The Date

SUMMARY: Cordy has a date!
POSTED: 21 Dec 2003
WARNINGS: None Listed
AUTHOR NOTES: One of my fluff muses has returned, we’ve come an agreement about better pay, shifts and hourly tea breaks!! Just a short little ficlet to brighten up my day and welcome my muse back.
STATUS: Complete

Sharp icy blue eyes pierced the dark haired man squirming in the chair opposite him, long male fingers tapped in light thought against the smooth wooden desktop. Lips thinned into a tight line as the icy blue gaze shone with high suspicion. The glasses covering the penetrating blue stare were removed and held in a loose, deceptively calm hold.

A dark russet gaze joined the suspicious blue in pinning her date with an exceptionally vicious stare that had small beads of perspiration forming on the man’s forehead. Full lips pursed out as the russet orbs scanned the figure of the date, looking for anything either in or out of the ordinary.

“Where may I ask are you planning on taking her this evening?” Wesley Wyndham-Pryce politely enquired, his simple and unthreatening voice highlighted his cultured British accent.

Leaning forward in his seat right next to the ex-watcher’s, Charles Gunn rested his forearms on the wooden desktop, entwining his fingers as he waited for Cordelia’s date to answer.

Silence descended in the small office room as the seer’s date shifted a little more in his chair opposite the two men. His mouth fluttered open and closed once or twice “I’m taking her to a, uh, local club” he nodded a little rapidly and his hands clenched around the arms of his chair as the weight of their silent warning began to take hold.

“How local is local?” Gunn asked abruptly as he relaxed back in his chair, his darkening gaze never wavering from Cordelia’s date to relieve the threatened man somewhat. “Why don’t you tell us? We might of heard of it” there were a lot of bad taste clubs in the vicinity of the Hyperion hotel and he didn’t want his surrogate sister in any of those.

“More to the point” Wesley interjected lightly, cutting off the date’s reply with a raised hand that stated his authority in this matter quite clearly. “What exactly are your plans for this evening?”

The dark haired man once again changed his position and ran his fingertips across his forehead, wiping away the sign of his nervousness. “Dinner first, then the club” his voice cracked a little as he fingered the loose collar on his shirt. “This really isn’t…” he began to say their protection of Cordelia wasn’t necessary but he cut off.

“You’re going a restaurant then to a club?” Gunn asked for confirmation in a clipped tone, his now dark chocolate eyes locking onto highly nervous brown ones. “So you’re going for the full works are you?”

“Full works?” Cordelia’s date asked in a tiny squeak.

“A nice, candle-lit romantic dinner for two followed up by dancing and the inevitable walk home?” Wesley supplied, his blue eyes shone glacier-cold as he began to tap his finger on the desk again. “Forgive me but that does sound rather intimate for a first date”

“I-I guess I could take her to see a movie…” the squirming man stuttered out, his lips tripping over his words as he tried not to let them know just how afraid he was of them right now.

The blue eyes of the Englishman narrowed into tiny slits with a dangerous light shining out of his gaze. “I see” he commented “Almost alone, in a darkened room and no doubt out in a private sitting area” his words dripped with known meaning.

“That’s way too intimate” Gunn looked the man opposite up and down with a knowing and threatening smirk. “Maybe he’s hoping to be invited in for coffee while he’s romancing Barbie” wasn’t gonna happen in his world.

“Not that kind of coffee” the date defended his honour loudly, his body tensing up as the atmosphere increased ten-fold at the young man’s statement.

“Of course you didn’t mean that kind of coffee” Wesley was telling him rather than defending him, that much was obvious. “What time do you plan to have Cordelia home by?”

Shuffling again “Not late” he replied with a half smile quirking up at one corner of his mouth, “I know she has to work tomorrow and all…”

“That’s very considerate of you” Gunn remarked, pursing his full lips out for a second before eyeing the date suspiciously. “Now you Wouldn’t be lying to me would you? Cus that would not be a good idea”

Wesley’s eyes narrowed at the possibility of being lied to “Of course he wouldn’t lie about that Charles” again, the Englishman was telling him and not defending him from Gunn’s words. “So what time are you returning her home? That way, we may contact her if a problem should arise”

“We’ll be back around, uh, 11. See? Not too late” the dark haired man answered with a nervous chuckle.

“And you would be leaving at 11?” Gunn enquired “Cus there ain’t no reason why you should stick around” the other man caught the underlying meaning in his voice and words.

With another shaky chuckle, the man held his clammy hands up in a show of peace and surrender. “Guys…” he gave each man a pleading look, asking them to give him some credit.

Changing the subject, Wesley replaced his glasses and pushed them up the bridge of his defined nose, peering out the lenses in an educated manner. “Do you have any further intentions towards Cordelia?” his fingers brushing away an invisible piece of lint from his trousers, all the while never taking his eyes off her date.

“It’s j-just the first date…” the now exasperated man replied as he frowned at the two men still glaring at him as though he had committed a carnal sin. “It’s not like I’m looking to, you know, marry her or anything…”

“Why not?” Gunn demanded, his smooth forehead crinkling up in insult for Cordelia. “Wouldn’t you want to marry Cordelia?”

“We… I… It’s not that I wouldn’t or don’t want to or anything… It’s too soon to think about any of that”

Nodding in agreement, Wesley slightly relented on his questioning “Well then” the Englishman sighed, leaning all the way back in his chair and looking thoughtfully at the date. “I…”

His sentence was interrupted by a female voice calling into the office from the main lobby area. “I’ve got my jacket now and ready to go” Cordelia yelled in.

Her date shot out of the chair, ignoring the continuing suspicious looks coming from the other two men. “Great” he called back with forced enthusiasm as he looked over his shoulder back into the office.

“You ready to go, Angel?” Cordelia asked her date with an elegantly raised eyebrow as she wondered why he was shaking a little.

Turning a charming smile on his seer, Angel made sure to keep his hands to himself and all bad thoughts out of his head. “Wouldn’t you prefer to go get some take-out so we can come back here and spend it with these guys?”

“I wanna go out Angel, you promised to take me out for some fun” she popped her lower, deep bronzed lip out in a spectacular pout. “Take-out and date for four isn’t what I call romantic”

“Maybe not romantic but it would be better than a restaurant…!”

Angel kept his distance from the brunette as he followed her out into the night, desperately trying to change her mind about what it was she wanted to do.


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