Training Days

SUMMARY: Cordelia wants in on the training action.
POSTED: 18 Sep 2003
WARNINGS:None Listed
1) Dedicated to Skippy who wanted a training fic!

Nibbling the tip of her index finger, Cordelia watched the vampire’s graceful movements in both awe and warming lust. A smidgen of drool coated her finger as she continued to nibble, eyes tracking the curvy arms as he moved without aggresion. Perfectly balanced, Angel exhaled as he pushed his locked hands away from his body, expelling all his tension with that one simple move.

She watched with a silly, little grin on her face as his shoulder muscles danced under his skin. Biceps curling as he brought his arms back against his body, inhaling in rhythm to the excercise. His expression was one of total concentration while he swung round in a slow, graceful circle.

The loose sweat pants he wore skimming his strong thighs and bringing a bigger smile to Cordelia’s face. She could watch him forever, powerful yet with sweet gentility and strong but not overhwelming and…

“Cordy” Angel spoke up, his voice stinging through her little world of hazy lust and bringing her back to Earth.

“Hi, just wanted to see what you were doing” Cordelia replied, jogging down the steps in a way that made her training shoes squeak a little. Her jog pants a navy blue that cut off just above the ankles with a red little top that, despite the colour difference, went well with the bottoms.

“Just catching up on some Tai Chi, what are you doing?” he asked, walking over to his towel to wipe the fine sheen of perspiration laying lightly on his body.

“Actually, I was just about to do something” she replied, raising her hands above her head to stretch her own feminine muscles, unknowingly drawing Angel’s roaming gaze to her chest. “And it involves you”

“Me? What’d I do?” Angel asked with a frown of confusion as he now watched her warily, if he was involved it couldn’t be anything good!

“Nothing yet, but you’re going to train me” Cordelia answered before giving him a sly, little look out of the corner of her eye. “Have you done something?”

“What! No! Nothing, not a thing” he quickly defended, earning a ‘Hmm’ of disbelief from his seer. Why wouldn’t she ever believe his innocence?! “What do you mean I’m going to train you?” Angel asked as he came to stand in front of her.

“Fighting Angel, you’re going to teach me” she told him firmly and assertively as she got into a pathetic defence posture. “See? I’m hopeless!”

“I’m not going to train you Cordy” he told her even more firmly, “You have no need to learn how to fight”

“Excuse me buster, I have every need to learn how to fight” she exclaimed and put her hands on her hips and gave him a glare which used to make him scared. Used to. Used! As in not any more…

“Don’t look at me like that!” Angel complained as he turned away from her glare, he quickly looked down to see if he was still intact. “You don’t need to fight Cordy, I don’t want you putting yourself in any unnecessary danger”

“Of course you don’t” she agreed matter-of-factly “That’s why you need to teach me how to fight”

“How is teaching you how to fight not putting you in unnecessary danger?” he deadpanned. “I know you, if you knew how to fight you’d jump in with both feet and get hurt”

“Phooey Angel, that’s nonsence and you know it. Think of it as self-defence” Cordelia tried that tactic since bluntness wasn’t going to work with him. If she could weedle him round by making him think that self-defence was a good thing then she could…!

“You don’t need self-defence Cordy, I protect you” Angel pointed out, turning back round when he felt the glare was gone and it was safe.

“You’re not always around Angel, you can’t watch me 24/7” she pointed out, keeping all smugness out of her voice.

Couldn’t he? The hotel had plenty of spare rooms for her to choose from, there was the directly next to his, he could knock out the wall in between and she could stay there. The front doors of the hotel could be locked, only Cordelia wouldn’t have a key. See? He could watch her 24/7!

“And don’t think of locking me in the hotel either” damn, caught!

“If you’re in trouble, you know you can always come to me” yes he’d protect her, he’d take care of her and he’d make sure she never knew how to fight. It was dangerous and she could get hurt, he didn’t want her hurt. He wanted her to be safe, wrapped up in his duvet where she was warm and where he could keep an eye on her.

“I know I can come to you, that’s not the point here” Cordelia retaliated easily. “The point is the men folk aren’t always around to protect the women folk you know. Besides, what if it turned out you were the guy I had to protect myself from? Could happen”

Or maybe, she was the woman he’d have to protect himself from she thought with a silent, naughty little giggle. Training could always be a good way to get her hands on those muscles of his! Win-win situation here, couldn’t he see that?!

Blinking away from her, Angel dimissed her comment about him with ease; placing one hand on his hip he adopted what he hoped was a firm disposition and he hoped he looked firm. Or not, considering the way her eyes kept wandering over his body like that!

“Cordy look, I don’t want you getting hurt by learning how to fight” the vampire told her sternly. “I won’t do it, I won’t teach you because you don’t need to know”

Looking at his expression, Cordelia recognised it as the I’m-the-man-you’re-the-little-lady expression. God, she hated that expression and she wanted to wipe it off with a solid right hook! But in her world, you never got mad, you got even and it was time to be manipulative!

“Okay, I get what you’re saying and you’re right” she agreed, with just the right amount of disappointment on her face and just the right amount of defeat in her voice. Cordelia turned her face up to his and looked directly into his eyes, hers going glassy with the promise of tears.

“It means so much to me to know you care about me Angel” she told him with heart-felt sweetness in her voice.

Having no clue he was about to be played big time, Angel immediately softened and took a gentle hold of her arms. “You know I care about you, more than you realise” he told her, thick with undisguised emotion that almost made her feel guilty at conning him.

Almost that is but not quite!

With a smile that acknowledged what he was telling her, Cordelia squeezed his arm muscles in response. First mission accomplished, the secret grope of the biceps! Turning away from him, she walked towards his abandoned sword on the floor, she bent over causing his eyes to widen with appreciation!

She picked it up, straightening slowly and swung it round so she was once again facing the now drooling vampire with a silly grin on his face. Cordelia looked at the blade as she sliced it through the air clumsily.

Angel shook his head, “No, if you use a sword like that you’re gonna hurt yourself” he told her and moved to take the sword off her. Standing away from, the vampire held the handle in a firm grip. “This is how you use a sword…”

Cordelia smiled to herself as Angel started to unknowingly train her!




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