Under Your Spell

SUMMARY: Spells are not to be mocked with.
POSTED:11 Aug 2004
WARNINGS: Explicit Sexual Content
AUTHOR NOTES: Blame Nickle for this!! Many, many thanks to all who helped with this. Si_Crazy, Lysa, Cal and Ky. A special thanks to Nickle who made this storyline sound so appealing that it brought me back out of RL and into the horny world of fic!
STATUS: Complete

Part 1

“I don’t know what you’re playing at Dru” Angelus grunted as he pushed his body up off the Summers’ front lawn. “But it doesn’t serve to amuse” his eyes showed more than a little disgust at the sight of his childe fawning lovingly over Xander Harris.

It was traumatic!

Her slender fingers trailed sweetly down the teenager’s cheek as she cooed softly into the shell of his ear, leaning down so her long black hair tickled his skin. “Mmm” Drusilla hummed as her ruby red lips fluttered at the corners, “My little pet, I shall keep you all to myself. We shall be happy my love, forever”

“What?” Angelus squawked as he righted himself and stood up, towering over the kid and the vampire, staring down in disbelief. Was she for real? “Him? How crazy did I drive you?” Next time, he vowed to stop before all common sense left the building.

The noise of the approaching horde of love-struck women and girls caught the elder vampire’s attention, making him glance over his shoulder at the crowd. The first thing he saw were the weapons they were holding and the next thing he saw was the crowd coming to a halt.

“There he is!” One female voice hollered over the rest, “They’re trying to take Xander! Let’s kill them”

“Aw hell” Angelus shook his head and watched through wide eyes as the mass of females began to run, very fast, towards them. “Dru, we’ve gotta go” he reached down to take a tight hold of his child’s arm, fully intent on dragging her away from Xander and certain death but she wouldn’t budge.

He tried using a force that would break a human’s arm, but still Drusilla would not budge from her spot next to her beloved Xander.

“No!” The vampiress growled warningly, glaring up at her sire with a deadly gleam in her green gaze. “I will not leave my sweet kitten, I want to play with him and have tea parties and I shall be ever so good to him”

Something akin to amazement lit up the black orbs of Angelus as he stifled a hysterical giggle as he tried to figure out what was so special about Xander Harris. He manages to land himself a chick like Cordelia Chase, then has half of Sunnydale’s female population running after him. It had to be some kind of spell.

“Come back here you little bitch! You’ll learn not to steal my Xandie!”

The familiar voice of Joyce Summers had both Angelus and terrified Xander snapping their eyes towards the front door of the house. She was wielding what looked to be one of Buffy’s stakes in one hand and a bread knife in the other. Her hair was messy and the look in her eyes resembled that of a crazed killer.

Xander squeaked in mortal terror as he watched his best friend’s mother chase his girlfriend out of the house. Sadly, the sight was not humorous enough to distract him from the cool fingers stroking his cheek and neck. “Somebody help me!”

“Help you?” Cordelia Chase yelled as she sprinted across the lawn in an attempt to escape the murderous intentions of Mrs. Summers. “You’re not the one who’s being chased by Buffy’s mom…!” The brunette barely glanced at Xander’s predicament as she ran straight past her ex-boyfriend and the vampiress, not seeing Angelus until it was too late.


The vampire caught tight hold of the cheerleader, thinking she could shed some light on the reason why his childe was so in love with the Whelp. His arm easily latched around her trim waist and he hoisted her off the ground, her feet still trying to make a run for it. “You!” Angelus growled, “What the fuck is going on?”

“Xandie!” Mrs. Summers cooed as she spotted the boy, her love struck expression soon changed to a deadly calm when she saw Drusilla. “What are you doing with my Xandie?”

“Oh no!” Cordelia struggled to get out of the vampire’s hold on her in order to rescue the woman who’d tried to kill her mere seconds ago. “Mrs. Summers, get away from her!”

“Shut up” Angelus snarled to the wiggling brunette as he brought his other arm into use to keep her still. “Oh for the love of…!” he groaned when the murderous mother’s attention was directed their way. “Dru get up and bring… Your pet” he would kill himself later for this, he just knew he would.

The crowd of women behind them was getting closer while Mrs. Summers was inconspicuously raising the stake and bread knife.

“We’re all gonna die!” Cordelia yelled as hysteria began to take it’s toll. Her eyes were watching everything, disbelieving and not knowing what on Earth was going on. One minute, she’d been at school when Harmony had started getting all pushy-pushy over Xander and the next, she’d been running away from a crazy love-sick slayer.

“We will if you don’t shut that big mouth of yours!” Angelus snarled down at the struggling girl in his arms. “Calm down or else you’re gonna get us killed. Dru, pick him up and let’s go!”

“I won’t let you steal my Xandie!” Mrs. Summers stated, raising both the stake and knife higher.

“No!” Drusilla growled up at the woman, her green eyes locked onto Joyce’s and pinned the woman still, sending her into a trance. “He’s my pet, I will not share. We shall go and live in a big castle with Daddy and Miss Edith and we will live happy ever after like in a fairytale”

Xander couldn’t much else apart from whimper loudly as he found himself being hauled up off the floor and settled against Drusilla’s chest. Her deceptively weak arms cradled him gently as though he were a child. His eyes began to fill with helpless tears as he glanced towards Cordelia who had suddenly gone quiet, only to find Angelus had his clamped around her mouth.

“Run, Dru!” The elder vampire moved the cheerleader’s position until he had her over his shoulder and took off running down the street, Drusilla and Xander close behind him.

However, the crowd of women picked up speed and Mrs. Summers was still stood in her trance-like state until she snapped out of it. Her eyes turned in the direction of the escaping quartet and she, too, bolted into a flat out run.

“Xandie come back!” Mrs. Summers cried as she ran along the street after Xander and Drusilla. “Joycie will take good care of you! You can have all the cookies you want, I promise!”

“Come back with my Xander you heathen!” Another woman bellowed loudly.

“Your Xander? He’s not your Xander, he’s mine!” Came yet another voice.

“No, he isn’t…!”

“Oh my God!” Cordelia screeched as she watched as a fight broke out among the crowd of women. From her place on Angelus’ broad shoulder, she had a clear view of everything. “They’re gaining on us, can’t you go any faster?” She demanded of the Scourge of Europe.

Angelus growled over his shoulder at the brunette he’d had no choice but to rescue. “I’m not a car!”

“Well, get us one” she snapped in return and a thought popped into her head. “My car’s parked at the end of this street, just put Xander and me in there and you can go on your evil way”

“I shall not leave my pet!” Drusilla’s throaty voice warned as she picked up on the conversation between her sire and the girl.

“We’ll all take the car!” Angelus barked loudly as he shuffled Cordelia around on his shoulder, grunting when her heel came within two centimetres of his nose. He knew better than to question a female’s choice in footwear. Playing house with a whore for a sire for the better part of a century had taught him a few things.

“Help me?” Xander’s voice piped up from Drusilla’s chest before he was shushed by said vampire.

“Ssh my sweet, I shall help you!”

“Not quite what I had in mind” Xander mumbled, helpless to do anything about his current situation.

“Your car is a red Corvett?” Angelus knocked Cordelia on the ass, making sure she knew his words were directed to her. She had a nice, firm ass he noticed. He’d had worse hostages that’s for sure.

“Yes, the keys are in my purse which I left at Mrs. Summers house when I had to escape. Break the window and hurry, they’re coming.” The brunette replied as she used her hands to brace herself against his lower back, her fingers tightly grasped his sides.

Spotting the shiny red vehicle, Angelus set Cordelia down on her feet and pushed her forwards. “No time for dawdling” he barked at her as he kept his hand firmly around her neck, guiding her to the passenger side. “I’m driving”

No sooner had he said those worse than he rammed his fist straight through the passenger side window and flipped the lock from the inside. “Get in”

“Please” Cordelia sniped as her shaking hands fumbled with the lock through the hole in the window. After she’d opened her door, she reached over and flipped the lock on the back door to allow Drusilla to climb in with Xander.

The brunette muffled another hysterical giggle as she watched Drusilla perch Xander carefully on her lap and her fingers once again began to stroke his cheek, hair and neck. “See my pet, we’re going on a trip. Should we ask Daddy if we can go to the seaside?”

Angelus ignored the whole conversation as he punched another hole under the steering wheel and proceeded to expertly hotwire the car, touching the wires together until the engine roared to life. “Buckle up” he warned right before he slammed his foot down on the accelerator.


The only sounds in the car were that of Drusilla’s constant cooing to Xander and the rumble of her engine as the car sped along the roads of Sunnydale as Angelus drove to the mansion. The only place he knew no-one would go too. It was the only place he knew for certain they’d all be safe from the screaming horde of love-struck women.

In the passenger seat, Cordelia sat with one hand covering her forehead and concentrated on breathing in and out. Her eyes blinked in synchronised succession as she took each measured breath through her open mouth. Her poor brain was exceptionally close to spontaneously combusting due to the stress of being in close proximity to not one but two, TWO vampires.

Sitting helplessly on the back seat and perched in Drusilla’s lap, Xander tried to keep the shocked amazement off his face in case the vampiress decided to eat him. His body shook all over from terror as he felt her hands petting, stroking and touching every piece of bare skin she could.

His wrists, neck, cheeks and the nape of his neck were points of focus for the dark haired vampiress and he couldn’t keep the shuddering at bay whenever her cool touch was bestowed on him. Figuring a cry for help would get him killed by Angelus, Xander wisely kept quiet as he prayed for rescue from the loved up female.

“Start talking Harris!” Angelus growled as he kept his eyes on the road.

“Wha…?!” Xander squeaked in surprise at being spoken too.

Angelus glared in the rear view mirror until he realised Xander couldn’t see anything. “You know what the hell I’m talking about” he threw a warning glance over his shoulder, daring the boy to lie too him. “I want the reason you’ve turned into the local Sex God”

Cordelia snorted at the term. Xander? Sex God indeed.

Xander’s face flushed a little as the reason sat in front of him in the car. God, she’d rip him a new one if and when she found he’d performed a love spell on her. “Animal magnetism?” he offered with a weak chuckle that gave away the underlying guilt.

The cheerleader and her naturally astute personality instantly picked up on it. “What did you do Xander? Use some pheromones in the hope they’d mask your girl repelling BO?” Her hazel eyes rolled in exasperation when she was told to shush by the creature sitting in the driver’s seat of her car. “Don’t shush me!”

“I’ll shush you if I wanna shush you!” Angelus ground out then realised just how childish he sounded and shook his head. Easing his foot off the accelerator, the vampire turned a corner that led towards the deserted side of Sunnydale that consisted of the mansion.

A quick, final glance in the rear view mirror told him they had not been followed yet but he figured they still weren’t safe. Neither he or Dru would be safe until one of two things happened; they ditched Xander and his bitch or the town’s womenfolk came to their senses.

Somehow, Angelus figured listening to Dru’s incessant wailing over the death of her ‘loved one’ wasn’t worth a quick bite to eat, the vampire decided to take the option of hiding out. If they got a little hungry, they could always feed on the bitch.

She seemed to have a bit of meat on her bones.

Hang on, if they killed the cheerleader then he’d be left alone with a grieving moron and a love-sick, crazy vampiress.

What had he done to deserve this? He wasn’t such a bad fella once you got to know him.

For his own sanity, Angelus decided to keep Cordelia alive.

“Gee thanks” Cordelia bit out in mock gratitude. “Nice to know my purpose in life is to protect your sanity!” A hefty sigh followed her words as she shifted in her seat and shot the vampire a side-ways glance.

He had a grass stain on his left cheek, his hair was ruffled as though he’d just gotten out of bed and his black, cruel gaze was centred completely on her. Cordelia did more than gulp. She broke out into a cold sweat and a shaky whimper bubbled up and out of her lips. She made a mental note to start thinking before she spoke.

“Stop your whimpering or I will kill you” Angelus warned as he shut off the engine. “They haven’t followed us which is good…”

“Ya think?” Xander’s muffled sarcastic remark came from Drusilla’s chest, where his face was being buried in her plush cleavage.

“Ah, ah, ah!” The vampiress chastised and wagged a finger in the boy’s face. “Mustn’t talk to Daddy so”

Cordelia snorted back a thick lump of laughter as she turned her head to see the sight. “Yeah, gotta be nice to your father in law! Tell me Xander, when shall I announce the wedding?”

“Never!” Angelus snapped loudly.

“Aww don’t be sad Angel, all little girls grow and fly the coop”

“It’s Angelus!”

“Whatever” the brunette huffed with an uncaring expression on her face. “Ok, you three go inside and I’ll be okay out here…!”

“No, you’re not” the Scourge of Europe stated simply with a shrug of his shoulders. “They see you in this car, they’ll know the Moron’s here. You’re coming inside whether you like it or not”

Raising an elegant eyebrow at the soulless vampire, Cordelia asked “Why not just kill us? That’d be easiest for you, right? You and Dru would be safe”

“Because Dru would whine if I killed her little toy, if I killed you the Whelp would whine” Angelus gave his answer the way he saw things. “Besides, I need you as a link to the Do-Good Gang in case this can’t be fixed”

“Great, willing hostages” she pursed her lips at the thought. “I hate my life”

A soft, contented purr sounded from the backseat making both Angelus and Cordelia look towards Drusilla and her little pet. Just as the vampiress released a poor, helpless and breathless Xander from what appeared to be a lengthy kiss.

Xander’s mouth was caked in red lipstick, lip prints were smudged all along his neck and cheek while his hair looked like he’d been dragged through a hedge. The Hawaiian shirt he wore appeared the be well on the way to being removed and his jacket was hanging off one shoulder. His eyes held a defeated light as he met the eyes of his former girlfriend. “Help?”

Despite the situation and Angelus, Cordelia had to bite her tongue hard in an effort to not crack up at the sight of Xander Harris being ravished by Drusilla. If she lived until she reached the ripe old age of a hundred, she didn’t think she’d ever forget it.

Angelus released a half growl as he thought of a new problem. If they were to go into the mansion with Dru reeking of Xander and vice versa, Spike would be out for blood. That meant the mansion in general was off limits.

“Ok, so we’re safe for now” Cordelia spoke, to her ears her voice sounded distant and high-pitched. “Well, as safe as two helpless humans can be when in a car with two soulless vampires anyway. What do we do now, O Great Leader?” Hysteria was definitely overpowering the fear at this precise moment in time.

“The mansion was a mental asylum once” he informed again as he returned to his side of the car, “The dungeons are only accessible if we go through the tunnels”

The cheerleader’s head snapped sharply to face him as her jaw hit the floor in amazement. Hazel eyes blinked twice, her mouth opened and shut twice before she found the ability to speak. Ignoring his warning, her vocal chords sprung into action. “Oh no!” Cordelia denied vehemently as she shook her head. “No way am I, or Xander for that matter, going into any dungeon with you and Crazy Carol”

“An old mental asylum. No wonder you live there” Xander muttered under his breath as he was forced to pull away from the vampiress who now appeared to be attempting to crawl under his skin. His remark went unheard as the Scourge of Europe focused on the cheerleader.

“What do you suggest then?” Angelus challenged as he stared deeply into her eyes, giving a silent but open invitation for her to come up with a better idea. “Your breasts look like they hold a good few brain cells, why don’tcha use em and give a better idea?”

A gasp of air signalled the rising anger that bubbled away in her stomach as she glared right back at him. “How dare you!” She cried indignantly and covered her curves with a hand to shield herself from his pointed, smug gazing. “At least I don’t think with my di…” her retort was quickly muffled by a large, pale hand.

The first thing she noticed was his body temperature, he wasn’t as cold as what she’d expected him to be. The second thing she noticed was a cool, soft breeze fluttering against her right cheek as Angelus leaned close.

Her hot breath on his hand was making his skin burn but he ignored it in order to give the obstinate, headstrong girl a severe warning. “I dare because I can” his voice deadly, low and harmonic as he got right in her face, making her inch back a little. “Maybe I should show you how much I think with my dick, huh?”

“Like there’s a difference between that and your brain” Xander muttered quietly, silently hoping that the vampire hadn’t heard his comment.

Jumping in before Angelus got homicidal, Cordelia asked “Why can’t we just go through the mansion? Surely there has be entrances to them that way?”

Angelus shot her a side-ways glance just to let her know his warning still stood and was half amused to see her mouth become a tight line as she instantly became quiet. “If Spike’s in there and sees Dru with your lover boy…”

“EX!” Cordelia made it known.

“You don’t have sound so enthusiastic about it” Xander mumbled.

“Shut up!” Angelus barked. When silence followed, he calmed down and got back on track. “If Spike sees Dru with your EX lover boy, there’ll be a nice Xander Blood Bath. Sewers, Crazy Women or Spike, children. Take your pick”

Xander, Drusilla and Angelus all turned to the brunette as she sat in actual contemplation of her choices for her evening antics. Her teeth nibbled on her lower lip, eyes glazed over with deep thought and her finger twirled a lock of dark chocolate hair. “Maybe if Dru sees Spike, she won’t be all ga-ga over Xander” it was an option but even as she spoke it, she doubted it’d work.

“And if it doesn’t, you’ll have Xander’s death on your conscious” the vampire next to her pointed out. “Fun for me, but I doubt you’d find it a picnic”

“She’d probably bring the soda and the rug,” Xander muttered.

“Spike would have to get in line” Cordelia completely ignored what her ex-boyfriend said and directed her words to Angelus who didn’t find any humour in them whatsoever. His face remained unmoved as he stared at her, wondering what the hell she was trying to prove by playing bosom buddies with him. “Geez Louise, sorree I spoke!”

“Look, everyone just get out of the car and follow me”


Part 2

The tunnels were putrid, they smelled like rotten moth eaten socks. She could hear the occasional drip-drip-dripping of liquid as it hit the concrete floor, accompanying that horrid sound was the distant squeaking of rats. One hand was firmly encased in an iron grip while her other hand fisted the back of his jacket in order to allow her to keep as close to the alpha-male as possible.

Until his increasing speed forced her to let go, leaving her to be dragged along the almost pitch-black tunnel.

“Aww” Drusilla cooed to the boy she cradled in her arms as she nuzzled his cheek affectionately. “My little pet all scared of the dark. There, there” she bounced him as though he were a baby who needed to be comforted. “Daddy shall protect us from things that go bump in the night”

“Dru, you are a thing that goes bump in the night” Angelus’ voice piped up from the near dark tunnel. His hand was firmly latched around the delicate wrist of the cheerleader as he guided her non-too-gently through the blackened surroundings. The sound of her heels click-clacking against the concrete floor was almost driving him nuts and her choked back squeaks were enough to cause insanity.

Cordelia kept stumbling as she tried to keep up with the Scourge as he expertly moved forward, his male fingers kept chaffing her skin and her wrist was getting sore. She could feel the dirt and grime seeping through her skin and that was something she did not want to think about. The tunnels were foisty, dark and she kept stepping in wet, soggy patches that were undoubtedly ruining her shoes.

At another choked back squeak and hiss, Angelus came to an abrupt halt that had her barrelling into his back with a loud “Ummph!” Her free hand scrambled for purchase as she pushed her body away from his, trying not to trip over or land on her ass. “Why’d you stop?” Cordelia asked in a hushed whisper, “Did you see a demon or something?” A horrible though occurred to her “Oh God, was it a rat?”

“No, it was you!” He replied dryly as he spun round to stare at the girl who was looking in the wrong direction to his face. “Keep up” was all he said.

“I can’t, I’m not as fast as you” she defended herself with a frown as she made out his silhouette. “Besides, have you ever tried running in 3 inch Jimmy Choo sling backs?”

“She could give you pointers” came a muffled remark from somewhere just in front of them.

“Shut up Harris!” Both Angelus and Cordelia snapped loudly before glaring at each other accusingly as if to stake a claim on who said it first.

“Aw, fuck it! I hate humans” the vampire cursed his situation before hauling the brunette back up onto his shoulder. Ignoring her sounds of protest, he resumed the task of making it to the dungeons. He felt her hands whack off his back and her long legs kicked as growls fell from that mouth of hers. Having had enough within a few seconds of her outburst, Angelus landed a hard swat on her ass “Deal with it or else you’re walking barefoot”

“God, you don’t have to be so mean. You could actually try being nice you know, since we’re all in the same boat.” Cordelia bit out. “It wouldn’t kill you”

“There are reasons I call him Dead Boy, Cordy” Xander’s dry comment came on a breathless puff of air that had both vampire and cheerleader thankful of the near blackness of the tunnels.

“You’ll have that nickname yourself if you don’t shut it, boy” Angelus growled as he shuffled the brunette on his shoulder. He felt a true sense of satisfaction when a sigh of frustrated defeat sounded as she quietened down, relenting into spending the rest of the short journey where she was put.

His gaze scanned the dark surroundings, looking for anything that resembled a crazy female or some dangerous being. Even with his extra sight, Angelus had to squint in order to see in the blackness. He looked where he could but found his focus landing on the firm, rounded rump next to his cheek.

It was too good to resist.

Starting with the bare skin at the knee, the vampire trailed his hand up her thigh and grinned as his roughened skin slid over the silky soft skin. The sharp intake of breath from the brunette let him in on the fact she knew exactly what he was doing, but her position made her helpless to do anything about it.

Cordelia felt her face go red as his fingertips skirted higher and higher until a flutter of air graced her ass, causing her to shriek. “Hey! Get off of me!” Her hands attempted to straighten her skirt but she found that unless she wanted to slip, it was nigh on impossible.

“What’s he doing?” Came Xander’s panicked reponse to the sudden cry.

Angelus smirked as he waited to see if she would actually say he’d lifted her skirt in order to get a good look at her ass. The loud, ear-piercing shriek had been worth the quick flash of golden skin covered by enticing silky black French panties. He always knew the French had a purpose in life.

There was no way in hell was she going to tell her ex-boyfriend that the vampire had just copped a grope and peek. She’d rather chew off her right arm before she did that. “Nothing” was the croaky reply, “Angel’s doing nothing at all”

The Scourge of Europe merely grinned merrily to himself, knowing she wouldn’t have said anything. He could probably fondle that delicious posterior of hers until dawn and she wouldn’t dare squeak a word about it. Not that he would fondle that posterior of hers until dawn of course, he wouldn’t want her to think he was ignoring the rest of her attributes.

“I’ll bet he’s doing nothing” Xander snorted in disbelief as he tried to dodge Drusilla’s mouth. Again.

“Would you rather I did something other than nothing?” Angelus enquired smugly as he eyed the right turn they needed to take in order to reach the small ladder to take them up to the dungeons. Without waiting for a reply or giving a warning to Cordelia, he set her down on her feet; not bothering to see if she was steady. He could see the look of hatred on her face as she tried to stare him to death through the darkness. “Ladder” was all he said.


A loud crash echoed throughout as Cordelia, with the help of Angelus, shoved the entrance to the dungeons open and the brunette hurried up off the ladder to allow the others up. It wasn’t the much brighter up here than it was down in the tunnels but at least she could see her hands when they passed in front of her face.

“Eww! I’m all dirty and slimy and not clean” she complained loudly, her voice changing pitch as she spoke and her hands were surreptiously shoved for Angelus’ inspection. “Look at me, I’m a mess. I never knew I could look like a mess!”

“Don’t you have mirrors at home?” Angelus batted the brunette’s hands away as he dismissed her complaints just as easily as they were made. “Don’t see what you’re whinging for, you weren’t the one with heels in your face” he rubbed the place on his cheek that came into contact with her metal heel.

Huffing loudly, Cordelia directed a strong glare towards the vampire as she retaliated. “Well, you shouldn’t have had your head up my skirt, should you?”

“If you’d actually moved on the ladder, I wouldn’t have had to move you”

“If you’d gone first, I wouldn’t have gotten trapped between you and the damn manhole!”

“If Xander hadn’t done whatever it was that he done, neither of us would be living our worst nightmare!” Angelus growled down at her, using his own death glare in return. Glowing ochre orbs replaced the black and Cordelia could make out the prominent ridges, lumps and bumps that made up his true visage.

And then she swallowed a thick lump in her throat.

“Yes” she agreed shakily as tremors ran through her body, “It’s Xander’s fault… Speaking of, where are they?”

“Glad we understand each other.” The vampire lapped up every ounce of fear the now permeated the air as he glanced over his shoulder, instantly spotting his childe pinning Xander against the concrete wall. “Do you really wanna know?”

Judging the pained disgust in his voice, the cheerleader shook her head and voiced that she did not. Wiping her clothes down as much as she could, Cordelia let out a long breath before once again returning her gaze to the dark haired vampire standing in front of her and was pleased to see he looked human. “So, what do we do now? Your great plan to head for the dungeons has been completed Obi Wan, what’s our next mission?”

Angelus’ lips twisted into a wry grin as his eyes twinkled merrily in the dark. “Now, we drag your ex boy toy to a dungeon and torture out of him what he did”

“So no grand tour then. I’m not too uncomfortable with torturing him actually, it sounds kinda fun” she mused half seriously as she brought up a finger to nibble on.

“Don’t you think I’m being tortured enough?” Xander’s wheezy voice cut through their dialogue. While his ex girlfriend and Buffy’s ex- dead boyfriend were in their happy little world, he was being kissed lifeless by Drusilla. Her hands kept threading through his hair, his jacket was long-gone and his shirt was completely open, making him thankful he’d worn an under-shirt. Every time she moved, he could feel her breasts purposely cushioning his chest as her now lipstick free lips were clamping around his throat.

“Ahhhhh! She’s gonna eat me!” He cried out in panic as he began to struggle in her grasp. “Cordy, help me! I’ll do anything, please please GET HER OFF ME!”

“If she was trying to eat Harris, you’d already be dead so shut that mouth of yours or I’ll eat you” Angelus sighed in annoyance and frustration as he rubbed his forehead with his fingers, wondering why he suddenly had a headache. After a few moments, he pulled himself together and looked either way down the corridor before making a decision.

Cordelia didn’t like the vampire’s silence, it unnerved and concerned her. If he was silent then there had to be something wrong, right? Angelus had a mouth bigger than hers so it would have to be worrying if it kept him quiet. “Angel?”

“We’ll go right” he spoke up, ignoring her attempt to get his attention. “That way, I can go up into the mansion in an hour or so…”

She definitely didn’t like that. “An hour?!” Angelus stared down at the brunette who was blinking owlishly up at him. “If I know Giles, which I do by the way, he’ll have this fixed in no time. For all we know, he’s fixed this already”

“Unless Watcherman hasn’t figured out the problem yet, something he might find hard to do since the problem is down here with us” the vampire pointed out logically with a raised eyebrow. Folding his arms over his chest, he waited to hear how she would defend her precious Giles.

Raising an eyebrow to equal his expression, Cordelia’s lips twitched momentarily. “Because everyone, including Giles, knows Xander Harris does not turn into Brad Pitt over night.”

“I resent that remark” came a breathy sigh.

“Ew! Can we go now?” The brunette asked as she turned right and began to stomp down the dark corridor, her footfalls echoed throughout. Her lower lip was pooched out in a pout and her arms were crossed over her chest defensively.

After a few moments, she stopped and looked over her shoulder for any signs of Angelus who, she could have sworn, was right behind her. Unfortunately, she couldn’t see that far behind and she wondered just far ahead she’d gone.

“Let’s wait for the evil vampire to keep me safe from whatever lives down here” she shuddered as she grimaced, snaking glances everywhere.

Was it her or had it got darker? There were no lights, no sounds except for her breathing and heart beat, turning her head to the side Cordelia bit her lip when the outline of a door slowly became visible. It would have to be a door to one of the asylum’s old rooms. Oh God, how many people were subjected to horrible, horrible things in these places? She’d heard all about the experiments performed on insane people and she’d seen pictures of the tools used.

She shivered and covered her arms and stood stock still in terror.

If these were the dungeons to an old mental asylum, then surely it’d be haunted by those tormented souls. Her fake courage began to rapidly dissipate as she felt a slight breeze chill her skin. The hairs on the back of her neck began to prickle as her skin crawled, her breathing became deeper as a foreboding presence began to cloud around her.



Angelus laughed at both the sudden shockwave of fear and Cordelia’s attempts to hit him. Her small, feminine hands were clenched into fists and she punched him as hard as she could on the arm and followed through with a kick to his shin. None of it, however, could take away his delight.

“You asshole! I hate you! You jerk! Urgh!” Cordelia screeched as she punched his chest with blows he barely felt.

His laugh was everything masculine; low, rich with bass and throaty. If it been any other time, he’d have ripped her throat out for hitting but at the minute, he was just enjoying her fury. Deciding to push her buttons a little more, Angelus began to deflect each blow with one hand thus enraging her all the more.

“Argh!” Cordelia seethed as she clenched her fist tight, brought her arm back and landed a hard smack directly on the vampire’s face, the collision sounding out.

Blinking back the sudden stinging tears, Angelus tenderly touched the bridge of his nose where her fist had collided with. He couldn’t believe she’d actually landed a punch, a good one at that, on him. She probably didn’t have any idea how hard it was for a non-slayer to hit a vampire.

Her heart threatened to thunder out of her chest as she backed away from the vampire she’d just punched. A thick lump of guilt, shame and heavy terror began to well up in her chest as she looked at Angelus through the dark, wondering how long it’d take him to kill her.

She never meant to hit him, not really. She’d never hit anyone in her life, let alone a vampire! Chewing on her lower lip, Cordelia swallowed deeply as tears formed over her eyes as she waited for him to retaliate.

Angelus had unwillingly saved Xander and herself and she’d repaid him by hitting him all because she’d gotten her panties in a twist over a stupid joke. Should she apologise or should she get down on her knees and beg for her life? Or maybe she should just stay quiet and learn to take a joke.

Snapping his attention back to the cheerleader, his chest rose and fell as he inhaled the delicious scent of mortal terror. Before he could say or do anything, Cordelia spoke up.

“I’m so sorry” the apology came out in a rapid rush of words. “I didn’t mean to hit you, honest. I’ve never hit anyone in my life! I swear I didn’t hurt you on purpose… Pleasedon’tkillme!”

“I’m not hurt” Angelus scoffed the fib as he ignored the dull throb in his nose. “You can’t hurt me, I’m a vampire!” Peering down at the brunette, he was faced with two large, glazed hazel orbs staring up at him through glistening irises and saw her lower lip start to wobble.

Oh God, she was gonna cry.

The threat of tears became serious as the wobbling lower lip pooched out a little more, her cheeks puffed out and her eyes began to blink rapidly. Her head dipped a little, hiding those precious jewelled orbs from him in order not to embarrass herself. Cordelia struggled to keep the tears from falling, determined not to start simpering and whimpering in front of him.

He had to put a stop to the water works before they started. Every man’s nightmare was being stuck with a crying female.

“Aw hell” Angelus mumbled, not really believing the cheerleader was feeling guilty over hitting him. If she kept it up, she was gonna make him feel guilty and he’d had enough of that to last several life times. “You didn’t hurt me so quit your cryin’” he didn’t have to be sensitive about it.

Still, Cordelia didn’t return his gaze and kept her head to the ground. “Please, I’ll give you anything if you don’t cry!” Angelus expressed words with hand motions and an unusually high-pitched voice.

A sudden, very disturbing sound interrupted the moment between vampire and cheerleader. A girlish giggle followed the distinct sound of a zipper and that girlish giggle was accompanied by Xander’s half-panicked voice. “Heheheh Ehhh Heh…!”

“Sssh my pet” Drusilla cooed from somewhere in the dark. “We shall play nice, I promise…”

“Ew Ew Ew Ew! So disgusting. Yick! Kill me now?” The brunette turned pleading eyes to the vampire in front of her, feeling the smirk that was sure to be on his face.

“Whatsa matter?” Angelus asked, his voice coming out on a purr. At least she’d stopped those damned tears. “You’re acting like you’ve never heard a zipper before”

He could feel the pain of her death glare as she gazed up at him with a blank stare. “Who do you think I am? Harmony?” Cordelia demanded and slammed her hands on her hips.

Raising his eyebrows at her exclamation and self-defence. The vampire let his gaze rake over her body language, looking for tell-tale signs of fibbing. “You dated Harris, didn’t you?” He pointed out.

Her jaw dropped at the implication he made and a very impressive growl escaped her full lips. “Look, just cus I dated him does not mean I played hide the sausage with him. For a start, he’s short and poor and he wears polyester cotton-blend, which gives me hives I might add”

Angelus paused in thought as he took in her words. So, the Buffster was being spiteful, how surprising. Shrugging his shoulders carelessly, the vampire gave no outward signs of just how attractive he found her innocence to be. Inwardly, he had already bought the damn champagne and strawberries. “Virgin huh? Who’da thunk it?”

Knowing the dark haired vampire to be a pervert, Cordelia made the decision to lie about her intact status in order not to grab his attention. “I might not have slept with Xander Harris, but that doesn’t mean I’m a virgin.” Usually, she was hopeless at lying but that one had come out pretty darn good if she did say so herself.

The dark haired vampire smiled indulgently at the brunette as he allowed her fib to wash over his head. “Of course you’re not” he stated, “How presumptuous of me.” He stopped the conversation there before anymore was said and any other unwelcome sounds were heard. Angelus sighed dramatically as he decided to put the cheerleader out of her misery. “Let’s get a room, I doubt Dru will hurt her precious pooch”

She could either wait in the darkened corridor listening to Xander and Dru or she could follow him into a dungeon. “Great” Cordelia mumbled, wanting to do neither of those things. “Listen to my ex boyfriend get ravished or hide in an old, probably haunted torture chamber with a vampire who’s speciality is just that. Remind me to put this on my Bait Girl resume. It’ll really enhance my career opportunities”
Part 3

Whipping out his hand, Angelus snared her wrist in an iron grip and began dragging her towards the nearest door. “You think I wanna be down here, listening to my childe screw the slayer’s mutt and staying in a darkened room with a girl who cries over nothing?” Glaring at her over his shoulder, he carried on “Believe me, I’ve got better things to do with my time.”

Before Cordelia could demand he let go, the vampire all but booted a door open with a powerful kick that sent a very old door creaking loudly open and crashing into a wall. Leaving Xander and Drusilla in the corridor, Angelus dragged the brunette cheerleader in without hesitation or care for her fragile human wrist. “We’ll have to sit on the floor, I don’t think there’s any leather couches or seats”

“I’ll stand” she confirmed quickly, no way was she sitting on a floor that might have had dried blood or old bones on it. She shuddered at the thought of possibly finding a skeleton in here… Oh God, what if there had been mummy experiments done in the asylum? What if there was a body in here with hair and fingernails? “Uhhhh!” The weird, shaky noise escaped her mouth before she had a chance to stop it and the vampire shot her curious glance.

“What’s the matter now?” He demanded as he let go of her wrist in order to look at her through the dark. His eyesight was finally beginning to adjust to the darkness and he could see her slightly more clearly now. He watched as she rubbed her arms with her hands as though to ward off a chill, her eyes were darting all around the room looking for something. A pointless exercise since he doubted she could see anything at all, let alone whatever it was she was trying to find.

Gulping a little, Cordelia lowered her voice so as not to wake up any spirits of insane people waiting to take revenge for the wrongs done to them. “What if there’s, you know, a skeleton in here? Or one of those operating tables with the experiment tools.”

Skeletons, operating tables and experiment tools? Where the hell did she think they were hiding in? An old mental asylum-turned-mansion or a medieval Area fucking 51? “Will you please pull yourself together woman?” Angelus asked, somewhat amazed by the girl’s overactive imagination where his mansion was concerned. “It’s an old mental asylum Cordelia, not my play house in Paris! There are no skeletons or operating tables or experiment tools here, though if you don’t stop that whimpering the skeleton situation can easily be remedied”

He could be lying about everything just so he could scare her later with a skull…

Cordelia gave her head a damn good shake, squared her shoulders and raised her head to look down her elegant nose at the vampire. “Then we should make ourselves at home, don’tcha think?” Christ, she was quivering in her Jimmy Choo’s but he didn’t have to know that. Huffing a little, she crossed her arms and adopted the most fearless position she knew. Her feet were a few inches apart, eyebrow raised and full lips quirked up in a half smile that dared anyone to try and mess with her.

Angelus regarded her posture and facial expression with a half-smile of his own, her fear was cloaking the air and he could see the slight trembling of her arms and legs. Her heart was racing, her eyes were blinking rapidly and snapping about the dark room as she waiting for some ghostly apparition of a mutated patient. She made a beautiful sight right then and he sighed, deciding she wasn’t that bad when she kept her mouth shut!

He confidently sauntered past the brunette towards the far wall where he sat comfortably on the cold, hard ground and crossed his long, powerful legs at the ankles. His large, strong hands were lifted to cushion the back of his head from the wall behind him and another sigh drifted from the contented vampire. “Aren’t ya gonna sit down? There’s no skeletons with long, bony fingers and empty eye sockets”

She made sure to send him a withering, unimpressed stare as she indefinitely decided not to sit down. “Skeletons or no, do you really think I’d ruin my Valentino skirt by sitting on this floor? As if” in the dark, he could see her eyes rolling. “I only got it this morning and in no way am I letting CryBuffy’s ex love bunny ruin a skirt that cost more than a year’s worth of her allowance”

Slowly, the sounds coming from the corridor began to get increasingly louder and more disturbing as both vampire and cheerleader used their imaginations. Her hands slapped over her ears, eyes squeezed tight shut and her mouth opened. “La-La-La-La-La! I can’t hear anything, La-La-La-La-La…!” Cordelia sang as she tried to rid herself of the image of Drusilla plastered over Xander.

Gritting his teeth together, Angelus let out an even breath as it became clear she had no intention of stopping that damned irritating noise. His nostrils flared with a sharp intake of unneeded breath and his lips pursed into a thin. “Cordelia!” The vampire barked finally as it got too much.

“No good, can’t hear you”

His hands clenched into a white knuckled grip and his jaw crackled with intense pressure as his blood began to boil. “For fuck’s sake, grow up!”

Hazel eyes quickly snapped wide open, the irises full of rising fury at his comment, her jaw dropped and her own hands became clenched. “Grow up?” Cordelia seethed, “Says the 300 year old vampire who acted like an adolescent not more than ten minutes ago! Pots and kettles”

Angelus glared at the brunette who talked back to him as though he were nothing more than an irritating pet yapping at her ankles. That really, really pissed him off. Didn’t she have any clue who the hell he was? Didn’t she know the meaning of dangerous situations and recognise when she was in one? “I think you should learn to keep your pretty mouth shut” he growled warningly.

An exasperated and disbelieving sound left her throat as she glared right back at him. She’d had more than enough of his attitude tonight. Where the hell did he get off? He couldn’t bully her around. “I’m so sick of your attitude!” Cordelia snapped and hands went to hips defiantly. “You’re just a big overgrown bully who thinks he can get away with everything”

“I get away with it because I can” Angelus growled as he got up from the floor. It didn’t more than three or four paces before he was stood directly in front of the brunette, flashing golden orbs bore down into furious hazel ones. Let her talk back to him now.

An eyebrow rose once more as Cordelia met his gaze without flinching. “Maybe you do, but that’s only cus you’re a vampire. Big whoop! Who isn’t these days? Not like being a dead man walking is anything to brag about”

He’d said something similar just after losing his soul. Damn her! Narrowing his gaze just a little, the vampire changed his tactic. Inhaling deeply before speaking, “You’re not PMS-ing, so that can’t be the reason why your head’s up your tight ass” Angelus was pleased to see her mouth drop again. “Must be knowing your EX is getting screwed and you’re not.”

Slowly, those darkened orbs of his lit up with a wickedly teasing light that glimmered within the shadows of the old room. A smirk tugged lightly at the corners of his mouth as he regarded her for a few seconds before speaking. “That it?” He continued as though he were trying to diagnose her problem, “Those hot, little sounds making you cream your panties?!”

Cordelia’s eyebrows reached unprecedented heights and her mouth closely resembled a guppy. “EWWWWWWWW!” Her face showed nothing but disgust at his implication and her entire body shuddered. “That’s disgusting! Gross! That’s Xander and Drusilla.” She expressed the names just in case he didn’t understand. “What? Wasn’t there enough yeurgh in the world that you had to add to it?”

Angelus didn’t have a chance to reply as a girlish giggle sounded from directly behind Cordelia, making the brunette and vampire turn their attention away from their escalating argument to the entrance of the chamber. Through the shadows, the Scourge made out a rather haggard-looking Xander who was stood leaning on his childe and Drusilla, who was still fondling the boy’s bare chest.

The vampiress was cooing and licking her lips as though she had just tasted the sweetest fruit known to man and was committing it to memory. “Is the pretty girl making Daddy mad?” Drusilla enquired, her voice coming out on a husky breathy sigh that made the cheerleader shudder with revulsion. Clacking her tongue in dismay, the female vampire shook her head slowly. “Naughty kitten!” She chastised and wagged a finger “You mustn’t make Daddy mad, that is very naughty. He might spank you”

“Imagine that” Xander’s defeated voice sounded his dry remark.

Narrowing his eyes at the pair of them, Angelus felt the extra weight of another headache boring down on his head as he ignored both comments. “Had fun, Harris?” He stated instead, “Did my Dru take good care of you?!” Why waste a perfectly good opportunity to taunt?

“Oh yeah” Xander thought he had finally gone insane. “She really knows where to put those fangs of hers”

Cordelia was pleased that it was as dark as it was in the room, this way no-one could see the shocked blush reddening her face. “That was way to much information, thank you.” God, could tonight get any worse?

Drusilla licked her pouting lips once more and left Xander’s side for the first time that night, seeing how she was in no danger of losing her kitten to the other woman. She glided elegantly towards the brunette, emerald green eyes pinning the cheerleader to the spot as she came to stand directly in front of Cordelia. A slim finger topped with a pointed nail reached up to touch the dewy skin on her face, the vampiress smirked when the girl flinched at her touch. “Mmmm Daddy, you should like this one”

Grinning wickedly, Angelus moved his lethal figure to close Cordelia between himself and his childe, his heavily muscled arms came to wrap possessively around Cordelia’s trim waist. “You think so, Dru?” He purred seductively, leaning down so his cool breath purposely whispered across the heated cheek of the female he was holding prisoner.

The vampiress purred happily as her finger was slowly dragged across the fullness of the girl’s lower lip. “She has the prettiest eyes, like a fairy princess. Daddy should take her away from the nasty, nasty slayer and keep her in the highest tower in all the land. Away from the serpents and the slayers and the other princes.’ Would the princess like that? Come to stay forever and ever”

Being alone in a room with one vampire was bad enough, being alone in a room with Angelus was worse still but being in a room and sandwiched between Angelus and Drusilla was more than her brain could handle. Cordelia snapped her gaze over to Xander and prayed for his forgiveness for what she was about to do. “Dru, I think Xander wants you!” Her words came out a lot steadier than what she expected and she commended herself on not simpering like an idiot.

For his part, Xander shot his ex-girlfriend a glare that would have frozen the seven seas instantly. He’d just gotten rid of his groupie, couldn’t Cordelia give him a break? One good thing was he still had his virginity intact. Oh God, the vampiress was looking at him with that look again. Panic quickly began to bubble up inside his chest as his hands went to hide his genitals from her hungry stare.

“Not so fast Dru” who’d have thought Angelus would come to rescue? Certainly not Xander, but he was grateful.

That was until Angelus himself graced him with a harsh, soulless glare. “Xandie has to tell us what mess he got us into. Don’tcha Xandie?”

Xander’s gaze unwillingly drifted towards Cordelia and he gulped.


Cordelia was beyond amazement, beyond astonishment, to put it bluntly she was positively speechless which was a first. After the short but detailed explanation from her ex-boyfriend about the love spell that had gone wrong, she found herself on the end of an accusing glare from Angelus.

Black orbs were staring at her full of accusations and blame, making her fidget in discomfort under the weight of his gaze. “This is all your fault, Chase” the vampire growled as he disdainfully looked the brunette over, trying to figure out what was so special about her that warranted a love spell.

“My fault?” Cordelia yelled in stunned amazement as she blinked rapidly at the vampire. “He only wanted me to love him so HE could dump ME! If it’s anyone’s fault, it’s his” a finger was pointed in the boy’s direction. “No-one asked you to bring us to your little lair” she added haughtily and her nose rose up a little.

If there was one thing Angelus hated and that was being looked down on; it really raised his heckles that she thought she was too good for anyone and everyone. “I wonder why he wanted to dump you, God knows if you were my girl I’d wanna dump you to!”

“And I thought Dead Boy had no sense” Xander mumbled sarcastically as he wisely kept his eyes away from both females in the room. If he looked at Drusilla, she’d pounce on him again and if he looked at Cordelia, she’d kill him. The irony wasn’t lost on him at all; the girl he wanted to love him was the one who posed a fatal threat to his life while the blood sucking soulless demon attached to his side was professing eternal love.

Could tonight get any worse?!

“Oh no, whatever shall I do?” Cordelia blatantly ignored the sarcasm that fell from her ex’s tongue as she turned her wrath onto the vampire, her hazel blazing with a hot furnace of fury. “The evil blood sucking vampire doesn’t find me attractive, what a blow to my self-worth. I’m feeling the pain.” After making one or two fake crying sounds and wiping her dry eyes, the cheerleader shot a glance that clearly said ‘I don’t care what you think.’

“You should” Angelus bit back, a little perturbed that she didn’t care what he thought of her. Most of his minions clamoured for his respect and good opinion. “If you can get a vampire with no blood flow hard, then you know you’ve got a little something under the hood. Sadly in your case, the only thing under your hood baby, is a big mouth and a bad attitude”

“Says the soulless vampire who gets off on his own bad attitude. I repeat, pots and kettles.” Cordelia let his insults wash off her back as though they were nothing to her. Inwardly, she was demanding to know why the hell he didn’t find her in the least bit attractive. Her hair was perfect with not a strand out of place, a quick feel of her luxurious mane quickly backed that thought up. She had a great smile with straight, clean teeth, her make-up was perfect and her clothes were stylish and tasteful.

Why the hell wasn’t he attracted? Did she deserve to be attractive? She worked damn hard to feel like she was attractive. After all, that’s all that mattered where she was concerned, nobody ever bothered about what was on the inside. That was fine for her, that way she wouldn’t leave herself open to heart break.

“Your problem is that you’ve tried so fucking hard to be perfect that you’ve become unreachable.” At the drawn in gasp from the brunette, the vampire knew he’d hit a nerve and kept on going. “You’re beautiful, screw that, you’re fucking gorgeous baby and you know it”

Ice curled tightly around Cordelia as she stiffened under the analysis. Angelus was known for his mind games, for being able to pinpoint weakness with a deadly accuracy, for being able to use those weaknesses to his advantage. “If you don’t love yourself, who else will?” She quizzed smugly when the retort popped into her head.

He wasn’t gonna give her credit for that one at all. “But you don’t” he stated as though he had sudden insight into the mind of Cordelia Chase. “All anyone has ever seen is your pretty face and good body and in turn, that’s all you ever see. If nobody else is interested in your mind, then why should you be?”

A little lump of guilt rose up in Xander’s chest as he listened to the truthful words the vampire spoke. He never really thought of trying to get to know her, all he’d really wanted was a quick grope and kiss in the nearest closet. If somebody asked him anything about Cordelia Chase, he knew he wouldn’t be able to answer. Who was the most shallow? Him or her?

“I make it a point not to think, it’s a dangerous hobby” Cordelia coldly and nervously retorted, trying to bring some lightness back to the conversation and hoping against hope, he’d change the topic. It hurt, what he said that is, because every single syllable was the truth and it hurt her to know he knew her more than her closest friend.

“Wise choice” Angelus smirked in satisfaction, it didn’t take a genius to know he’d gotten closer to her than any of her so-called friends. Offhandedly, he wondered what she’d do if he told her what they say about her behind her back, but knowing her she probably already did. In fact, Cordelia would undoubtedly admit to all accusations openly and freely. She wasn’t ashamed, he liked that; deep down, he knew she didn’t give a damn what anyone else thought, he liked that too.

If only she’d keep her mouth shut, they stood a chance of getting along!

The conversation in the old, creepy dungeon room died down leaving a wall of silence between two of the occupants while the female vampire concentrated on getting her Xander’s attention back on her. Drusilla’s hand slowly smoothed up and down the boy’s chest, making him groan in helplessness as he was forced to succumb to her canoodling yet again, for he doubted Cordelia or Angelus would save him.

At the sound of his groan, Cordelia threw her hands high up into the air and let out an undignified snort before attempting to retrace her steps out of the room. “I cannot be in here while they’re… Doing who knows what with her fangs!” Her voice had risen a few decibels in volume and octave, the normally rich feminine noise came out as a high pitched cry for help.

“Then why don’t you help me?!” Xander demanded between nervous pants of air as Drusilla’s cool lips and tongue began to lathe his throat with soft little licks and kisses.

“You were going to dump me! You don’t deserve help”

“Hey, I resent that. You dumped me first”

“Well duh!” Cordelia replied easily as her arms crossed over her chest as she began to feel the chill in the room. Her skin was starting to come out in goose bumps, the soft downy hairs on her arms were beginning to prickle and she shivered. “I have my reputation to uphold, I can’t be seen with a guy who thinks the world revolves around Hawaiian shirts and polyester cotton blend. Do you know you gave me hives last week?”

“Shame your mouth wasn’t affected” Angelus snapped at the brunette when another tirade began to form. He saw the girl shiver a little and use her hands to rub some warmth back into her arms. His gaze was naturally drawn to the curves hidden by a flimsy, tight red sweater that hugged her firm breasts and showed them off to their utmost advantage. The chill was working it’s magic on her nipples, he could faintly see the outline of the little pebbles as they hardened under her clothes.

Not noticing where the vampire’s gaze was being directed, Cordelia didn’t bother dignifying his remark with a response and turned away from him instead. Calculating how far it was to the door, the brunette began to shuffle her way forwards hoping she would come across the escape route before Drusilla and Xander got any further. “God, my shoes are so dead” she grumbled to herself as she shuffled slowly so not to trip over.

“Poor shoes” the Scourge of Europe stated sarcastically as he tracked her movements with his gaze. A twisted smirk twitched at the edges of his hard mouth as she pretended not to hear him. “Where you going?”

“Away from here, I don’t need anymore trauma today. My brain and ears can’t cope anymore” Cordelia shot over her shoulder as she continued her shuffling. Each dragging of her feet made her cringe as she heard the soles of her shoes chaffing against the ground. The scratching was a horrid sound, second in annoyance to fingernails down a chalkboard.

Angelus regarded her form with a raised eyebrow, his mouth flickered up a little more as she visibly shook from something. “If you wanted the grand tour baby, all you had to do was ask nicely”

“A tour? Of this hell hole? I wouldn’t waste my eyesight” the brunette retorted. Said eyesight was avidly focused on the part of the ground she could vaguely see, she squinted and was almost sure she saw something scuttle past her feet. It took everything she had, but was able to repress the grossed out noise bubbling up in her chest. That was all her night needed to become a complete nightmare.

“This hell hole probably saved your life, you’re welcome for that by the way.” Angelus spoke up righteously and smugly, he figured nothing pissed her off more than being made to feel guilty about things she should have but didn’t do. To be honest, he didn’t want to be in the same room as Harris and Dru either, so maybe the cheerleader did have the right idea.

“Thanks so much for bringing me into the pit of despair, Angel” Cordelia’s sugary dulcet tones drifted around the room, making the vampire wince at the sweetness feigned. “I don’t know what I would have done with you!”

“Princess Bride” Xander breathed after a sloppy parting of lips sounded out, making both Angelus and Cordelia grimace in despair.

An excited squeal came from Drusilla who clapped her hands happily at the boy’s words. She had always wanted to be a bride and wear the pretty dresses and have proper flowers. “Oooh, Daddy! My kitten wants a princess bride. Can I be a princess bride?”

Angelus smirked “As you wish!”

“Oh, please kill me now!” groaned Cordelia.

Angelus’ smirk grew wider “As you wish!” he repeated with an evil grin.

“I swear to God,” Cordelia rose a hand sharply. “If you say anything else, I will tell the entire demon population that Big Bad Angelus watched The Princess Bride.” Xander’s snigger stopped dead at the growl aimed his way.

“Uhhh we’re never gonna get out of here alive” Xander’s high-pitched whimper sounded when he felt pointed fangs scrape dangerously down his neck.

“You’re only saying that because nobody ever has” Angelus quipped with a side-ways glance at the brunette.

“Arrggh!” Cordelia’s loud, frustrated scream was joined by a heavy foot stomp that sent a jolt of pain up her leg. “Will you all stop it?! I’m gonna be mentally scarred for life, that’s if I’m not already”

“That’s easily arranged, all you gotta do is ask nicely” Angelus purred, thoroughly enjoying her little tantrum.

With a huff, Cordelia instantly resumed her movements towards the exit. Her footsteps were frantic, eyes were once again pinned to the floor and she didn’t see the wall she walked into. “Umph!” She collided with the concrete wall, her hands scrabbled for purchase as she attempted to regain her balance. It would have worked if one of her heels hadn’t snapped under the struggle to stay upright and the brunette landed squarely on her ass.

The room was instantly filled with a rich baritone laugh that emanated from Angelus. His large hand clutched his stomach as he stared at the female sat on the floor and desperately wished there had been some lighting at that precise moment in time.

Cordelia sucked in a deep breath, held her head high and ignored the huge wave of humiliation that threatened to drown her. Carefully, she picked herself up from the dirty floor, dusted and smoothed her clothes before she turned to face the vampire as he continued to laugh at her expense. “Excuse me” she stated regally and began shuffling at a safer pace, limping on one heel.

Angelus coughed back the rest of his laughter but kept the huge smirk on his face as he watched the cheerleader head for the exit. Shaking his head, he growled inwardly at her stubborn streak and made a move to follow her. At the sound of a girlish groan being joined by a boyish one, the vampire increased his speed and whisked the girl out of the room sharpish.


Part 4

Cordelia didn’t have time to shriek in surprise as two arms went round her waist and propelled her out of the old chamber quicker than she could blink. His arms seemed huge compared to her frame, his hand almost spanned the entire width of her abdomen and his muscle could be felt rippling through his jacket. She couldn’t help the inner female purr at such a show of masculinity. Bad Cordy, bad.

“This where I die now?”

Continuing to move her forwards down the corridor they had just entered, Angelus shrugged. “Nah” he replied, “If it was, you’d only be partially dead”

Cordelia groaned aloud. The Princess Bride would never be the same again after this. “That’s it,” a half hysterical giggle bubbled up. “I am officially on the Insane Train to Nutsville”

“Wow, I didn’t have to work at it this time. Damn I’m good” Angelus sighed with a roll of his dazzling black eyes. Stopping their movements abruptly, the vampire turned the girl round to face him.

Cordelia pouted, her lower lip pooching out and her cheeks puffing up as she found herself treated to a pretty nice grin. One corner of his sinful mouth was curled up and a flash of fang glinted in the dark made him look dangerously hot. Pouting, she figured, was better than openly swooning at the vampire who had been purposely pushing her buttons all night.

“Ya know” Angelus purred as the other side of his mouth curled up. “Once upon a time you woulda been only too happy to be alone with me in the dark.” Those dazzling black orbs rakishly roamed over her face, taking in the rising blush spreading across her cheeks.

“That was before you went places where no man… pire should ever go” Cordelia stated matter-of-factly. Her own elegant eyebrow rose a little, “Besides, you weren’t exactly psychotic when I thought you were a walking chunk of salty goodness. Either that or all that black did a good job of hiding it”

Leaning his shoulder against the hardened wall, the dark haired vampire crossed heavily muscled arms over his chest and smirked. His gaze wandered over her tightly curved body, going right from her lashes to the way her breasts rose and fell to the set of hips that smoothed out from her tiny waist. “I’m not being psychotic right now, am I?”

The blatant come-on had the desired effect, instantly shutting her up about his clothing and ex-girlfriend. “Oh please, like a Boy Scout ‘tude is gonna get you lucky with me? I think not”

That brought a smile to his face. He did so love a challenge. “Would you prefer it if I was psychotic?”

“Would it really matter?” Cordelia enquired lightly as she peered curiously up at the dark haired vampire. “You have no soul, so I can’t see my preference making much difference”

Raising an eyebrow at her astute nature, Angelus graced her with a rare genuine smile that lasted mere seconds before it merged into an arrogant smirk. “Look at me and answer honestly, do I look like I need to rape some sweet, delectable young thing?”

“Need being the operative word, whether you do or not is another story” the brunette commented lightly.

“Do you really want my reply to that?” He quizzed as his smirk grew bigger, a quick flash of white fangs gleamed through the darkness. “Rape is such an ugly word, it’s full of all these grey areas ya know?”

Cordelia sucked in a deep breath as she prepared to give her thoughts on the matter in question. “So what? You seduce those sweet, delectable young things into making her want it? Her lips say no no, but her eyes say yes yes?”

“You’re a sweet, delectable young thing. Do you think I could seduce you into wanting it?” Angelus grinned a huge, beaming grin as memories of times gone past flittered though his head. Ahh, those were the days.

“I think not” she stated with as much conviction as she could muster. “The pains of having embalmed hands on me just doesn’t appeal to me. Can’t think why though… Were you embalmed?”

Angelus blinked once or twice as his grin froze in confusion. What had she asked? “What?” Where had the teasing, seducing fun and games gone?

Rolling her eyes, she huffed and clacked her tongue as she regarded him through the darkness. “You heard me. Were you embalmed? You know, you’re a vampire, all grrr and stuff. You died eons ago, so were you?”

“I am a little stiff now that you mention it” a sharp sting of anticipation shot quickly through his veins as he closely watched her response to that.

A faint blush crept up her cheeks, making the apples glow a pretty pink. Heart rate was slowly increasing the pace of hot, human blood and her full, plush mouth parted ever so slightly. He saw her pink tongue slip past those lips to wet the lower pout, making the gloss shine in the darkness.

Licking his own lips in response, Angelus made the move slowly and was satisfied to see the caramel orbs drop down to his mouth. Closing the small gap between them, the vampire made it so her back was against the wall. Leaning down, he placed his mouth a whisper above hers. “Do I feel dead to you?”

Hot feminine breaths tickled as Cordelia stiffled a soft sigh of both trepidation and eager anticipation. “No” was the quiet response, “You don’t”

The dark haired vampire dipped his head, keeping his darkening gaze locked onto the brunette’s sweet toffee one. His male lower lip lightly touched her upper, stimulating every sensory nerve in her body. “Do my lips feel good?”

Strong, large hands fingered the waves falling around the frame of her face, feeling the softness as it fell through his fingers. Those hands lost the tender touching the second he fisted her hair tightly, forcing her head up to look at him. Angelus eyes shone with a hint of cruel lust before using his hard mouth to take precedence over the softer, pliant one begging for it.

His tongue sliced past her lips into the hot cavern of her mouth, the tip of his cool muscle found and toyed with hers. A low moan of appreciation built up inside his chest until it vibrated through his figure, then hers. Pushing more firmly, Angelus felt the hot cradle of her thighs as they connected with his powerful ones. Through the barriers of clothing, he could feel the delectable human heat threatening to sear his skin. Against his upper torso, her breasts cushioned the solid wall of his muscular chest and the budding tips could be felt through her top.

“You like my kisses, don’tcha?” Angelus’ husky whisper penetrated the silence as he pulled back from her mouth. Muscular fingers followed an invisible path down her pliant body, following the trail of breadcrumbs until his fingertips reached her lower abdomen. Cordelia’s entire body tensed in nervousness and readiness for his next move. “Oh yeah, you like me”

Moving further down, the vampire’s hard mouth curled up in a sensual smirk as his hand slid to the apex of her long legs. Female heat spread through her clothes, permeating his cool skin as he stroked the heart of her body in a way that elicited gasped moans.

His chest rose and fell with every inhalation, each breath forcing his lungs to be invaded with the intoxicating scent of delicious arousal. Lifting her skirt, Angelus purred deep in his throat when the silky surface of her naked flesh grazed his calloused hand. Firm thighs parted involuntarily, giving him desired access that he took advantage of.

Cordelia moaned loudly when his hand fully cupped her. The heel of his palm pressed heavily against the pearl protected by softened petals, strong fingers pleasured the entrance through the material of her panties. Hips jerked almost violently when the vampire ceased his actions, the movement forcing those digits to push up and bestow sensation pressure where she needed it most.

“Tell me whatcha want baby” Angelus demanded, his voice thick and husky as Irish brogue slipped through. His cock was rock solid, the leather holding him in an uncomfortably tight grip as he got just that little bit harder.

Cordelia arched her back, pushing more of her body onto his exploring hand. Her breasts completely crushed up against his chest and her hot core urged more from him. Small, delicate hands reached up the grab the vampire’s shoulders as she moved with him. Full lips parted as sexual moans escaped her parched throat as her eyes squeezed tight shut against the pre-climatic throbs racing through her.

Angelus kept his hand still, letting her make all the moves while he just watched her. His pale pink tongue swept out across his lips as his gaze focused on her face as she came on his hand. Panties got wetter as liquid sex got hotter, moans grew louder and hips moved faster, harder. “Come for me baby, lemme see you come” he urged and flicked his thumb over her hidden clit, giving the extra stimulation she craved.

Cordelia’s hands fisted his shoulders as she bucked hard, her body demanding more of what he could give. The apples of her cheeks flushed pink as her blood pressure rose in reaction to the pleasure that swept her body. She could feel the way her sex pulsed as the pressure inside her increased, hot vaginal walls clutched at the emptiness with no satisfaction.

Hot female juice coated her panties and his hand, making Angelus slide under the silk garment. Two thick fingers easily found her open and ready. Pushing past the initial resistance, he groaned heavily at the feel of tight, wet and hot walls clutching his penetration. At the feel of him inside her, Cordelia’s eyes snapped wide open and her body became still with shock. For a moment, she’d forgotten who she was with.

She was with Angelus, the soulless version of Angel and Buffy’s ex-boyfriend. Somehow, that didn’t seem to matter at this very second in time. Hazel eyes shone brightly as the brunette regarded him, surprise all over her pretty face. “Angel…”

Her body stretched around his digits, holding him snugly in place. Female arousal made entry slick and easy, roughened fingers delved knuckle deep, twirling up inside until she cried out again. The soft hair covering her mound rasped gently off his skin as a lazy pace coaxed more hot honey to spill from her body.

Withdrawing his fingers from her tightness, Angelus groaned thickly as he slipped slowly past the softening walls. Her hips encouraging the vampire to go deeper and harder, while her lips allowed breathy moans to escape.

Her hand reached down to curl tightly around his thick wrist, her fingers fisting him over and over as the pre-orgasmic waves intensified.

Noting her doing this, Angelus reluctantly left her unfulfilled and brought his fingers to his mouth. Through the darkness, he could see his skin shining with sweet honey as the tangy taste wove a web around his senses. Masculine lips wrapped around muscular fingers while his cool tongue savoured the flavour.

Slowly tugging his digits out of his tasting mouth, Angelus lapped up stray droplets until he’d drank it all. His hand was returned to his side while golden orbs focused completely on her face. “What Angel wants, Angel gets and Angel wants to fuck you”

Cordelia’s pliant mouth formed a perfect O as she tried to regulate her breathing and regain some control over her body’s reactions. There was a serious throb burning between her hot thighs, all nerves were on red alert as she stood there practically gawking at the vampire. “Not all that big on romance, are you?”

Angelus’ lips curled up as he stepped away from the brunette giving himself enough space to perform an over-exaggerated and very gallant bow. “My lady” his voice was laced with humoured sarcasm, “Would you grant me the honour of bestowing your consent for copulation?”

The amber jewels had lost the demonic fire and were replaced by dazzling black swirls that threatened to hypnotise. Speaking, her voice was a shy whisper of it’s normal volume. “Since you asked so nicely…”

The dark haired vampire straightened his large frame, standing over the brunette until his 6′ 2 build dwarfed her. Strong fingers were placed around the tops of her thighs, parting them to give room for his body to fit. From behind the barrier of black leather, his erect cock came into direct contact with the feminine cradle and the feel of silky skin on leather appealed to the man in him.

Pert nipples caught his attention, her shirt moulded to the little buds as they became pebble hard. Angelus wondered if they tasted like strawberries or vanilla. Up her thigh, one hand travelled over the gentle slope of her hips and trim waist, pushing her top up as he moved. Long, confident fingers splayed out across her stomach, relishing in the way she instantly burned at his touch.

A fingertip skimmed the flat surface of her stomach, drawing patterns until the sensitive naval greeted him. The toned muscles in her abdomen twitched at the tickling, forcing him to turn the feather light grazing to a more luxurious massage.

His sinful lips sprawled into an amused grin when he felt a piercing through her belly button and moved to touch it. The vampire was definitely fascinated by this and it showed on his face. Eyes sparkled and twinkled in the darkness, mouth in a rare genuine smile that left her bright-eyed and breathless.

“Do ya have any more?” Angelus quizzed, hoping she’d say yes. A quick glance down at her full breasts told him she did not have her nipple pierced. Shame. They could have had some serious fun.

Cordelia scrunched her face up, still unable to tear her gaze away from that stunning smile. She opened her mouth in readiness to reply but then thought of what exactly was in her belly and went to warn him. “Angel be carefu…”

A sizzling sound disturbed the seductions, the vampire hissed in pain and snatched his hand away from her stomach. Ridges, prominent cheekbones and crinkled forehead replaced the handsome human visage. “What the fuck?” He snarled at her, shaking his hand of the stinging ache.

An apologetic grimace spread over the cheerleader’s vixen face followed by a sweet smile. “It’s a Celtic cross. Sorry”

“A silver Celtic cross” Angelus dryly corrected as his erection softened somewhat, allowing him some time to get his thoughts together. An old mental asylum was no place to seduce a sweet, delectable young thing. Then again, who really cared? If he didn’t have a problem with it, why should she? After all, it’d be her first time, not the last. Plenty of time for him to fuck her in a bed.

“Sorry?” Cordelia offered meekly, biting her lower lip and nervously fiddled with the hem of her shirt. “But Celtic symbols are so this season!”

Angelus’ eyes rolled slightly, wondering if she knew he had Irish in him. By the end of tonight, she’d have Irish in her. “Never mind” he stated, wanting to get back to seducing the hot bitch in front of him. Holding out a hand for her to take, “C’mon, let’s go get our own room”


She was more or less dragged through the door nearest to them, the door was slammed closed, the echo reverberating down the old hallway outside. She didn’t have a second to think before his mouth was crushing hers. His tongue sliced past her lips, the tip teasing the warm one as a guttural moan worked up from his chest.

Slim male lips manipulated the fuller, more pliant ones into a deeper kiss that gave him total control. Warm, slender fingers caressed his cheek and trickled down to grasp his jacket collar, fisting the leather over and over. The kiss was completely dominated by him, she was being completely dominated by him.

The deeper the kiss, the more she wanted. Her nostrils flared as Cordelia caught the gorgeous scent of leather mingling with natural maleness. The musky aroma was divine as she inhaled him in, savouring the very essence of the dark vampire. Pushing powerful hips hard up against hers, banging the solid ridge of his cock off her clit earned him a quiet scream.

Moist, cool lips left warmer ones to trail wet butterfly kisses down the hollow of her delicate throat, feeling the blood as it rushed through her veins, stirring the beginnings of bloodlust. Angelus nipped the delicate flesh with blunt teeth, grinning wickedly when the brunette tilted her head to the side and gave more of her throat to him. Did she want to be bitten?

“If ya don’t wanna be bitten yet baby, then don’t bare your throat to a vampire. Especially one like me” The warning was generously given and instantly taken. This time, he was careful of her damn jewellery piece as he splayed his fingers across the toned planes of her abdomen, lifting her shirt as he swept his touch up.

Full, round and pert breasts were encased in a silky bra, the sheen reflected off the amazing black swirls that were filled with promises. Bronzed, smooth skin surrounded hard nipples that strained against the cups, the contours had his mouth watering.

Deeply breathing, Cordelia licked her dry bruised mouth and found herself arching up. His face dropped instantly to her chest, snaring a sensitive nipple between his lips. Sucking heavily, his tongue rolled around and teased her, teeth bit and nibbled, sending shockwaves straight to her core.

Her shirt was stripped off and thrown carelessly over his shoulder, leaving her stood in her bra. Fingers became hooked in the waistband of her skirt, Angelus didn’t hesitate in sliding the garment down the long, shapely legs. Kneeling before the brunette, the vampire’s gaze stared at the centre of her parted legs. The aroma of female sex was so heavy there, drawing him in like a bee to nectar.

Throwing her head back, Cordelia moaned loudly at the sudden sensation of his mouth on her pussy. Feverish heat met his lips, tracing the softness of her folds with his tongue, the vampire’s purr sent delicious vibrations buzzing through her, making her wetter and the tip of his talented tongue found the pearly bud of her clit.

Her hips rocked unsurely at first before confidence built, unable to help the urge to ride him. Her body was on fire as she moved with him. Her shaking hands held onto his shoulders when her panties were removed. The silk felt like clouds as the material was shoved down her legs, a breeze of cool air fluttered over her burning core right before Angelus kissed her.

“Angel…!” Cordelia cried out, eyes snapping wide open as she looked down at him. The vampire had his face buried right up in the crook of her thighs, his tongue slid up and down her labia, taunting her clit with flirtatious licks. His calloused fingers deliciously rasped over the petals, parting them to be able too sink deeply into her sweetness.

Angelus dipped in and out of her body, savouring every rush of honeyed sex that ran into his mouth. Even around his tongue, her walls were tight and snug. Licking faster, he groaned in delight when she cried out his name again, her hips increasing in pace as he intensified his oral seduction.

Cordelia’s fingers threaded through the vampire’s spiked dark hair, tugging him closer. Moans were getting increasingly louder and her legs began to feel weak. Her hair ran down her back, the strands tickled the smooth surface, adding to the sensational high she was already on.

Grabbing her hips in a bruising hold, the vampire held the brunette still as he tongue fucked her over and over. Driving in as deep as he could, relishing in the increasing orgasmic throbs that set her core on fire. Hot, luscious liquid poured onto his lips and into his mouth. The thick honey trickled down his throat as he swallowed every drop given.

Breathing grew heavier as her pulse went higher. Cordelia felt the orgasm shoot through her fast. Her inner walls clenched tight around his tongue, around Angelus’ tongue, as he dragged it out of her slowly. The thought of just who was doing this to her only made her hotter, weaker and left her wanting more.

Glancing up, Angelus watched through glittering orbs as the brunette came apart on him. Skin flushed pink, lips parted and eyes shut, everything in the world but him was locked out. Perfect picture of passion. Sounds of ecstasy fell freely, his name was chanted alongside pleas for more. She wanted more, he’d give the Princess more.

Not giving Cordelia a chance to come down, Angelus left her body in the throes of orgasm and rapidly stood. It was only his quick reflexes that stopped her from falling. Having the over-heated body in his arms, the vampire wasted no time in tearing off her bra and helping her step out of her skirt and panties. “Baby, you got me so fuckin hard” he grunted, yanking his leather jacket off his body.

“Why’d you stop?” Cordelia panted, blinking back the glazing in her bright eyes. Her body was still thrumming and muscles were fisting the emptiness he left inside.

“Baby wanted more, Baby’s gonna get more” the dark haired vampire didn’t bother with his shirt buttons and simply yanked it over his head. His skilful hands went directly to the belt that kept his leather pants secure around his well-kept abdomen.

The brunette didn’t hear his response, she was too busy staring at the hand carved figure that gleamed in the darkness. Arms were set with heavy muscle that led up to defined shoulders, his chest was broad, smooth and flawless. She just make out tiny dark brown nipples that contrasted with the marble flesh.

“Baby wants more” Cordelia felt her mouth move, heard the words and couldn’t believe she’d said that. Seeing how it was too late to take it back, she shrugged and went with the flow. “Now give Baby what she wants!”

Pausing momentarily, Angelus shot her a glance that portrayed his surprise she would speak so openly. Who knew the virginal little Ice Queen could be so horny? Easing the belt through the buckle, the surprise wore off and was replaced by a stare that carried a heavy warning. “Too late for you to say no.” The zipper sounded as he tugged his pants open, “This whatcha want, huh?” His voice was light, breezy but his eyes betrayed the tone. “Come and get it”

A slight rush of nervousness enveloped Cordelia as she watched the vampire push his pants down over the masculine curves of his hips and thighs. A flash of dark hair drew her wide-eyed gaze down to where his erection was hard against the flat surface of his lower abdomen. Her hands tingled with the need to touch him, take hold of his sex and do what he said.

Go and get it.

Seeing she wasn’t gonna come to him, Angelus narrowed his darkened eyes and moved towards her.

Cordelia stood helpless and naked as she watched the vampire start to fall. Her mouth opened in shock as it slowly dawned on her that he hadn’t removed his pants fully.

“Oomph!” Angelus landed hard on the concrete floor, the sound of the collision echoed through the small chamber. His face was plastered to the ground and legs were tangled up.

Biting her lower lip, the cheerleader wasn’t sure if she should help him up or leave him to it. A small thought caught her as she realised it must have been painful if he landed on certain parts. It definitely wouldn’t do her any good to laugh, no matter how much she wanted too.

Taking the initiative, Cordelia choked back the grin threatening to spread over her face and went to help him. Kneeling down at his side, she carefully placed her hand on his back and raised an eyebrow when the muscles rippled under his skin. “Uh, you ok?”

For the first time since losing his soul, Angelus had never felt more pathetic. The girl he was seducing was helping him up off the floor of an asylum chamber and asking if he was ok. “No” he grunted gruffly, not moving an inch. “I’m not ok”

“Is there anything I can do?” She asked meekly, grimacing for him. She could only imagine what he must be feeling right now and sympathised. “Don’t be embarrassed, dorkiness is kinda cute”

He went completely still. His entire body froze on the spot as she made an effort to comfort him. Kinda cute? Kinda fucking cute? He was a vampire for crying out loud. His name was Angelus. Demon with the face of an angel. The Scourge of Europe. She, a cheerleader in high school, was calling him cute?

Angelus growled, his body vibrated with the deep animalistic noise. Obsidian orbs glared down at the floor he was kissing and growled again. Cordelia carried on talking while she mapped the broad expanse of his back, fingers smoothing across the marble surface until he forced himself to roll over. His gaze now focused on her vixen face and saw the smile as it turned her full lips up.

Maybe being cute wasn’t such a bad thing.

As her hands went from stroking his back to stroking his chest, Angelus decided being cute was definitely not a bad thing. Not if it got this kind of attention. Rolling fully onto his back, the vampire leaned his weight on his elbows and the slow smile encouraged her to keep it up.

Regaining the lost confidence, Cordelia applied more pressure and pushed the heels of her palms into his pectorals, easing the tension there. Nimble fingers worked over the built shoulders and glided softly down the heavily set biceps. Chestnut hair fell around her defiant chin, the long strands trailing over his flesh.

His body gradually warmed under the almost loving touch, tense muscles relaxed with the massaging motions. Angelus’ head lightly rolled back, a low baritone purr bubbled up from inside at the pleasure of her feminine caress.

Wet heat gathered between her thighs as she ran her hands lower, causing a reaction of her own. His legs drifted apart when he felt her go lower. The sensuality of it all had him getting hard again. At the male groan, Cordelia stifled a gasped moan and glanced down at his abdomen. Now that she was closer, she could see the trail of soft, downy hair that led towards his erection.

“Touch me baby, I don’t bite unless begged” Angelus saw the expression on her face as she openly gazed at his cock. Maybe if he was cuter, she might get a little more confident. Flashing the brunette a raunchy smile, the vampire took her hand and led her down the centre of his stomach until dark hair rasped against her fingers.

“Want me to touch you?” Cordelia asked, her voice sultry and soft at the same time. She smiled shyly when he released her hand and took the invitation. Moving her slender fingers down, she timidly slid along the solid shaft, listening at the hiss of pleasure that followed.

“Like this” Angelus got out, covering her hand with his larger one and showing her how he liked to be handled. Guiding her, he moved her hard and slow, taking the time to make sure she felt every inch on his erection. His hips arched up, pushing more of his cock into her hold and grunting with the buzz he got.

Cordelia couldn’t tear her eyes away from the sight. He was cool but not cold, the sensitive skin was like velvet while he was steel hard. Every slide of her hand taught her something new, every male groan taught her he was liking it just fine and every breathy sigh she made told of her own enjoyment.

His other hand crept up her thigh, tracing invisible patterns on her golden skin before going further up. Cupping the fullness of one breast, Angelus caught the little pebble between his fingers and tugged lightly, eliciting a sudden mewl from the brunette. Repeating that, he tugged harder and flicked his roughened thumb over the pert bud, stimulating her entire body.

In her hand, his cock seemed to swell as he dominated the movements. Hips bucked up harder and faster, his grunts got louder until her name poured out of his lips warningly. “Gonna make me come Cor”

Cordelia went to increase the pressure and pace, curling her hand tighter around his shaft and watched as the pink tip glistened with pre-come. His fingers left her breast to entwine in her hair, yanking her attention to his face. Pulling her down, Angelus captured her pliant mouth with a heavy, bruising kiss that swallowed her breath.

His tongue violently cut past her lips, slipping into the hot cavern to toy with hers. Control was fought for, neither side willing to give it up. Her body surrendered and fell down onto his, her hand crushed his sex and caused him to stop. “No, not yet. Wanna be inside” he whispered as his tongue licked her lower pout. “I want your legs tight around me, want my cock to fill you up”

Cordelia nodded her consent and reluctantly unclasped her hand. Before leaving him, she grinned cheekily and snared his balls in a light hold that had more of an effect than she expected. His powerful hips rose high off the floor, a curse was snarled out and he knew he needed to get her to stop. “Unhand me, wench” Angelus growled at her with a dark look that made the brunette shiver.

An elegant eyebrow rose as the cheeky smile vanished to be replaced by a sultry flicker of her lips. Treating him to last stroke, the brunette moved her hand in such a way that got another deep groan. “So Captain Leather Pants, you wanted to be someplace?”

“Aye lass, I do” Angelus’ voice was thick with a strong Irish brogue. The words of his reply rolled off his tongue in a manner that had her heart rate increasing. Completely sitting up, he winked at the brunette who’d turned into mush at his original accent and crooked a finger at her.

He didn’t need to ask twice. Cordelia had her mouth fused to his and arms around his neck before he could blink. Long legs shifted until her ankles were crossed at the small of his spine, leg muscles tugged her further into him.

The tip of his cock connected with her cream-slicked folds, liquid sex made him slide down the petals until he felt her entrance. A gasp of surprise sounded as the cheerleader froze a little. Just having him there, between her thighs, was enough to get her responding. Her hips pressed down, pushing the tip of him past the initial tightness and she gripped the vampire’s body when shot of lightening hit.

Her inexperience showed in that very moment. Angelus grinned inwardly and reached between their slick bodies to guide himself into her. His eyes snapped shut at the tight feel of her body opening up. Starting with short, shallow penetrations, the vampire eased her into it, taking each move with care and attention. The inner walls furiously fisted his shaft gloving him in a wet grip that he doubted would let go.

Every time he pushed up, Cordelia felt the breath being forced from her lungs as her body adjusted to his size. There was an ache spreading through both hips from the deep penetration, causing her to stifle a pained sound.

Angelus bucked up once more, the power he used and the creamy sweetness made it oh so easy for him to take that final step and sink into the hilt. Holding perfectly still, he gave her body time to adjust while having to keep the brunette from circling her hips in an effort to find relief from the burning inside.

Her chest rhythmically rose and fell with each breath, blood pounded so hard she could hear it and the pressure so high it left her dizzy. Manicured fingernails dug into the flawless skin of his shoulders, disturbing the perfection with pink welts and her legs squeezed his waist. Gradually, the ache was replaced with a dull, heady throb that had her biting her lip.

Showing her how to move, the vampire grabbed two healthy handfuls of her ass and lifted her up until only the tip of him lay inside. Keeping his gaze locked onto hers, he ever so slowly lowered her down onto his cock. The hard shaft eased through the remaining resistance to treat the sensitive spot inside that had her mewling. Angelus expelled a cool breath as all heightened senses picked up on everything.

The way skin-on-skin sounded as the rhythm was built, the little moans and hot sighs that escaped. The sight of hazel eyes glazing over with hazy lust, the sight of those perfect breasts and. the sight of her body swallowing him whole. Heady arousal, male and female, hung in the air, strong enough to make him choke, rich human blood full of sex and sin. Hot honey seared the flesh on his thighs, velvet muscles frantically squeezed his cock and soft hands massaged his shoulders. Moist kisses were shared, cool lips scraped over warm ones, tongues flicked out and tasted the other.

“Ride me” the vampire urged then groaned heavily when Cordelia crushed her hips right down on his, sending the tip of his erection slamming against the edge of her cervix. His fingers gripped so hard, reddened marks appeared but the sting only enhanced her nerves. Her little cry of pained pleasure was lost in the cave of his mouth, allowing him to absorb the reaction in all possible ways.

The slow pace got too much for him and he let go of any restraints. Angelus ignored the protesting voice and took control. Entering her with a long, slow thrust that set him alight, he teasingly withdrew and enjoyed the way she demanded he return. Giving in, he penetrated deeper than before, grunting as pressure built in his balls, bringing them tight to his body.

Rocking her body in time with his, Cordelia pushed down as he pushed up, forcing the base of his erection to taunt her clit. Blunt manicured nails clawed his back while her thighs closed tightly around his waist, muscles dragging him closer. Angelus gripped her ass, fingers flexing around the firm, silky flesh as he moved with her.

A fine sheen of perspiration coated the feline body, his fingers glided smoothly up her back to hold the nape of her neck to bring her mouth back to his. His tongue sliced through her lips, taking the sweet breath into his lungs. Under her, his body was stealing heat and light, forcing him to touch the sun as she turned into an inferno of bliss.
Angelus’ head was spinning, his body was getting hotter and hotter, and his moans got louder as she rode him faster. Driving into her, he relished in the way the slick walls held him.

Her thighs flexed around him as orgasmic vibrations started in her core. Inner muscles grew tense around the solid shaft buried deep and hot rain scalded his flesh. Throwing her head back, her back arching up causing the vampire to secure her in an iron grip. He felt the change come over her and moved fast, hard and confident in an effort to give her what she needed.

“Angel!” Cordelia mewled, tearing her mouth from his and burning her face in the crook of his shoulder, muffling her cries. Her body became still as the climax raced through her like lightening. A burst of hot, thick creamy arousal spilled down his sexuality, muscles contracted viciously around him as she came.

His face changed; handsome visage disappeared into his true face. Prominent cheekbones, ridged forehead and golden orbs; blunt white teeth transformed into deadly fangs that gleamed. Angelus groaned, his whole being vibrated with sensation as she slowly came down from her high. His balls were tight, the pressure unbearable and all he wanted was to come hard and fast.

Pushing once, twice, three times, the vampire let go and the heavy pressure filling him left his body in long, painful bursts. Cool ejaculate soothed her, his sex pulsed and throbbed frantically inside as his hips piston into her core. The vampire panted and groaned, oxygen breezed over her flushed skin as the scent of blood drew him to her throat.

A fistful of dark hair enabled Angelus to yank her head to one side, ignoring the shriek of surprise as he pierced the delicate casing covering her jugular. Rich, red human blood shot into his mouth and he closed his lips firmly around the skin, drinking her down. Her blood was like the finest port, was amazing, drugging, wild and hot, it left him in a state of grace as his orgasm subsided.

At the sudden invasion, she screamed loudly and went completely stiff in his arms. His shaft drove up into her, stimulating the G-spot with enough force to eke a second, thrilling orgasm that left her senseless.

He barely felt Cordelia give more of her neck before letting go, his saliva instantly protecting the bite mark after he took enough to sate. The tip of his tongue traced the redness, cooling the heat and licking up stray droplets, making sure he didn’t miss a thing. “Baby…” his lips drifted into a lazy smile as he swiped locks of hair from her damp cheeks, more than a little pleased to see the pink shading to her skin.

“Hmm?” Cordelia’s eyes were heavy lidded as she returned his gaze, hazel irises glazed over with the erotic moment. Placing her lips softly on his, the brunette purred against his mouth as her body began to ache. She’d never in her wildest dreams imagined her first time would be like this, but if she had the choice she wouldn’t change it for the world. “Thank you”

Angelus frowned for a second, “Believe me lass, it was my pleasure.” The vampire moved them until they lay on the concrete floor, using his arm to cushion her from the hardness. Fingers stroked the silky tresses as his lips brushed over her forehead. He lay there, with the cheerleader and enjoyed being cute. “Remind me to thank Harris for wanting to dump you”

“Remind me to thank him for that, too” she’d thank him alright, she’d thank him on his thick head the second she got the chance.

The conversation drifted off into silence only disturbed by her breathing and heart beat, leaving the vampire in secret contemplation of the night. “You know” he began lightly, “We could do this again”

Her eyebrows rose as she lifted up to look at him. “What? Xander casting a love spell and us hiding out in the dungeon?”

Angelus shot her an exasperated expression and sighed impatiently. “No, us fucking”
“Oh…” Cordelia didn’t quite know what to say to that so she kept perfectly silent and waited for him the elaborate.

“In a nice, large bed and it just so happens, I have a nice, large bed in my rooms”

“Would this be the bed where you take your seduced sweet, delectable young things?” The words were accompanied by a light-hearted smile that took the sarcastic sting away.

The vampire grinned wickedly in return and pulled the brunette back down on top of him. “You’re a seduced sweet, delectable young thing who’s gonna be taken to my nice, large bed so yeah! Problem with that?” Nope, he didn’t have any problems with being cute if it got him this far. He didn’t know why he hadn’t tried it before. Though he doubted if cuteness would have the same reaction.

Cordelia’s warm breath puffed out in a thoughtful sigh as she leaned her head on his chest, fingers brushed over the line
Part 5

“Cordy?” Xander managed to get out, breathless from the energetic run to rescue her. Everything about tonight spelled trouble of the bad kind. “I heard you screaming…” The words died from his lips the instant he realised she was completely naked. Naked meant no clothing. Cordelia Chase was without clothing and on top of Angelus.

“Arrgghh!” Cordelia bolted up into a stiff sitting position, flung one arm over her upper half while the other went to hide the lower. She stared in surprise as Xander and Drusilla stood there, one set of eyes wide with shock and the other glittering with delight. “Get out! Get out now! You can’t see me naked!” The brunette screeched as she scooted round until she was hidden behind Angelus, who didn’t seem to care.

“MY EYES! MY EYES!” As soon as she moved off of the vampire, Xander had a second to view parts of Angelus he never wanted to see. Ever. Slapping his palms over his eyes, the boy squeezed them shut and pretended that didn’t happen.

Angelus chuckled in outright amusement as he felt the cheerleader thread her arms under his and press her body against his back, her face peeking over his shoulder. “I always did love a screamer”

“Yeah, there were rats” Cordelia pitched in quickly with a plastic grin on her face. “Big, big rats, all furry claws and big teeth”

Xander looked unimpressed at the pathetic lie. Not that he could say anything of course, he’d just lost his virginity to the childe of Angelus. Thank God she hadn’t walked in on him. “Rats. That’s exactly what it was”

“Liar, liar” Drusilla sang and twirled in a floaty circle. “Daddy was playing awful nice with the pretty girl. Screams of music they were, like bedtime lullabies”

Ignoring the vampiress, she demanded “Where’s your jacket? I need your damn jacket” Cordelia hissed to the vampire she was clinging too. Unhooking one arm, she began fumbling around behind her, searching for her leather jacket or his shirt in order to cover up. “Do something!”

A twisted smirk lit up Xander’s face as he leaned a shoulder against the door, taking in the panicked reaction of Cordelia Chase. Who’d have thought she was a timid thing under it all? “Hasn’t he done enough?” Despite spending half the night being groped, coddled and drooled on by Drusilla, he couldn’t help the bitterness that filled his voice.

A hard poke to his back had Angelus rolling his eyes in annoyance and he growled low in his throat to get the message across. The tone in the boy’s voice wasn’t lost on him and he closely examined Harris’ face as much as he could. “I’ve done plenty as it happens. Problem with that?” He asked lightly and sprawling shamelessly out on the concrete floor, smirking at the blush crossing the boy’s cheeks. Receiving no answer to, he stated “Get out until we’ve got our clothes on.”

“That’s something” the cheerleader snarked, her panicky voice a little on the high side. “Argh! Could tonight be any worse?”

A sarcastic expression washed across Xander’s face as he glared at the brunette, inwardly cursing her for uttering those words. “And that’s just the thing you wanna say when in an old loony bin with two soulless vampires”

“Seems to me you’re in the best place, Harris” Angelus casually remarked with a smirk, his words and tone of voice specially dictating he didn’t like the manner in which he used on the brunette. “Now get out while we get our clothes on”

Drusilla clapped her hands in childish delight and spun round in another circle, happily aware of her sire’s temper. “Daddy wants her all to himself, his very own little pet to cuddle and play with. We must go, my kitten, or Daddy shall get very cross”

Cordelia’s face scrunched up at the use of the word Daddy constantly falling from the vampiress’ mouth. “She has some serious issues. I know a good therapist that could help with that.” All bar Drusilla looked at her as if she were the one who needed help. “What? Just a suggestion, God!”
The female vampire danced out of the room, her deceptively fragile hand latched tight around Xander’s wrist and made him follow her out into the hall, singing all the while.


Staying in the relaxed position, Angelus made absolutely no attempt to get up and help the search for clothes. His long legs were stretched right out in front of him and crossed at the ankles. All his weight was supported on his elbows with fingers entwined and lazing on his stomach. Behind him, he heard Cordelia muttering under breath and scuttling around. “Having fun?”

“Time of my life” came the dry reply, “Thanks for asking”

“You’re more than welcome” he replied easily, the caustic snap to her vocals only served to amuse. A quick shift had the vampire springing up from the hard floor with a feline grace. Dusting himself down, Angelus shook his head, cracked his shoulders and sighed heavily. “You do know I’m not done with you yet”

Pausing her search, Cordelia glanced up at him through her eyelashes from her crouched position. “You’re not done?” She quizzed with a lopsided smile. “You got what you wanted, didn’t you? We both did. What more could you possibly want from me?”

Some might see that as a tricky question which required a tricky answer. To him, it was only too simple. “You”

Serious thoughts filled her brain, causing the brunette to slowly straighten her body and she held the discovered leather jacket modestly in front of her. “I won’t let you turn me Angel, I don’t want to be one of your undead chippies with Daddy issues”

Pinning the presumptuous little minx with a hard stare, Angelus crossed his arms over his chest. A move which left him well and truly free from obstruction. “You have no say in whether or not I turn you. Nor do you get to make the decision to leave. I make the rules, not you”

“So what?” She huddled the jacket against her chilling body, never flinching from the gaze being directed her way. “You’re gonna keep me as your slave then expect me to do as I’m told while you make plans to kill me? I really think not”

Angelus’ laugh was cruel, making him seem so completely different from earlier. His eyebrow rose and his face simply showed his utter enjoyment of the conversation. “You leave me Cor, you know I’ll find you and when I get you, it really won’t be as gratifying as tonight. Would you really enjoy living afraid and alone? Cus that’s what you’ll be doing when others find out tonight’s activities”

Still, her gaze remained unwavering and strong under his. Clearing her throat a little, Cordelia offered him a tight smile. “No” she answered, “No, I don’t want to live in fear. I don’t want to be another one of your victims. I don’t want to be a number in a morgue with an accidental death ruling.” She shrugged. “Being a kept woman would be just as bad so it’s catch 22 really, isn’t it?”

Angelus gave a slight nod, understanding exactly what she meant. “I’ll let you go Cordelia, because I’m choosing too. But I see you with any other man, I’ll skin him alive and make you watch right before I do the same to you”

A sliver of terror turned her blood to ice as his honesty hit her ears. She figured she didn’t have the foggiest of what she was getting herself into. “I get to keep who I am, get to have my life just as long as you’re the only male in it?”

“That sounds pretty fair, dontcha think?” The vampire responded coolly. “Sharing is not in my nature”

“What about my father?” Cordelia quizzed pointedly, “Do I get to keep him in my life? Or my uncles, cousins and male friends? My hairdresser?”

“Hairdresser?” Angelus blinked, yes that’s what he thought she’d said.

“Yes! Antonio, my hairdresser is a he and I will not give that man up for anything or anyone. He’s worked in my family for over 4 years and he know’s my history”

The dark haired vampire felt his patience slowly begin to crack and break as she slipped back into a shell that made up the surface of her complex persona. “Don’t shy away, it only annoys”

His leather jacket dropped to the floor in a heap as Cordelia flung her hands up in exasperation. “God, we’ve only had one night. Not even that!” Her voice rose high. “Technically, we haven’t even slept together… And do you know how distracting it is to have a serious conversation when we’re both naked?”

His patience shattered and a snarl ripped through the air. Angelus had his strong hands encasing her upper arms in a split second, turning her face him. She flinched at the bruising hold, her gaze cowered from his as a light noise escaped from her throat. His fangs elongated at the scent of increasing fear, the rest of his transformation followed seconds later. “You make me so furious”

“And you’re giving me a death sentence so excuse me if I’m a little on edge” Cordelia snapped back as she met his golden orbs once more.

The vampire loosened his grip but didn’t release her. He’d never given anyone the choice he was giving her, why wasn’t she taking hold of it with both hands? She could so easily agree and then have the Slayer out for his blood. “Why aren’t you agreeing to what I want? You have the chance to walk away and get the Slayer out for my blood. Why?”

“Just like I don’t wanna die, I don’t want you to be a pile dust. Telling Buffy would render you deader and me paralysed or a stake someplace unpleasant” Cordelia answered truthfully, though she doubted Buffy would really put a stake where the sun didn’t shine. “I just want to be who I am Angel, that’s all. If you want in it, fine. But don’t expect me to give up my friends”

Angelus ground his teeth so hard, his jaw crackled under the intense pressure. “So, you’re expecting me to watch while you play with others and come to me when you feel like it? Shoe’s on the other foot baby. I gotta give, so do you”

“This is impossible” the cheerleader blew out a lengthy breath that was designed to get hair out of her eyes. “What do you suggest?” Her expression, light in her eyes, posture, everything challenged him to come up with the answer to their little problem. Two people who would not take no for answer were an annoyance to each other, maybe they should quit now.

“I suggest you stop being so stubborn!”

“I suggest you remember that saying about pots and kettles”

God, he wanted nothing more than to strangle her right then. Taking a deep, unneeded breath, the vampire counted slowly to twenty before speaking. “Look, just get your clothes on Cordelia. We need to sort out the reason why we’re in this mess”



Angelus let her arms go and stood back to watch as she returned to fumbling around for her clothes. Despite their argument, he couldn’t stop his gaze from roaming over the firm globes of her ass that became enhanced due to her position. A smirk flickered up on his lips as his tongue lazily licked his fangs in serious contemplation. He had to admit, he’d found their argument to be the most arousing bout of foreplay he’d had in a long time.


She found herself looking up through her lashes again except this time, his face was set in a very different expression to the angered one from seconds ago. Maybe there was a way round this little obstacle after all. Righting her body, Cordelia locked her hands behind her back as her shoulders swayed back and forth, a half smile lilting her mouth.

His gaze was suddenly focused on her breasts as they moved teasingly, following a line invisibly drawn between her cleavage he came to rest on the curve of her mound. Thighs were crossed in such a way that held everything from view and he growled in frustration. “Maybe I was wrong Angel”

“Yeah?” He asked distractedly as his smile grew bigger.

Cordelia wondered if he was listening to her at all. “I’ll agree to live by your terms if you promise never to kill me.” Agreeing meant she would get out of here in one piece. But that didn’t mean she was actually going to live by his rules and regulations. Not that he needed to know that.

That brought the vampire’s attention to her face and his genuine smile turned victorious. “I was wondering how long it’d take you to see sense” he throatily remarked. “Now get your clothes on and let’s get outta here, huh? It fucking stinks”

She stared at him incredulously, “We’ve been down here how long and you’ve only just noticed? You know what? Never mind. Just help me find my things”


Part 6

Xander was too distracted to worry about the increasingly amorous Drusilla. He had bigger things to worry about than her lips being permanently fastened to his neck and the hand that slid up and down his thigh and the never ending purring. He had to worry about what he saw in that room.
A naked Cordelia on top of a naked Angelus.

Didn’t she get who he was? Didn’t she know Angelus was soulless? Didn’t she understand that he was bad?

He was aware that he didn’t have much room to talk but then again, he’d had no choice but to allow himself to be raped. Not that what had happened could really be construed as rape, after all he’d encouraged her more than enough. Besides, the vampiress was quite persuasive when she wanted to be and she wasn’t exactly hit with the ugly stick either and she’d certainly had enough experience to make it memorable.

Xander cringed inwardly at his thoughts. Drusilla was not attractive. She was bad. Evil. Wicked. Soulless. But by Gods he’d enjoyed it! That woman knew stuff that made his head spin.

He was dragged out of his thoughts by Cordelia and Angelus sauntering into the hallway. The boy had to look twice when he saw the vampire’s arm curled possessively around his ex-girlfriend’s shoulder and her arm around his waist. Tilting his head to one side, Xander looked clearly unimpressed by the sight and crossed his arms over his chest. “Finally decided to join us”

“Can it, Xandie” Cordelia blithely replied with a hard stare. A heavy breath was inhaled and expelled slowly, “Look we need to talk”

“Ya think?” Sarcasm dripped from the teenager’s tongue.

Turning to face the vampire currently taking the time to nibble on her earlobe, the brunette stated “Angel, can you take Dru and give us a moment please? We have some things to discuss”

Angelus pulled away from his nibbling, narrowed his gaze and tensed. “I’m not leaving you alone with your EX” a glare made that word seem like a sword at Xander’s throat. “He put a love spell on you”

“Only so he could dump me!” Cordelia retorted with her own glare at the dark haired boy. A glare that had him gulping and huddling closer to Drusilla. “Five minutes, that’s all I need”

This time, a glare was directed her way from the dark haired vampiress. Emerald orbs staring hard at her, a glimmer of evil flowing freely. “Naughty girl” a slim finger waggled at her and the brunette felt very chastised. “No. You can’t take my pet. Daddy…” Drusilla shot Angelus a glance, her face begging to be allowed to keep Xander. “I should be such a good girl and feed him and look after him”

Is this what she did to her father when she wanted something? Cordelia shuddered to think and vowed never to do it again. Well, until Guerlain’s summer shades came out anyway. “Angel? Juts five minutes, I swear” she crossed her heart and nodded.

Angelus scowled deeply, his forehead crinkled up as his gaze went from one girl to the other, feeling the heavy weight of not one, but two pleading sets of eyes. He shuffled on his feet for a second and sent the guilty one a death sentence in the form of another glare. “You got two. Dru…”

A meowing sound came from the vampiress as she protested against being taken away from Xander. As he dragged his resisting childe past the brunette, Drusilla hissed and swiped at her, causing the cheerleader to flinch away quickly.

She waited until they were far enough away before she turned on her ex-boyfriend with a vengeance and grabbed him around his neck. He found himself no more than two inches from her face and he squeaked in surprise. “Alright, I have two minutes so listen up!” Cordelia hissed quietly, “You tell anyone, and I mean anyone about your visual exploits and it’ll be my personal business to tell the world about your wild night with Dru… And Spike!”

Xander’s lips trembled at the warning as he gasped at the implication she was threatening him with. “You wouldn’t!”

“Oh I so would” a smug grin flashed momentarily, “I’ll even throw in exactly how you found out Spike was not a natural blonde”

“I’ll tell Buffy about you and Deadboy”

Cordelia sucked in a deep breath at the returned blackmail before ice caused her hazel irises to turn cloudy. She needed to take another tactic, thinking quickly the brunette came up with the first thing that popped into her head. “You do that and I’ll get Angel to kick your ass. Believe me, he won’t stop at kicking”

The boy’s expression became angered as though he couldn’t believe she’d just threatened him by siccing the vampire on him. “Now I know you’re bluffing” she wouldn’t really do that. Right?

“Wouldn’t I?” A single, perfectly shaped eyebrow rose as she took the challenge. Her mouth opened and before Xander could stop her, Cordelia bellowed. “Angel…!”

“Alright! Alright!” He agreed and quickly covered her mouth with both hands, eyes peeked around just in case the male vampire saw him touching her. “You’ll regret it, you know. Being with him. He’ll hurt you”

“Then it’s my regret to make, not yours. Besides, how would you know I’d regret it or that he’ll hurt me?” She wasn’t so dumb to believe that Angelus wouldn’t hurt her, but she’d believe the world was flat if it got them out in one piece.

Xander pinned her with a simple expression as his green eyes searched the hazel ones. “He hurt Buffy and that was when he had a soul. What do you think he’s gonna do to you now that he doesn’t?”

Uncertainty washed away the righteous anger as she nibbled nervously on her lower lip, hazel orbs flickered towards the ground as she tried to think of an answer. Any answer would do. “Replace my silver Celtic belly bar?” She offered with a hopeless smile. “I know what you’re thinking”

“I really don’t think ya do”

“You’re thinking ‘what the hell is she thinking?’”

“Okay, maybe you do”

“And I’ll tell you what I’m thinking” Cordelia nodded emphatically, ignoring the common sense as it bit her repeatedly on her ass.

“This should be good” Xander muttered under his breath, relieved when she let go of his neck.

Easily dismissing the caustic comment, the brunette continued with her speech. “I’m thinking I’m getting us, not just me I hope you realise, out of the situation you got us into with the ability to breathe. Imagine that! Me doing something selfless. Me! Me! Me!”

His expression remained untouched as he stared at her. “So you’re great plan to get us out is to sleep with Deadboy, pretend you’re under his spell and then get Buffy?” Somehow, he very much doubted that.

His theory was proven right when Cordelia began to unconsciously fidget with her top. “Maybe not the Buffy part but let’s not talk about that!” Her hand waved that piece of information away as though it was unimportant. “The point is we’re getting out and you’re getting away from Drusilla… Or would you rather stay with her forever, and it will be forever”

She smirked when he looked positively horrified at the prospect at being a vampire sired by Drusilla. Leaning in close to the boy, the cheerleader lowered her voice to a sultry whisper. “You do know she isn’t the one you need to worry about, don’t you? Just think who’ll be out for your blood, quite literally, if he finds out about tonight…” the sultry whisper drifted off.

Lifting her hands, Cordelia flipped her hair over her shoulder and spoke with in an airy tone that was far more scarier than her angered one. “You do know that Spike has already killed two slayers, don’t you? Buffy’s only been a slayer for, what, almost two years now. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out who’d be kicking who’s ass”

“You’d rat me out to Deadboy Junior for sleeping with his girlfriend?” Xander’s voice reached unprecedented heights as he stared at her incredulously. “First, you threaten to sic Deadboy on me, now you’re threatening to sic Deadboy Junior on me. You’re insane, you know that? You really need help”

“Ok, first off not threatening. More like forcefully getting my own way and second, wouldn’t you wanna know if your girlfriend had been sleeping with someone? Not to mention the fact Dru was under a spell, which makes it that little bit worse. What would Spike say if he thought the spell was intended for her?”

Cordelia mentally congratulated herself as she twisted everything around to suit the situation and herself. Damn, she was good. If only this worked on her mother then maybe she could get that really cool Celtic tattoo. Out of everyone, her mother was the only one who could see through her games.

Not that she could hold that against her mother of course, she learned all she knew from that woman. Especially the powers of persuasion.

“You’re serious aren’t you?” Xander knew that no matter what he came out with, she’d only find a way to turn it round. “Seriously deranged that is. But hey, if it suits you then why should it bother me? After all, everyone’s used to you being the centre of the universe”

“Good to know I’m living up to my reputation” Cordelia stated evenly, not letting that remark get to her. It wasn’t her fault he couldn’t see she was saving his life and keeping the skin on his body. “Now will you keep schtum?”

“Do I have choice?”

“Not if you want to keep your vocal chords in perfect working order” Angelus’ rich voice interrupted as he returned with Drusilla in tow. His sudden arrival scaring the living hell out of Xander. Dark brown eyes went immediately to the cheerleader who stood back with a mixture of hurt, triumph and frustration on her face.

Despite having already heard what had been said between them, the male vampire wanted to hear the boy speak like that to his face just so he would have a good excuse to snap his neck. If he killed him without good reason, he’d have to deal with both Cordelia and Drusilla, then he’d get a headache and be forced to do something he’d already agreed not to do.

True, he didn’t always keep his word but if there was something worthwhile in it for him, then keeping his word he’d do until there was a way around it.

Quizzing the dark haired teenager, Angelus looked on him knowingly. “What did you say to her?”

Xander was busy clutching his heart, trying to cease the coronary from happening. Wide, startled green eyes landed on the male vampire who was directing a stare that could freeze hell his way.

“Nothing I couldn’t handle, isn’t that right Xandie?” Cordelia replied for him and crossed her arms defensively. She had half a mind to tell the vampire exactly what her ex-boyfriend had said but she wasn’t that wicked. Not much anyway.

Angelus narrowed his black gaze menacingly, “I doubt there’s anything he could say you couldn’t handle.” As if to prove his new ownership on the cheerleader, the vampire turned his most charming smile on her and brought her close to him, his arm once again curling protectively around her shoulders.

“I think we’re done here” Cordelia cuttingly stated with chilling eyes. “Let’s get out of here. Angel, you’ll have to carry me again cus it’ll be a cold day in hell before I’m walking barefoot through those sewers”

He shrugged easily, not really bothered by the burden of having her once again over his shoulder. It’d give him ample opportunities to gaze at her deliciously firm ass.


The outside air was a welcome change to the foul stench of the tunnels and the dungeons under the mansion. The stars and moon gave the midnight sky a gorgeous glow that seemed a little too bright after the darkness that had covered them for most of the night.

Standing tall and proud against the diamond speckled sky, the large grey structure of the mansion looked as foreboding as it ever did. From the highest point which touched the starry blanket to the ugly, mythical gargoyle that watched over the entrance. It never ceased to appear as though it were alive and laying in wait.

Her arms curled around each other in an attempt to ward off the late night chill as the cool breeze whispered through the small surrounding trees, hazel eyes watched in mild amusement as the dark haired vampire left Spike to console Drusilla. She could hear the feline whimperings coming from the vampiress as she fawned all over the blonde.

Drusilla had literally dropped Xander on the spot as soon as the spell had worn off, leaving the teenager in a heap on the dirty, damp ground in the tunnels. Angelus had thought the moment was hilarious and naturally, so did she. Cordelia hadn’t been able to stop the laughter from bubbling up and figured her ex-boyfriend deserved it for planning to make her fall in love with him just so he could dump her first.

“What a dork” the brunette uttered with a little half smile which flirted at the corners of her mouth. Tonight’s activities certainly weren’t what she had expected in the least. Her plans had been school, cheerleading practice, mall, home and finally the Bronze with her friends but well-laid plans had a nasty habit of going wrong.

Now she stood next to her hot wired car and waiting for the vampire to return from taking Drusilla into the mansion. As he’d been told, Xander had left for home after another promise not to tell which Angelus had pretty much choked out of him.

Glancing down at the state of her clothes, Cordelia grimaced and looked away from the horror story that was her. The very nice and very expensive green top was caked in dirt, the black skirt was on inside out and her panties were missing. No doubt there was a logical explanation for that and her gaze drifted to the dark haired vampire now sauntering her way.

“Everything okay?” She didn’t know why she was asking that question but the sound of her voice gave her some comfort in the situation she was now in. Offering Angelus a tiny smile, the brunette kicked her useless shoes away, scrunching her face up in extreme dislike when the coldness of the ground met her bare feet.

“Apart from Spike swearing bloody vengeance on your EX? Yeah, everything’s good” he replied with a simple shrug of the broad shoulders she had spent most of the night travelling on.

With the light, Cordelia had a clear view of him now and she took her time in studying every inch of the vampire. Dark chocolate hair was rumpled and hung messily around his forehead, deep set orbs swirled with mirth and delight while slim lips curved up into a sensuous grin that made her skin burn. Black leather hugged his legs perfectly, skimming the muscles in the powerful limbs while enhancing his masculine form.

Fire and ice simultaneously radiated from his every pore, his mere presence had the air vibrating with enough electric to make the atmosphere crackle with energy. Each step was purposely measured as though he knew it’d build her anticipation, his gaze kept her pinned in place as he continued with his slow approach and his smile grew into a lover’s caress.

Stopping only a few feet from Cordelia, Angelus placed strong hands on his hips and simply stared at her. “I’ve kept up my end of the bargain and let you both live”

“You did” she acknowledged with a nod. “Thank you.”

“Not running for your sweet little life?”

Not withdrawing from the challenging stare, Cordelia took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. She knew she’d be giving up part of her life, but at least she would be able to live the other parts of it. “Would it matter? You’d find me”

“I would” he granted the truth of that statement “But maybe I’d like the chase” Angelus resumed walking towards her, an arrogant smirk on his face.

“Maybe I want to be chased”

He got closer.

“Maybe you don’t wanna run”

The only space seperating her from him was a few small inches.

“Maybe you don’t want me to run” she returned easily, a genuine smile flickered across her pouting lips. “After all, I might go and tell Buffy to come stake you”

Angelus mentally congratulated Cordelia on her blackmailing techniques and treated her to a cute, lopsided grin. “What you’re saying is if I let you run, you’d get me killed?” His reply was a nod and shrug. “Do I have a choice?”

“Would it matter if you did?”

“Not really”

Leaving a part of her life behind, Cordelia allowed herself to be led towards the mansion and whatever awaited her.



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