Three Vamps and a Princess

SUMMARY: Spike and Dru become parents!
POSTED: 26 Sep 2003
CONTENT/PAIRING: S/C/Dr Family, C/Aus at end
WARNINGS: None Listed
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STATUS: Incomplete

Part 1:
“Mommy?” a six and a half year old girl tugged on her mother’s jacket sleeve impatiently, she wanted some attention. Yelling, a scowl, a glare any kind of attention would be nice; anything but another…

“Hush honey, mommy’s busy” her mother replied for the millionth time as she continued to chat on her cellular phone.

Deciding to try her daddy, the little girl leaned to the other side and tugged on her father’s sleeve. “Daddy? Daddy?” she pouted hoping for any acknowledgement she was there. Any kind of acknowledgement that wasn’t…

“Not now Princess,” her daddy told her absently, while he looked the waitress up and down appreciatively. Automatically he shook her little hand off the cloth, she might crease it.

“You could at least see what she wants” her mother haughtily told her father with a sneer that aged her classically beautiful features.

“I don’t see you asking her either, I thought you were busy” her father retorted in a deep voice, a voice that should have sounded protective to the little girl, but instead sounded full of spite and hate.

“I have too…” the little girl pleaded desperately to either one of her parents, looking from one to the other helplessly. She didn’t want to go too the bathroom by herself, it was too far away from their table at the restaurant. But if she didn’t go soon then she was gonna pee her pants and since she hadn’t done that since she was four, she didn’t intend to do it again. Her mother had yelled at her for ruining the expensive sheets on her bed, her mother obviously hadn’t cared about the monster underneath it that had stopped her from leaving the sanctuary of the soft surface.

Well, one day that monster is gonna be under her bed and then what will she say? Cordelia bit her lip, and stopped trying to get attention knowing she wasn’t going to get any. She peered in the direction of the bathroom signs and debated whether or not to go by herself. She was six and half, almost seven and that meant she was a big girl and she could do almost everything by herself. Not like her parents would notice she was gone anyways.

Hopping down off her seat, the movement making her pigtails bounce and her little pink sundress float around her skinny legs. She was a little too tall for her age, her legs and arms were skin and bone, her face was heart-shaped and full of mischief, her eyes were too big for her head. Her hair was always clean and up in bunches though she hated it and she hated the stupid pink sundress she had been made to wear.

“Stupid mother ‘Cordelia, little girls are supposed to wear pink’” she mimicked her mother in a high-pitched and quiet voice dragging her feet as she trudged to the bathroom. “I hate pink; I like sky blue so there. Let’s see how she likes that!”


Cordelia pushed the heavy door of the bathroom open, still mimicking her mother and then her father too, in as deep a voice as a six and a half year old could manage. Her large eyes landed on a woman with big, green eyes and long, black hair holding a doll. Oooh! She liked the doll, the woman’s dress was weird but she liked the doll.

Drusilla’s eyes lit up when the little girl walked in, letting the door shut with a slam behind her and she stood transfixed as the girl stood there staring up at her, fearlessly. A half smile flitted across the vampire’s blood red lips as her fingers toyed with Miss. Edith’s hair.

“Hi” Cordelia said, totally not intimidated in the slightest by someone most adults avoided. “I like your doll”

“Do you really, my lovely?” Drusilla responded, eyes growing larger and fingers ceasing to stroke the doll’s hair. Using her free hand, she smoothed down her black, velvet corset style dress with a graceful motion. “And do you like my dress? I like yours, all pink. Little girls should wear pink”

“My mother says that too, but I want to wear sky blue and I don’t want my hair in these stupid pigtails. They hurt my head” Cordelia told the strange woman. She knew she wasn’t supposed to talk to strangers and this woman was definitely strange but she was talking to her. After being ignored for most of the night, it was nice that she was being talked too and even better that it was another girl talking to her.

“I like blue, like the sky; so pretty to look at” the vampire told her, the little girl was precious like a little princess and she wanted to keep her. Drusilla licked her lips as delicious, little thoughts floated in and out of her singing head. Her Spike always wanted a princess, now he could have two!

“What’s your doll called? Can I see it?” Cordelia asked in all innocence, having no idea whatsoever to who and what she was talking too.

“Oooh!” Drusilla purred, her tone coming off light and teasing, “I shall ask her if you can hold her”

“Yes please” Cordelia said excitedly and waited patiently as the woman spoke to her doll.

“Miss Edith” the vampire brought the doll’s ear close to her red lips, cooing softly. “Can the little pink princess hold you? She likes you she does, thinks you’re very pretty”. Cordelia knew the doll couldn’t talk back but when the woman nodded her head as if she were listening to the reply, she giggled. Drusilla held out Miss Edith to the hopeful little girl, another half smile flickered across her lips when Cordelia immediately held out her hands.

“Hi Miss Edith” she spoke politely as she had been taught “My name’s Cordelia Chase, but you can call me Cordy” came the polite but exalted introduction. She loved dolls and this doll was well taken care of and the dress was made in soft velvet. “I would love to have a doll like you to play with, my mommy keeps my dolls were I can’t reach”

Drusilla watched and listened as the little girl talked too and hugged Miss Edith, her little face bright and flushed with happiness. She was going to keep the little girl, she was going to be the little girl’s new mommy and then the little girl could have as many dolls as she wanted and wear sky blue if she chose too.

“I think the nice lady misses you Miss Edith” Cordelia said, she didn’t really want to give the doll back but it wasn’t hers to keep. “Here. Thank you miss, it really is a nice doll and I do like your dress”

“You’re a very sweet little girl, I would like to keep you all to myself” Drusilla replied taking the doll held back to her. “Would you like that? Would you like to be my princess?”

“I already have a mommy, but I like you better. I wish you were my mommy, you talked nicely to me and then gave me your doll to play with” replied Cordelia, wistfully.

“Mmmm… I should love to be your mummy little princess, you could wear sky blue and you could be all mine and play with Miss Edith” Drusilla persuaded, she looked deep into the little girl’s eyes with her hypnotic gaze, sending Cordelia into a trance. “All mine my sweet, we could play all day with Miss Edith and we could have tea parties with my Spike and Daddy would be ever so taken with you”.

“Okay miss, you can be my new mommy” Cordelia stated in a distant voice, unable to tear her eyes away from the other woman’s gaze. The green seemed to glow a pretty, sparkly orange and she couldn’t stop staring. Drusilla shortly broke the hypnotic spell, Cordelia blinked and shook her head a little as she came back to herself, realizing she still hadn’t gone to the bathroom.

As soon as that thought entered her head, she immediately became incredibly desperate and began bouncing up and down on the spot. “I gotta go!” Cordelia yelped out when she couldn’t hold it in anymore and dashed into a cubicle.

Drusilla blinked once and the little girl had disappeared, she would wait here for her and she would come back then she was going to take the girl home with her where she could be a princess and wear sky blue. She was going to have a little girl, all for her and no one else.
Part 2:
Spike pinched the bridge of his nose, exhaling smoke out of his mouth; he had to give it to her, she had given him a headache in record time. He was supposed to take her out for dinner at a nice, posh restaurant just like she asked of him and he had come out a dad! Was it him or were men only supposed to become dads after nine months of exquisite, hormonal torture?

Drusilla walked alongside him, one hand holding Miss Edith and the other hand firmly holding the little girl’s. Both were chatting happily between each other, completely ignoring him as though he didn’t exist. Thank God for small mercies!

“Where’s my new home mommy? And why is daddy growling like a big grumpy dog?” Cordelia asked, skipping in time with her new mommy. She loved her new mommy, she had gotten more hugs and kisses off her in one hour than she ever did off her old, stinky mommy.

“Oooh princess!” Drusilla purred teasingly “You have a big, new home all made of stone and you can have your own room my sweet. You’ll have to show Daddy how so very sweet you are, Princess. You have given me cuddles and kisses but not Daddy”

Spike’s headache increased when he immediately felt a tugging on his denim jacket sleeve, he had a 4 foot nothing feeling what it was! “Daddy! Daddy!” came an excited, little squeaky voice from his ankles. Halting his walk, he looked down and directly into two very large, blinking hazel eyes.

“What?” he asked with a little snap in his voice.

“Spike! Be nice to princess” Drusilla scolded harshly with a shaking finger at him.

Cordelia raised her arms and made a little ‘pick me up’ sign with her hands, “Please Daddy? My feet are tired!”

“Fer cryin out bloody loud!” Spike ground out quietly, flicking his fourth cigarette away as he bent down and picked the little girl up under her shoulders. He forced himself to repress a little grin when he received a little kiss on his cheek for his trouble.

“Thank you Daddy” Cordelia leaned her head on his shoulder, her old daddy never picked her up like this, he just said that she would wrinkle his suit. “I love you and mommy”

“That’s nice pet” Spike continued to walk, subconsciously taking care not to jostle her.

“Awww…!” Drusilla cooed so very happily, “My Spike being all sweet to his little girl, you have your very own special princess”

“That’s nice poodle” the blonde vampire replied, refusing to believe she had done this to give him a princess! A puff of hot breath on his cheek signalled a yawn from the thing in his arms and he felt that thing snuggle her head down into the crook of his neck. Great, just bloody great!

“Awww! She’s going to sleep Spike, look at how sweet she is” Drusilla cooed quietly, stroking Cordelia’s pigtails with a gentle, peaceful touch he only ever saw done to Miss Edith. “We have our very own little girl, she loves her mummy she does and she’s taken a fancy to Miss Edith. We shall have to get her lots and lots of dolls to play with. We shall have lovely tea parties my Spike, with Daddy and grandmummy and Miss Edith can bring her friends…” her voice trailed off in a longing whisper as she began to ramble about all the things she could do with the little girl.

All Spike could think was what on Earth Angelus and Darla were going to make of this little addition to the family. He dreaded to think!


Darla and Angelus stood in silence, staring at the little girl looking back at them both; neither vampire knew what to think of it. The situation was surreal. Spike had taken Drusilla out to a restaurant because she wanted someone posh to eat and they had come back with a little girl. Angelus stared down at the little girl while Darla held her jaw in a tight, bone crunching lock. Both were stunned beyond belief, it was almost like finding out humans didn’t fear vampires anymore.

Cordelia was holding one of Drusilla’s hands and one of Spike’s, standing between her new mommy and daddy, her face curling up when she looked up into Darla’s stunned blue eyes.

“My mommy says you’re my new grammy” she stated, causing Spike to muffle a snort of laughter at the jaw-dropping surprise on her face. “Does that mean that the grumpy man is my new grandpa?”

This time, Spike did snort.

“What?” Angelus looked from Spike to Drusilla then returned his furious gaze back to the little girl who stood knee high to a grasshopper. “I’m not your grandpa you little…”

“Hey, I was only asking geez. Keep your wig on” Cordelia retorted haughtily, the man was just like her father’s friend. Angry at everything and everyone with a face that looked like a wet weekend, not that she was scared of him cus she wasn’t. Her daddy could beat him!

“Now now, Miss Cordy” Drusilla scolded the child with the same wagging finger that had been pointed to Spike. “You sharnt be rude,”

Raising apologetic eyes to her mommy, Cordelia’s lip pooched out in a tiny pout as she let go of Spike’s hand to hug Dru’s leg. “I’m sorry mommy but he’s angry with me and I haven’t done anything wrong… Have I?”

“No pet, he’s just a big ol grump” Spike assured the little girl just for the sake of pissing off Angelus. “Peaches snarls at every bleedin one, just ignore him and he’ll go away”

“What the hell is that?” Darla asked, her voice calm and even, as she finally found the ability to speak. Blue eyes searched both faces of Spike and Drusilla before she looked back down at Cordelia who looked back at her.

“Hi! I’m Cordelia Chase but you can call me Cordy but only if you’re nice to me” Cordelia exclaimed, not really liking the woman with the blonde hair. She seemed to be like her mother, beautiful to look at but not a nice person who didn’t like kids. Not that anyone could not like her, after all she was Cordelia Chase!

“That’s nice dear” Darla replied and immediately turned back to Spike, “You let her just walk out of the restaurant with a kid?”

“Don’t blame me grammy” Spike responded, no visible sign of sarcasm in his voice at all. “She went to the loo and came back with the little pixie”

“Dru honey” Darla started calmly “If she isn’t here for dinner then you take her back to her parents. You can not keep a kid” she did not want a kid running around the house, she did not want that particular kid running round the house. That kid kept looking at her with accusing, knowing eyes and she didn’t like it.

“Sssh grandmummy” Drusilla pressed a fingertip to her ruby lips “Not for dinner grandmummy, Miss Cordy is my little girl, my Spike’s special princess she is. Mustn’t scare my little girl”

“Dru” Angelus growled at his childe menacingly, unknowingly causing Cordelia to become instantly defensive. “I won’t allow you to keep this-this kid, she is not a puppy or kitten” he spoke to his childe as though he was talking to a child Cordelia’s age. How he kept calm, he’ll never know, but if that damn kid didn’t stop looking at him like that he was gonna… do something, what he didn’t exactly know!

“You can’t tell my mommy what she and can’t do mister!” Cordelia spoke up defensively and let go of Drusilla to fold her arms across her chest.

“I can’t?” Angelus asked, raising his eyebrows as the kid talked back to him. Most adults didn’t even have the nerve to squeak his name after being around him for more then five minutes. But this tiny little kid was talking back to him as though he were nothing.

“No, my mommy can do whatever she wants and there’s nothing you can do about it” she gave him a rapid, smug smile that curled the edges of her lips up at the corners. Then she stuck her tongue out at him in a way that even made Darla fight back a grin at the look of sheer disbelief on Angelus’ face.

“Your mommy does what I tell her to do little girl, if you’re staying here then you will also do what I tell you to do” Angelus snarled dangerously at the little girl and made a move towards her, expecting her to back away in fear.

“I’m not a little girl!” Cordelia barked back, she did take a step back towards Spike who, subconsciously, moved towards her side protectively. “I’m six and a half, almost seven, I can go to the bathroom by myself so see? I’m not a little girl, I’m a big girl and you’re just a big, giant meanie who bullies girls because he can’t pick on somebody his own size”

“I like this kid” Spike choked out through laughter brought on by her little speech to his grandsire. She was worth keeping around just for the enjoyment of having a six year old, four foot nothing talk back to a 240 year old vampire who had slaughtered hundreds. Angelus’ expression was priceless, his eyebrows had reached unprecedented heights, and his jaw was opening and closing while he blinked rapidly.

Darla was just looking from the kid, to Drusilla to Spike and then back to the kid again. She didn’t like this one little bit, but if the kid could keep Drusilla busy and out of her hair then she could live with it. It being a scrawny little brat with a mouth too big for her own good. Besides, Drusilla would probably get bored of the kid soon enough and have her for dinner or something.

Cordelia, unaware of the different thoughts about her, looked up at Spike with a super, toothy grin that made him smile back before he could stop himself. She raised her arms again and he immediately responded by picking her up. “I like you too, daddy” she replied shyly with another yawn, “I’m tired now mommy, you said I could have my own room can I see it now?”

“Course you can ducks” Spike replied before Drusilla could, he ruffled the top of her head causing her to frown at him and tell him to stop it. “Come on poodle, let’s show Princess here her new room luv”

“See my pet?” Drusilla cooed, forgetting all about Angelus and Darla as she concentrated on Cordelia. “Daddy likes you now you’re being sweet, you shall be tired and you should go to bed like all good girls”

“But I’m not a girl mommy, I’m a princess” Cordelia corrected happily snuggling into Spike’s rapidly protective hold on her.

“Right you are pet; and all princesses need to have bedtimes and you’re up past yours” he told her firmly. He could get to like this, Angelus was speechless and Darla seemed to be the one with the headache for once. That, he could live with!

“Okay daddy, I’ll be a good princess and go to bed but only if you and mommy tuck me in and tell me a bedtime story” came the little, sleepy reply.

“Ooooh, I can tell you a bedtime story my sweet, it’s about a special princess and her new mummy…” Drusilla cooed, shooing Spike towards the stone staircase inside the mansion. The vampire’s voice could be heard talking softly as she told a made-up story to the little girl.

“Angelus…” Darla turned to Angelus the instant the others were gone, her face full of restrained anger, shock and hatred for the little girl.

“What?” Angelus spat at his sire, he was growing tired of her constantly berating him for everything Drusilla did. So what if he was the one who turned her, so what if he was the one who drove her insane; Drusilla was still a grown woman so how was he to blame for everything she did?

“You know what. You can’t allow her to keep the kid” Darla barked back, verging on out and out fury. That damned kid raised her heckles and she had no idea why.

“She’ll get bored of it soon enough Darla,” Angelus responded, already bored with a situation he had no control over. “Besides, I thought you would have been glad to have Dru outta your way for a while” he told her silkily as he brushed past her to sit down on the couch. He made sure his large, masculine frame took up most of the couch so his sire couldn’t sit down.

Darla clenched her hands into fists and grit her teeth together, she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “Are you saying we shouldn’t go up those stairs right now and kill it?” she asked just to be certain that is what he was saying to her.

“Why bother? Dru will just get bored of it soon enough” Angelus replied carelessly, glancing tauntingly at the blonde vampire. “What’s eating you Darla? Is it the fact that you hate the kid or is it the fact that Dru isn’t giving you her full attention?”

“You can not be insinuating that I’m jealous of a snotty nosed brat?” Darla yelped in shock at her childe. With a shake of her head, she dismissed the entire conversation instantly. “Forget it, let Dru keep it and as you say it’ll keep the lunatic out of my way and she’ll tire of it soon” her mood then performed a total 180 on Angelus.

“What’s say you and I take a long, moonlit stroll in the park lover?” she purred, anything to get out of the damned house and away from faint story-telling voices.

“I like the way you think, love” Angelus purred back, his mood also doing a 180 and lightening with the prospect of eating something young and innocent. Drusilla had some good ideas now and then; a young, innocent brunette sounded delicious right about now! And it just so happened there was one upstairs… No! The vampire shook his head, he was going to leave Drusilla and Spike to their own devices, let them deal with the kid.

“Come on then lover” Darla brought him out of his thoughts, “Surprise me”
Part 3:
Drusilla purred with contentment she had never felt before, her hand stroking Cordelia’s long, brown hair with delicate, careful movements so as not to wake her from her sleep. Miss Edith was tucked tightly in the sleeping girl’s embrace, the doll’s head lying in the crook of her arm. The vampire trailed a finger down Cordelia’s throat, stopping at the light pulsing of the jugular and felt the throb of life just under the skin.

“Not for dinner my pet,” Drusilla cooed with a light, quiet giggle knowing the little girl had no idea she was a vampire yet. “We must get you some special little girl things, mmm new clothes for Princess. All in sky blue, make you look like the sky I shall and your Daddy will make us some tea”

Cordelia woke up with the sound of talking, eyes snapping wide open and mouth growing into a gigantic, beaming smile when she saw Drusilla lying next to and watching her. Green eyes blinking owlishly and ruby red lips flicking up at the corners when Cordelia opened her eyes. “Mummy’s special Princess, all awake she is”

The six year old rubbed her eyes with her fist and yawned, “Morning mommy, what’s for breakfast? Is there Wheeties? Or some chocolate?” her old mommy never let her eat chocolate especially for breakfast but maybe her new mommy would. Then again, maybe not but there was no harm in asking!

“Ooooh! We shall go see what Daddy got for you last night” Drusilla responded lightly, “You shall have to mind your manners and say thank you to Daddy”

“I’ll give him a big hug and kiss. Promise” Cordelia promised solemnly as she sat up, “What shall I wear today? I only have my stupid pink sundress and I wore that yesterday, can I have a dress like yours but in sky blue?” she asked in the way only a child could.

“We shall see Princess, why don’t you go and wake Daddy hmm?”


The bedroom door blasted open, she raced in at a 100 miles per hour and dove on top of the sleeping lump in the bed. Cordelia bounced with heightened excitement and shook the vampire clean out of his sleep, giggling happily while she did it.

Who the hell had the fucking gall to wake him up at this ungodly hour?!

“DADDY!” Cordelia hollered loudly continuing to bounce up and down on the vampire under the covers. “Wake up Daddy! You have to make me breakfast, mommy said so”

Angelus growled dangerously, stirring slowly, two ochre eyes and a gleaming set of fangs stared at the girl bouncing on his bed. “Get out before I kill you, you little brat” he snarled at the gutsy but annoying little brat. Seeing the eyes, ridges and fangs on the grumpy man, Cordelia immediately stopped bouncing, hollering, and shaking him and sat completely still in silence. Her lower lip popped out in a wobbly pout, her hazel eyes filled with frightened tears and she nodded.

“I-I was just looking for my Daddy, sorry mister. I-I’ll go now and leave you alone”

The childish fear was delicious to him, sitting up Angelus decided to make the most of this opportunity in scaring the little girl some more. Cordelia was halfway to his door when he called out to her. “C’mere kid” he ordered.

“No, I’m going to find my Daddy” she replied, her voice full of tears as she tried to process his face in her head. She didn’t understand, her mother had told her vampires weren’t real but he was a vampire, she saw his fangs. They were big and long and sharp, if she didn’t get out of here and warn her mommy then he would kill them all. Like Dracula did on that movie she wasn’t supposed to watch. “Sorry I woke you Dracula, you can go back to sleep and I won’t do it again”

“Kid!” Angelus ordered louder and dangerously, “My name is not Dracula and get back here NOW!”

“No, you’re a vampire and I’m gonna tell my Daddy of you and he’ll kill you to death HA!” Cordelia shot back with as much smugness as she could gather and bolted from Dracula’s bedroom as fast as she could. “Mommy! Daddy! Dracula’s here and he’s gonna kill me!” she hollered as she hurtled along the hallway back to her room and ran inside, slamming the door shut.

“Mommy, Daddy! HEEELLLPPP DRACULA’S GONNA EAT ME!” she screamed as loud as her lungs could manage. She could hear Dracula’s heavy footsteps bounding along the hallway towards her bedroom, she looked around the bedroom for a place she could hide where he wouldn’t find her. A-HA! Dracula would never go in the sunshine!

Cordelia scuttled towards the window, yanked the heavy drapes open and stood in the bright sunlight, waiting for Dracula to try and eat her now. “He wouldn’t dare come into the sunlight, stupid vampire. I bet he’s not even strong, I bet he can’t count to a hundred like I can and I bet he can’t speak French and Latin. In fact, I bet he’s so stupid he couldn’t count his own fingers”

“What the bloody hell is going on?” Spike’s voice boomed from outside Cordelia’s bedroom, when he heard Angelus snarling about dead, little brats and heard the kid’s screaming; he had pictures of finding the cute, little girl in pieces along the hallway.

“Your little snotty, nosed brat ran into my bedroom and woke me up that’s what the fuck is going on” Angelus furious voice rang out in reply.

“The little pixie woke you up?” Spike tried his hardest to process this in his head and wished to God he’d been a fly on the wall to see that. “What’d you do to her?”

“Nothing! I did nothing to your little brat”

“He’s lying Daddy! Dracula threatened to kill me if I woke him up again” both vampire’s heard the hollered words from behind her door. “He’s a vampire, kick his teeth in, go on Daddy! Doitdoitdoit!”

Spike heard every word, hung on to the Dracula word like it was a gift from the Devil himself! “Dracula threatened to kill you eh, Pixie?” he edged closer to the door so Cordelia could hear him.

“Yeah he did, and he also threatened to rip my throat out” okay so she was fibbing, but who wouldn’t when faced with Dracula himself?! “He said “I’m gonna rip your throat out and kill you if you wake me up again” and I said “Sorry mister, I was just looking for my Daddy” I did say I was sorry, I never meant to wake him up honest. And he said he would kill me so if it’s anyone’s fault, it’s Dracula’s!”

“My name is not Dracula you little hell spawn, it’s ANGELUS!” Angelus snarled through the door at the brat behind it. He was tired, cranky and he didn’t need this in the middle of the night. He didn’t need to be dealing with a six and a half year old insistent on calling him Dracula.

“See, now you are lying” Cordelia retorted “Dracula would never call himself by a name that’s Latin for Angel. Liar-Liar pants on fi-re, hair sticks up like telephone wi-re!”

Spike and Angelus looked at each other, how did she know that?

“Is he dead yet Daddy?”

“Sadly not Pixie” Spike was the first to speak after a few moments of silence “But he won’t eat you or rip out your throat pet”

“Damn right I will” Angelus countered; his voice now shade less dangerous since, the kid had sparked his interest about how she knew what his name meant in Latin. He took an unneeded breath and tried to calm down. “Open the door br… Kid”

“I’m not a kid and I’m not opening the door unless Van Helsing gets here first so there”. Both vampires could picture the huge tongue pulling that likely followed those brave words.

“Come on Pixie, Drac ain’t gonna hurt you luv. Daddy’ll see to that” Spike told her soothingly, glaring at Angelus and daring the other vampire to contradict his words.

“Where’s my mommy? I want my mommy. MOMMY!”

“She’s downstairs, making you some Wheeties Pix so why don’t you open… Oh sod this” Spike sighed, “Move away from the door pet” he warned just before he kicked the door wide open.

“EEEEEEEKKKK!” Cordelia squealed loudly and darted into the sun drenched patch by the window. “Daddy quick get in the sun, he can’t eat us that way. Quick!” she urged as much as she could, trying to get Spike to stand in the sunlight where he would be safe.

Angelus smirked as he looked slyly to the blonde vampire standing next to him with a weird look on his face. “Your daddy’s a Dracula too, Kid” he told her bluntly and reveling in the drawn in gasped breath, the widening of the child’s eyes and the wobbling of the lower lip.

“You liar, you evil dead liar” Cordelia yelled at him, “You’re only saying that cus he’s not a grumpy, old man who threatens kids. If he was a vampire, he’d still be better than you because you’re nothing but a big dead bully”

Spike was loving this girl more and more! “How’s about I get your mum pet? She can sort Drac here out for you” he told her and started to walk away.

“For the last time” Angelus glared at the brat “My name is not Dracula you little scrat”

“Big dead bul-lee! Big dead bul-lee!”

“Stop it”

“Stop it!” Cordelia mimicked suddenly changing her tactics seeing as that would make him more annoyed at her.


“Hey!” she copied instantly and Spike started to shake with laughter, covering his sniggers by lighting up a cigarette. “Daddy, he won’t go away and why aren’t you running? Oh I get it, you’re not scared of a stupid vampire are you? I knew you wouldn’t be but why aren’t you kicking his puny teeth in?”

“Cause Pix” Spike told her, locking blue eyes onto the questioning large hazel one’s of the little girl. “I’m a vamp too pet, so is your mummy. Welcome to the bloody house of vampires. Don’t worry your pretty, little head though Daddy’ll protect you!”

“You can’t be a vampire” Cordelia’s lower lip wobbled again, “Vampires eat little girls, and I know I’m not little but I am a girl… And you were gonna eat me to!” Plump tears began to fall down her heart-shaped face, she wiped them away angrily and gave the best death glare she could manage. “I won’t let you eat me, I’ll stand in the sunshine until you both go away. MOMMY!”

Drusilla heard the final scream of Cordelia and hurried back up to the young girl’s bedroom, her eyes flashing deadly revenge if the girl had been touched or harmed in anyway by either Spike, Angelus or Darla. Cordelia was her princess and hers alone, there would be hell to pay if a hair on her head had been stirred.

“Hush my Princess” came the soft whisper from the female vampire as she approached the bedroom where both Spike and Angelus were standing outside, the males unable to get in due to not yet being invited.

“M-mommy? Dracula threatened me, he said he was gonna kill me and daddy said that he was a vampire too” Cordelia huddled against the drapes in terror that both delighted and annoyed Angelus.

“I didn’t hurt her, what’s she crying about?” he asked haughtily and tightened his robe, sending a look towards the little girl inside the bedroom. Cordelia looked back with the biggest pout he ever saw. “Put the pout away or you’ll trip over it kid”

“You’re so ugly that I bet your mother had to tie a pork chop around your neck just to get the dog to play with you!” Cordelia snapped, jumping more into the sunlight when Angelus snarled at her. “Mommy, he’s scaring me”

“Bad Daddy” Drusilla cooed to Angelus, running a sharp fingernail down his cheek, “No hurting of Princess, I shall be ever so cross if you do. She’s my little girl, all mine” Angelus grabbed her hand in a hard grip.

“Dru” he warned in a singsong voice, increasing his grip to almost hurting point… “OW! What the hell…?!” Angelus suddenly felt a stinging kick to his ankle. Snapping his head down, he saw Cordelia scuttling back inside her bedroom. “You scrawny little munchkin, that hurt!”

“It was supposed to you big dead bully, only coward’s hit women and only big dead bullies threaten girls” she snapped back from the safety of the bedroom. “Momma, Daddy I’m scared of that man”

“Peaches isn’t anything to be scared of Princess” Spike told her, “I bet you could hurt him a lot more than he could hurt you pet. ‘Sides, he ain’t so tough, he can only threaten girls remember ducks?”

Spike’s words caused a thoughtful look to cross the little girl’s heart-shaped face as she contemplated his words deeply. Angelus stood outside the bedroom, unknowing he hadn’t been invited, his patience growing thin and his temper on her verge of snapping. After Darla’s little game last night in the park and after only two hours sleep, he really was cranky. “Look Kid” he tried through gritted teeth and a forced swallow. “I won’t kill you or rip out your throat, which I never said to you by the way, if you stop whining and come out of your room like a good, little girl”

“Liar” Cordelia accused the second he stopped speaking “You would to eat me, Dracula always eats the girls. If you didn’t know that then what kind of Dracula are you anyway? If my Daddy is a Dracula than he would know to eat girls, he’s not stupid like you are”

“My name is not…”

“Dracula, I know. Geez, I heard you the first time I may only be six and a half but I’m not deaf” Cordelia retorted quickly, cutting his words off. She shuffled on her feet and looked between all three expectant vampires, “So… are you all vampires and drink blood and stuff?”

“Yup” Spike replied with a smile that caused his cheekbones to rise incredibly high and his blue eyes danced with merriment of the whole fiasco. If he hadn’t actually lived to see this, he never would have believed it happened, it was too surreal.

“Wow, I wonder what my old mommy would say to me now” Cordelia thought of the only thing that made any sense to her at the minute. “She always told me vampires weren’t real, they were just stuff out of fairy stories and they’re not. Just goes to show grown-ups are stupid and don’t know everything. In fact, I bet Under-The-Bed monsters are real too”

Drusilla brushed past Angelus and walked, invited, into Cordelia’s bedroom with a graceful glide, her eyes upon the little girl. “Hush my sweet” she cooed softly, Cordelia became calm almost immediately much to the surprise of the other two vampires. “Not hurt my Princess, mmm… Such a soft and sweet little girl you are. Mummy will take such good care of you my pet… Shush, mustn’t let bad Daddy scare you”

“I didn’t mean to wake Dracula” Cordelia told her, “He said he was gonna kill me and he scared me a-and then daddy said that you were a Dracula too. Is he lying?”

Drusilla let out a childish giggle and knelt down to face the frightened young girl, her hand caressed the side of Cordelia’s tear-stained cheek. “Princess cried tears of fright, Mummy will dry those tears all away and then daddy shall give you a big cuddle he will. Nobody will hurt my precious pet, there’ll be no monsters under your bed and things won’t go bump in the night.” The little girl seemed to understand the way the vampiress talked, almost like they communicated on a childlike level which was understandable.

When a person was driven to the point of insanity, they regressed to a childlike state and that is exactly what had happened to Drusilla before Angelus turned her. But there was still no-one who could understand the babbling vampire, no-one that is except for a pint-sized pixie by the name of Cordelia Chase.

“Do you promise Mommy?” Cordelia asked hopefully with her lower lip wobbling again, “Are you sure there are no monsters under the bed?”

“We shall see my Princess” Drusilla took the little girl’s hand in her cool one, insisting she get down on her knees too. The vampire and girl crawled, giggling, towards the bed Cordelia had slept in and both peered under it. “No monsters under the bed see? Mummy was right all along”

Angelus watched with a bored look on his face, his lip curled up in a sneer and hands on his robe covered hips. He took this opportunity to taunt Spike, “I guess I should congratulate you on parenthood” he remarked casually, not expecting the answer.

“Bout bloody time an all mate,” Spike repressed a smirk at the expression on his grandsire’s face when it became obvious he wasn’t taking the bait. “Always wanted to be a Daddy, looks like you became a granddaddy Angelus again… Wait a minute, if you’re my granddaddy won’t that make you the Pixie’s great-granddaddy?!”

“Spike. Shut. Up” Angelus growled at the thorn in his side, turning back to the scene in the bedroom, he saw Drusilla leading a calm and giggling six year old out of the bedroom by her tiny hand.

“Bad Daddy” Drusilla snapped on her way past him.

“Bigdeadbully!” Cordelia sniggered and Angelus made a choking motion with his hands.

Part 4:
The days turned into weeks, the weeks turned then the weeks had turned into six months. The vampires’ lives had altered drastically with the arrival of the little girl. No longer was the mansion used for bringing people home to torture or eat, sex on the first three floors had been banned and Darla was hardly ever seen at the mansion. But she was there today, in her bedroom putting some make-up on and humming softly to herself.

Cordelia skipped along the hallway, holding a doll Spike had gotten for her at the funfair the week before. Her brown hair was hanging down her shoulders, ice cream making the ends stick together after she and her mommy had a little food fight. Now she was on her way to get changed when she walked past Darla’s open door.

Remembering what she had been told about knocking, Cordelia timidly knocked on the door and waited patiently to be invited in. Darla turned at the sound of the knocking, the little heartbeat and the pitter-patter of the footsteps she tried to ignore. “What do you want?” she asked and turned back to her make-up.

“I just wanted to say I think you’re very pretty Miss” she had been told to call that lady miss and not by her name which Cordelia thought was rude. Even the grumpy man, Angelus, allowed her to call him Mister Angel now.

“Oh?” Darla replied only mildly intrigued by the little girl’s words, she felt obliged to respond if only to get that knowing look off the brat’s face. “I think you’re very pretty too, now run along and go play in your room”

“You remind me of my old mommy” Cordelia stated after a few second of silent debate, “She was pretty too. Had long brown hair like me”

“That’s nice honey” the blonde replied, now no longer listening to the kid and her ramblings, Darla picked up a wooden handled brush and studied it with admiration. The handle was nicely carved with intricate details and the bristles were a soft, natural material.

“I always wanted to be like my old mommy, I wanted to be prettier than she was and be nicer than she was because my old daddy only looked at women prettier than my mommy. If I was prettier than my mommy, he’d look at me and know I was there”

“Maybe he thought you talked too much” Darla pointed out as she turned to fully face the little girl, her blue eyes locking onto the pulsing vein under her skin. “Little girls are meant to be seen and not heard, didn’t your old mommy ever teach you that? Daddy’s don’t like it when their little girl’s talk to them. I’m very surprised your new Daddy has kept you this long… After all you do talk a lot”

“My daddy likes it when I talk and so does my mommy and Mister Angel” Cordelia pointed out in response. She shuffled on her feet, the sneakers she wore making little treads in the hallway carpet and the sky blue denim ruffling with the nervous movement. This lady couldn’t be right could she? If little girl’s weren’t supposed to talk then her mommy and daddy didn’t really love her. But she knew that they did and this lady was only lying to her. “Why are you lying to me?” she asked as hurt made her pout.

“Oh deary” Darla chuckled behind her hand “Did your mommy and daddy tell you that they liked listening to your squeaky voice? That’s bad of them; parents don’t like their children, especially six year old girls, to talk as much as you do. Do you want to know why I don’t come here very much?”

“Why?” Cordelia asked in a shaky voice, she had listened to everything the lady had said to her and began thinking what if she was right? What if her parents didn’t like the way she talked? If they didn’t like the way she talked then they didn’t love her and only kept her around because they had too. She knew Spike and Drusilla weren’t her real parents, she wasn’t stupid or dense and she knew her parents were probably looking for her. But she loved being here with them, even Darla because she was part of her mommy and daddy’s family and she wore some really pretty dresses.

“Because I don’t like the way they lie to you” the vampiress replied in feigned honesty with a sigh. “I try not to say anything, heaven knows I want too but you see, I simply can’t do anything because you’re not my little girl”

“They don’t lie to me, they love me and I know they do” Cordelia refused to let anything Darla said hurt her or ruin her life with a few stupid lies. “You’re the one lying. You’re lying because you’re jealous of me!” she shot at the vampire now glaring at her and staring at her neck, that wasn’t unusual but it was making her nervous. “You’re jealous because… Because your boyfriend lets me call him Mister Angel and not you, you’re jealous because my mommy doesn’t listen to you anymore. And daddy told me that you’re nothing but a stuck up, whiny woman who’s brains are in her boobies!”

“You vicious little brat” Darla hissed, getting up from the vanity table and stalking over to the doorway, fully intent on killing the big mouthed kid. “I did lie. I don’t come here anymore because of you and your talking. I hate the sight of you, I hate the sound of you and so does everybody else. Vampires do eat little girls, but everybody hates you so much that we don’t want to eat you. You want to know why we hate you? It’s the same reason your real parents hated you”

Cordelia’s pupils dilated to twice their normal size and her eyes filled with tears. Darla smiled at the flash of hurt across the kid’s face and knelt down to look her directly in the eyes. “I found your parents, Cordelia” the vampire lied “They didn’t want you back, they were much better off without you because they didn’t have your squeaky voice to listen too”

“Stop it” the words came out in a forced whisper as Darla told her everything she feared, that she wasn’t loved or wanted, that she was a mistake and that nobody liked her. She was on her own and nobody loved her.


Drusilla had gone upstairs to find Cordelia after she had been gone for more than twenty minutes, Miss Edith firmly held in one hand and a bar of the little girl’s half-eaten chocolate in the other. Darla’s spiteful, hateful words swept around her head, making some kind of sense to the vampiress as she glided towards the now closed bedroom door.

Game face sliding on instantly when she heard muffled sobs and more hateful words from her grandmummy. Drusilla’s amber eyes glinted with madness and rare anger as she dropped both the bar of chocolate and the doll to the ground. Nobody hurt her little princess, not even grandmummy. The door was calmly pushed open as she glided inside, horrified to find Cordelia cowering in a corner with Darla running a dagger along the little girl’s cheek threatening to make her ugly forever.

Puffy, red and fear-filled eyes saw Drusilla “Mommy” Cordelia cried in relief, taking Darla’s distraction to get up and run for the open door. “She was gonna make me a Dracula and scar me forever to keep me ugly so no-one would ever love me” she told straight away, her words interrupted by hiccups and a hoarse voice.

“Hush Princess” Drusilla pressed finger to her lips and kept her eyes on Darla, “Grandmummy was very naughty to scare my pet like that, I’m very cross” the vampire ochre gaze sparkled with merriment and the promise of vengeance. “Tut tut. Naughty grandmummy broke the rules she did and now she has to be punished like a bad girl”

“Come Dru, I was only playing with your little girl” Darla waved off the other vampire’s threat like it was nothing to be wary of. “Weren’t we?” she looked at Cordelia, daring her to go against her words and say otherwise.

“No! You were gonna kill me you ugly old bag!” Cordelia shot back instantly, wiping her eyes with her sleeve she no longer felt intimidated by the horrible lady now that her mommy was here and she could see her mommy was angry. She had that face, the ‘Mommy’ face with the pretty, canary yellow eyes and the Dracula fangs, even she knew not to mess with mommy when she looked like that. She was much scarier than either her daddy or Mister Angel!

“You little brat, I will kill you” Darla hissed, also in game face, the snarled warning made the girl run out of the room and hide around the corner of the door. “Dru, you can not be serious about keeping that thing around here any longer. It’s destroying our way of life”

“The stars are singing grandmummy” Drusilla trailed her fingernails down her throat, making little welts in her porcelain skin. “Such a sad, little tune. They won’t dance to the sad song, all crying soft, pretty tears full of beautiful pain. But you laughed to the sad song grandmummy” she laughed a little and pointed at Darla. “You laughed like a happy little bird… Tweet-tweet tweet-tweet… But not anymore you won’t”

Cordelia peeked round the corner just in time to see the wooden brush slammed straight through Darla’s chest and the vampire turn to dust right before her eyes. She stopped breathing, her hazel eyes wide enough to swallow her face and her mouth dropped open in surprise as the ashy remains floated to the floor.


Downstairs, Spike and Angelus were sitting playing cards when both felt the death of Darla, the tingle raced through them almost as fast as they raced up the stairs. Angelus got their first, intent on finding out how and who had the nerve to kill his sire. Spike got a feeling of dread the closer her got, he could smell salty, childish tears and the fear was enough to claw at him.

After Darla had tried, and almost succeeded, in killing her Cordelia, was a shaking mess of skin and bones, trembling and crying in Drusilla’s cooing protective embrace. The little girl clung to the vampire as though she were her lifeline, tiny hands locked around her neck and face buried in her shoulder. “There-there my sweet, no more monsters under the bed”

Angelus strode purposely into the bedroom, taking a look at the dusty remains on the floor and then looked at the crying, little girl; his eyebrow rose in amusement. “Who killed Darla?” he asked with a smirk, he figured if it was the kid then he’d laugh his socks off and if it was Drusilla he’d drop down dead of a heart attack!

“Mommy did, she wanted to make me ugly so no-one would love me” Cordelia hiccupped and turned her red, puffy eyes to Mister Angel. “That ugly, old hag told me my mommy and daddy didn’t love me and that she was gonna kill me because I was bad”

“Grandmummy was laughing at the sad song Daddy” Drusilla told him over the messy, sticky head of brown hair. “The stars were all sad and my Princess was crying tears of blood and grandmummy was happy when the sad song played”

“You killed my sire?” Angelus asked, not sure if he should go nuts at her or just give up. Sure the kid was annoying but she never really did anything so bad to be killed over it. Normally, she stayed away from him and Darla, what was she doing? “Kid, what happened?” he asked Cordelia, his face and voice showing she should tell the truth.

“I was going to my room to get changed because of the food fight with mommy” she explained, wiping her eyes some more with the back of her hand. “I saw Miss Darla brushing her hair and putting on some make-up, I told her I thought she was pretty and she made me think of my old mommy. A-and then she told me my mommy and daddy didn’t love me and thought I was horrible because I talk to much. Then I told her she was lying, that they did love me and then she tried to k-kill me. I’m not lying Mister Angel, I know she was your girlfriend and everything but she was a mean, old lady”

“Dru” Spike held his hands out to take the little girl, “Hello pet, Daddy’s ‘ere now. Let’s get you tucked into bed eh? I’ll even look under the bloody bed to make sure there are no monsters under it”

“Miss Darla was wrong right?” Cordelia searched his face to see if he lied to her, “You and mommy do love me and want me around right? I mean, I’m not horrible am I? A-and mister Angel doesn’t hate me and want to kill me anymore so I can’t be all bad right?”

“Course she was wrong Pixie” Spike patted her on the back gently, stopping his eyes from rolling the more she spoke. “You know me n mommy love you to pieces pet, we would have eaten you for breakfast if we didn’t”

“Miss Darla also said that if you really loved me you would want to eat me and I told her that she was lying about that too” Cordelia pointed out as her little girl strength came back to her with the help of her father’s protective cuddle and his assuring words.

“Spike, take the kid to bed I want to talk with Drusilla” Angelus told his grandsire, this would have to be dealt with. The only person who had a right to kill Darla was him and not Spike or Drusilla.

“Come on Dru, let’s go out into the garden where we can look at the flowers”

“I wanna go with mommy” Cordelia really didn’t like Mister Angel, he looked funny at her mommy and she wanted to be with her mommy. “I’m not tired, I wanna go play in the garden with mommy and Mister Angel”

“Not tonight Pix” Spike told her firmly as he walked out of the bedroom, “Peaches isn’t going to hurt your mum luv, don’t worry your little head” he was a good liar when he wanted to be though he wasn’t sure if he was lying. He knew Angelus was furious at Drusilla for the dusting of Darla but yet he also knew how the elder vampire had grown somewhat attached to the 4 foot piece of skinny nothing he was taking to bed.
Part 5:
Spike was now consoling Drusilla out in the garden, the vampiress had taken more than she deserved from Angelus and he was pissed. Darla had gone to kill the Pixie, his Dru’s little Princess, and the cute, little kid had been made to cry. So yeah, Spike was pissed at both Darla and Angelus.

The little girl hadn’t done anything wrong and Darla had to push it, she couldn’t have just tried to put up with the kid for Dru’s sake. No, the blonde whore had to try and get rid of her in the only way she knew how. Spike genuinely liked Cordelia around, sure she was a little squirt, but she was sweet all the same and was never too much trouble.

He really didn’t like to see either his Dru or his little girl upset and he planned to have a few words in his grandsire’s ear about the whole situation. But as for right now, he had to save Drusilla from the damned birds in her head.


Cordelia shot up in bed, her heart hammering against her ribcage from her bad dream. Darla was going to really kill her again and again, she was going to make her so ugly no-one would ever want to love her. A solitary tear rolled down her puffed up cheek as she climbed out of bed and pulled on some Tinkerbell socks that matched her Tinkerbell pyjamas and began a slow, unsure walk to the stairs.

She walked on her tiptoes, not wanting to be heard being out of bed after her bedtime but she couldn’t go back to sleep after that bad dream. All she saw was Darla holding the dagger to her face, threatening to scar her forever then make her into a Dracula to be forever ugly.

It had taken Spike an hour to calm her down and stop her from crying anymore, her face was red and blotchy, the skin under her eyes was oily. Cordelia walked past the room where Darla had held her hostage and choked back a little sob as she peered into the empty room, trying to assure herself she wasn’t in there waiting for her.

She hurried down the stairs, no longer caring if she got wrong off her mother for being out of bed, she needed her mommy and daddy so they would just have to deal. Cordelia stopped suddenly when she saw Mister Angel sitting on the couch in the living room, he was sitting there with his usual expression and she didn’t know what it meant.

“Where’s mommy and daddy?” she asked in a timid, squeaky voice that made him turn to her with a little glare.

“What are you doing up kid?” Angelus asked carelessly, “It’s past your bedtime, you should be asleep”

Walking unsurely to stand next to the couch, Cordelia bit her lip and forced herself not to run away from him. “I had a bad dream Mister Angel, I couldn’t sleep”

“Well it’s over now you can go back to bed” he replied abruptly while his eyes scanned her red, puffy face and smirked slightly when she turned to leave him in peace. “Hey kid, c’mere”

“Why? So you can kill me now?” Cordelia asked in a little voice as she looked back to him.

“No I won’t kill you kid, just c’mere will ya?”

“Promise not to kill me?”

“For fuck’s sake” Angelus muttered quietly, “I promise I won’t kill you okay? That good enough for Princess?”

“I guess so” Cordelia walked back next to the couch and just stood there, waiting for whatever he would say to her.

“Was your dream about Darla?” he asked lightly, enjoying the sudden hit of fear from the little girl.

She nodded emphatically, “Yeah, she was gonna make me ugly and turn me into a Dracula so I would be forever ugly and nobody would love me”

“She really scared ya didn’t she?” Angelus enquired with a raised eyebrow. “Why were you scared of her and not me?” he asked with genuine interest.

Cordelia shrugged and replied in the tiniest voice he had ever heard. “I don’t know mister, maybe it’s because you’re not all that scary really. I mean, I know you and mommy and daddy are all Draculases but you don’t wanna eat me really. That old hag did, but she was just jealous though”

“You said to Darla she was jealous of what?” okay, now this was getting interesting.

“Because you let me call you Mister Angel and not her, and how my mommy doesn’t listen to her anymore. She got real angry with me and then she hurt me” Cordelia rolled up her sleeve to show him the bruising on her upper arm. “See?”

“You said that to Darla?” Angelus laughed, full-blown delighted laughter came from his throat making his shoulders shake with the idea of what that conversation had entailed.

“Mm-hmm” she nodded again, “I tried to be brave Mister Angel and I tried to fight her like daddy does with you sometimes downstairs but she was too strong and I couldn’t get away”

“You’re not that bad kid, now go to bed before ‘Mommy’ or ‘Daddy’ sees you out of it” Angelus told her, not being able to resist the sarcastic way in which he said those words. He shook his head, still unable to believe the way both Spike and Drusilla had taken to the little girl with the ballsy attitude. If he was honest, then he’d admit to starting to fall for the big, too-large-for-her-head hazel eyes.

“I can’t, I had a bad dream remember?” Cordelia reminded him as she twisted her shoulders back and forth as contemplating on asking him something.

“Spit it out kid, what d’ya want?”

“Can I have a hug? I saw my daddy playing mommy outside in the garden but I don’t wanna play outside with them” she began and turned those, large, face-eating hazel eyes on him and Angelus felt his stomach curl up in dread of what was coming.

However, he didn’t have a chance to answer because Cordelia had already crawled into his side and was trying to lift his heavy arm around her with great difficulty. “Stupid arm” he heard, “It won’t move!”

Angelus relaxed his arm a little more just to see if she could budge him slightly. It was quite funny by all accounts, watching a six and three quarter year old girl going red in the face trying to lift his arm. “Having trouble there kid?” he asked lightly.

“No… I can… do it…” Cordelia huffed and continued to try and lift his arm a few more times before finally giving up. “Okay so I can’t, but that’s only because I’m tired. If I was wide awake I could do it” she bragged to him.

“I’m sure you could, try again” Angelus urged and this time he moved his arm with her movements and lodged it around her. Cordelia looked up at him triumphantly. “There see? You can do it even if you’re tired” God, what was he? A demon or a fucking mouse?!

“Thank you Mister Angel” were the last words before she scooted into his lap and falling asleep much to his horror.


Shortly after Spike had guided Drusilla back into the mansion, he found an unimpressed Angelus staring at a wall, his face clear of all expressions and mouth set in a tight line. Cordelia was literally curled up in a ball on his lap, her hands laying limply on his chest and her head tucked under his chin.

“She fell asleep eh mate?” Spike asked as he continued to observe the little scene.

“Get her off me” Angelus spoke quietly in a subconscious effort not to wake Cordelia up or disturb her in the slightest.

“Sure mate? Look quite comfortable to me. Did you tell her a bedtime story?”
“Get. Her. Off. Me” Angelus demanded abruptly, voice volume increased a little and Cordelia stirred, causing him to lower his voice back down. If she wasn’t taken off him, he was gonna-gonna… Sit here until she woke up and then he was gonna do something.

“Aww mate, look at the little Pixie” Spike cooed mockingly and lit up a cigarette, “Be back in a minute. Just going for a fag” and with that, he left a very quietly snarling, furious Angelus with a six and three quarter year old curled up asleep on his lap.

“Spike” Angelus hissed, vengeance coating the other vampire’s name. Looking down at the sleeping child, her impish face looked innocent when she was asleep. It was an innocence he knew that didn’t exist, she was a smaller version of hell and the little squirt knew it too. He was sure that if the Devil was a female, Cordelia was her; she was the world’s littlest con artist.

The vampire ground his teeth together in frustration, he didn’t want to be sat here with the devil child on his lap, he wanted to be out and killing something. He needed to be out killing something since he wasn’t allowed to bring anyone back to kill. God, all he wanted was to kill someone in the comfort of his own home because of the damn hell spawn asleep on him!

“Great, fucking great. What the hell am I supposed to do now?” Angelus seethed quietly, his body ached from sitting still for the last three hours but if he moved then he’d wake her up and it was peaceful when she was asleep so waking her up was not an option. Another option was taking her to bed but if she woke up then he’d have to tuck her in and read her a bedtime story, also not an option. He could kill her, that was an appealing option but he didn’t want to end up dust like his sire so that option was null and void.

It didn’t take long for him to decide, picking up her tiny body easily Angelus couldn’t help but notice she weighed nothing, he had weapons and weights heavier than her! His entire hand covered her face and her waist was smaller than his thigh… Realising he was marvelling at how small the child was, Angelus shook his head and carried on up the stairs, walking smoothly and gracefully towards her bedroom before pausing.

What if she woke up and had another nightmare? He’d get woken up by her, only this time she’d be crying and he’d have to act all fatherly with her and he felt nothing paternal for her. What if she woke up from a nightmare and went out into the garden to look at the flowers? She’d be outside and alone in the dark where anything could get her…

“Fuck!” Angelus swore quietly and doubled back towards his bedroom, cursing non-stop until he gently laid Cordelia down and covered her with his sheets, hoping she didn’t wet the bed.


Cordelia yawned as she slowly woke up, she stretched her arms wide and kicked her legs out, limbs thumping into a brick wall. “Where am I?” she asked sleepily, blinking away the final vestiges of the hours of sleep. She was in a much darker room than hers, there was heavy curtains covering the windows and the bed she was in was much more comfortable than hers. How come someone had a better bed than she did? She was supposed to be a princess!

Angelus had the worst possible night’s sleep of his existence, every time he got comfortable he would wake up twenty minutes later with the kid’s head under his shoulder. So, he would move over slightly and another twenty minutes later he would find her head back under his shoulder. Eventually he had gotten out of bed, grabbed some of the top sheets and had gone to sleep on his floor!
It was one thing to be kicked out of bed by your woman but it was another to be kicked out of bed by a sleeping child. His neck was aching, his back was hurting and he was just not impressed.

“I know where I am now” came the little, squeaky voice of the devil child herself. “I’m in Mister Angel’s room… What am I doing in Mister Angel’s room? Maybe he wanted to eat me for breakfast but he said he wouldn’t do that so I guess I shouldn’t scream for mommy or daddy”

“Where is Mister Angel? He’s probably in my room” Cordelia’s eyes snaked around the room and no thoughts of checking the floor entered her head. She nibbled on her lip before squealing with childish laughter. Jumping up onto her feet, the blankets going everywhere including on top of Angelus. The little girl began bouncing on the bed, giggling in pure delight.

The irate vampire on the floor wanted so much to sink his fangs into her neck and drain her if only to save his very expensive bed. He settled for scaring Cordelia out of her wits.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Angelus bolted up from the floor to shoot her with a death glare.

“AARRGGHH!” Cordelia immediately stopped bouncing and dropped to the bed; her heart was bouncing hard through her chest and she just stared at Angelus with wide, frightened eyes. This was getting to be habit, her bouncing on his bed and him scaring her half to death. “M-Mister Angel… Why are you on the floor?”

“Because some little hell spawn took my bed, now stop bouncing on it or I will eat you” he snarled at her. He got off the floor, a pair of sweats kept him covered but his arms and chest were bare.

“Wow. You look really big and strong Mister Angel, you have bigger muscles than the incredible hulk!” Cordelia stated thoughtfully. “Have you seen my muscles?” she curled up one arm and Angelus blinked. He saw nothing but skin and bone.

“Very impressive” he commented wryly.

“Mm-hmm” Cordelia nodded emphatically, “See? I’m big and strong like you and daddy. I could have beat that horrible lady but it wouldn’t have been fair because I’m younger and prettier than she was. Do all Draculases make a mess when they die?”

Angelus blinked again, trying to keep up with the changes of conversation she made; so far he counted three different topics in that one intake of breath. “Vampires Cordelia, not Draculases” he corrected her, carefully keeping his tolerance level in check. “And yes, we all turn to dust when we get staked”

“Steak? Isn’t that what I had for dinner yesterday?” Cordelia asked confused.

Why oh why was he the one answering her questions?

“Not food steak, wooden stake” he corrected, “Ask your parents Squirt, they’ll tell you everything you wanna know about vampires” he wanted to get away from her, she was annoying!

“Okay… Will you make me some Wheeties please Mister Angel? Or will you let me have some chocolate before mommy and daddy get up?!”
Part 6:
Cordelia sat on the kitchen chair, her feet not quite touching the floor as she swung them backwards and forwards. Chocolate was pasted round her mouth, melted onto her hands and little, sticky chocolate palm prints decorated the table top. Today was her seventh birthday, her first ever birthday with her new mommy and daddy and Mister Angel.

Drusilla looked so happy as she sat there opposite Cordelia, watching the little girl practically inhale the chocolate birthday cake in front of her. The vampiress’s lips curled up in a delighted and beaming smile, her hands made a sound when she clapped them together after Cordelia blew out the candles.

Spike and Angelus sat with Drusilla between them, watching in astonishment at the amount of mess created by such a little thing. Chocolate coated the table, the blue ‘I’m a Princess’ t-shirt and all over her face. Two sets of eyes stared unblinking as Cordelia gave them a merry little wave before going back to munching happily and more importantly she was quiet.

“Does she chew?” Angelus asked, not being able to tear his eyes away from the site of the cake going everywhere but in Cordelia’s mouth.

“Don’t look like it” Spike replied, his blue eyes totally transfixed on the bottomless pit in shape of a little girl.

“Thank you mommy, daddy and Mister Angel” Cordelia stated, cake crumbs going everywhere. “This is the bestest birthday ever. I got my own doll off mommy and I haven’t opened my presents from daddy yet. But I will when I’ve finished my cake. I’ve been good, I’ve eaten almost all of it see? Only two slices left… Is there anymore?”

“Oh no Princess” Drusilla told her in a hushed tone, “You must eat your dinner before you have more cakes, my sweet. Too many cakes makes you sick inside and mummy doesn’t want her Princess sick”

“But it’s my birthday mommy” Cordelia whined and pouted, unfortuantely for the seven year old the pouting didn’t have the same effect when her face was covered in chocolate cake and icing sugar.

“You heard you mum, Pix” Spike told her, raising his voice a little to show her he wanted no arguments about it. “What’s say Daddy takes you to open your presents eh? Never know what the Birthday Bunny brought you”

Cordelia looked carefully at Spike before snapping her attention to Angelus, her voice coming out in a conspirational whisper. “My daddy does know there’s no such thing as the Birthday Bunny right, Mister Angel? Everyone knows it’s the Easter Bunny”

“Easter Bunny Spike” Angelus glanced slyly at his grandchilde, “Get it right”

“Bloody poof”

“What’s a poof?” Cordelia asked innocently, her daddy called Mister Angel that a lot. “Why do you call Mister Angel a poof and Peaches all the time? He doesn’t look like a peach”

“I think you should go open your presents Kid” Angelus told her abruptly, putting a stop to his grandchilde’s forming words quickly. “Don’t you wanna play with your new toys?”

A glare came his way, “I’m seven years old now so stop calling me Kid, I’m not a kid anymore. I’m a big girl now see?” Cordelia stated proudly.

“I can see” Angelus replied dryly, he could see she was still knee high to a grasshopper and hadn’t grown an inch. “Seven now huh? You’re getting old”

“I am not old, you’re old” she snapped, “I’m seven and you’re like 807 or something, that’s really old”

“I am not 807!” he growled at her, leaning forward in his seat, “I’m 240 you little…”

Cordelia covered her ears and smirked back at him, “No good, I can’t hear you. Nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah! You’re old! You’re old”

“I am not old!” Angelus growled at her a little more with a frown.

“Bleedin hell, here we go again” Spike sighed and rolled his eyes towards the ceiling, the pair of them were like two children fighting over the last candy bar or something. Well at least one of them was a child and therefore had an excuse. But the other was one of the most feared vampires and he was arguing with a seven year old about his age. God help them all!

“You’re older than daddy and he’s old so you must be really old” the girl reasoned simply.

“Do I look old?”


“Why you little…!” a sound spanking would work for him!


Drusilla had taken Cordelia to open her presents in the living room, and both stood looking at the gift Spike had gotten her.

“Is that from daddy?” she asked in awe and uncertainty, pointing at a sword that was bigger than she was.

“Yes my sweet Princess, you shall have to give him a kiss to say thank you” Drusilla told her firmly. “Look at the pretty paper” she picked up a piece of red, holographic wrapping paper and watched it float softly to the floor. “So pretty it is, sparkling like little red jewels”

“I like it too mommy” Cordelia agreed, still looking at the sword and wondering what she was supposed to do with it. The silver handle was engraved with her name on it, the edge of the blade shone dangerously in the light and had a swirly, black pattern on either side. “Am I allowed to play with it?”

“Ooooh, you shall have to ask daddy very nicely, or Mister Angel and if you’re a very good girl they may let you play with it. But only if you’re good” Drusilla told her, running slender fingers through the little girl’s hair gently.

Spike and Angelus had agreed on teaching her how to defend herself, the Darla episode had made them both think about her safety when they weren’t around for whatever reason. It was decided they would start off with simple self-defence moves and move on to more complicated things when she got bigger. The sword fighting wouldn’t happen until she was a teenager though, but Spike had saw the sword and loved it so much he killed the store owner to get it!

“Alright!” she exclaimed, bouncing with happiness “I’m gonna ask daddy and Mister Angel right now mommy, I wanna play with my new toy. Will they let me make a mess with some vampires?”

“You are not to go near other vampires, Cordelia” Angelus voice startled her and she quickly turned to face the elder vampire, her lip quivering slightly. “Am I understood?” his tone was harsh and demanding an answer from her. “Well?”

“O-okay Mister Angel” Cordelia replied instantly and bit her lip nervously, “I promise” he sounded real serious and she thought better of answering back.

“Good girl” he relented slightly with her promise, “I think we should tell Princess about where we’re going soon”

“Going? Are we going on vacation? To Disneyland?” she asked, the hope in her eyes and voice made him want to say yes so he wouldn’t have to look at her when disappointment hit.

“Sorry Princess, we’re moving to a new city” Angelus knelt so he could look her in the eyes. “Los Angeles, you know where that is?”

“Yeah I do, my old mommy used to take me shopping there for clothes and she used to make me wear pink” Cordelia spat the word out like it was a horrible sweet. “She made me wear stupid all the time Mister Angel and my head hurt from the pigtails. That’s why I love my new mommy and daddy so much. They let me wear blue and give me dolls to play with”

“I see you don’t like pink, I thought all little girls likes to wear pink” he mused to her. Why didn’t she say she loved him? Didn’t she love him too?!

“No” she told him solemnly and seriously, “Only silly, little girls who like Barbies like pink. I like blue see?” she pointed to her t-shirt to prove her words true. “Do you like pink or blue?”

“I like blue, it makes you look like a real Princess” Angelus wisely told her. “When we move to Los Angeles, you’re gonna go to school so you can have other kids to play with. Would you like that?”

“I don’t know Mister Angel” Cordelia shuffled on her feet. “I may not like the other kids”

“They might not like you neither” he countered slyly to see what she would say to that.

“That’s silly, why would they not like me?!”


The move to Los Angeles, the Hellmouth, had been quick since they were used to moving on. Angelus and Spike had made it clear Cordelia was in no way to be touched or harmed by their new minions. Drusilla seemed to get more and more maternal towards the young girl as time went on much to both Spike and Angelus’ surprise.

What surprised Spike even more was how the little pixie had gotten to him too. She could make him want to laugh hysterically every time she opened her mouth or wiggled her fingers in a wave. She was just too cute for her own good and he knew Angelus had a very large soft spot for the kid.

Their new house was a lot like the old mansion only with brighter colours. The living room was painted in a rich, deep plum with a dusky purple border and matching plum leather suite. In the kitchen, the walls were painted in a light blue with a yellow border, both Spike and Angelus hated it with a severe passion but Cordelia liked it!

Her room was covered in multi-coloured Cordelia and Drusilla-sized hand prints. She had her own bathroom now with little blue dolphins stuck to the wall and rubber ducks sitting in the bottom of the bath.

They had only been living in Los Angeles for a short time before they were known as the dominant family as most other vampires knew them by name. The short time grew quickly into a long time and before they knew it, Cordelia had soon turned into a nine-year-old nightmare!

“Daddy?” Cordelia called out as soon as she walked through the door with the guard who took her to and from school. “Daddy!”

Spike sauntered in from the kitchen, “What is it Pix?” he asked as he sat down to wait for whatever it was she was going to say. A cloud of smoke billowed around him as he puffed out the air in a deep sigh. He was always tense until his little girl got home from school, he could keep her out of trouble at night but not during the day. That’s what her guards were for and she had two of them, he knew that if he gave Cordelia an inch she’d take a mile!

“Where do babies come from? Tammy’s mom had a baby yesterday” Cordelia explained missing the look on his face. “Where do they come from?”

Spike’s eyes bulged to the point of almost popping out of his head as he felt the world stop turning. He choked on the smoke he had just inhaled, coughing and spluttering while Cordelia went to pat his back!

Why did she want to know that? Spike immediately yanked another cigarette out of his packet quickly not caring he already had one lit up. Both cigarettes were smoked in record time and he lit up another as soon as the other ones were extinguished. Maybe chain smoking would make the question go away.

“Well?” Cordelia demanded as she sat cross-legged on the floor at his feet. “Where do they come from?”

“Pix, you don’t need to know that just yet… In fact, that isn’t something you need to know ever” Spike told her firmly and tried to change the subject. “Got any homework? History projects? Bloody artwork anything?” he hoped and prayed she did.

“Not today daddy, I did all my school work at lunch with Tammy where she told me about her new baby brother, she says he’s really cute” Cordelia crushed his hopes. “I’d love to have a baby brother, can you and mommy give me a baby brother?”

Angelus took this moment to walk into the livingroom having heard her voice. He refused to acknowledge the wave of relief he always felt whenever she walked through the door safely. He hated himself more and more every day! “You’re back”

“Yeah, Tammy has a new baby brother Angel, do you know where babies come from? Daddy won’t tell me, will you?” Cordelia asked looking up at him hopefully. She frowned, why did Angel look like he was going to have a heart attack?
Part 7:
Well!” Cordelia pressed insistently, she wanted to know where babies came from and if her daddy wasn’t going to tell her then she was sure Angel would. “Where do babies come from?” she asked again, Tammy had told her that her parents had sex but that didn’t sound right. Besides, what was sex?!

“Spike. Cigarette. Now!” Angelus snapped his hand out in demand, how was he expected to answer this? How could he answer this? No-way on God’s green Earth was he going to answer this! The baby talk would lead to talks about other, more serious conversations like sex, drugs, rock and roll. It would be a damn cold day in hell if she was ever going to learn about sex. Because sex meant some ugly, pimple-faced teenage boy was trying to get into her panties. Not gonna happen. Ever. Cordelia was not going to date and she was not going have friends of the male variety if he had anything to do about it!

No sirree!!

“I’m waiting” Cordelia interrupted his nightmarish thoughts with her little inquisitive voice as she peered up at him with those large eyes. “Babies Angel, I wanna know about babies”

Angelus smoked the cigarette given to him in one impressive inhalation, exhaling sharply as he thought about the best way to handle this situation.

Spike took the opportunity to pass the whole thing onto his grandsire, basking in the strained look on his face. “Yeah mate, you’re older than me so you should know more about kids than me!” he spoke innocently, ignoring the promise of vengeance written on Angelus’ face when he glared at the blonde.

“Right. Babies” Angelus began, his voice going up a couple of octaves as his brain went into overtime. “Babies come from… Restaurants!” well, it was half true. That’s where Spike and Drusilla had gotten her from.

Spike looked at Angelus as though he were God!

Cordelia frowned in confusion, that didn’t sound right either. “Restaurants?” she asked as she tried to process the idea of baby restaurants. “That can’t be right”

“He’s tellin’ the truth Pix” Spike quickly quashed the thought of the lie they were spinning on the little girl. “That’s where me an your mum got you from. Remember?” his blue eyes bore into hers, forcing the little white half truth not to show in the oceanic gaze.

“I remember daddy, but I was a baby before you got me from the restaurant. How do babies get made before they go to restaurants? They have to be made somewhere right? They don’t just appear when somebody wants one… Do they?” Cordelia chewed thoughtfully on her lower lip.

“They get made in the kitchens at the restaurants” Angelus shot at her quickly, halting her thoughts when she started to get on the right track somewhat.

“That’s right” the blonde vampire joined in as he nodded wildly to his grandsire, “They make babies in the kitchens, like they make bread or cakes… We have some of your favourite chocolate cake Pix, how’s about the whole lot?!” Spike offered, thinking chocolate would take her mind off this conversation.

“Your daddy’s right Cordelia, they use baby shaped jello moulds to pour the, uh, special baby making mixture then they cook it in a special baby cooking oven” Angelus nodded down at her, a smile filled with hope on his face and his eyes clearly panicking that she wouldn’t believe a word they were saying.

“That’s just stupid” she didn’t believe a word of it, “Tammy told me her parents had sex to make a baby. That sounds more right than cooking baby powder in the oven… What’s sex and how does that make babies?!”

“DRU!” both Spike and Angelus bellowed.


Cordelia sat on her bed, a look of deep thought wrinkling her forehead as her mommy explained to her about babies and sex. Was that really how babies were made? She had been a baby once, was that how she was made?

Drusilla combed the brush through Cordelia’s long, chestnut hair as she continued to talk in her special way. “See? It’s oh so special my sweet” the vampiress purred softly.

What was so special about wriggly worms digging tunnels in the dirt? Cordelia had this image of a little boy’s wriggly thing trying to worm its way into the little girl’s tunnel. That didn’t sound so special, it sounded yuck if you asked her. “So little boys have worms and little girls have tunnels?” she asked trying to straighten everything out in her head. “And the little boy’s worm goes into the little girl’s tunnel? Then the worm makes the baby, am I right mommy?”

“Yes you are my lovely” Drusilla cooed sweetly, replacing the brush with her fingers and smoothing Cordelia’s hair down her back. “Such a clever big girl you are. But you mustn’t let the worms touch you Princess; the worms are dirty from dancing in the ground”

Cordelia nodded solemnly, no little boy’s worm would ever dig through her tunnel to make a baby. “Thank you mommy, daddy and Angel told me babies came from restaurants. I knew they weren’t right, I’ll go tell them the truth for you mommy. Can we have a tea party later please? Cus daddy said you had some chocolate cake and can we play in the garden after?”

“Mummy likes tea parties Princess, I shall like to have a tea party with daddy and my Spike” Drusilla’s eyes twinkled as she wrapped her slender arms around the little girl, purring sweetly. “My little girl all grown up now, not a little girl no more. Whatever shall mummy do?”

“Aw mommy” Cordelia scrunched up her face and tried to dodge her mommy’s kisses. “Okay, I’m gonna tell daddy and Angel the truth now, then we can some tea and cake right? Promise?”

“Cross my heart, sweet”

“YAY!” the nine-year-old shot off the bed and hurtled back down stairs where Spike and Angelus had been sat in silence for the last two hours. Identical unreadable expressions were on their stony faces, lips set into tight thin lines and the empty cigarette packet lay crumpled on the floor with a another packet verging on half empty.

Both vampires turned slowly to set their stare upon the little brunette looking at them as though she had a big secret to tell them. Her face was set firmly, her too large eyes blinked owlishly and her lips wriggling from side to side in deep contemplation.

Angelus was the first one to make a move to speak when Cordelia opened her mouth and beat him to it.

“I have something to tell you. Babies aren’t made in restaurants, they’re made when little boy’s worms dig through little girl’s tunnels. But don’t worry daddy” Cordelia assured Spike, missing the look of horror on his face. “No little boy’s worm will dig through my tunnel cus I’m a princess”


Cordelia looked from her dad to the white bag, her heart-shaped face showing deep thought and concentration. “Go on then Pix, hit the damn thing” Spike urged, not having a clue how to teach a 9-year-old self defence. He just figured he’d see how hard she could hit and go from there.

A tiny pop sounded as Cordelia hit the bag as hard as she could and looked back at Spike eagerly awaiting his praise. “Well? Did I do good daddy?” she asked hopefully.

If he hadn’t been a vampire, he would never have known she’d hit the punch bag. “Course you did good pet, princesses always do good” Spike indulged her hoping with a proud voice while mentally berating himself for being weak where she was concerned! “Now copy me” he inched her back a little bit and took a good, hard swing at the bag and smashed his fist into it making it swing wildly on the hook.

Cordelia moved back to her original position and tried her best to copy Spike’s move, the punch bag didn’t budge when her tiny fist connected with the canvas. “Ow daddy! That hurt” she complained, shaking the small sting in her hand. “Can we play with my sword now? That won’t hurt as much”

“No can do Pix, you’re not old enough to play with your sword” Spike told her seriously, “Try again” he encouraged.

Angelus stood at the top of the stairs, watching his grandchilde try to teach Cordelia some self defence moves and a smirk crossed his face every time she hit the bag. He didn’t think he’d ever live to see the day Spike, William the Bloody, would ever teach a nine-year-old girl how to punch. Then again, he didn’t think he’d ever live to see the day he checked up on that same nine-year-old every night before going to bed.

“But daddy” Cordelia whined, “I wouldn’t be playing with it, you would I would just be watching see? You got it for me to play with for my birthday remember? And I haven’t played with it yet”

Spike looked down at her, contemplating her words and seeing the logic behind them, but she was still too young to use the sword. “I said no Pixie” his voice firm and unwavering as he answered her, “Not until you’re 13 like mummy said”

“If I’m nine now then that’s only…” she quickly counted on her fingers “Four years away and that’s forever! Please daddy I won’t touch it I promise and I’ll do all my homework before I play with my toys. Pleeeaaassseee…!” large hazel eyes blinkled up at him, full of hope and childish love for her father shining through the orbs.

Angelus’ smirk got larger as he watched Spike’s firm and unwavering resolve waver until defeat was the expression on his chiselled face.

Mentally berating himself for weakening at the first sign of her wheedling, Spike let out a deep breath through clenched teeth and gave in to her. “Alright, but don’t tell mummy. She’ll have my balloons on a platter” leaving Cordelia smiling happily, he walked off to get her sword from the locked weapons chest.

The elder vampire scowled a little as he watched Spike return with the sword and show Cordelia how to hold it correctly. Angelus’ eyes widened in horror as the blonde swung the sword round in a graceful arc, barely missing the girl’s head. “Hey!” he growled and walked down the steps quickly, “What’s going on?” he looked to Spike for answers.

“Daddy was just showing me how to play with my sword” Cordelia replied, looking up at Angelus with a huge smile. “It’s so cool isn’t it? Can you play with swords too Angel?”

“Yes and daddy shouldn’t be showing you how to play with swords” he glared at Spike and got a helpless shrug in return. Turning his softened glare down to the girl still looking up at him with a pretty smile, he took a firm stand there and then. “You’re not old or big enough to play with your sword yet” for God’s sake, the handle was bigger than her head!

A pout immediately formed on her lips and Cordelia began to twist her shoulders back and forth. “But see Angel, I’m not touching my sword daddy is and I’m just watching. Aren’t I allowed to watch?”

Damn the brat! “Yes, you are allowed to watch but that doesn’t mean anything” Angelus replied through gritted teeth. “You shouldn’t be standing so close, you could have been hurt” another glare was turned Spike’s way and yet again he got a helpless shrug in response.

“Daddy said it was okay as long as I didn’t touch it and I promised not to do that” she pointed out. “And I wasn’t standing really close” a pleading smile got turned on him as she held none of her charms back, blinking softly and shrugging her shoulders.

A slow smirk began to curl at the corners of Spike’s mouth as he watched his grandsire visibly fold under the pressure of her pleading. Angelus bit his tongue and dug his fingers hard into his sides trying to hold onto his resolve. Cordelia saw he was caving, her pleading smile grew into a cheeky grin as she bit her lip.

“Alright!” Angelus growled, “You can stay and watch but if, and only if, you be a good girl and stay out of the way so you don’t get hurt”

“Thank you Angel” she piped up happily and threw her arms around his waist, hugging him. While Angelus looked very uncomfortable at her show of affection, Spike couldn’t help but notice how tall she was getting. Her head was resting on Angelus’ lower abdomen and he cursed himself yet again for just how much of a father he had turned into!

“I love you Angel” Cordelia peeked up at the vampire she was hugging and spoke in her tiny voice she knew would help get her way.

Angelus instantly looked down at the young girl, seeing the adoration shining through the large hazel eyes that blinked up at him and felt a smile start to flicker at his mouth. At the sound of an innocent and knowing cough, his smile turned into a scowl directed to Spike.
Part 8:
Cordelia’s face lit up happily as she unwrapped a pair of personalised blue boxing gloves, her name was inscribed in silver along the wrist bands, setting off the darker shade of blue with glittering curly letters. As soon as she tore the last piece of paper from her present, she shoved them on and hit her hands together rapidly. “Wow! Thanks Angel” the eleven year old beamed at the dark haired vampire, not being able to wipe the grin from her face. “Can we go train? I wanna use them” she pleaded with both Spike and Angelus.

It had been Angelus idea to start her on kickboxing and it had proved to be a great idea seeing how she loved it immensely. The vampire carefully kept his elated smile hidden under his usual stony expression, determined not to let any of them see he was pleased with himself at getting her something she loved.

“Not tonight Pix” Spike denied with a shake of his head, “Your mum’s taking you shopping to get some new clothes for when you start school after the holidays” he told her. “Sides, you haven’t opened any of my presents yet” he nudged his head in the direction of her other wrapped gifts.

Once again, her face lit up brightly “New clothes?” her hazel eyes went wide at the thought, maybe her mom would get her a skirt now that she was older than she was last year! “Really mom? We’re going shopping tonight?” she asked excitedly, almost immediately discarding her boxing gloves so she could unwrap another present.

“Yes sweet” Drusilla cooed to her lovingly, her slender fingers running through the hair of Miss. Edith softly. “Make you look pretty for your teachers”

Neither Spike nor Angelus liked to think Cordelia would be looking pretty for anyone never mind her teachers. “But not for your teachers” Angelus and Spike muttered simultaneously.

“Can I have a skirt mom?” the eleven-year-old asked hopefully, she hadn’t been allowed one last year because she hadn’t been old enough according to her dad and Angel. They’d strictly told her no skirts until they thought she was old enough, dresses were okay as long as she had worn some shorts underneath and as long as the hem reached her knees. “You said last year I could have one when I got older and I’m older this year than last year” the young girl pointed out making Angelus and Spike curse their words last year. They didn’t want her in skirts yet, if at all, they attracted male attention and they knew what males thought of when they saw girls in skirts.

“Why not wait until next year Princess?” Spike suggested hopefully, garnering an agreeing nod from Angelus. “You’d be older than and you’d look much more…” his next words came out choked “Pretty” he wished he had the guts to stake himself.

A determined look crossed the increasingly maturing features of Cordelia as she huffed away his words with a quick puff of air. “That’s just silly daddy” she said with a laugh to her voice, “I’ll no prettier than what I do now, mom says I’m already the prettiest girl around so I’d look real pretty in a skirt now. Plus, there’s this really, really nice denim skirt in my magazine that I would love to have. Every other girl at school wants one”

Denim wasn’t a sexy material for a young girl to wear, Spike considered her words when Angelus slammed his elbow into his ribs. “Oy! What the bloody hell did you do that for?” the blonde yelped out in annoyance, rubbing the part of his ribcage.

“Don’t go there” his grandsire hissed warningly, “She gets a skirt, she’ll want a top to go with it, she gets a top she’ll want heels. And we both know what that’ll mean”

Blue eyes widened with the realisation of what Angelus said, Spike instantly went back on his words. “Sorry Pix, no skirts until you’re 13. That’s only two years away” that would give him two years to think of a way to talk her out of wearing skirts, fancy tops and high heels.

“Oooh!” Drusilla piped up, her red lips fluttering at the corners in a sly smile as her fingers stilled in the strands of Miss. Edith’s hair. “Daddy doesn’t want his Princess to grow up he doesn’t. All little girls grow up, my Spike, into sweet ladies who wear the loveliest clothes in all colours”

Triumphantly, Cordelia beamed at her father and Angelus “See? Mom says I can have a skirt and I’m gonna get that denim one with the butterflies on and the little flowers at the bottom. Can I have a top to go with it mom? Please? I’ll be a really good girl and clean my room”

“Told you,” Angelus snarked to Spike as he crossed his arms petulantly, now the kid was going to start wearing skirts and tops. The next they knew she would be asking for a car and bribing them to let her have a party at the weekend. He knew what parties these days consisted of having crashed a few of them himself, there was alcohol and boys and games like Spin the Bottle and Truth or Dare. Games like that would mean Cordelia had a boyfriend so games like that would never be played by her. Simple as that. He knew his thoughts were getting to be insane but he couldn’t help it. The thought of her with a boyfriend drove him nuts because boys were bad and only thought of one thing where girls were concerned!

“We shall see my sweet” Drusilla smiled at her little girl, soon she would be a little lady.


Twirling happily in front of the mirror, Cordelia admired her new skirt and top; the light blue denim had wide dark blue streaks and a matching dark blue thick belt. The top was designed with a Gypsy feel to it, mid blue with white swirling patterns and flaring sleeves which flopped down from her wrists. “I look way cool” she said excitedly, jumping up and down in the cubicle.

Glancing at the other outfits she had chosen, Cordelia beamed at her clever intuition at what would look great and what wouldn’t. Everything looked so nice, tops matched the chosen skirts and pants and she just knew Angel and her father would say she looked like a real princess when she showed them later.

“Mummy has a very special present for her big girl” her mother’s voice floated into the cubicle, announcing she had another present for her. Opening the door, Drusilla glided inside and closed the door softly behind her, in one hand she held her doll and the other was behind her back. “Close your eyes sweet, it’s a secret” she hushed out with a smile.

“Mmm… Okay” Cordelia covered her eyes with her hands, slyly peeking through her fingers and hoping she could see what her present was.

“Bad Princess” Drusilla scolded playfully when she caught the young girl peeking, “Now I sharn’t give you your present, you were a bad girl” the smile on her mother’s face was a symbol of the game and Cordelia giggled happily.

“Okay! Okay!” the girl gave in, squeezing her eyes tight shut and humming impatiently, “I’m not peeking anymore mom, can I have my present now please? I’m being good”

The vampire held up the bra, studying it carefully and making she sure it was as pretty as her little girl; made of soft, white cotton the bra had a tiny little bow set between the cups and just right for her little girl. Now that her little girl was growing up, there was a lot she needed know about being a lady, she had always been taught to wear underclothes as that was what a lady did. “Open your eyes my Princess” Drusilla cooed, holding the bra out to Cordelia.

Taking it off her mother, Cordelia looked at it and then down to her chest which, in her eyes, was still completely flat. “I have nothing to put in it mom so why do I need one of them?” she asked in her innocence.

“Ladies must always wear these under their clothes my sweet, you’re getting to be ever so big now and you must act like a lady” her mother replied, not countering the girl’s words about her lack of development. It was getting quite clear to her that Cordelia was indeed starting to develop and it pleased her greatly, her sweet baby girl was all grown up!

“Okay then, I’ll try it on while you wait outside” the young brunette told her mother insistently, how proud was Angel and daddy gonna be when she told them she was a lady now?!


When Drusilla and Cordelia finally exited the store, Spike was found to be waiting for them with an unimpressed expression on his face. “Where on Earth have you two been? I’ve been waiting here for over a bloody hour” he grumbled, chucking his cigarette on the floor and stomping on it with his boot.

“We’ve been shopping daddy” Cordelia told him in her most grown up voice, she wondered if she should tell him about her new bra and how it fit her just right. “I got some new skirts and tops and some really cool jeans. I’ll show them to you when we get home okay?” it wasn’t so much a question as it was a statement. If she waited until they got home, she could both her daddy and Angel about her special present.

“I can see that Pix” Spike acknowledged the few shopping bags the young brunette was carrying with some difficulty. “Want some help there pet?” he asked when he saw trying to adjust the bags awkwardly.

“No cus you might peek at my new clothes and I don’t you want to see them until we get home where Angel can see them too” Cordelia told him matter of fact. “Mom, are we still going to get me some heels to go with my skirts? Because sneakers won’t make me look like a lady”

Angelus had been right much to Spike’s disgruntlement and horror, she wanted heels to go with her skirts… Skirts? She was only supposed to get one!


Both vampires had a lucky escape from the fashion show, by the time they had gotten back to their mansion, Cordelia was worn out. While Spike had taken the clothes and shoes upstairs to her room, Angelus had carried her up. Looking down at the sleeping girl he held, he couldn’t help but notice how her face was maturing and growing into her soft features.

Though her eyes were still slightly too large for her face and her cheeks still resembled little apples, she was growing up into a very beautiful young girl. Her legs were coltish, long and still sort of skinny, she was getting taller and she was also putting on some weight. Angelus nodded his head in satisfaction; she had needed to put on some weight to save her from being skin and bones for the rest of her life.

“There ya go” he muttered softly, putting her down on her bed and manoeuvring her so he could pull the bed covers back. “Your mother can come up to take your clothes off” that was something he could never bring himself to do, it made him shudder after living with her like family for so long. Not that he felt like part of her family of course, they just lived in the same house!

Standing back to look at her, Angelus watched for a few silent moments as she slept soundly in her bed. Though she wasn’t his as such, he now found his life wouldn’t be quite the same without her; it would be too quiet and clean! There would be hell to pay if anyone tried to take her away from him… Spike and Drusilla, yes, he meant there would be hell to pay if anyone tried to take her away from Spike and Drusilla…

“Night Princess, sweet dreams” he said quietly before backing out of her room slowly and closing the door with a gentle click. He didn’t miss the responding ‘Night night Angel’ come from her. That was another thing, why the hell didn’t she ever call him Angelus? That was his name right? Well it was the last time he checked anyway, if anyone else called him Angel he was sure he’d be pissed!

“Twinkle twinkle little star” Drusilla’s cooing voice stopped him from entering his own rooms. “How I wonder what you are, up above in the sky they sparkle down shining sweetly into my eyes” she sang to him. “Mummy’s little Princess is growing up into such a little lady”

He didn’t need to be reminded of that little fact! “Go tuck her in Dru or read her a bedtime story or… Something” Angelus uttered uncomfortably.

“I don’t need to be tucked in!” came a sleepy little voice from just behind them, both vampires turned round to see Cordelia rubbing the back of her hand across her eyes. “I’m not tired yet and besides, I didn’t get to show Angel and daddy my new skirts, heels and bra!”





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