The Chatty Rooms

SUMMARY: Angel visits a chatty room.
POSTED: 16 Jul 2003
WARNINGS: None Listed
AUTHOR NOTES: Just for you Zanita!
STATUS: Complete

Angel impatiently waited and watched as Wesley and Cordelia disappeared out of the office for the night, the anxious vampire fidgeted with a pen in his hands as he made sure neither of them came back for something.

“Finally” he muttered as he crossed the room to Cordelia’s computer, now he could talk to Queenie. He’d been waiting all day for an opportunity to log onto the internet to talk to her. She was funny, intelligent, witty and sometimes down right caustic but he enjoyed talking to her. Angel had first started talking to Queenie when he was in Sunnydale, she had helped him through his break-up with Buffy.

After looking at a few sites with mild interest, the signal to say that Queenie was online beeped, clicking on her name, Angel immediately sent her a message.

“Hi Queenie, how was your day today?” he asked, feeling a little more at ease which was more than welcome after his little disagreement with Cordelia earlier. That girl was such a pain, never listened to a word he said and did the exact opposite of what he told her to do. Damn teenage girls all to hell.

“Just don’t even go there Champ, I had the worst case of lecture-itis from Bossy Britches today, I swear he goes out of his way to annoy me on purpose” Queenie replied, obviously in a huff. “How was your day? That incompetent secretery of yours still messing up the filing?”

“In your words, don’t even go there” Angel replied with a scowl, “I wish she would just listen to me for once you know. Instead of being stubborn and arguing with everything I say, I wish she would admit I’m right for once”

“I know that one, Bossy Britches thinks he knows everything too, just because he’s been around a few times he thinks he’s mister know-it-all” Queenie responded.

“Tell me about it” Angel wrote back with a smiley face, “Your boss and my secretery would be a great pair, maybe we should switch”

That got a smiley face in return, “Nah, I think World War Three would start out and as much as my boss annoys me I wouldn’t wish your secretery on anyone” Queenie replied.

“True, I wouldn’t wish your boss on her, from what you’ve told me he sounds like a demon” Angel told her, he would love to find her boss and make him be nicer to her but he doubted Queenie would like that and she would stop talking to him.

“He is, literally” Queenie wrote with another smiley face, “Have you heard from your ex lately? Last time you told me she came to town and you ended up bickering over a case you had”

Angel sighed deeply as he remembered Buffy and the Faith situation, “No, I did apologise about speaking to her so harshly but she needed to learn that I have work to do now. I’m not a puppy who can be ordered around”

“Good for you, it wasn’t very nice of your ex to expect you to give up a case just to make her happy” Queenie told him with a smiley face that showed a firm look.

“You’re right, and I do feel better for telling her that. What about you Loser Boy, have you heard from him?” Angel asked with another scowl, from what she said, loser boy was a grade a idiot who didn’t know a good thing when he had one. If he had Queenie, he would make sure to take good care of her and treat her the way a woman like her should be treated.

“No thank God, I kinda told a little fib” Queenie replied with a winking smiley face, “I told Loser Boy that my boss would eat him up if he called me again. Childish I know, but it felt good”

Angel smiled a little at her words, “If he’s as bad as you say he is, then I’ve no doubt he would eat him up. My ex made sure she was outta town before my secretery got back from her self-given paid vacation. Not that I blame her, I wanted to be outta town before she got back”

“LOL” Queenie replied with a laughing smiley face, “Maybe you’re right, we should switch although I’m not sure I want to wade through her awful filing”

“I wouldn’t want you to either, the filing cabinets closely resemble the Black Hole of Calcutta right now” Angel replied, his grin getting bigger the more he told Queenie about Cordelia.

“I so love your humour Champ, it’s morbid but in a really funny way. I wish my boss had a sense of humour, he has about as much personality as a wet sponge. It’s like he needs valium to crack a half smile”

“I like your humour too, you’re witty although at times you can be a little harsh” Angel told her truthfully, knowing Queenie liked honesty.

“I know I can be, but that’s me it’s who I am. Tact is just not saying true stuff” Queenie told him, “But I’m glad you can be honest with me and I’m glad you like my personality, it makes a change from guys seeing my chest and face and not who I am”

Angel cocked his head at her words, “Personality is important, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t go for looks too. I’ll admit I’m a sucker for a pretty face”

“Why can’t I meet a guy who’s as honest as you? I swear all guys come with fully functioning mobile lie emitters, maybe you could teach a class or something” Queenie suggested.

“Nah, then there’d be more competition for me” Angel deadpanned with a winking smiley face. He started to wonder if she would like to meet up, after all they both lived in L.A, were single and both worked with annoying colleagues. “Do you think we should meet?”

Queenie didn’t respond for a few minutes and Angel began to worry thaat he had overstepped their rules. “I don’t know, you could be anybody and you could have spun me a whole load of lies just to get me aone where you could have your wicked way with me”

Angel rolled his eyes at her answer, “We could meet in a public place if you like, do you know Starbucks opposite the dentist’s office on 54th?”

“Do I? Hell yeah I do, they make the best mochaccino. I go there everyday before I go to work. Need the caffeine to deal with Bossy Britches”

“You like mochaccino’s?” Angel asked, as he cocked his head again, Cordelia went there everyday and drank those. Maybe Queenie and Cordelia knew each other, it wasn’t like it was impossible it was a small world after all.

“My favourite, my boss has the tall espresso and Mr.Tea has Earl Gray. The same, boring drinks over and over, they totally shun my efforts to introduce them to modern hot drinks” Queenie told him.

“My secretery goes there every day too, she drinks mochaccinos. Maybe you’ve seen her” Angel told her.

“Could be, what does she look like?” Queenie asked.

“Somebody once told me she was a stiffener but I’d perfer to say she’s beautiful” Angel gave his honest opinion of Cordelia’s physical appearance. “Her hair is long, thick and dark, her eyes are hazel with flecks of gold and she’s got thise cute, little beauty mark on her cheek. She takes good care of herself and I respect that but I wish she’d do it during her own time”

“Uh” Queenie remarked, “You make her sound beautiful, I wish someone would describe me like that. I’ll look out for her tomorrow and I’ll say hi if I see anybody that looks like her”

“NO! Don’t tell her, she’ll make fun of me for using the internet and she’ll realise that I can work computers which will mean more work for me” Angel quickly told her with a shocked smiley face. “So do you want to meet up?”

“Yeah, what have I got to lose? Apart from my life and dignity if you decide to go all postal and eat me up!” Queenie replied with a winking face. “How does tomorrow evening sound?”

“Tomorrow evening sounds good, at Starbucks opposite my office at say 8?”

“Opposite your office? I thought you said the dentist’s office?”

“We’re in the same building as the dentist’s, but if you feel more comfortable going to another Starbucks we can do that” Angel replied.

“The investigations place?”

“Yeah, you know of it?” Angel had a goofy smile on his face at the thought they had a reputation and people knew about them.

“Angel Investigations?”

“Yeah that’s it, my secretery came up with the name” Angel told her as his stomach started to clench when he read her next words.


“Yeah?” he replied as he began to breathe quite heavily in anticipation of what she would say next.

“You really think I’m beautiful?”




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