his seer well enough to when she was about to pop. Uncrossing his muscular arms, Angel held up what was meant to be a placating hand. “Corde…”


“Yes, Cordelia?”

“Shut. Up”

“Yes, Cordelia”

Heels click-clacked as she walked in a slow, regal fashion until she was stood directly in front of Connor, hazel eyes boring down on the teenager. “You have some cheek” Cordelia all but growled, raising a hand of her own when he was about to retort. “After all your father has, that’s Angel by the way, we’ve done for you? You have the nerve to say your life sucks?”

“Done for me?” Connor asked, quietly angry. A mannerism that was more Angel than Angel.

“Yes. Done for you.” Her foot began to tap methodically and hands went to her hips, eyebrow rose high. “We changed your diapers, fed and bathed you. We put up with your tantrums until three in the morning. Your mother, rest her soulless self, carried you for nine months.”

One by one, things were counted off on her fingers as she kept a glare on the teenager, keeping him firmly in place. “We bought you clothes, toys and put our lives on the line just to take you too get your shots. Your father, dork that he is, went against the very good advice I gave him. He went through hell to get me to forgive him when that plan screwed up…”

Piping up in self-defence, “I didn’t screw up, Cor.” Angel’s voice cracked through the air. “Connor’s sitting right there. How could I have screwed up if he’s sitting right there?”

Pffting loudly “Oh and giving coporeality to a demon like Sahjan was the way to go?”

“Technically, coporeality isn’t a real word” Fred could be heard explaining to Gunn. “Complete physical manisfestation is a bit of a mouthful though so coporeality…”

Cutting in and shooting Angel a blank look, Cordelia had clearly lost her train of thought. “Thank you Fred, now where was I?”

“Screwed up plan” Connor answered, suddenly wondering if he was the only one sane.

Through determination to be heard, Angel’s voice rose. “I didn’t screw up!”

Mocking the vampire, Gunn had to join in. “And resorting to the black arts was a great idea? Remind me to not ask you to plan my next birthday party”

“I did what I had to do!” Hands outstretched, the dark haired vampire pleaded for his son to believe him. Demanding, “You’re here, right?”

Connor nodded.

“Then it was a good plan” Angel concluded victoriously, sending a winning smirk towards both Cordelia and Gunn. “If it wasn’t a good plan, then my son would still be in hell”

Hazel eyes rolled, “Way to remind him of that”

“You brought it up”

“I did not”

“Uh, yes you did”

“You were the one who decided to give him a lecture and brought up the abduction of my only son. Way to remind me of that”

“I brought it up for his benefit”

“By bringing up the fact one of his uncle’s took him from his family? That’s really beneficial for his emotional equlibrium Cordelia.” Sarcasm dripped from Angel’s tongue as he turned from his son to fully face his seer.

“Emotional equlibrium Angel? Wow, those are very big words for you. What’s next? Learning to count?”

Sliding along the couch past Cordelia, Connor slowly stood, making sure none of them were really watching. “Ok, I’m just gonna…” his head nudged towards the entrance.

“I can count ten reasons why women like you were meant for…”

Hazel eyes turned icy as he spoke with a smirk. “You finish that sentence and you won’t have use of your brain for a very long time.” Her tone made it completely clear she did not mean the head above his stomach.

Safe in the knowledge he could escape without being seen, Connor edged backwards. “Thanks for everything. I’ll see myself out…”

“Hey AJ, wait up” snaring Fred’s hand, Gunn inconspicuously guided her past the arguing vampire and seer, hoping to not get caught up in another shouting match. He couldn’t stomach seeing another making up session. His gut heaved at the thought.

A scowl flashed across the teenager’s face as he was detected. “AJ?”

Fred gave him a friendly grin, “Angel Junior”

Shrugging, Connor continued his backward walk before pausing. “My name is not AJ”

Patting the boy on his shoulder, Gunn commented breezily. “Course it isn’t, AJ”

His eyes still glued on the sight of Cordelia and his father arguing and coming close to killing each other. The teen glanced to Fred “What’s the quickest way back to Quor’Toth?”



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