Time to Dance

SUMMARY: A little scene inspired by Lysa’s ‘Double or Nothing’. Angel, Cordelia & Angelus having a little fun….dancing. Hilarity ensues.
POSTED: 19 Dec 2004
WARNINGS: Language
1) Me paying homage to Lysa. Who loves you baby?!?!
STATUS: Complete

Forming a tight line, Cordelia tried to keep the self-satisfied smile from her face as she sauntered up to Angel. “Wanna dance?” Her tone casual and posture relaxed while her eyes were anything but.

Turning panicked, the vampire resisted nibbling on his lower lip as he stared at his lover’s face with a mixture of emotions. “No” came the tense reply as he looked away from her.

Knowing his personality as well as she did made it easy for her to accept his refusal. Slender shoulders shrugged as dark red lips bit back the smirk. “Maybe later, yeah?” It wasn’t a question and she knew he knew it.

Swallowing a heavy drink of his beer, Angelus watched the interraction with both despair and embarrassment. What was his brother thinking?

Like it wasn’t bad enough the soul had it’s own existance, but to make him look bad too? Well, that didn’t exactly please him.

Ignoring the fact Cordelia was now asking Harris for a dance, Angelus deposited his beer on the table and rose from his sprawled position on the circular couch. Knowing the slayer was suspiciously watching both his, Angel’s and Cordelia’s every move, the soulless vampire kept a perfect poker face as he approached his brother. “We’re gonna talk”

Annoyed and jealous brown eyes were focused on Cordelia and Xander while words were directed to Angelus. “How about asking? Don’t you know anything about manners… Never mind. What do you want?”

Curling his hand around Angel’s arm in an unbreakable grip, even for his brother, Angelus dragged Angel to the nearest shadowed corner. “What the fuck are you thinking?”

Looking reasonably displeased, Angel managed to shrug off Angelus’ hand and returned his glare to Cordelia and Xander. “I’m thinking you should go out there and stop that”

“And I’m thinking you’re either crazy or pathetic… Personally, I’m going with pathetic but with you? Who knows.” Not able to resist a quick slanging match, Angelus merely grinned at the irritated expression turned his way.

Refusing to give the soulless one any satisfaction, Angel forced himself to become completely expressionless. “How am I pathetic?”

Grinning wider, Angelus looked all to pleased with himself. “You want reasons?” A little giggle followed that as did more lecturing. “Fact is bro, you turned her down. You turned Cordy down. How could you pass up being wrapped in that hot, tight, curvy bod?”

The glance given to Angelus was priceless. Regaining his sense of self, Angel replied. “As it’s constantly pointed out to me, you got all the rhythm in the family”

“Course I did but that isn’t the point.” Shrugging as though his ego hadn’t grown, Angelus shook his head at Angel. “That doesn’t excuse you turned her down. You have my face so you’re not only showing yourself up but me too and that? I can’t allow”

Pinning his brother with an expressionless face, Angel remained unmoved. “It was either make all three of us look bad, make our situation obvious which would make things worse for Cordy, or I turned her down. What, exactly, would you have me do?”

Turning his charcoal gaze towards Harris and Cordelia, Angelus felt the tinkle of pain as violent thoughts ran through him. He couldn’t take many more nights at the Bronze watching that and so he made up his mind.


Grimacing in pain, Angelus yelled out. “What the fuck are you doing? Playing toe-twister?”

Rapidly backing away from him, Angel had the grace to look ashamed. “I’m sorry, I just…” Now he was apologising to Angelus?

“You can’t dance” Angelus growled as he hopped on one foot. “I get it, believe me”

Taking a very patient and unneeded breath, Angelus calmed his rising anger and focused on the matter at hand. “Ok, we’ll try this one more time.” Holding out his left hand, he indicated Angel to take his right. “Remember, feet move not brake”

Ignoring the queasy feeling at holding his brother’s hand, Angel curled his fingers around Angelus’ only to have his brother shriek.

“Gahhh! Ewwwww!” Angelus couldn’t help it, he was traumatised. Did he tell Angel to hold his hand? Shaking off the bugs crawling on his skin, the soulless vampire shuddered and shook until the creepy feeling disappeared. Glaring at Angel, he snarled “Did I tell you to fucking do that?”

Looking completely unimpressed at the outburst of disgust, Angel helplessly held his hands out to the heavens. “This was your idea not mine. For the record, you started it”

“Like hell I did” Angelus snorted in response, still reeling from the experience of touching the soul. “You started it by turning Cordy down. Did you see her face?”

Looking sincerely ashamed, Angel lowered his eyes to the dirty basement floor. “I know I disappointed her, really no need to remind me”

Raising his eyebrows incredulously, Angelus bit back a hysterical giggle. “Disappointed? Is that what you think? She was laughing at you Angel”

Angel’s head shook in denial. “Cor wouldn’t laugh at me, she loves me”

“She loves me too bro but that doesn’t stop her seeing my face when you act like the pathetic soul you are.” Angelus reasoned with a knowing smirk as his broad shoulders shrugged. “Besides, why do you think she asked Harris after you said no?”

If vampires could flush with embarrassment, Angel certainly did. “Because she doesn’t want them to know about our private life.” Hearing that out loud was like a wake-up call. “Oh God! She really laughed at me”

“Give the vamp a medal” Angelus returned dryly. Crossing his arms over his chest, he stared long and hard at his brother, relishing in the way reality bypassed denial. “There ya go! Isn’t self-honestly a great thing?”

Swallowing what pride he had left, Angel raised his head high and met his brother’s excessively amused gaze. “Teach me”


The banging sound of her bag didn’t drown out the noise emanating from the lower floor. Wondering if Angel and Angelus were training, Cordelia instantly took herself to the basement, inwardly grimacing at the blood and sweat she’d find there.

Completely caught up in what they were doing, neither Angel nor Angelus noticed her arrival.

I’ve been meaning to tell you
I’ve got this feeling that won’t subside
I look at you and I fantasize
You’re mine tonight
His hand was tightly holding Angel’s right hip, his left hand was on a shoulder and his own hips were moving in circles. Angelus occupied himself with verbally counting the beat so his brother could follow.

“2, 3, 4 and step to the right… 2, 3, 4 and dip…!” Angel dipped Angelus, his hands gripping so his brother didn’t fall.

Standing unnoticed, Cordelia could merely watch in shock and extreme amusement as Angel swung Angelus upright.

Now I’ve got you in my sights
With these hungry eyes
One look at you and I can’t disguise I’ve got
Hungry eyes

“2, 3, 4 and step to the right… 2, 3, 4 and twirl…!”

Angel gripped Angelus’ hand and twirled him to left, thus making him face Cordelia’s direction.

Hazel orbs were brightly lit with unadulterated hilarity while her mouth was forced to keep a tight line. Slim arms were folded across her breasts while curved shoulders shook. Nodding her head once, Cordelia treated each vampire to a solemn look. “Please, do go on”

Stood there, with his brother’s hand over his head and feeling like a fool, Angelus found he couldn’t move an inch. Angel simply closed his eyes and wished he was back in hell.

“Hungry Eyes huh?” Cordelia commented easily. “Tell me, have you done the lift?”

…The End…

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