SUMMARY: *Scorch sings* On the 1st day of Christmas, your Goddess gave to you… A fluffy fic in New York
POSTED: 12 Dec 2004
WARNINGS: None Listed
1) Dontcha just love fluffy fics at Xmas? *sigh*

The whole city is covered with snow, the soft kind of snow that’s the best for building snowmen and snowballs. Everywhere I turn there’s lights, decorations and mini-trees in store windows, mistletoe wreaths above doors and tinsel lining the frames.

From the little cafes, the smell of hot coffee mingles with the fresh, crisp air while the mouth watering taste of hotdogs emanates from street vendors.

And here I am.

Feeling like a little kid in line for ice cream as I take it all in.

“Here I am” I grin, looking around. “In New York City. The Big Apple. The place so nice Ol Green Eyes named it twice.”

“Ol Blue Eyes”

Waving away his correction. “Him too.” What does it really matter if his eyes were blue or green? He isn’t here to complain, so why should Angel? Whatever, I’m too excited to pay it anymore mind.

I can’t help it. I love New York.

Sitting on my freezing fingers, the most adorable pair of angora cream gloves don’t do much against the cold but they perfectly match my 60’s style cream coat and angora scarf. If I didn’t know him so well, I would swear Angel has the taste of a gay man.

Let’s face it, how many other men would spend over twenty minutes in a high street designer boutique, looking for the perfect presents?

None, that’s how many and I count myself as the luckiest and most in style vision girl in the world.

Glancing at him out of the corner of my eye, I reconsider the luck when I see him scowl at some poor guy who happened to bump his shoulder.

“Angel” I say and the sound of my voice brings his attention to where it should be.

On me and my glorious new coat, gloves and scarf.

Yeah buddy, that sheepish look isn’t gonna work with me tonight. I’m in way too good a mood to feel like I kicked a puppy. “It’s Christmas, it’s the happy holidays. Give the scowling a break, lord knows your forehead needs it”

“It wasn’t my fault” Angel, ever the victim, defends the Scowl of the Century. “He bumped into me”

Try as I might, I just can’t seem to care. “That’s the price you pay for bringing your favourite seer to New York for Christmas. It’s a big city and it’s crowded, you are going to get bumped. No matter how many scowls and growls you give out isn’t going to change it”

I’m surprised the animal welfare people haven’t locked me up and thrown away the key.

Tugging on his right arm, I can’t help but admire how my gloves contrast with his black leather jacket. Though a little sarcastically, I smile up at him and attempt to reach the part of him that is full of the Christmas spirit.

I wonder if I’ll need breadcrumbs to find my way back.

“We’re going to see the Star, you might as well give up playing the Scrooge and enjoy. It‘ll be fun, you‘ll see.” There’s that scowl again. The way he’s going, he’ll need corrective laser surgery before he reaches 300.

“I don’t think seeing the Star is a good idea, Cordelia” Angel says, so very obviously trying to find a way out of it. “There’ll be a lot of people and crowds can be dangerous”

And I thought I was a drama queen.

“This is me not caring!” I say, making my thoughts clear as crystal. “You brought me to New York and we’ve done everything else, except Tiffany’s on 5th Ave but that can wait till the after season sales. I want to see the Star Angel, you promised”

Maybe he didn’t but that’s besides the point.

Oooh! An arching eyebrow, I’m in trouble. Bad me.

“When, exactly, did I promise to go see the Star?” Silky and smoother than this toasty warm angora, his voice is enough to make me feel the tiniest shred of guilt for fibbing. “I can’t remember promising that”

“No?” I ask, raising my own eyebrow. “I guess I promised to take you. No matter, we’ll see it Big Guy. Don’t worry.”

For some reason, my cutesy vindictive giggle doesn’t remain silent for very long but to my surprise and delight, Angel lips curl into what could only be a smile.

Scary but kinda sweet. He should do it more often.

“You look cold”

Mr Observant today, are we?

“Your nose is red”

No, just in a mood to tell bad Rudolph jokes.

“And you, my dear Angel, had better not continue with that sentence.” That’s right vampire, say more and the world will know just how gay your taste is. I maybe happy and shiny, but I am by no means above resorting to those tactics. “We better hurry or you’ll have to kill the crowd so we can get good places”

I really should stop using his talented past to fuel my jokes. It only makes me feel cruel to puppy-kind. But it’s all his fault. Well, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

“How about I just kill the person responsible for my torture?” Slyly, Angel sends me a pointed stare that I can’t help but ignore.

“Who’s that?” It may take all my willpower, but I manage to keep my eyes to the floor as his expression becomes blank and stare gets heavy. God, I love being me. “Star, Angel, we need to see the Star!”

Now I’m in danger of sounding like a little kid.

An exaggerated sigh follows him stopping his trenching through the soft snow to fully turn to look at me.

And he said my nose was red. Poor baby, he looks frozen to the bone and I have to keep from giggling wildly. Could that be a smidgen of pity I feel? Angel’s probably never been cold in his life and here he is, trudging through the snowy streets of New York just for me.

Oh well, he will do silly things like bring me to the city where 5th Ave houses Tiffany’s.

A bent finger under my chin tilts my face up to the sky and I question his sanity. A beyond freezing palm cups my equally cold cheek as he speaks. “What do you see, Cordy?”

I frown, where is he going with this? “I see a stalling vampire” I huff. Hell yes I’m impatient, I wanna see the Star. You cannot come to New York for Christmas and not see the Star.

“No, look at the sky and tell me what you see.” All of sudden, he is the impatient one.

Looking at the sky and sprinkling of stars… “Har har Angel” I sneer and glare at him, “Very funny.” But I do take pity on him and besides, hot cocoa with marshmallows sounds just about perfect now. “Look, if you really want to go back to the hotel, we’ll go”

That’s right, take one peek at my big doe eyes and tell me how you kicking puppies. Oops, he did kill a puppy that one time, so maybe asking that isn’t such a good idea.

He sighs again, turning his face to the heavens and manages to resist from tearing his hair out.

Oh yeah, I know what he’d like to do too me sometimes. I just hope he chooses Italian leather and furry whips, cus pain and I do not get along.

“No Cordy” Angel smiles, albeit forced and totally fake, his brown eyes holding proportional amounts of agony. “I’ll take you to see the Star, if it’s what you really want”

What do I really want? Standing someplace, freezing cold and getting annoyed, while seeing Angel scowl at every and anybody?

Or sitting in the cosy hotel room, with hot cocoa and marshmallows, watching him brood?

“Never mind, Angel” I say and grace him with an eye roll. “With you, I’ll never be short of seeing stars.” Grabbing his right arm, I lead the way to a nearby café where we can sit for just a little while longer and maybe, he’ll realise I haven’t given him his present yet.

Wonder what he’ll make of Rudolph boxer shorts…



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