Turning the Tables

SUMMARY: You play with a Vamp, he bites. You play with a Bitch, she gets even. Combine the Vamp and the Bitch, they work.
POSTED: 15 Oct 2003
WARNINGS: Explicit Sexual Content
AUTHOR NOTES: A request by Cal so here ya go, been working long and hard on this so you’d better enjoy or just remember my vegetable threats towards Lily…!!!
STATUS: Complete


Buffy glanced up at the vampire through her eyelashes; pain, heartache and sorrow embedded deeply in her blue eyes. Her baby-pink lips pouting as she tried to blink away the tears of the unfairness of the world. “I-I’m sorry Angel” she whispered to him apologetically as she went to caress his face, “I can’t be with you because I can’t have the risk of letting Angelus out again. I couldn’t stand it if he got out because of me again” she told him tearfully as she retracted her hand from his face.

Angel looked down at her, his face and eyes expressionless as he absorbed her words like a sponge. He knew he should tell her about his soul being permanent after being brought back from hell but to be honest, he didn’t really care much for anything right now. He was having a hard time adjusting to being back on Earth and not in that dimension.

The only thing the vampire could think of when he looked at Buffy was the fact that if she had cared about him at all then she would’ve realized that she only needed his blood to stop Acathla. Instead, she’d killed and sent him to hell. Something he’d never be able to forget, he could forgive because she thought she was doing what was necessary but he couldn’t forget. He was too emotionally raw right now to deal with anything else.

Like this God forsaken brake-up of their tragic farce of a romance.

“Is that it?” Angel asked in an even tone as he stared down at the young Slayer with fathomless eyes that bore deeply into her.

Nodding, Buffy leaned up to kiss him goodbye; when her lips touched his all she could think was how much she deeply loved him and how she would give anything she had just to be with him. It was a bittersweet moment for her, the ending of her true love; she didn’t think she’d ever be the same after tonight. It was like a part of her was broken that could never be fixed again.

For Angel, the moment had gone on longer than necessary and he’d had enough of it all to be honest. He was tired, cold and he had better things to do other than play Romeo to her Juliet. Didn’t she get it at all that he’d just got back from 300 years in hell? He had a damned good right to be feeling the way he did, there were no words to describe how he felt after getting back, no words at all.

One minute he was angry, the next minute he felt like his soul was being torn in two and the next angry was an understatement to the rage inside. The rage of the demon at being contained behind a soul, the rage at feeling betrayed by someone who claimed to love him and the rage that had been with all through his existence.

Buffy found herself wanting more and couldn’t help but press her lips harder against his and she felt her arms going around his neck. “Umm” a choked and muffled moan came from her as Angel pushed her away from him. Covering her mouth with her hand, the Slayer blinked up at him questioningly at first but then understanding flooded her watery eyes.

“I’m so sorry for tempting you like that Angel” she whispered sorrowfully, “But I can’t help it. I just love you so much”

“Go” was the only thing he could think of to say that was in the least bit polite, anything more and he’d spontaneously combust with the whole sordid affair.

Nodding, Buffy backed away a few steps as she took a lasting look of the vampire she loved more then the world before she turned around and ran.

Leaving him to pick up his shattered thoughts.


Lying in the hospital bed as she had done for the last week, Cordelia smoothed the back of her hand across the dewy skin of her cheeks. Dewy from tears well-spent, dewy from restless nights and dewy from the lack of skin-care products she was used to. She felt alone, betrayed, bitter and angry over what had happened between Xander and Willow, God she felt sick to her stomach.

It wasn’t so much the kiss itself, it was the fact that it had been going on longer and she’d never noticed what had been right under her nose all this time. And she thought it was Buffy she had to worry about not sweet, innocent Willow Rosenburg, man stealer extraordinaire.

It was the thought that while he’d been kissing her, Cordelia Chase, Xander could have been thinking about Willow. Sure, they said they only shared kisses but it’s still cheating no matter what Xander told her to weasel his way out of it. Now here she lay, alone, cold and miserable without anyone to talk too or even to look at. She’d stared at the same ceiling for the last seven days, she’d talked to the same nurses for the last seven days and she’d seen the same doctor for the last seven days.

In fact, she’d bet what was left of her pride, dignity and self-respect that she’d seen that fly for the last seven days too.

Could her life get any worse?

Startled out of her well-deserved self pity party by a gentle tapping on her hospital room door, Cordelia turned the only part of her she could to look at who was there.

She had to think that jinxing line didn’t she?

“Xander, what do you want?” she asked tiredly, didn’t he understand the meaning of the words ‘Leave me alone?’

Xander eased the door open a little, feeling it was safe to enter the room he’d been chucked out of earlier. “I just wanted to see how you were… Are… I brought you some flowers” he held up a small bouquet of wildflowers from his neighbors’ yard.

There was a time only 8 short days ago that Cordelia would have found his dorky attribute sweet but now she only saw it a pithy attempt to win her back or get her forgiveness. She was willing to give him neither of what he wanted. “Thanks. Drop them in the trash on your way out please. I’m tired”

“Cordy please, I’ve said I’m sorry what more do you want?” Xander expressed as he held up his free hand in exasperation, he made one mistake. One. There were people out there who made more than one mistake and they got forgiven, why couldn’t his one mistake?

“I want you to leave me the hell alone is what I want” Cordelia repeated her exact words from the four other times she’d spoken them to him. “I don’t want anything else from you or her, just please leave me alone Xander. Go away”

“I made one mistake Cordy” he said pretty much what he was thinking; she’d always respected people who did that didn’t she? If it meant he’d regain her respect, then he’d do just that.

“That one mistake missed my left kidney by half an inch, do you know what would have happened if it had been half an inch to the left Xander?”

Xander gulped and once again felt a searing pain, yes he knew what would have happened if that rebar had been half an inch to the left.

“I asked you a God damned question” Cordelia snapped, some of her frustration and anger slipping out as she demanded an answer from her ex-boyfriend.

“You” he swallowed again, “You would have died I know, but you can’t keep making me pay” he told her honestly.

“I don’t want to make you pay for anything” she said as sweetly as she possibly could as she reigned in her anger at him and the whole situation. “I don’t want to make you do anything except get the hell away from me before I call security. Go now Xander, and don’t ever speak to me again or I will make you pay. Got it?”

Nodding in full understanding, Xander inched forward a little more into her room and deposited the wildflowers on her lunch tray. “I’m sorry” it was the most sincere apology he’d given her since this whole thing came out.

“You should be. Goodbye”

He left, leaving Cordelia to pick up the remains of her shattered pride and emotions.

Part 1: Fancy Meeting You Here
“Annddd!” Cordelia smiled genuinely for the first time in what felt like forever as she toddled through the automatic door of the main entrance to the hospital slash prison. “I’m free!” she grinned when she felt the cool night breeze bring a refreshing change from the clinical atmosphere of the hospital. Outside, there was no smell of industrial strength cleaner or the putrid scent of hospital version of mashed potatoes and even better, there was no doctor around to poke and prod her anymore.

Balancing her small little overnight bag on her shoulder, Cordelia inhaled a deep breath through her nose and reveled in the wonderful smell of outside. Even if that smell was car exhaust fumes and pollution, anything was better than bleach ala hospital!

Spying the car her housekeeper had brought for her, Cordelia toddled off as fast as she could towards it, simply just enjoying being able to walk about and how no-one could order her to lye down anymore. She was, for all purposes, a free woman; free of the modern day Nazis as she called them once or twice after a few threats from the ward sister! She’d only gone for a walk to the vending machine for a Coke for heaven’s sake; it wasn’t like she was planning on taking on Mount Kilimanjaro.

The brunette felt like she had a new lease on life as though she had just escaped the confines of the concentration camp at Oschvitz! Slinging the bag from her shoulder, Cordelia rummaged around for her keys and typically found them underneath everything else.

“Typical!” she muttered to herself as she eased her currently fragile body into the drivers’ seat and started the car. “Ahh home sweet home. Peace and quiet. No Xander, no Willow, no Buffy and definitely no doctors. Bath here I come!” and she drove away, quite happy for now and just content to start her life again.


Angel had pretty much sat in his chair day in and day out ever since Buffy had dumped him four days ago. All that was missing was a baseball, a cap and he’d feel like the perfect lovesick teenager. The walls around him were bare just like always, it seemed as though his grandchilde had stored away all his stuff when he took off after his childe. Not that he minded a lot of course, but that was his stuff to put away into storage and not Spike’s!

Okay, forget the baseball and cap, Angel just realized he was brooding about his grandchilde putting his stuff into storage. He’d seriously sank to an all new low here and knew he had to get out of the house before he went stir crazy and killed someone, namely himself!

Dragging his tired and empty body out of the leather chair, Angel went straight for the front door when he paused in thought. He’d never gone for a drive in a very long time and he suddenly found the need to. It was one of the few things the demon and man agreed upon, a nice and relaxing drive in the night listening to some Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra.

Turning back on himself, Angel tried to remember where he put the keys to the barely used convertible.

“Top right hand drawer under the blue socks you never wear” came the all-knowing inner voice of his and Angel sneered at his demon and had visions of someday being able to flip him the finger or tell him to fuck off and go bother somebody else!

“You’d be lost without me Hans Soulio!”

“Just like I’d be lost with a map” Angel growled as he went directly for the top right hand drawer under his blue socks, ignoring the smug feeling inside him. “I think I’ll take the back roads, more chance of a kill that way”

“I was wondering when you’d start to see sense, oh well better late than never I s’pose!”

“I meant a demon kill, not a human. Haven’t you done enough of that?”

“Not nearly as much as I’d like to be honest… Hey stop trying to be my chum will ya? I hate your guts you freak!”

Having retrieved the keys to the stunning, sleek love of his life the vampire almost jogged to his baby waiting in the garage just screaming to be taken for a ride to get her juices flowing.


Cordelia wrestled her car to the side of the little lane when weird noises sounded from under the hood. Steam was coming out of the engine, the gear shift didn’t move right and her brake seemed to be a little on the none-working side.

“Great, thanks car. I love you too!” she yelled at the roof of the soft top Corvette as though that would make any difference. Unfortunately, it didn’t even make her feel better let get the car to start working. “After all the things I’ve had done to you, let’s see shall we? You’ve had your wheel arches widened, your shocks have been lowered, you have 17 inch tires complete with alloys I might add. Not to mention these nice and cozy little bucket seats. And what do I get in return?” she demanded.

“A breakdown when I need you the most. Didn’t you ever hear of your owner in need?” she asked her steering wheel desperately before hitting her hands off of it lightly. “I guess I’m walking home then. All that way by myself, in the dark with no-one to look out for me…” okay so the guilt trip didn’t work either!

Opening the glove compartment, Cordelia yanked some stuff out of it and stuffed the bits and pieces angrily into her little bag until it was overflowing. The car door shut behind her and the alarm beeped into action. “At least that’s one thing going right tonight. I feel like I should be looking around for Candid Camera or something”

Alone, she started walking along the empty lane, giving sparring glances at the little houses hidden behind the bushes. She’d love to have one of them, they were painted in bright colors that reminded her of the beach; so very different to her own more conservative home. Her parents had old money and they knew what to spend it on; but as good as her house looked, she’d still prefer to have one of those brightly colored cottage-type ones. They always looked so inviting and homely, hers was large and could be construed as foreboding to someone who had never been there before. Most of the time when she was alone in the house, she felt intimidated by it’s lavish size.

A grin quirked up at the corners of her mouth as Cordelia remembered one Halloween years ago, her parents had thrown a masquerade and had invited her aunt, uncle and cousin Timmy. When they had all gone to bed, she’d been so terrified of the costumes that had been worn that she had checked the whole house with her Barbie pen torch!

“What an idiot!” she chuckled as she remembered the good times she had when she was a child. She’d had some good times with Willow and Xander too, that she couldn’t deny as much as she wanted to. They’d play together in the park opposite kindergarten and eat ice cream while Xander pushed her and Willow on the swings.

“How sweet!” Cordelia snarked bitterly at the memory that she had been fond of but now detested greatly. She was so caught up in memories that she wasn’t watching where she was going, her foot slipped off the edge of the pavement and she stumbled into the road.

Freezing like a deer caught in the woods, Cordelia found herself face to face to two bright headlights no less than two inches from her face. Her breath caught in her throat when she realized how close she had come to getting knocked over and her heart started pounding wildly, not even registering the pain in her left side.

A man got out of the stalled car and ran round to help her up, “Miss!” he gushed as he knelt down to take her by the arms. “Miss, are you alright? I didn’t hurt you did I?” he asked hoping he hadn’t.

Cordelia was still staring into the head lights as he spoke to her so she didn’t really hear what he said. Giving her head a little shake, the brunette turned to look at the driver of the car and breathed a sigh of sheer relief. “I-I’m fine” she stammered a little as she tried to get her arms free of his gentle but firm grip, “I’m not hurt which is something I suppose”

Angel help the young woman up off the side of the road and helped her dust down her clothes, accidentally hitting her injury as he did so.

“OW! Stop it, don’t do that please. It hurts a lot” Cordelia brushed his hands off her body and straightened her clothes, blowing a strand of hair from her lips. “I don’t suppose you have a cell phone I could use please? My car broke down just back there and I don’t really want to walk home in the dark”

“Uh no cell phone sorry. Are you sure you’re alright Miss?” he asked again, she was hurt and he could smell fresh blood on her, but it wasn’t like he could say that to her was it?

“I’m fine really, thanks for not killing me or anything. I really appreciangel?!” Cordelia finally looked at the man who was trying to help her and recognized the vampire instantly. Great, now he was gonna go back to his little girlfriend and tell her everything. Just great, is there anything else you wanna throw my way?

Angel saw past his panic and took a good, long and hard look at the brunette standing in front of him. She looked as tired as he felt, she had bags under her almost lifeless eyes and her skin was pale. Her hair, though clean and nice, lacked it usual luster and she wasn’t even looking at him, she was walking away.

“Cordelia… Wait” he caught up with her in a few steps, turning her round with a gentle hold on her arm, offhandedly noting she seemed frail under his much more powerful touch. “I-is everything okay? I mean do you need a ride someplace?” he offered, “I have a car”

What was it with him and acting like a teenager today?

“I know, you almost squished my head with it” Cordelia replied as she looked at him, the hazel orbs that were once full of spite and a bitchy attitude, were now practically void of that and it made him frown in genuine concern.

“Yeah, sorry about that, really I am” Angel told her honestly as he continued to look at her, wondering what had brought this lively, voracious girl to such a gloomy place.

“You know, that’s the second genuine apology I’ve had this week” she pointed out with a choked laugh as she sniffled back a tear. It was no use crying in front of Buffy’s boyvamp, he’d just go back tell her and that was something she didn’t need. “What? Does the world’s population want mugs for genuine apologies now? I swear” she growled, the hazel flashing for just a second before she once again reigned in her anger.

“Why did someone apologize to you?” Angel asked in confusion, ignoring his demon telling him to just drain the girl and put her out of her misery. “D-did someone do something to you? Do you need help? I can…”

“No, I don’t need help Angel. I just want to be left alone if it’s all the same. Thanks anyway though. It was nice talking to you, drive safe” Cordelia smiled and waved at him sweetly before turning away from the confused vampire to continue on her way home.

“I know what it’s like” Angel spoke up suddenly, why he didn’t know but he couldn’t let her walk off the state she was in. It wouldn’t do him any harm to listen to someone else’s problems for a while either, it just might put his perspective if he was lucky.

That stopped her in her tracks.

“You know what what’s like?” she threw over her shoulder, not turning round so he could see the tears welling up in her eyes.

“To be alone” he was cold, “To feel lost” nope, still nothing, “And to feel betrayed” BINGO!

“What the hell do you know about being betrayed?” Cordelia snarled out as she spun round, almost losing her balance with her rapid spin. “Or should I be asking CryBuffy that question?” she smirked when she saw a flash of something in those melted chocolate orbs. “I mean she does have the most loyal puppy in the world, I should ask her where I can get one”
“Buffy and I have nothing to do with you” Angel growled out as he took a step closer to the brunette. “So keep your nose out of what isn’t your business”

“Take your own advice Angel, I’ll keep out of yours if you keep out of mine” she retaliated but walked a step closer to him. “Until you have any clue what the deal is, just go about your daily routine of lick balls and play fetch because I don’t need you and your help”

Angel walked a step closer to her, his hands clenching and unclenching into fists at his sides. He was already unstable and he didn’t want her to be the one who set him off. It was clearly obvious she was reacting to his own anger with hers, maybe if he channeled it the right way he could get it out of her what had her so upset.

Of course he’d get it out of her right after he gave this stuck up bitch a piece of his mind.

“You think you’re better than everyone else, you don’t give a damn about anybody but yourself and you don’t care who you hurt as long as you get your own way” Angel growled at her and walked until they were almost nose to nose, steam coming out of them both. “Poor little rich girl” he mocked, “What’s the matter Princess? Daddy not give you his credit card? Or has your footballer of the week left you for a better woman…”

Were they stars he was seeing? Angel blinked back tears as he held his nose between his thumb and forefinger. He was not expecting her to retaliate with violence, maybe he’d gone a bit too far with the better woman comment. “Truth hurts doesn’t…” when he turned back round, Cordelia was walking away with her head held high.

“Fuck!” Angel swore, shaking off the vestiges of her punch, the vampire quickly took off after her. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it Cordelia. I don’t know what got into me” he apologized profusely and loudly so she would hear him.

Oh she heard him alright but ignorance was bliss in her little world and she wanted no part of his little bizzaro world that’s for sure. Cordelia shrugged and started to mentally prepare herself for her retaliating punch from the almighty Slayer.

“Cordelia please” he yelled, she was the only person other than Buffy who had talked to him at all in the last few days. Even if that talking was more of a barrage of canine insults. “Please talk to me” he all but begged and his demon threw up!

Once again, his words stopped her in her tracks and the brunette spun round to face him again. “What now? You gonna start on the reasons Willow was a better choice than me? You gonna start in on how Xander was right to go behind my back? Or maybe you’re gonna stick the stake in and say that I should have been half an inch to the left”

“Half an inch to the left? What’s going on? I don’t under… Oh” the rest of her words caught up with him and he winced visibly. No wonder she’d smacked him after the other woman comment that was really the wrong thing to say. Angel looked at her and shrugged helplessly, not really knowing what to do. “I came back from hell and my girlfriend dumped me”

Part 2: Friends Over Coffee
“Spike!” Angel growled as though the blonde vampire was to blame for everything, “I knew I should’ve killed him the day he was turned”

Cordelia smiled grimly into her coffee, “It wasn’t entirely Spike’s fault, he didn’t hold a gun to Xander’s head and tell him to make-out with Willow. Well, not that I know of and I seriously doubt he would”

He’d never noticed anything about the red head or the boy either and he chastised himself for not seeing it. Angel was sure he would’ve said something to Buffy about it, well he may have said something to Buffy about it. That’s she hadn’t already known about them that is. “No, it wasn’t” he gave her that point with a sigh, “Just like no-one held a gun to Buffy’s head about reading up on Acathla and how to stop it”

“What do you mean?” she asked curiously as she looked at the vampire who was now replacing her as the trodden-on-by-love person in their little pity world.

“Buffy didn’t have to kill me Cordelia” Angel looked at her, his distress obvious as emotions swirled around his hypnotic gaze. “All she needed was my blood to close the portal”

“And you were sent to hell? But I thought you were soulless” Cordelia tried to fathom it out in her head, the whole EvilAngel had thrown her for a loop. Finding out that someone who had saved her life more than once was suddenly evil and hell bent on sucking the world into hell.

“I was… Until Willow’s spell worked and my soul got returned just before” his grip on his coffee cup was making his knuckles stand out and look white than the rest of his skin. “And Buffy…”

“Sent you there instead” she whispered as it all came together now, putting her cup down, the brunette covered his hands with hers. “I always pride myself on telling the truth Angel so I’m gonna play the devil’s advocate here for a… Was there a devil and did he have horns and a pointy tail?”

He gave her a hard stare, causing Cordelia to smile at him sheepishly and shrug innocently. “What? I can’t help it if I’m curious. I mean it’s not everyday you meet someone who dies and comes back from hell. So was there a tall, red devil with horns?”

“Yes and its name was Cordelia!” Angel shot back quickly, causing her to laugh soundly at his quick fire put down. At first, he wasn’t sure how’d she’d take someone else giving that to her but obviously she liked it if her musical laughter was anything to go by.

Cordelia shook her head when her laughter subsided and gave him a sideways glance. “They lost out big time you know that?”

He didn’t pretend to not know who she was on about, “Well Xander did, but Buffy’s better off without me. She can have a normal life, live in the sun and do stuff that she wouldn’t be able to do with me” Angel told her with an accepting shrug of his broad shoulders.

“That’s bullshit and you know it Angel” Cordelia stopped his train of thought before it picked up steam. Setting her mug firmly onto the table top with a little thud, she gripped his hand tighter. “Buffy is a Slayer, where is the normality in that I ask? And another thing, what the hell is normal these days? If somebody walked up to me in the middle of the street and stuck a metal pole through me I’d go to hospital, and did actually, but there are people out there who pay people to stick metal through their eyebrows!”

“Do you know how many people consider themselves different or abnormal Angel? You’re not different than they are. Sure, you may have a psychopathic demon in there but we all have something” she stressed to him. “I have a psychopathic shopping demon and bad taste in men it seems. So that’s two for me, you only got the one”

“Being a vampire is a little different to compulsive shopping” he told her seriously with another hard stare.

“I don’t suppose you have an inner voice that whispers carnal cravings to you in the middle of the night” Cordelia agreed ruefully with a nod. “It’s like every time I go past Victoria’s Secret’s, I hear this ‘buy me buy me buy me’ nagging sound in my upper right hemisphere!”

“Get away from her, it may be contagious! Pick up your skirts and RUN!”

“Have you ever thought of seeing a head doctor?” Angel queried as his brow scrunched up in the middle. “Or maybe locking yourself up for the safety of the human race?”

“Once or twice, but it doesn’t work anymore. I know how to work the house security codes!” Cordelia deadpanned quickly, this time making Angel laugh. She looked at him, when he smiled his face lit up and his eyes burned with colors, bringing warmth to the cold, obsidian orbs he usually had. The apples of his cheeks puffed up and he tilted his head to one side, making him look a lot younger than his…

“How old are you?” she asked suddenly.

“240” Angel mouthed to her, “27” he spoke aloud.

“Wow, you’re years older than me” she looked in awe at him, “You don’t look a day over 235!” she whispered and took a sip of her coffee, gracing him with an innocent look that he didn’t believe. Yeah, it was definitely Buffy’s loss if she dumped this one; Cordelia didn’t doubt that Angel would ever cheat on anyone. Maybe just maybe, she’d got a friend out of all this.

“What are you thinking about?” Angel asked, nudging her hand with his a little and vaguely noticing how neat her nails were. Not overly long but not short either, French manicured perfectly and the shape trim.

“Just how much of a loser freak Xander Harris is” it wasn’t exactly what she thinking but it was on those lines. If Buffy was involved, so was Xander in her book; she was adding Willow to that book too. “I was too blind to see what was going on right in front of me” Cordelia shrugged, it didn’t seem as bad now that someone seemed to be listening to her side of the story instead of Willow’s woe-is-me side. “But you Angel, you let your every move get dogged by Buffy, I don’t get it. You’re old enough to live your life so why do you let her tell you what to do?”

“I don’t let her tell me what to do” the vampire responded, if she’d been easy going enough to tell him about Xander and Willow, then he could at least return the favor. Off her look, his mouth pursed out and looked deep in thought for a second. “Buffy was the first person I came into contact with after decades of solitude, living off rats and she was the first person to show me any kindness at all”

“You mean you just wandered aimlessly for years like totally alone?”

Angel looked away from her, not wanting to see any pity in the girl’s face for him, he didn’t deserve or want that from his new friend and ally against Buffy’s little squadron. Cordelia scratched his hand, bringing his attention back to her “I’m not pitying you Angel, pity does nothing but make people wallow in their black pit of despair for all eternity. I just wish you had someone to go too, that’s all. It’s not fun when you’re on your own is it?”

“Ain’t that the truth. I’m stuck in here on my own and does anybody care about me?!”

“No it isn’t” Angel agreed and sighed, “That’s one of the reasons why I let myself be used so I won’t be alone anymore. Plus, I did-do love Buffy but that’s over now so what can you do?”

“Nothing short of crying your eyes out in a hospital bed” Cordelia answered as she shrugged at him. “Here’s to Alexander the Great Asswipe and Buffy, may you both suffer for your loss until the world gets the next ice age!”

“I’ll agree with you there, Xander is an ass Cordelia, you could do so much better than him and I could do better than a Slayer” Angel didn’t even register he hadn’t called Buffy by her name. “We should teach them a lesson, show them what they’re missing”

“And how do we do that O’ Brainy Vamp?”

“Ever hear the old saying The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend?” Angel asked as he started to get more and more into the idea that was now spreading wings and taking flight in his head.

“Yeah, and that has to do with me how… Oh, I get it now” Cordelia clicked on to his line of thinking. She tapped a fingernail on the table top thoughtfully, “I know that would really get up Xander’s nose but I really don’t wanna be on the end of your ex-owner’s stake Angel. I’m not scared of her, if she pushes me then I’ll push back but she is stronger than me”

“Buffy won’t hurt you, I won’t let her” he told her honestly as he returned her light hand-holding softly. “A vampire has to take care of his girl right?!” without waiting for an answer from the pretty much stunned girl opposite him. His demon spoke, he listened and reported back to Cordelia! “Here’s what we’re gonna do…”

Part 3: Battle Tactics and Accessorizing
Two days later saw Cordelia fidgeting nervously and pacing in the mansion while she waited for Angel to finish whatever he was doing in the kitchen. She looked around the mansion, taking everything or what there was of it, in. The walls were bare yet well kept and clean, the floor was simple cold, grey concrete and all except for an old couch, the furniture was sparse. The brunette figured most of it would be in his rooms where she suspected he spent most of his time.

Patience wearing as thin as her top, Cordelia hobbled lightly into the kitchen where she found Angel drinking a mug of blood in long, thirsty gulps which he choked on when he saw her watching him. Swallowing as quickly as he could, he turned away from not wanting to see disgust on her face at the sight of him drinking blood…

“Wow, you were thirsty or do you call it hungry?” Cordelia pointed out, “Do vampires get thirsty too? Or does O pos cure that too?” she asked curiously. “What does it taste like?”

“Huh?” Angel glanced round at her when she started playing a game of twenty questions with him. “Um, I’ve really thought about thirst before actually. I normally just drink blood whenever I’m um… Hungry” he finished quietly.

“So blood cures the starvation but don’t you ever feel the need to have a nice, ice cold glass of water now and then? Or do you ice up your blood? Hey! You could make blood slushies!”

“Blood slushies?” now she really had gone mad! “What’s slushies?” Angel asked, not really sure if he wanted to know.

“They’re yummy drinks made up of crushed ice, I’ll make you a blood slushie one day if you’re a good little vampire!” Cordelia teased with a shy smile towards him. “After all, a woman has to make sure her vampire has plenty of iron cus we can’t have you turn into a pile of skin and bones now can we?”

“No, we wouldn’t” he agreed, to what he wasn’t entirely sure yet but he’d figure it out eventually of that he was sure. Looking the brunette over with his melted chocolate gaze, Angel took in her outfit for tonight; the night that they would fight back!

She wore a deep, rich ruby red blouse made of satin with sleeves that reached her elbows and a scoop neckline. The hemline just barely covered her midriff, showing off some of the pale but still bronzed skin on her stomach but also covering the bandages that hid her fresh injury. Her skirt was black leather, also as requested, with a silver studded belt that reached just above her knees.

Black, strap-tie sandals decorated her small feet and criss-crossed halfway up her calves to fasten just below the curve, enhancing the feminine slender legs. Her hair was held back by some loose grips, keeping stray wispy tendrils from fluttering around her heart-shaped face and her make-up was kept to a minimum.

Angel smiled slowly and appreciatively of the way she looked, definitely dressed to kill he decided. “Nice” he commented, his usually warm voice was a little heated with the accompaniment of the husky, purred lilt that sent shivers up and down her spine. He suddenly felt under-dressed; if they were going to be believable as Sunnydale’s newest power couple then he figured they should match. “I’ll be right back, just gimme a minute” he told her before scooting up the stairs quickly, leaving Cordelia to contemplate her sanity for going along with this hair-brained idea of his.

She had to admit though, having the opportunity to get back at Xander was something she couldn’t possibly pass up at all. And since it was Angel she was doing it with, all the better because if there was one sure fire to piss of your ex and that was to date the person he couldn’t stand. In this case, it was to date the vampire he couldn’t stand.

“Ahem!” a deep, throaty cough from behind her snapped Cordelia from her thoughts and she spun to face the vampire. Angel straightened the cuffs on his deep, berry red velvet shirt, the top two buttons were left unfastened exposing some of his obviously impressive chest and leather pants skimmed his muscular legs perfectly. Her hazel scanned his form, an eyebrow raised as she analyzed him from top to toe.

His dark hair freshly gelled and spiked up, a natural musky scent radiated from him and he wore the perfect boots to go with his outfit. But there was still something missing, just that one little thing but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it.

“Something’s missing” Cordelia stated as she looked at him with pursed lips, “Do you accessorize?” she asked. “Like a thumb ring or a chain or something. I remember that chain I saw when you, he, you-he tried to kill me in the graveyard. It was this silver chain with a locket or something on the end. Where’d that go?”

Angel shrugged, “That’s a sign of me soulless Cordy, I don’t wanna go there anymore than I have to. It makes me uncomfortable” he confided.

“Makes you uncomfortable? Makes YOU uncomfortable does it? It makes me uncomfortable when you prance around posing as me. I demand you stop it right now and go put your poncey trousers back on!”

“Says the vamp who looks like he’s ready to eat me whole” she pointed out with a shake of her head. “Look, you have just as much right to wear the chain as evil you does. You may as well take advantage of his stuff, I would if I had half of his clothes and I were a man”

“Don’t you dare touch my stuff! Next time I get out, I’m hiding all my stuff so you can’t ruin it with your souliness! But I’ll let you borrow my pants if you give her a game of pool in that skirt!”

“Okay, I’ll just be a minute” the vampire told her before scurrying back upstairs, realizing this was a bit of roles reversal between a man and woman. Normally, it was the woman doing all the last minute fixing and the adding of jewelry and not the man. It was quite disturbing when he thought about it.

Angel rummaged around inside a drawer, looking for the chain he wore during his rampage last year. “Where is it?” he growled in annoyance, “Cordy’s waiting downstairs and I don’t to keep her waiting for much longer”

“Ooh! It’s ‘Cordeee’ now is it? That’s fast Hans, even where you’re concerned!”

Ignoring that squeaky inner voice, Angel finally got his hands on the chain he was looking for and quickly slipped it over his neck, positioning it right so the symbolic pendant dropped down from his Adam’s apple.

The vampire almost tripped over his own feet in the rush to get back downstairs so he wouldn’t have to keep her waiting any longer than necessary. “I’m back” he gasped for air he didn’t need, grinning at Cordelia like a mad man.

“So I see” she replied, not really wanting to know why he was grinning and panting to be honest, she could imagine well enough on her own thank you very much. “Shall we go then? Cus as much as I love watching you run around like a cat on a hot tin roof, I wanna get this over with as quickly as possible” she admitted her nervousness to him.

Angel frowned at her and guided her to sit on the couch, “You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to Cordy, really. If you’ll find it too hard then we won’t do it and we’ll find another way to show them what they lost. But if it’s Buffy your worried about, then don’t be. She may not have been girlfriend of the year but she wouldn’t hurt humans” of that he was sure of.

“Yeah, but most humans aren’t dating their ex-vampboys Angel, even though we’re not dating she’s gonna think we are and that could cause a whole lot of trouble for me at school” Cordelia told him honestly as she met his unwavering but understanding one with her own willful gaze. “I’d have Xander yakking in my ear at all hours, I’d have Willow chiming in at every given opportunity and I’d have Giles going on and on about how would have to keep away from you for Buffy’s sake so she could concentrate”

“If any of those things happened, I hope you’d tell me about it” Angel told firmly as he tucked a stray tendril behind her ear. “It’s nobody’s business but ours if we’re dating or not right? Buffy dumped me, Xander lost you because he thinks with the wrong head and Willow, she’s still traumatized I killed her fish!”

“I remember that, they accused me of being selfish cus I wanted my car protecting… Sorry!” Cordelia apologized sheepishly. “But you were really scary soulless Angel, I mean big with the scary stuff you know. But you still knew how to dress, that I’ll give you”

“You told me once I think” Angel vaguely recalled something about Angelus, Cordelia, his butt and leather. “So, are you going to let them dictate who you date Cordelia Chase? Or are you gonna be my girl?” he asked straight out as he held her gaze easily, trapping her within the heated depths of the rich chocolate ocean.

She couldn’t look away, the longer she looked and the deeper she dug; his hypnotizing gaze almost sending her into an enthralled trance. There wasn’t just black in his stare, there was flecks of molten gold and oceans of deep, dark chocolate.

Angel watched as black orbs of her pupils dilated, almost swallowing her irises altogether. Big, black eyes now captured his gaze as he focused in on the gold-hued hazel rims; long thick eyelashes enhancing her almond shaped eyes, making them appear twice as large. “Are you gonna date me?” he forced his voice box to work somewhat.

“Heh, someone with better thrall eyes than me, go figure… As in her figure! Satan I kill me sometimes!”

Cordelia blinked once or twice, she wasn’t sure but nodded enthusiastically in answer to his question. “So we’re dating then?” she asked for confirmation from the vampire just to make sure he was sure he wanted to go through with this.

“I guess we are” Angel replied then it all went silent between them as they wondered what to say to each other next. They’d never really gotten to know each other at all before the other night when they had coffee; if they were going to be dating then it seemed like the right thing to do. Get to know each other, that’s what they had to do.

“Was that a tumbleweed?!”

“So what do you…

“What do you do…”

They smiled shyly a little before Cordelia gave him a silent invitation to speak up first before she ploughed into something that would embarrass the living hell out of her.

“I was just gonna say that um, if we’re gonna be dating I should know a little bit about you and vice versa” Angel took the lead with a nervous but gracious smile as he left it open for her to disagree or agree. Not that she could disagree with that of course, it made sense to know something about the other.

“Well, I had an idea about that see” Cordelia began and got his full attention, “We could use these ‘dates’ of ours to talk openly in front of them, and let them see who we really are. Sure, they’ll probably laugh at me but what the hell. The whole school is laughing at me, I’m sure two nerds and crazy freak won’t matter” he nodded for her to continue.

“While we’re learning all about each other, we can use what we learn against them by ‘finding’ stuff in common. And when I say find, I mean fix”

“Good plan” Angel thought it over, “It would also be a good idea if we danced once at the Bronze too, I never danced with Buffy and it would be petty and pretty childish if I was to dance with you. But what the hell, if we’re gonna do this then we’re gonna do this right”

Part 4: Let the Games Begin
Cordelia easily relaxed into Angel’s comforting and very male body as he sauntered into the Bronze like God’s gift to women everywhere. His heavily muscled arm draped lazily over the brunette’s shoulder and he nuzzled her hair.

“Asswipe at ten” the vampire warned under the pretense of kissing her soft hair, Angel grazed his cheek across the silky, held back strands and inhaled the natural scent deeply, committing it to his memory bank.

“I’m not playing Name That Smell Hans Soulio so you can shove it up your, uh, nice firm and muscular ass!” what? It was his ass too and it wasn’t fat.

“Thanks for the heads-up” Cordelia turned her face into his, letting his lips softly slide down where he flicked his tongue out to taste her lips a little, making her start. “Dog much? What’s with the licking?”

“Spread em babe, I’ll show you licking!”

“Just tasting, nothing wrong with that is there?” Angel commented in reply as he led her purposely past the table where Buffy and the others normally sat. Neither he nor Cordelia even gave it a sparring or pitiful glance.

The first people Cordelia attracted attention from were Harmony and Aura, her not-so-best-friends. “Cor” Angel purred, tilting her chin up so her eyes once again locked onto his. “I’m gonna get a drink ok sweetheart? You want anything?”

“Um, I don’t suppose you could smuggle me a cocktail?” this would be the very first time she laid it on thick. Her hazel eyes widened, her glossy lower lip pooched out and her shoulders swung back and forth. “Please Angel? I’ve been a really good girl”

“Oh she’s a bad little kitty Hans, get the girl a drink or two. Make it them Screaming Orgasms, triple!”

Angel gave her a stern look, tracing her pouting lower lip with a gentle sweep of a cool fingertip. “Think you can handle an Orgasm sweetheart?”

“Oh… My… God…! That is just so hot” Harmony swooned to Aura as she openly looked the man in black leather up and down. “Did you hear him? He’s so masculine!”

“Shut her up will you? I’m trying to flirt here for Satan’s sake. Can’t a demon get any anymore without being interrupted?!”

“I think” Cordelia purred right back at him, her wide eyes unblinking as her tongue darted out to wet her upper lip with a slow, beckoning caress. “I can handle anything you want me to swallow”

“Red alert! Hans Soulio’s launching!”

Angel visibly gulped but recovered quickly when he caught the gaze of a certain blue-eyed blonde that was glaring in his direction. The vampire saw the look of angered frustration on her face and figured she’d been watching him the whole time. “C’mon Cor” he murmured “Come with me, who knows what you might end up swallowing”

Cordelia caught the edge to his purred lilt, immediately the realization hit that they were putting on a show. Angel felt the rush of tension through her and slung his arm back around her waist protectively and noted how his show of care had her relaxing into him again. That hadn’t happened with Buffy, the blonde had tensed at his touch but this was new and he liked he made someone safe.

“Can’t you wait baby?” she asked coyly, bringing a hand up to twirl a strand of her hair around her finger in a classic flirt move that brought a grin to his face. “I can’t, my tongue seems kinda dry, I need something cool on it. I tell you what” Cordelia met his gaze flirtatiously. “I’ll get the drinks and you wait here. That way I can surprise you”

“Think you can?” Angel enquired genuinely, “I’ve been around sweetheart, I don’t think there’s anyway you can surprise me but feel free to try”

“Is that a bet?”

“What does the winner get?”

Cordelia paused deep in thought for a second or two before answering, “The winner gets whatever she…”

“Or he” Angel added with a pointed stare, this flirting thing was fun.

“Or he wants. Deal?” she held out her hand for him to shake it and seal the deal. Cordelia smiled when he kissed the back of her hand instead. “Tasting again are we?”

“Get the drinks Cor, will you be able to get something stronger than soda?” Angel asked, openly taking the piss over her age and griped about her not being able to get served alcohol.

“If I can, then you’ll be surprised won’t you?” Cordelia responded easily, winking at the vampire she sauntered off leaving him in the company of two openly drooling teenagers.

“So you’re dating Cordy now?” Harmony asked, hoping he’d say no when it was plainly obvious he was.

“No, I’m just using her so she’ll wash my dishes” Angel replied sarcastically as he watched the way Cordelia’s ass held a very tantalizing sway. The leather moved with her body’s natural rhythm and clung to her curves. As his eyes tracked her, he saw the reason why she wanted to go too the bar; Xander.


Cordelia reached the bar a little flushed, she’d felt the vampire watching her and couldn’t help the smug feeling she got when she clicked he was checking her ass out. She looked good and she knew it, it was one thing to feel good about yourself but it was another when somebody didn’t use words to tell you. In her opinion, actions spoke louder than words and his actions made her feel truly wanted.

“What can get you?” Trevor, the bartender, asked with a smile at her. He’d known this girl for years; he waited for her father’s parties from time to time and got paid very well for doing practically nothing.

“Trevor” Cordelia stated her greeting, “I don’t suppose I could have a Jack Daniels, smooth and off the rocks please? And a multiple Screamer?”

“Cordy, I can’t serve you alcohol you know that” Trevor told her seriously, “I could lose my license”

“Please Trevor?” came the asking nicely, then came the mega-watt smile and the coy, little shrug. “It’s a special occasion” she told him, “You see, my boyfriend and I”

Xander listened in when he heard his ex speak about a new boyfriend and felt a flare of envy rise up in his gut.

“Are celebrating the fact that we’re serious after a hitting a few speed-bumps on the track and I want something special” Cordelia told the barman, fully aware of Xander’s undivided attention.

“Serious? I thought he’d gone behind your back and you’re telling me you’re back that dolt?” Trevor asked in shock.

Cordelia squashed the humiliation that even Trevor knew about the Harris situation. “No, not that other guy, he was one of the speed-bumps. I mean that man over there” she turned to look at Angel and pointed him out, hiding her laughter when she saw him being talked too by Harmony who’s mouth seemed to be moving rapidly.

Trevor nodded, “And you and he are serious? As in a major couple?” he asked, “I saw him with that blonde girl last week”

“Another speed-bump, you know how a guy feels guilty and can’t brake up with a girl because he feels she needs him?” Cordelia remarked, her voice and face full of pity for Buffy. “Well, he was with her for a year and I couldn’t wait so I dated Xander Harris because he’s Buffy’s friend and it was the only we could be around each other without actually acting on us” she explained.

“It was hard on the both of us, being around each other day after day without being able to do anything about it” her expression went from pitiful to longing in a single second. “It wasn’t as if either one of us would cheat you know? The funny thing is, he and I were the ones that got betrayed by both Xander and Buffy, so we wasted an entire year of happiness just to make sure those two didn’t get hurt”

Again, Trevor nodded in understanding, “I get it, so you and that guy were platonic because those people you were dating needed you?” he asked with a frown. “That sucks, but you and he have finally got it on?”

Cordelia beamed at him, her face glowing with pure delight and her smile rivaled the sun. “It’s taken a year but yeah. Cordy Chase has finally met her match and she couldn’t be happier”

“You deserve it girl, lemme get you your drinks on the house since it really is a cause for celebration and I love a good love story!”

Xander had lost track of the conversation when he turned to see who Cordelia had pointed out to be her serious boyfriend. Now, he was staring at the smug face of Angel, who was openly watching the brunette with undisguised lust. He felt a sharp stab in his chest when he noticed Cordelia now returning the vampire’s lustful stare, he refused to let Angel have his ex, he’d already had Buffy and he was no trying to sink his fangs into Cordelia. Did Buffy know about this?


Angel watched with unkempt amusement as Cordelia sauntered back from the bar with their drinks. He was sure she’d pointed him out so she could get served with alcohol and couldn’t wait to hear her say he’d won their little bet. A game of pool would be nice actually!

“You got it” he commented, “What did it take for you to get served?”

Giving him a smug look, Cordelia handed him his Jack Daniels making sure her fingers touched the back of his hand. “The love story of the century that’s what. Just to keep you updated, refer to Asswipe and Buffy as speed-bumps!” she took a sip of her creamy cocktail and her eyes rolled back at the delicious taste of Baileys, Tia Maria and Chocolate Liqueur.

“Tasting is good” she told him as she licked her lips suggestively, the cream of her drink had her lips a little sticky. Cordelia sampled her drink again, this time a little “Mmm” popped out as she swallowed.

He couldn’t help but get dragged into the game, Angel smirked a smirk that was pure Angelus as he teased her lips with a fingertip. “See, I told you there was nothing wrong with tasting”

Cordelia had no chance to reply for her words were cut off by the feel of his soft, cool lips pressing down on hers. Her eyes widened even more, a shocked squeak popped out and was quickly muffled by Angel as he darted his tongue out to tease her mouth. She responded from the slightly ticklish sensation and parted her lips, allowing him entrance to the warming heat of her mouth.

He could taste the thick, creamy texture on her tongue and mouth; the taste was like hazelnut coffee with a chocolate after taste. Vampires had no sense of taste but he was certain he could taste the Orgasm on her.

“Take her home then you can really taste an Orgasm on her tongue!”

The vampire moaned lightly, increasing the soft pressure just a little and deepening his impromptu kiss with her. His tongue graced over hers, the cooling effect of him against hers was almost bliss. Cordelia tilted her head to one side and raised up on her tiptoes while Angel bent down a little, his hand coming up to stroke her hair while she fisted the leather material of his jacket, flexing her hands and enjoying the feel of it on her skin.

He massaged her mouth expertly, dipping his tongue rhythmically in and out of her mouth, causing her whimper to get lost under the intensity of his kiss. Angel gradually and reluctantly decreased the pressure until he was simply brushing his lips over hers in a light whisper of a touch.

Searching his face for answers, Cordelia blinked rapidly a few times and she forced her thoughts to a stand-still, causing total and utter mental grid-lock. That was not part of the plan, the plan was to date a few times, hug once or twice, flirt outrageously and go home. Kissing wasn’t supposed to be involved in this at all, and Angel knew he was going to be eating his balls in blood stew tomorrow by the look in her eye.

“Okay pal…” Cordelia got ready to blast him for that little shock when he popped fingertip back on her mouth and pressed down silently telling her to shut up.

“Save that for later we’re being watched, I gotta plan” Angel muttered to her, his voice loud enough so only she could hear. Whenever a man stated he had a plan that was the time to start worrying, she’d seen some of her father’s planning with DIY and it wasn’t pretty. Come to think of it, maybe that’s why he always hired people to do stuff now!

“Lay it on me then” she insisted just as quietly, “But don’t think you’re getting away with that”

“I don’t doubt it” Angel swung Cordelia in the opposite direction to the Slayer and led her towards a table. “Play along, I have a plan” he repeated.

“I heard you the first time” she hissed in annoyance but leaned into his guidance and let herself be manhandled by the vampire. Cordelia placed her cocktail on the table top and went to pull the high stool out from under the table when Angel stopped her.

“Allow me” he purred and took over the job; Angel pulled the chair out, removed his jacket and sat on the chair. Cordelia frowned at him then grinned wickedly when he slapped a hand on his thigh, “C’mere sweetheart”

“You are so bad!” she slid on slender leg over his thigh before copying the move with her right leg until she was perched entirely on his lap. Cordelia returned his naughty glance with one of her own and graced him with a smirk. “Justice will prevail!” she whispered.

Buffy had been sat routed to the spot when Angel had turned away from her; it was as though he hadn’t known she was there. She had seen them kiss or Angel kissing her more to the point and that had left a burning hole in her heart. Now he had Cordelia Chase sitting on his knee like they were hopelessly in love or something which she knew was impossible because Angel loved her.

“It’s gotta be a trick right?” Xander’s hate-filled voice brought her out of her thoughts as she looked at him. Her blue eyes filled with hurt, accusations and spite; Buffy drew her lips into a tight line and turned back to watch the vampire and cheerleader fawning all over each other.

“I don’t know what the hell is going on, but I’m going to find out” she hissed to him as she kept on watching her boyfriend and her nemesis. Just because she had technically broke up with him didn’t mean that she didn’t want him back. She made a mistake and she knew that, she’d been giving Angel space to figure things out, it looked like that was a mistake too.


“Asswipe and the Slayer are watching” Angel murmured to her, “I’ve always wondered if he follows her around to stop his collar from choking him”

Cordelia sniggered, “Nah, he just likes to sniff her ass”

Angel reached around the girl on his lap, causing her to shift in his lap to make it easier on him. “Stop moving!” he warned her with a wicked tone to his voice as he took a sip of his smooth drink.

“You’ve been doing well so far Hans, I have to hand it to you. But don’t you dare tell her to stop!”

She reddened a little but refused to let him embarrass her with a male comment like that. Cordelia inched back on his thighs, sniggering to herself when she felt Angel’s hand hold her still. “What? I had to get more comfortable cus there was this hard thing…” she let her voice trail off when noticed Xander and Buffy staring right at them, they’d obviously moved to a closer table. When did they do that? It didn’t look as though Angel knew either.

“I’ll give you a hard thing sweetheart” the vampire purred and then muffled his yelp of pain when he felt her pinch his thigh hard. Looking away from Cordelia’s neck, Angel raised his eyes to see his ex and Xander glaring at them. He couldn’t stop the small bang on his heart when he saw the hurt on Buffy’s face, despite feeling like she’d betrayed him he still didn’t want to hurt her…

“It’s that exact line of thinking that has you in this situation in the first place you dickwad. News flash Hans, people do get hurt because that’s life. Enough about her, grope the Cheerleader!”

Cordelia curled her arm under Angel’s, hugging him in support. The hatred she felt towards Xander didn’t show on her face, if she was honest with herself she felt nothing for him right now. In fact, neither Xander or Buffy were worth the energy Angel and her were investing in them. But if their plan was working, who was she to end it?!

Angel moved his hand from her hip, sliding up to her stomach and he slowly traced circles over her bare skin, carefully avoiding her bandaged injury. “It’s working like a charm” he whispered to her and used his other hand to stroke her thigh. Her skin was tanned, smooth and heating up under his soft caress, the vampire resisted the urge to explore her thighs further and stilled his movements.

“What are you doing? That kinda touching wasn’t part of the plan and neither was that kiss” Cordelia whispered back under the guise of grazing his cheek with her lips. A breath of exotic warm air tickled his cheek as she spoke to him, it didn’t take a genius to see she was a little uncomfortable with his sudden show of intimacy.

“We have to show them we’re having the romance of the decade right?” Angel pointed out. “It won’t look very good if we’re acting like we can’t stand the sight of each other would it? And besides, they’re eating it up and I’m enjoying this, it’s kinda childish fun!” he paused for a second. “When I say childish fun what I mean is…”

“Childish revenge?” Cordelia offered helpfully with a grin.


“So did I surprise you in getting the alcoholic supplies?” she asked lightly as she finished off her drink with a last gulp.

Angel knew what was coming, “What if I told you no you didn’t surprise me, would that make me the winner?”

“If, and only if, I believed you” Cordelia responded dryly as she glanced at him with wary eyes “And it also depends on what you want” she knew she had won the bet but couldn’t help but be a little curious as to what he would want her to do.

“You like pool?!”

Part 5: To Bitch or Not to Bitch
The sky was its usual clear, cloudless blue and the sun was just already engulfing Sunnydale in its hot rays. Cordelia checked her make-up in her rear-view mirror once more before getting out of Angel’s car. She smiled at his thoughtful behavior and tucked the keys into her little, cute bag. The sleek convertible was a stark contrast to her Corvette, his was black and classy while hers was red and modified.

She ran her fingertips over the hood, moving them to press the quick release button just above the bumper fully intending to check out the engine when a sight stopped her from doing that. Cordelia raised her eyebrow as she watched Willow approach Oz timidly, the brunette could see the red head biting her lip as she took baby step after baby step towards him.

It was when Xander shouted of Willow that Oz noticed his ex-girlfriend was there and when he looked up at her, the red head had already turned to see what Xander wanted. How the hell could I have missed stuff like that? She wondered angrily, not at them but at herself. She felt like a stupid and naïve little girl that believed every lie she was told, in way she was a stupid and naïve teenager. But not anymore, they wouldn’t make a fool of her anymore.

Cordelia looked down at her clothes, she wore an emerald green knee-length skirt with a cream top and kitten heeled mules set off the outfit nicely. She still felt as though something was missing from it, what was she missing?


She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and opened them again, the dull irises that had been dull and void were now filled with a spark, making the hazel hot enough to melt the polar caps!

“Ah, much better” Cordelia said to herself as she slung her bag over her shoulder and prepared to saunter into school. She walked with her head held high, her posture straight and a look that told people just who was boss. Offhandedly, she wondered how long it would be before Buffy started yapping at her ankles, trying to get the lowdown on her and Angel.

It took the petite Slayer almost half a day to come up to her, and Cordelia was happily eating her lunch in the cafeteria. Her lunch consisted of a Greek yoghurt, a red apple, a Galaxy caramel and two ham, cheese and tomato sandwiches. It was part of her new regime, if you were what you ate then she was gonna be God damn yummy!

This was how Buffy found her in the cafeteria, enjoying the last few chunks of her Galaxy caramel and sighing into her vending machine purchased hot chocolate. The blonde made a show of sitting noisily down in the chair next to Cordelia and putting her hand on the table with a little slap.

“I don’t know what game you’re playing with Angel Cordelia, but I suggest you stop” Buffy told her, this wasn’t a threat it was a warning. Her blue eyes flashed with the promise of what she would do if Cordelia didn’t leave Angel alone.

She had two choices here, she could bitch and show Buffy just how angry she was but that was indirectly giving Xander the reaction he wanted. Her other choice was to not give him the satisfaction of letting him know he hurt her. For some reason, Cordelia thought that men found it easier to deal with their mistakes if a woman showed her anger.

She chose option two and just didn’t give Buffy anything to tell Xander.

“Stop what? Stop seeing my boyfriend? Lemme think about that for a second… No!” Cordelia replied easily and popped the last chunk of chocolate into her mouth. “Have you noticed how his gaze looks like my hot cocoa? You could drown in that heated gaze…!”

“Whatever you’re doing, stop and stay away from Angel”

“I’ve already told you no, how many more times do I have to repeat myself? God, I’m not a parrot!” she exasperated with a hidden smirk as she licked her lips of the caramel and ‘mmm-ing’ at the sweet taste. “Angel was right, there’s nothing wrong with tasting!”

“I know you’re only doing this because you think it’ll get to me, but you’re wrong because I know Angel would never fall for a girl like you. He’d rather go back to hell” Buffy said in a low, knowing voice that really grated on Cordelia’s nerves. The blonde sounded so smug, like she knew everything and that was one of her pet hates.

Gasping in mock shock, Cordelia looked at Buffy with hurting filled eyes, “So you do know it was Angel and not his demon that you sent to hell?” the brunette swallowed and covered Buffy’s hand with hers comfortingly. “You don’t have to worry how he’s handling being back, I’m taking really good care of him. You can sleep easier at night now you know he’s okay”

Angel had told Cordelia about Willow’s spell working, Buffy was stunned speechless and her previously smug blue eyes were now filled with accusing suspicion. “He told you?”

“How else do I know? Oh, allow me to congratulate you on being there for him by the way, I thought for sure you’d leave to give him space but weren’t you support-o-gal!” Cordelia removed her hand from the top of the Slayer’s, picked up her napkin and daintily wiped her mouth free of crumbs. “If you’re through threatening me, I have to be somewhere because my boyfriend’s expecting me home after lunch since I have free periods all day”

“You’re not fooling anyone Cordelia I know that Angel still loves me, not you. Me. He knows that I left him because I don’t wanna set Angelus loose again. Unless that’s why he’s with you, because he knows you can’t give him perfect happiness” Buffy continued to talk as she followed the brunette out of the cafeteria.

“Actually, I haven’t slept with him yet” Cordelia corrected the annoying, squeaky voice in her ear venomously. So she felt a little jealous that Buffy had slept with Angel first, but she was more than sure she could give the vamp a whole new world of bliss despite the fact she’d never slept with a man before.

“He’s using you to make me see how wrong I was and when I see him, I’m going to tell him I made a mistake and he’ll understand like he always does then he’s gonna drop you. Do you know why he’s gonna drop you?” Buffy lashed out and grabbed tight hold of Cordelia’s arm to stop her from walking away.

“No but I’m sure you’re gonna tell me!” Cordelia replied as she humored the blonde and listened to her words. When would Buffy ever learn? Intimidation from a teeny blonde just didn’t happen, not with her anyway. “Come on then woman! Spit it out, I have important stuff to do today. I’m making blood slushies!”

Ignoring the remark about blood slushies, Buffy carried on with her point. “Angel’s going to drop you so fast because he knows me and he knows you. Out of me and you, who do you think he’d pick? You’re a shallow, vicious bitch who didn’t even talk to him after you found out he was a vampire. So why the hell would he wanna know you now?”

Those words did hurt a little, but not the bitch insult, it was the fact that Buffy was right about her not even talking to Angel after she found out he was a vampire. And right now, she had to think quickly. “Angel knows why I stopped talking to him Buffy” Cordelia remarked coolly, “The fact that he’s vampire didn’t come into it at all and he knows this” okay, some self-humiliation could be worked in here! “He knew I liked him even when he was dating you, that’s no secret…”

“I know and he didn’t even give you a second glance. That should tell you something…”

“If you’d let me finish” Cordelia gave her a pointed look with a sweet little smile. “I’m not ashamed of my crush, why should I be? Angel’s a good man… Vampire… Manpire. He’s like a 6” 2 walking Greek statue with fangs, he’s good company, funny, way smart and he wouldn’t hurt anybody. So why should I be ashamed to admit I had a crush? He knows I stopped talking to him because I was embarrassed that he knew I found him attractive so for my own sake, I cut off connections”

The brunette gave a fake yawn and cut the Slayer’s next words off, “As much fun as this isn’t, Angel is expecting me at home so I’ll see you later, have a good afternoon!”

“Not before I see Angel first” Buffy vowed as she watched Cordelia practically skip down the hallway. The blonde narrowed her eyes before turning away, doubts that this was just a game being played by them inching in and making cracks in her confidence. Hell would break loose if this was real.


It had taken Xander all morning to work up the courage to go too Cordelia’s house seeing as they both had free periods for the rest of that day. He found himself outside the double gates at the bottom of the Chases’ drive, waiting for someone to answer on the intercom.

“Chase residence, who is this?” came a voice with a Hispanic lilt that was definitely not Cordelia.

“Hi! It’s Xander from Cordelia’s school, is she in?” he asked hoping the maid didn’t know about his little escapade with Willow and the trouble it had caused.

“I sorry Ackbar! Cordelia is no home, at her Angel’s house” Rosario read the note Cordelia had given her.

“Uh, thanks anyway” Xander clicked the off button, staring long and hard before making the decision to go Angel’s mansion to see things for himself. The teenager ran a hand through his floppy, dark hair and sighed, “God, I’ve really screwed things up haven’t I?”


Keeping her stare straight, even and emotionless Cordelia looked at Angel daringly as she shuffled the deck of cards. “Are you sure you wanna go there with me pal?”

“I’ve been playing Poker for over a hundred years Cor, I don’t think you could beat me” he replied in a smooth, confident voice as he stretched his lean body out on the floor. Angel raised an eyebrow at her equally confident leer and watched as she first split the deck, flicked the cards one by one and then split the deck with one hand.

“Ah, but you’ve never played Poker against my father and grandfather” she told him, “I have and until you’ve done that, don’t underestimate me. Okay, Jacks to open, more aggressive and Trips to win!”

“Dealer waits” he reminded her and watched as she dealt out seven cards to each of them and picked up his own. Angel had a perfect Poker face as he focused on his cards, he had one Ace, two Tens, a Five and three Threes. Angel glanced over at Cordelia as she picked up her cards and studied her hand, he could cheat and use the reflection in her eyes to tell him what she had…!

“Stop looking”

“Little miss know it all iddn she?!”

“I wasn’t…” Angel denied quickly.

“Um, yes you were. I saw you and I’ve been playing this game a long time too so I know when people are cheating so stop or else…!”

“Go on Hans, cheat away! You have my express permission to find out what the Or Else means!”

Cordelia looked at him with a pleased smile, he looked worried at that threat and that pleased her immensely considering she had nothing to go on in her hand. Not that she was really looking at what she had, she was too busy looking at him! Angel looked about as good as a vampire could get; the plain white muscle shirt left his shoulders and arms visible, while keeping his chest hidden from view which was disappointing!

He had an amazing physique, shoulders held harsh lines where his neck and back muscles stood out. His arms were equally heavily muscled with biceps that curled into solid, prominent evidence of overwhelming masculinity. It was like Angel’s entire physical stature had been carefully detailed by women who knew what a man should look like and sculpted by women who agreed entirely!

He was wasted on Buffy who hadn’t appreciated what he’d done for her in the slightest. If she really had him, she’d make damn sure he felt appreciated in every possible way. But he wouldn’t want her!

“Check it out! She’s checking my bod out! Look all you want sweetheart, touch me even more!”

Angel scratched his chin a little, he wasn’t exactly sure how to handle her open study of him. Hardly anyone in the last century had come within close distance of him, let alone feel secure enough to play cards with, threaten and punch him. Cordelia was one of the most courageous people he knew and he admired her for the personality he had thought of as bitchy. The girl opposite him was a contradiction in herself.

Her simple honesty was enough to scare people away from her, giving them the impression she was downright rude or bitchy when it was simple honesty. But on the other hand, he was learning Cordelia Chase was anything but simple. She was wasted on Xander Harris, the fact that he hadn’t known what he had was proof of that. He’d gone after someone he could handle, someone more in his league.

“And you are? Excuse me while I laugh my fangs away! Lose the soul and we’ll talk!”

Cordelia was way out of Harris’ league and Angel had known that from the start, that’s why he was so shocked that the boy had cheated on her. If he had her, there was no-way he’d hurt her like that and he’d make damn sure she knew that. But she wouldn’t want him!

Today she was relaxed, sitting cross-legged and barefoot in his version of a living room; on some blankets he had brought down since he didn’t have a rug or carpet. Her green skirt was bunched up around her waist and that would have given him a welcome view if it hadn’t been for her shorts! Her legs were bronzed, long and slender with small feet decorated with green nail polish that matched her skirt.

The sleeves of her top were pushed up to her shoulders exposing her firm and toned arms. Her long hair swept up in a messy ponytail where the ends swished across her shoulders every time she moved. She looked young like that, she looked sweet and pretty and Angel knew he couldn’t stop staring!

The mutual drooling was interrupted by a knock on the door, causing both of them to blink and return to Earth with a crash. Angel coughed, a little embarrassed by his staring, if he had a blood flow he knew he’d be beetroot red. “I’ll just be a minute” he told her, his voice had lowered an octave and he had that smooth Jack Daniels tone again.

“Okay, I’ll watch you answer the door!” Cordelia replied as she nudged her head towards the front door with a smile.

Another knock annoyed the vampire and he swung the door open, “Harris” Angel growled a little. What did he think he was doing coming here? His hardened gaze centered on his more than unwelcome visitor, feeling smug when the kid flinched slightly.

Xander? What was he doing here? Cordelia’s thoughts mirrored Angel’s as her body jumped a little, causing her stitches to pull and a hiss of pain to spill from her lips at the jerked movement. “Guess I can’t make my dramatic return to cheering just yet” she mumbled and reached for her little bag with her painkillers in. They weren’t strong and according to her doctor, they weren’t meant to relieve the pain completely. “If they did, you wouldn’t know if it was getting worse” she mimicked the doctor’s patronizing tone perfectly.

Angel’s attention instantly went from glaring at Xander to Cordelia, “You okay sweetheart?” he asked in genuine concern as he knelt next to her, searching her face. His eyes went to her side then back to her grimacing expression, “You’re hurt”

“I jumped and pulled my stitches a little, that’s all. A coproximol will suffice… Or a shot of Vodka!” she joked, touching his cheek with her hand. “I’m fine Angel, really. Go see what message Xander has from Buffy while I peek at your cards!”

Xander watched the entire scene play out in front of him, it was like waking from a bad nightmare only to find that you were awake to begin with. “So it’s true” he stated from the doorway, “You’re playing boyfriend-girlfriend with Deadboy”

“Don’t call Angel Deadboy, it’s rude” Cordelia chastised Xander without snapping in anger. When Angel looked at her in surprise of her friendly tone, she gave him a private smile and he knew she was up to something so he went with it.

“What should I call him then? The host with the most?” Xander shot back at her quickly.

Angel stood to face him with a big, gleaming grin on his face. “I should thank you Xander” he stated, suddenly changing the conversation with an ability to rival Cordelia’s.

“Excuse me here, what am I missing? You thank me for what?”

“I should be pissed at you, really I should” Angel told him.

“Of course you should, now lets see some Xander-shaped carnage!”

“If it hadn’t been for you and the Slayer, Cor and I would never have gone for what we wanted” Angel continued. “What with me being sent to hell and Cor almost dying, we both agreed that life’s too short to let anything get in the way of being happy. It took you and Buff to make us see that so thanks… Is there anything else?”

Xander went to retort but stopped himself, looking at Cordelia who’s gaze was locked onto Angel like he wasn’t there. “No” he replied tonelessly, “No, there’s nothing else” he’d speak to Buffy before he said anything else and he’d go from there.

“In that case do you mind” Angel glanced at the door hintingly “Cos we were about to play Strip Poker when you interrupted. I don’t share” without waiting for an answer from Xander, the vampire gave him a wicked smirk. “If she cheats, she’s getting spanked!”

A now stunned Xander stood facing a closed door with sounds of muffled girlish giggles, male laughter and a loudly gasped…

“Angel who knew?!”

Part 6: First Date and Flustered
“You could have drove home you know” Angel remarked knowingly to the brunette at his side. It had been her idea for him to walk her home, not that he minded in the slightest of course, but the truth was he was tired of playing their game. He felt like he was sliding down to Buffy’s level and dragging it out longer than necessary. But when she had wickedly suggested a stroll home through the graveyard, he couldn’t resist at all.

Cordelia beamed at him, “I know but then we wouldn’t be having this romantic moonlit stroll through the park” she knew it wasn’t a park but that didn’t mean she couldn’t fantasize did it? Curling her hand around his bicep, she gave it squeeze then giggled when Angel trapped her hand between his forearm and bicep. “You really are a showoff aren’t you?” she half teased and sneaked a glance up at him.

He couldn’t help it, she made him feel good about himself and made him think that he was worth something. Every time she looked at him, he could swear blind the lust was genuine unless that was just him wishing it was. They had been playing the revenge gig to the hilt for just over a week now and he was starting to believe it was more than just a game and wanted to know if she did feel for him.

Those few days after Buffy had left, Angel had sworn blue that he would rather burn to death than ever feel for anyone else but within two weeks, he was wishing for it, for Cordelia to give him some clue if it was real for her. It was getting real for him and if this wasn’t real for her, then he wanted it to stop now.

But if it wasn’t, then she would walk away and he’d have no Cordelia, that thought made him sick.

“Makes me sick too, all I’d have to look at is the inside of your tiny mind and that ain’t fun. Think of me for a change will ya? Souls are supposed to be caring little things but mine doesn’t even care about its very own demon. How many other souls can say they have their own demon huh?”

Removing her hand from his bicep, Angel threaded his fingers through hers and sighed with contentment when Cordelia immediately responded to him by clutching back.

“Says the pot” Angel shot back with a knowing glance that had her giving him a shocked look.

“I do not show off thank you!” Cordelia cried out in response, she’d looked around for any sign of Buffy or Xander when he moved to hold her hand. Seeing neither, she relaxed and leaned her head on his arm. She wished this was real between them, but if playing up Xander and Buffy was the only way to be near him then she’d take it. Even if she was over the bitterness about her situation and she had Angel to thank for that.

“You’re gorgeous Cor and you know it” Angel scoffed at her, not realizing he’d just admitted he found her attractive.

“You think I’m gor-geous, you wan-na hug me, you wan-na date me!” Cordelia teased with a big smile, the vibrations of her laughter running through him. Hazel eyes sparkled at him under the moon, reflecting like little crystals and her lips, always clear and glossy, sparkled just as much. The soft light highlighted her skin and contrasted stunningly against the waves of mahogany silk.

She seemed so different now to when he first bumped into her, she was always lively, bright and warm when at first she’d been harsh, almost lifeless with the only joyful thing was getting out of hospital. Angel liked to think he had a part of bring her back but he wasn’t sure he did, it was all her; she’d saved herself and saved him too.

Cordelia looked at Angel as they walked so slowly through the graveyard, the moon was shining off him, making his pallor glow almost mystically and making his cocoa gaze black and bottomless. Lately, he’d had this secret, little smile on his face like he’d done something he shouldn’t and knowing him, probably had. The leather of his jacket hung on his powerful frame perfectly as always and completed his trademark look. She could never imagine how wrong he’d look without that jacket and wondered if he wore it too bed!

“What if I did?” Angel asked haughtily, “Would that be so wrong?”

“Would what be so wrong?” Cordelia asked, she’d missed that because she’d been hard at work staring at him and drooling!

“To, you know, find you gorgeous and, um, wanna date you?” if his heart could beat, he’d be having his very first coronary. As it was, he was forcing himself not to shake in nervousness as he waited to see what she’d say in reply.

“Could I have a more wussy soul? Nope, didn’t think so. For Satan’s sake you thick twat, just fucking give it to her. Xander has nothing on you!”

“So you do think I’m gorgeous and wanna date me?” she returned with a shy smile that created dimples at the corners of her mouth.

“I knew she had dimples first… Fuck off!”

“Stop with the rhetorical questions Cor, they piss me off” Angel stopped walked and moved so he stood in front of her with a seriously questioning look on his face. “Would it be so wrong if I wanted to date you?”

“Angel, we are dating and you can find me gorgeous if you want too. Though I’m kinda glad you do find me gorgeous!” Cordelia responded as she bit her lip nervously before carrying on. “Wasn’t this kind of serious talking that got you into trouble with Buffy?” she asked lightly. “The way I see things Angel, feel free to disagree with me here, but we’re having fun together and we’re more than friends I’d say. So why don’t we take things as they come? That way either of us don’t feel pressured or anything?”

To be honest, Angel felt a little relieved by her words; he didn’t think he could take the stress of another relationship based on angst. But still… “You still didn’t answer my question! Would it be so wrong to wanna date you?!”

“Of course not, it’d be wrong to not wanna date me! Would it be wrong if I wanna date you?” she asked him, vaguely noticing he had locked his hands around the small of her back, fingertips grazing the top of her ass. Her entire body was tingling with the anticipation of both his answer and a bolder touch. She felt like she was on her first date, excited and elated but nervous and shy; she wanted so much just to kiss him but she didn’t dare!

“Of course not, it’d be wrong to not wanna date me!” Angel retaliated quickly, he watched as her nose scrunched up a little as she silently laughed at his response. There was no Xander or Buffy around, this was real; they were real and it wasn’t a dream.

“So this romantic stroll through the park is our first official first date?” Cordelia’s smile wilted as she looked around her ‘park.’

“Um, you do know we’re not in a park don’t you?” he asked in slight concern, maybe she’d hit her head earlier!

“Uhhhh Angellllll…!” she whined, “You had to ruin my fantasy didn’t you? You couldn’t let me drown in Denial for just a little while could… Uh-oh, I hope you’re up for a workout cus we got some company” Cordelia’s eyes zeroed in on three vampires approaching her and Angel, what they wanted was clearly written on their game faces.

They would never have a normal night would they? If it wasn’t Buffy and Xander, it was demons, if it wasn’t demons then it was plain old vampires. Angel sighed in defeat as he looked at her apologetically, “Sorry, I hope this isn’t a prelude of dates to come”

“Don’t apologize Angel, kick ass” Cordelia hissed and stepped away from the upcoming fight, keeping her eyes trained on the other vampires. “I hope you vampires know what you’re doing here, you’ve just ruined his first date and you’re so gonna get it”

Angel shook his head and willing his smile to get off his face, he didn’t want to be grinning like an idiot while fighting, it just wasn’t the done thing!

For Cordelia the whole fight was a bit of a blur, though it was fast but not fast enough that she couldn’t appreciate Angel’s skill. He moved with grace, ease and rhythm; it was easy to see he had trained himself to be like that. It wasn’t just the training, anybody could be trained in martial arts these days but it took talent to be able to pull it off like he did. Though she hated to admit it, Buffy had the same type of talent but that could be put down to her being a Slayer.

Angel was a vampire and she supposed his talent could come from the extras he had at his disposal, but she’d also seen Buffy fight other vampires that didn’t have his talent. Cordelia nibbled on her finger as another smile flickered at her lips, thoughts ran through her head about Angel and what other talents he might have!

The tantalizing scent of female arousal filled the air, causing Angel to become temporarily distracted and he took a punch that sent him stumbling back a little. A little growl pierced the air when he slid into game face and really lost his temper.

Rubbing his jaw, Angel appeared thoughtful as he spoke sarcastically. “Did I ask for a fight? No. All I wanted to do was walk my date home, kiss her goodnight and maybe get invited in for coffee if I’m lucky! But you had ruin that and now you’ve hit me. Do I have piss me off written all over my forehead?”

Cordelia blinked a few times as dust floated around her and Angel was the only vampire near her. When did he stake them exactly? One minute he was shouting at them and then she’d turned dreamy when he said he wanted to kiss her goodnight. Looking at him with a hazy gaze, she nibbled on her fingertip a little more as she took in his game face.

Prominent cheekbones, ridged forehead, yellowish eyes and fangs; why was he attractive like that when other vampires were pretty ugly?

As if to realize he was in vampire guise, Angel made a move to shake it off when her voice stopped him.

“How come you’re cute like that and other vampires are butt ugly?” she asked bluntly, “I didn’t think it was possible for a guy to suit fangs and tigers’ eyes but there ya go”

“I know I’m a good lookin fella sweetheart, and I just knew she likes a little demon in her man. She keeps up that sweet scented way of telling me and she’ll have a little demon in her too!”

“This is cute?” Angel deadpanned and frowned at her, his ridges crinkling up around the corners of his piercing gaze. He raised a hand to touch his nose looking as though he was exploring his face for the first time.

“Yes you dumb shit, you are a vampire. Give Hans Soulio a medal… OW, those are sharp you know?! Stop it, it’s my finger too”

Cordelia laughed when Angel prodded his own fang and cut his finger, now he stood staring at said injury with a look of embarrassment on his face which was quite funny seeing a vampire look stupid! “Aww, did you hurt yourself baby?” she purred and walked over to him with one eye looking to make sure she missed the mud patches in the grass. “Want me to kiss it better?”

With a pout, Angel nodded and held his injured but already healing fingertip out for her to kiss better. Cordelia brought his finger to her glossy, pursed lips and planted a tiny kiss on the end, little sensations made his body throb with anticipation as he thought of what else she could kiss better. She parted her lips, sliding them softly over his finger and curled her tongue around the tip, sweeping over the healing cut.

“Prelude of dates to come my ass, prelude of what’s to come if she does that on my cock!”

Shallow, unnatural breaths made his chest rise and fall as Angel watched Cordelia place one last little kiss on the tip of his finger before grinning up at shyly. “All better now?” her voice husky and light at the same time.

“All better. Lets get you home so I can have my goodnight kiss and coffee!”

Part 7: Goodnight Girl
Cordelia found her front door locked and assumed her parents had left for her aunt’s in Aspen and she found herself wishing she could have gone with them to see her new baby cousin. “Come in Angel, make yourself at home” she invited gracefully and pushed the door open for him to walk in unobstructed.

“Thanks” Angel held the door open for her to walk in ahead of him, making her smile sweetly at him as she brushed past him regally.

“You are such a gentleman” Cordelia commented dryly as she whipped off her jacket and slung it on the coat rack almost carelessly. “Do you want the coffee first or the goodnight kiss?”

Angel didn’t answer as he took his jacket off and hung it up, he silently stalked up to her, intent the only expression on his face. His lips caught hers before she could use them for more talking and his cool tongue grazed her fuller, lower lip. Cordelia slid her hands up to tease the sensitive skin at the nape of his neck, tickling him lightly. He moved one hand up to hold her back and the other to shamelessly squeeze her ass.

His mouth took control over her softer, pliant one and deepened the kiss, sweeping his tongue expertly across hers. Angel brought her feline body closer to his, moaning lightly when her breasts, full and pert, taunted his chest. Cordelia’s arm slid completely around his neck as she melted into his kiss and embrace.

Deepening their kiss more, the pace increased to a steady but frantic one as Angel slowly crushed her into him. His tongue stroked, teased and toyed with her warm one as he fully explored her. Cordelia flicked her tongue lightly over where she guessed his fangs lay, feeling smug when he shuddered softly. Her human warmth had Angel rocking his hips against hers, hardening with arousal and throbbing with anticipation.

Cordelia sighed into his mouth and slid her hand softly down his face and chest before pausing her exploring touch on his hard stomach. Angel pulled away from her lips to allow her the ability to breathe and trailed softly biting kisses down to her throat, seeing if she’d make him stop. “Uh” her feminine moan had him pressing his hardened state into the V of her parted thighs as he bit harder on the highly sensitized jugular.

She wanted him to touch her a little more so she boldly guided his hand slowly around her body until Angel was teasing her by brushing his fingertips just underneath her breasts. He responded instantly, sliding his hand to cup her breasts through her top and bra, he massaged her firmly and surely; feeling the pebbled peek through the material and brushed his fingers over the tiny bud.

Cordelia all but attacked him then, she moved her hands round to squeeze his ass and pulled his body so he was completely crushed up against her. The realization of her aggressive move hit when his erection connected directly between her thighs, causing delicious, pleasuring waves to throb there. Angel’s touch became rougher and more insistent as he cupped both breasts, teasing her nipples through the material and making her mewl.

Her hips moved timidly against his, moaning quietly every time her core experienced his hard maleness. A deep, throaty groan made her aware of what she was doing on her first date and a red hue began to paint her already flushed cheek.

Slowly pulling back and breathing hard, Cordelia noticed their increasingly intimate position and withdrew slightly from his hold with embarrassment on her face. “Oh, um, I’m a little embarrassed” she confessed with an apologetic smile. “What must you think of me?”

“I think you’re a fucking good tease with a talented tongue, get back here and use it!”

“What’s there to be embarrassed for Cor?” Angel asked as he refrained from giving her another kiss and simply kept his hands locked around the small of her back. He searched her face to see if she wasn’t just pulling back because she thought Angelus might get loose. He had sharp, stinging throbs making his erection feel twice the normal size, like he was filled to bursting point. He wanted her now but he was willing to give her the time she needed. “You were just giving me a goodnight kiss remember?”

“I know but, God this humiliating, it’s the first date and I’m practically raping you in my home!” she flushed a pretty pink.

“You wanna tie me up and gag me? Like you’re not panting either Hans, so stop with the judgment!”

Angel laughed at her, leaning down to nuzzle her hair with his nose and inhaled the clean and fresh scent of the tresses. “Don’t be embarrassed, we’re dating so you can feel free to rape me anytime you want”

“I’ll remember that, just so we’re clear on this if you wanna rape me just tell me first or you’ll end up having your balls surgically removed from your body okay?” Cordelia told him half jokingly with a stern stare at him.

“Keep talking like that sweetheart, you’re getting me all riled up!”

“I’d love to stay for coffee sweetheart” Angel told her with a kiss on her hair, “But I’d rather wait until you were comfortable for that kind of coffee. So I’ll see you tomorrow for lunch if you’re coming over?” he hoped.

“You don’t mind?” Cordelia asked with a little smile, at his head shake her little smile grew into a big and beaming one. “Then I’ll stop by for lunch, have your blood and some ice ready cus you’re gonna have your first blood slushy!”


“Are you sure you don’t mind?” Angel asked as he stared at the car keys now in his palm, “I can just as easily walk home you know, I don’t have to take your car”

“It’s a long way and you’ve already had one fight tonight, I don’t want you having another when I’m not there to see you kick ass!” Cordelia told him with a wicked grin. “Besides, your place is ages away, like way in the Outer Hebrides or something. God, could you imagine living there? Urgh!”

“It’s not that bad, I was there once” Angel mused thoughtfully then shook away the memories of living there for all of a month before the place drove him to almost insanity and he left in boredom. “And I’ll see you at lunch?” off her chirpy nod, Angel leaned down for a chaste kiss. “I’ll cook, you make your slushy”

With that, the vampire winked at her and closed the front door behind him, listening when he didn’t hear her move away from the door.

Cordelia waited for a few seconds until she was sure he would have left before squealing, jumping up and down on the spot like a mad woman. “EEEEEEEEKKKKK!” she felt like racing around her house and doing stupid, mad things she felt so happy.

Outside, Angel heard the squeal, heard the thumps as she jumped up and down; he bit his lip and was about to leave when he heard one last thing before footsteps announced her scuttling away from the door.

“WhatdoIwhatdoIdo? Victoria’s Secret, where’d I put the home shopping catalogue?!”


It didn’t take him long to get back to his mansion, Angel killed the engine of the Corvette and decided he’d take a look at it later to see if he could fix the occasional choking sounds. Scooting out of the drivers’ side and locking up, the vampire found himself “La-da-da’ing” as he jogged towards the front door.

“I was wondering when you’d get home” a familiar, female voice startled him and Angel found himself looking at Buffy who was sat on the steps just outside of the door. Her blonde hair fell in waves around her face, big soulful blue eyes gazed up at him while her hands were held behind her back.

“Hi Buffy” he greeted, no trace of bitterness or anger in his voice only something that sounded like pleasant surprise. Angel headed to move past her when she spoke again.

“Can we talk please?” she asked in a tiny voice.

“Sure, about what?” he wanted to get inside so he could break out that bottle of whiskey his demon had bought last year, that’s if Spike never found it that is.

“Touch that Hans and see what I do. You may have permission to drive my car, pose as me, wear my clothes and jewelry. But you do not, I repeat do not, drink my whiskey. Go anywhere near that and I’ll sing ‘Club Tropicana’ all night I swear!”

“About what?” Buffy asked in a hardened voice like she couldn’t believe what she wanted to talk about. “About the insanity that is you a-and her. Angel, why are you doing this to me? I thought you loved me”

“Loved Buffy” Angel expressed the past tense of how he felt for her, “I did love you, but when you broke it off with me I realized just how wrong we were for each other” a nice and gentle way of letting her down.

“How can we be wrong if we love each other?” Buffy asked as her eyes began blazing with refusal to understand the rest of his words. She didn’t want to think what she’d do if he actually told her he was in love with Cordelia Chase.

“How could you break up with me if you loved me?” Angel countered easily and resisted the urge to ignore her and walk into his house without so much as a goodbye.

“I needed time to work through things, do you know how hard it was seeing you back here after what happened last year with Angelus?”

She really didn’t go there did she? He didn’t need or want to do this but in the space of less than five minutes, her angst addiction left him no choice. “How hard it was on you huh?” Angel asked as he fully turned to look at her, whatever feelings he may have still had drifted away but he honestly didn’t mind. Buffy had been his girlfriend for just over a year, he’d loved and worshipped the person she was. When he’d been in hell for the three hundred years, it her he longed to get back too because he needed her to help him.

But she’d left him, she only saw what she had to deal with and she’d left him when he needed her more than anything else. Angel’s gaze held pity for her now, he knew she was going to be hurt with what he had to say but as much as it killed him to admit it, his demon was right.

“Are you acknowledging my existence? Gasp, I’m touched really I am. Now kill the bitch!”

People got hurt everyday but they got over it, getting hurt was a part of life just like being happy, or having a first date.

Angel cleared his throat a little, “You were right to do that Buffy, I could see how having your family and friends around to help you would be traumatic. I hope you work things through soon, take care!”

Her hand reached out to hold his arm and she spun him around to face her again, “What the hell is that supposed to mean? Traumatic? I’ll tell you what traumatic is, traumatic is finding your teacher dead or having to kill the man you love to save the world. That’s traumatic” Buffy snapped out in a low, very angered voice.

He had the decency to look ashamed for what he did the year before. “I know what I did to you and yours Buffy, I pay for every crime I’ve ever done day in and day out. I paid for it year after year after year when I was in hell. I don’t need you rubbing it in my face every time we have a woe-is-you discussion. Now, I’ve my first official date tonight Slayer and I don’t want it ruined with a conversation like this so if you don’t mind I’m gonna go to bed…”

“Who the hell do you think you are?” Buffy asked in a light tone full of disbelief, “You can’t talk to me like that”

“I can talk to you however way I want Slayer, it’s you who can’t talk to me like I should bow down to you anymore and you hate the fact you don’t have a puppy who will sit, roll over or play dea whenever you want. And if I were you, I wouldn’t go to Cordelia with this or blame her because that would really piss me off”

The last time he’d called her Slayer he’d been Angelus and now he’d just effectively threatened her, something Angel would never do and especially not over Cordelia. Oh God… What if he and Cordelia had…

“Y-your soul, you don’t have it?” fear, dread and disgust welled up inside her at that very moment.

“Oh I still have it Slayer, I just can’t lose it. They made sure of that in hell so I’d suffer just that little more, if they hadn’t made it permanent I’d have lost it through rage and made that place a playground. But yes, I still have it, though Cor seems to have gotten attached to my demonic attributes, thinks I’m cute when I go vamp. God knows she took my soul endurance for a long, hard test drive. I’m still shaking!”

he knew he was being deliberately cruel and he knew when Buffy repeated all this Cordelia, he was going to have some serious explaining to do. Angel hoped she’d understand and prayed for forgiveness in advance.

“That Cordy” Angel smiled in satisfaction, “For a first timer, she sure handled me like a pro I tell ya Buff. It’s a good thing my soul problem got cured in hell cus post-coital bliss just didn’t come close” he leaned down to whisper in her ear. “When I say come, I mean literally”

Buffy was too stunned to refrain him from going into the mansion, everything seemed like a distant nightmare right then. She’d heard his words, had seen his lips move and speak but yet they didn’t seem real. All she knew was that Cordelia had stole Angel from her and slept with him.

There was going to be hell on Earth tomorrow at school, that was one thing she was certain of. Cordelia was going to wish she’d never even looked at Angel.

Part 8: Sex, Lies, and Angry Slayers
The whole world seemed different when she had woken up the next morning, the sky was a bright, sunny blue and the sun radiated the warmth she felt flowing through her. Cordelia had bounded out of bed at the speed of light, a huge whopping smile plastered across her face as she dove into some clothes. What she wore, she didn’t really care.

Okay, so maybe she did care what she wore it didn’t need to be said that she wanted to look great and show the world she was back! A red pencil skirt hugged her thighs and a matching red turtle-neck sweater clung to her upper body, black platform sandals completed the slightly retro look she wanted.

She took care in applying the red tinted balm over her lips, the moisturizing ingredients making her mouth soft, supple and she hoped, kissable! Cordelia looked at herself in the mirror and saw her reflection staring back at her with a smile, purposely foregoing all her other usual make-up with the knowledge that she didn’t want Angel to be wearing it!

“He touched my boobs!” she childishly sniggered to herself as she trotted out of her bathroom and made her way down to the kitchen for some breakfast. She had a sudden need for some breakfast, something like…

“Jam and Angel, or oooh… Chocolate and Angel!” Cordelia giggled childishly again as she set about making her breakfast while looking at the page-long note her parents had stuck to the fridge…


Your mother and I have gone to your aunt’s as I’m sure you know already. Use the time to yourself wisely and think up a good excuse as to why your mother caught you in a passionate clinch with a man late last night. You are expected to bring him for dinner on Friday when we get back so your mother and I can formerly introduce ourselves to the young man.

Love Dad and Mom

P.S. Cordelia dear, this is your mother please don’t slouch as I couldn’t bare another member of this family whining about backache. And I took the liberty of hiding the Victoria’s Secret catalogue just in case you get any ideas young lady.

P.P.S. Ignore your mother Princess, I do not have a bad back.

With a strong blush, Cordelia put the note down and refused to continue reading the very long P.S argument that had obviously ensued between her parents. God, sometimes they made her want to barf especially when she knew the reason why her mother wore the occasional roll-neck sweater. She didn’t want to go there and she didn’t need to go there either.

Not only had her mother caught her in the kitchen with Angel last night, but neither herself or the vampire had heard her. “Oh my God!” she whispered with a cringe, it was going to be fun telling Angel her parents wanted to meet him. Offhandedly, she wondered how he was going to react when she divulged that it was her parents who had the vamps and demons talk with her after the Harvest. It wouldn’t surprise her in the least if her father knew who Angel was, but he might!


The stroll to school had been serenely peaceful for her, mind bogged down with previous events from the night before making her sigh and gaze dreamily around her. It wasn’t until she’d almost walked into the main entrance doors of Sunnydale High that Cordelia clicked where she was. “He’s so gonna pay for distracting me” she muttered as she swung the doors open and sauntered inside.

No sooner had she reached her first class when Buffy pulled her aside and forced the brunette to look at her. The Slayer’s blue eyes flashed with anger, betrayal, disbelief and hurt. She had an almost painful grip on Cordelia’s upper arms and her gaze was ice cold.

“You vapid, little whore” Buffy snapped loudly at her and shoving her back slightly.

“Excuse me?” Cordelia asked, a little perturbed at the blonde’s sudden ferocious anger towards her. Normally, the anger or their cat-fights didn’t start until they were both in the library after school researching. “Look Buffy, I just got into school what could I have possibly done?”

“Don’t play innocent with me, you are as far from innocent as you could get” the reply got spat out in disgust.

Not having a clue, Cordelia reacted the way she usually would under these circumstances. Wiping her face with her palm, she gave Buffy a patronizing smirk. “Can you not do that please? I’ve already had one shower this morning and I don’t need another one quite yet!”

A small group of people, including Willow and Xander, had gathered to watch with eager hopes they would see a catfight between the two well-known rivals. Willow and Xander both had looks of equal worry and panic, knowing this could get ugly.

The red head felt a surge of guilt run through her as waves of images flashed through her brain. Images of kissing Xander, images of lying to Oz and Cordelia, images of seeing the brunette laying still with a rebar sticking through her stomach. Willow’s face showed the embedded regret she felt and she turned her eyes away from the scene as though to make it go away.

Ignoring both the crowd and her comment, Buffy shook her head “Uh-uh” she denied “You’re not going to get out of this with a bitchy comment or two Cordelia. And to think I actually felt sorry for you when Xander went behind your back, now I know he did it because he didn’t want to be with a slut like you”

“Oh and I suppose sweet, innocent boyfriend-stealing Willow couldn’t be classed as a slut?” Cordelia raised her eyebrow elegantly as she made her point to the arguing Slayer. “To be honest Buffy, call me whatever you want because you’re getting nothing out of me. As far as I’m concerned, you don’t deserve any kind of reaction from me”

“No, but you’re going to get one from me. You took him from me, I made a mistake and you took the man I love away just because you could” Buffy told her icily. “You knew the only way you could get Angel to look at you was to offer yourself as the rebound. That’s all you are to him Cordelia, you’re nothing more than the rebound”

The brunette yawned, covering it up with her hand and snapped her eyes open, “Oh I’m sorry, can you repeat that please? I must’ve fell asleep there. Did you get to the part where you broke up with him first?”

“The only thing you are to Angel is an easy slut, though why he would ever sleep with a trumped up tramp like you is beyond me…”

“Whoa Nelly!” Cordelia suddenly snapped to attention when she came to the realization of just what the blonde was implying about her. She had to force her hazel gaze to keep the even, calm shine, her lips stayed in the simple half smile and her posture always relaxed. “What exactly am I supposed to have done with my boyfriend that I don’t have a right to do?”

“You slept with Angel” Buffy snapped right back, “And that coy act doesn’t work with me Cordelia, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what Angel wants with you. Since you’re useless at pretty much everything you do, it only seems right that you have one talent. You maybe beautiful on the outside, but inside you’re ugly and you know it, that’s why you are the way you are. You go around here, putting people down just cus it makes you feel good about yourself, makes you feel like you’re better than everyone else. Well you can’t do that to me and I won’t let you take Angel from me”

The Slayer pushed the other girl back a little, not expecting the brunette to retaliate in anyway at all. Cordelia’s face was drawn into a tight frown as she turned her push into a shove, making Buffy stumble back a little bit. “You finished?” she asked simply. “I’m not scared of you, you may have your side gig working for you but I have a side gig working for me too. I have dignity, pride and self-respect working for me”

Cordelia smoothed down her clothes, straightened her shoulders and raised an eyebrow regally. “If you think I’m going to respond to your jealous rage Buffy, then you’ve got another thing coming. You know, I woke up this morning feeling great like really on top of the world. You said I put people down to make myself feel good, well look what you just did so in way you’re no better than me are you? What I’m thinking right now is that you can’t love Angel as much as you say you do. Because if you did, then you’d want him to be happy and he is. Happy with me”

“Just like I’m not going to bitch with you, I’m not going to waste breath that’s better spent on kissing arguing over who Angel should be with”

“Willow and Xander taught me something, they taught me that if a guy doesn’t see or doesn’t know what’s right in front of him, the he isn’t worth it. If Angel chooses to be with you Buffy, then I wish him well. However, I’m not gonna lower myself to fight for him because if you have to fight for someone that way, then they aren’t worth the time of day”

Cordelia smiled to herself as she felt a sense of closure with those spoken words, they were honest and what she truly believed. “Oh and by the way, using your side gig on me is sad, pathetic even. I’d say it’s worse than picking on someone half your age, so don’t bother, you’ll only humiliate yourself. Now that I’ve said my piece, I’m going to live my life; I suggest you do the same. It seems I have someplace I need to be”

Part 9: First Time for Everything
Even though Angel lived on the other side of town, Cordelia’s steadily simmering fury got her there in less than half an hour. It was obvious to her that he’d had a showdown with his ex last night and had dug the stake in, twisted it, wiggled it around a bit before extracting it. A part of her wished she’d been here to see it, the moral-holding half of her felt bad for Buffy, the girl had loved Angel even if she hadn’t shown it the right way.

Standing outside the vampire’s door, Cordelia debated whether or not to knock or just to barge in uninvited. She was hurt, angry and wanted answers from him, she deserved answers to why he told Buffy he’d slept with her. That was going past the line of revenge, even in her book. That was Angel going male on her, she never put up with teenage boys thinking with their dicks and she wouldn’t put up with Angel thinking with his dick in that way either.

Her still hand was no less than a centimeter from the door handle when the door got flung open, revealing Angel standing there dressed in his usual white muscle shirt and black pants. Cordelia unconsciously undressed him with her eyes, bare feet led the way to his strong and well formed legs. The material moved in synchronicity, curling around his powerful thighs and the heavy muscle there flexed as he shifted under the weight of her stare.

White cotton clung to his chiseled stomach, a large hand wrapped around his side as he waited for her eyes to reach his. Expansive and very male chest rose and fell slowly with deep, inhaling breaths as he purposely tasted the hint of sweet arousal that brought an exotic, fruity scent to the dull air. Contracting pectoral muscles rippled beneath the cotton top as her desire-filled gaze darted up to his shoulders.

Hard curved lines ran from the juncture of his neck down his back, his throat moved softly as he swallowed the heady taste of the heating arousal pouring off her. Pools of melted toffee watched as his tongue slowly swept over his full lower lip before tracing the perfect cupid’s bow of his upper lip. The soft sheen making that hard, parted mouth look soft and supple.

A warm, unfamiliar feeling swirled at the center of her thighs when her dilated gaze locked onto his black, endless whirlpools of restraint. His masculine jaw visibly clenched trying to keep a leash on his instincts and not react to the ravenous desire radiating from her.

Angel felt his arms drop down to his sides, hands curled into tight fists and the vampire walked backwards giving Cordelia the silent invitation to come in. If he spoke to her now, he wasn’t sure what would come out of his mouth. He watched as she walked inside, flicking her wrist to close the door with a thud which disturbed the deafening silence.

“Why did you say that?” she whispered, not taking her eyes off his for a single second; she wanted to know if he was sincere with his words before she acted on what she wanted to do, what they both wanted to do.

He didn’t pretend to not know what she was talking about and he wasn’t stupid enough to lie to her either. “I wanted to hurt her” he whispered back, not flinching from her gaze when something shifted in the hazel tide.

“Are you still so hung up on her that you want to continue to play this game?” the husked whisper rising to a light, wispy tone that came out sounding like more of a moan.

“No more games” Angel answered surely, his voice ricocheting all around her like a low, throbbing beat. His body was pulsating with the craving to lower her to the cold concrete floor and replace that want in her eyes with ecstasy. He knew she needed to have this out with him, knew that before anything else Cordelia wanted assurance from him and he was going to give it to her.

“I happen to like my cock, it comes in handy sometimes. Tell her whatever she fucking wants to hear before it blows up!”

“I don’t know what to say, I really don’t” Cordelia responded softly, “I thought you’d be better than to brag about sleeping with me. You crossed the line there and you gave her ammunition for her to brand me a slut in front of the entire school. You could have waited until you had something to brag about. Are you sorry you said that?”

“I’m not sorry I stood up for myself with Buffy, but I am sorry how she used my words against you. I didn’t think she’d come out with it in public like that” Angel told her honestly. The desire hadn’t lessened or gone away with his words, he could see it written in golden caramel, he could scent the exotic arousal dancing around the room and he could feel it bouncing off his senses.

“You should know what a woman scorned will do for revenge, I started dating you to get mine” Cordelia reminded lightly. Her earlier fury all but forgotten as she felt herself be eaten up by his devouring gaze.

“Am I still revenge?” Angel asked, the vocalized throb made her blood turn hot and her thighs clench tightly together. “I don’t want to be just revenge to you, I don’t want to be used anymore. Don’t do that to me Cor, please”

“No more games, Angel” she confirmed with a nod, “I want honesty from you, I’m not asking for forever or even for a short-term commitment. If you are serious about dating me, I hope you are, then all I ask is honesty and friendship”

“You already have my friendship and honesty sweetheart, that won’t ever change I promise. Just you being there helped more than I can tell you” Angel told her with a half smile. “I know I have your friendship and honesty, that’s more than what I’ve had for most of my existence. I just need to know i-if you can accept me Cordy, all of me”

“I don’t know; your other half is a bit much for little me to handle. Evil you is scary, mean and a big bully; but he gets brownie points for knowing how to dress. Yes, I can accept you Angel, I know you’re a vampire and you have a penchant for violence at times and I know what you would do given half a chance. You’re also a good man who has a lot of endearing qualities…” Cordelia’s eyes once again scanned his body pointedly as a slow smirk graced her lips.

“What would those endearing qualities be then?” Angel asked with a restrained grin.

“A big cock, good body and cute, scary demon… Cute my ass, I’ll show her cute. Bite the bitch!”

“I was hoping you could show me, that is if you want to. I know we can’t do it all because of perfect hap…”

“My soul was secured in hell, no matter how happy I get my soul goes nowhere. If you feel uncomfortable then we’ll wait”

“Will you hell wait, waiting is not an option. She’s teasing, don’t you dare let her get away with doing that to me. I swear to Satan and all he stands for if you let her leave me with a hard-on once more I’ll never offer you my advice again. Now turn her round, bend her over and show her what a real vamp feels like!”

“I’m not uncomfortable and I wasn’t last night either, I was just a little embarrassed cus I normally don’t pounce like that” even now, Cordelia flushed slightly at her actions. “And I didn’t want to ruin our first date with sex”

“It wouldn’t have ruined it and it wouldn’t be sex with us sweetheart”

“Don’t say those two words please, I’ll never call you Hans Soulio again. I promise”

“It would be making love”

“Oh you asked for it boy, put em up”

Angel didn’t waste another second, within an instant he’d scooped her up with a supernatural ease and jogged up to his room.


Once there, Cordelia found herself laid down gently on his bed with Angel laying next to her, gazing at her with a look full of hesitancy. “Have you… Is this…?”

“Yeah” she responded shyly, “So don’t worry if you’re not all that good, I have nothing to compare you with!” she teased him flirtatiously.

“I’ll show you good, Soulio why don’t you fuck off and let the big boy take care of this? It’ll save me the embarrassment of having to fix your mess later”

Angel narrowed his eyes at her, “Sweetheart, you don’t tease a vampire or make fun of his pride and joy. If you do that then the vampire might just spank you”

“Okay, you deserve a tiny smidgen of credit. You’ll get my utmost respect if you actually gave that ass a sound spanking!”

Turning her face fully towards him, he slid his fingers along her cheek to thread through her hair, letting the strands fall softly down to her shoulder. Angel swept his tongue across her lips in a smooth, long tasting lick, Cordelia parted her mouth giving him the satisfaction of teasing the hot feel of her tongue with his cool one. Sliding his hand from her ankle up over her calf and round her thigh, he squeezed down on the sensitive inner muscle before moving his hand up further.

Her mouth pressed harder against his, making the entry of the kiss deeper as she swirled the tip of her tongue around his, sweeping over the soft underside with a wispy flick. Angel’s eyes flashed a little when the back of his knuckles brushed against the slightly damp cotton material of her panties, the temperature heating up his skin just a little.

Cordelia raised her left leg, bending at the knee making her skirt rise up her thighs to wrinkle around her ass and the tops of her thighs. Her body was warming up rapidly to melting point as she relaxed into him, her right leg falling limply to the bed beneath her. Her nails made small welts in the skin of his neck as she trailed them down over his collarbone and over the white shirt to settle on his stomach.

“Clothes off, clothes off, clothes off, clothes off”

Angel felt her body’s resistance become non-existent, he uncurled his fist and covered the pubic mound, marveling at how his entire hand blanketed her. Cordelia’s breath hitched in the throat when she felt his fingers rasp against the shape of her labia with a feather-light touch. Her core throbbed with anticipation as a fresh wave of liquid rushed through her, she knew he could feel the essence coat his hand.

“Uh… Wet, she’s so fucking wet”

There was something about stimulating her through her panties that got Angel right where it hurts. His cock, hard and smooth, made his pants tight and the pressure was slowly building in his balls bringing them close to his body.

“Uh” with a groan, Angel invaded the hot cavern of her mouth with a strong and demanding kiss, his tongue tangled frantically with hers as arousal swept like a wave through him. His hand brushed, stroked, taunted, teased and squeezed her sex, fingers moved in slow circles over her mound and labia, searching for the place that would make her wetter.

Cordelia responded with as much passion, her lips begged for more and her hips jerked against the pressure of his hand. Masculine fingers found the entrance to the inner place and Angel pressed down hard bringing her hips off the bed. It was a delicious taste of how she would react when he was in her and pushing hard against her G-spot. Cotton panties, so wet, clung to her and when Angel tore away from her mouth, the material was transparent and he could see her perfectly.

He could see the intimate blush through the white staining her flesh with desire as he continued to pet her over and over. Angel watched as his fingers glistened with a soft sheen as he moved his hand over her core as a whole, the gentle warmth of before was turning into a blazing inferno of arousal. Quickly, her panties were removed with a flick of his wrist and flung onto his floor carelessly.

Smooth, bare, naked and wonderfully pink, Cordelia lay wide open to his wicked gaze and her tiny pearl-like bud of her clitoris visibly hard to the touch. Angel watched as he caught a small droplet of arousal on his fingertip, his mouth watered and his cock pulsed painfully inside the confinement of his pants. His fingers moved to make a V over her labia, pressing down to release more liquid from her.

“Angel” Cordelia moaned as her eyes turned down to see him playing with her, seeing his hand working her up pressurized touches that coincided with each burning throb her body made. The tip of his finger smoothed the droplet over her clit, making the pink pearl glisten. She hissed and her hips rolled against the caress.

Angel was entranced as though he’d never seen a woman aroused so openly before; he slid his finger down until he was teasing her with penetration. “You want this?” he slipped a tip inside her slightly, making her buck up a little “Or this?” he moved his finger back up to her clit, flicking over the bud rapidly.

“Inside me” Cordelia watched as he eased a single finger inside her, a breathless whimper escaping from her throat as he soothed her core temperature with the cool feel of him. He held still for a second before pushing up knuckle-deep into her, curling his finger inside until he located the intimate G-spot. Angel immediately locked onto her face, seeing her lips parted and gasped intakes of breath make her mouth dry. “Again”

Angel pushed up with a short burst of pressure on that spot, bringing a quiet and illicit scream from her. “Like that sweetheart?” he started to move within her, withdrawing his touch from her only to penetrate her again and again and again.

Vampires came with added senses of sight, scent, hearing and touch. Angel could feel ever single one of her intimate muscles clenching around him, he could hear the sound that happened when he entered her and he could see the liquid sex coating his hand. He used his other hand to unzip his trousers, letting Cordelia feel the hard steel on her thigh. “Play with me”

She timidly took her hand, wrapping it round the solid length of his shaft and relished how he groaned at the simple touch. His cock flexed in her grip, demanding her to move. Cordelia watched herself as she softly pushed her hand down his shaft until she reached the base before swiftly moving up. Angel bucked into her fist as he added another finger to her core, eyes unmoving from the sight of his fingers slid in and out between her thighs.

Moving at a constant and even pace, the vampire indulged in voyeuristic pleasure as he continuously felt soft velvet open up to him more and more with each penetration. Angel squeezed his eyes shut, thrusting his cock harder against her moving hand and responding by pressing down on her clit every time he entered her body.

“Uh… make her come like that, wanna watch her pussy open up just like that”

Cordelia dragged his lips back to hers, moans disappearing as he stole the air from her lungs. Her hips arched off the bed, thighs clamped together and she trapped his hand right there, Angel pushed her hips back down and used his other hand to hold her still. “No… Please… Uh” senseless contradictions spilled from her mouth as he began to fuck her just like that.

“So fucking hot, open up sweetheart” Angel broke through her with a hard push of his hand, a burning shower of liquid covered his hand as he moved his fingers at a rapid pace within her. Black whirlpools locked onto her sex as he saw the rush of orgasm, he could see the tiny pulse making her clit throb and extend with sensation. The intoxicating scent of sex surrounded and drugged him, as she came. Vaginal muscles contracted so tightly around his fingers, Angel found it hard to move.

“That’s it baby, squeeze me good. She is gonna feel so fucking good around my cock”

Releasing his cock from her grip, Cordelia grabbed his thick wrist and moved him faster, “Angel…” his name came out in a wild squeal. Hazel eyes wide, lips parted and deep, harsh breaths sent painful stabs to her lungs. Her hand clutched his wrist and her nails dug into his skin in time to the deep-seated clenches of her vaginal contractions.

The wicked waves gradually turned to tiny laps around his fingers as Angel stilled his hands’ movements. A hissed breath was released through gritted teeth as the intensity slowed down around until her orgasm was a whispered memory embedded all around him. “Clothes off” he sat up and yanked his shirt from his torso, revealing the marble-washed carved landscape of his form. Pants were pushed off and slung to join her panties and shirt on the floor.

Cordelia moved a little slower, her body still reveling in the after-glow of her climax, easing her sweater over her head she copied him and threw it to the floor. “Right, clothes off would be better suited for this type of behavior” she agreed, her voice nothing more than an erotic, tropical breeze. Angel looked at her, naked from the waist up.

Pert, full and firm breasts encased in a white bra, nipples visible through the shimmering material; Angel raised an eyebrow at the fashionable garment and the word Good Girl embroidered in silver, curly writing. “My mom hid the lingerie catalogue, it was either this or my limited edition Gossard” she explained sheepishly with a shy smile.

“Good girl my ass, if she’s good then I’m the fucking Pope! She’s a bad, horny little slut but the coy act is working for me”

“Something tells me you’re not a good girl Cordelia” his voice was full of sly knowing, “What would your father say if he knew you were such a vixen?” Angel teased as he tugged her skirt over her perspiring thighs and off her completely, leaving her aroused and naked on his bed. Dusky pink pebbled nipples begged to be licked and tasted set off her tanned breasts, stomach smooth with soft curves that spelled woman to Angel. It surprised him she’d be so soft and supple; physically she was older than her 17 years.

“Are you just trying to be me on purpose? Do you think I’m impressed by that wussy version of naughty talk? Naughty talk is when you call her a horny little slut and order her to suck me off… Tell her to suck me off”

That brought her parents note back to her mind but she simply smiled coyly, purposely not telling him her mother had caught him touching her boobs last night! Cordelia ran her gaze all over his physique with a hunger to rival his.

He had hard, heavy muscle all over, his body was lean and lethal; the skilled grace in which he moved was silent and predatory. The way his hypnotic eyes captured and held her in place, unable to move was a sure sign he thought of her as prey. Swallowing the lump in her throat at that last thought, she removed her shoes and dropped them with a thud to the floor.

Angel ran his tongue slowly over his teeth as he crawled onto the bed, up to her body and used that lethal frame of his to push her onto her back. His hands curled round both her knees to separate her slightly shaking thighs to allow him to slide between them. “Wrap those legs round me sweetheart”

“Oh fuck, that’s hot”

As he moved her hips towards his, Angel groaned loudly when the heat of her core brushed directly over the sensitive spot of his cock, making him thrust against her. “Are you sure?” his voice cracked with restraint and hope.

“Very” Cordelia purred and locked her legs tight around his back, “Please now?”

Taking hold of his erection, Angel slid the tip along her labia like he did with his hand before pushing into her. Instantly, her muscles contracted like a vice around the welcome intrusion, the vampire groaned again as he pushed in a little more.

An ache seemed to spread to both her hips as the vampire slowly penetrated her body. Cordelia arched her hips up to relieve some of the pressured but pleasuring pain, she hissed, and raked her nails along his back.

The vampire looked down into the hazel gaze as he pushed fully inside her, feeling her walls expand to hold him perfectly in a glove of tight velvet. A small scent of blood clouded his senses and he held still.

“Cordelia… Virgin… Blood… Oh God… Fuck her and fuck her now or I will”

The vampire didn’t dare move, his control was slipping and so was his heart; falling into her body, mind and soul. His head spun, his body ached and his chest burned with it all. A low, vibrating growl pierced the silence as the ridges settled over his handsome face, fangs grew into deadly points and black orbs flamed into tigers’ eyes.

Using his body, Angel pinned her down and held himself deep inside her, panting breaths harsh as he held onto the gossamer thin thread of control. “This me is sweetheart” his voice no more than wisped version of purred base, “If you could love me, I need to know”

Looking up into his demonic gaze, Cordelia tenderly stroked the side of his face and leaned up to give him a chaste, sweet kiss. “How could I not?”

That was all he needed to hear, rocking slowly into her at first, Angel moved his hand up to caress her breast; tugging and teasing her sensitive nipple until the dusky pink became a ruby red. His mouth sought hers, soft and pliant to his harder mouth; moist, deep and frantic kisses covered his lips.

Experimentally, Cordelia flexed her hips into the cradle of his powerful thighs making the tip of his cock hit a place that made her cry out. With the response of her, Angel increased his gentle pace, changing his shallow penetrating thrusts to longer, smoother and slicker ones that made his shaft brush against her clitoris with each push.

Her skin was slick with perspiration, his skin was hot as he absorbed her human warmth and made it his. Angel flicked his tongue over a rose red pebble before biting down, the point of his fang scraping against the sensitive peek sending shocks straight to her sex. Cordelia bucked up harder against him, using her legs to pull him further into her.

Heavy breathing, skin rasping against skin, quiet moans were the only sounds heard as Angel branded her as his in the most sinful way. Driving his cock in deep and testing her limitations with his brute strength until she cried out his name. The screamed plea on her mouth awoke something within him that had been dormant for too long.

“Let me own you sweetheart” Angel murmured to her, ignoring her pleas he slowed the pace down long enough to ask her that. “I wanna own you completely. Let me”

“If it’s permission you want, make her give it to you. Make it spill from her lips”

“Yours, all yours”

Withdrawing from her, Angel gave in to his demon’s desires to dominate her and flipped Cordelia onto her stomach. “Good girl, that’s what I like to see” came his rumbled, growled words that poured from his smirking lips. He ran his hand firmly over the swell of her ass before bringing his hand down in a light, stinging slap that had her gasping in shock.

“A-Angel, what are you doing?” Cordelia shot out as she peeked over her shoulder at the vampire now staring at her as though she were a four course dinner.

“You’ve been a bad, bad girl sweetie, teasin me and leavin me aching, fantasizing about that hot, little pussy of yours. Tut tut Cordelia” Angel replied with a husked, teasing lilt to his warmed voice. His fingers dipped into her stretched core and his hand swept over her mound before he entered her fully with one dynamic push.

The scream of pleasure was music to him as Angel pulled his body back to watch his cock move swiftly in and out of her body. Climatic rain made his erection shine and the vision of his flesh stained slightly red from her blood brought a snarl from the back of his throat. His body became harder, his thrusts more powerful and his control finally crashed down.

Burying her face into his pillow Cordelia muffled her screams as the vampire took her closer and closer to the precipice of another climax. Her hands clawed his sheets, water was squeezed from her shut eyes as her body became his to own. A hand in her brought her face away from the pillow as Angel pulled her back to his chest, continuing to penetrate her with wicked sexuality.

All he needed was one little drop, one simple taste of her orgasm drugged blood would make his world stop spinning, it would bring him home. Angel yanked her head a little roughly to one side, baring her neck to see the hammering pulse of her jugular.



“Arrggh!” the sharp prick in her skin caused Cordelia to flinch momentarily before relaxing and let the strong, oceanic currant of orgasm wash her away. Her body quaked and she came apart in his arms, her hand reached back to pull his head closer to her neck as the pain became intense pleasure as he drank straight from the heart of her. She rocked back and forth on his cock, riding the surf until he could bring her back.

Angel felt everything happen in slow motion, his tongue was bathed in orgasm-rich blood; liquid fire coated his erection and thighs as he felt her open up completely. It wasn’t the blood that set him off; it was the last whispered words in his ear before she fell silent.

“I love you, Angel. I love you”

His hands gripped her hips, leaving finger-shaped bruises in her soft skin as feral bursts of ejaculate soothed her over-heated core. Once, twice, three times he felt the pressure in his balls leave his body, the high it left him was delicious and he was getting light headed.

It felt like it was over all too soon and Angel cushioned her fall to the bed, his arm and shoulder seemed to make a better pillow for her and he agreed. Cordelia whimpered as his softened sex slipped from her well-explored body and she flopped back into the solid wall of his chest, sated.

“Oh” what was she supposed to do and say now? All she could think of was “Oh!”

“Oh is right babe… Oh!”

“You okay?” Angel purred, nuzzling the damp skin at the juncture of her neck and shoulder. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

“Hurt you? She damn near squeezed my cock off and you’re asking if she’s hurt?! Okay, so it’s not like I’m complaining but you could still be a little sensitive to my body’s feelings”

“Hmm?” came her sleepy response as she struggled to keep her eyes open.

“I asked… Never mind sweetheart, go to sleep”

“Tell her, be a fucking man for once in your souly existence and tell her or she will leave”

“Cordelia… I love you, too”

“Sniff, eyeroll, wipes eyes. That is so sweet… Wanna call the emergency dentist? I think my rear molar needs help”

“Mmm good, now shut up I’m tired”

Angel curled his body around hers, bringing her chin up a little so he could rest his chin against the top of her head. His hands smoothed down her lithe body, fingertips tracing soothing patterns on her skin. He listened as her heart rate returned to normal, slowing down with the pull of sleep, he watched as her breathing evened out and she curled totally into him.


Before the whispered word had finished being spoken, Angel had fell asleep, snoring softly.

“Great, fucking great. I bet I’m the only damn demon with a soul that snores and I just bet he’s gonna blame it on me… I get the blame for everything. I’m not such a bad fella once you get to know me…”



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