Something Schweet!

SUMMARY: Cordy drifts into fantasy land!
POSTED: 2 Oct 2003
WARNINGS: None Listed
AUTHOR NOTES: I got this when I peeked outta my front door!
STATUS: Complete

She stood in the garden of the Hyperion, arms folded and holding a hot cup of coffee in one hand and simply looked at the way the world changed in Autumn. Leaves turned all shades of colours; red, yellow, brown and some stayed green all year round. Since becoming part demon, everything seemed to look sharper and more enhanced like she was living in a Techni-colour cinema.

Sighing deeply, Cordelia inhaled the sweet crisp air of the early morning hours; it had taken four hours for her and Angel to settle Connor down last night and now here she was waiting for the sun to start rising. Half of her cursed the baby for her sleep deprivation while the other half of her melted in heart break over his baby cries.

Something floated past her eyes, startling her a little; Cordelia looked to her feet where a crispy, brown leaf now lay. Smiling with fond memories of crunching those leaves with Willow and Xander when they were kids playing in the park. They would run around, throwing handfuls of leaves at each other, stuff them down each other’s coats and make pictures in the grass with them.

Silvery laughter passed her lips as she imagined Connor doing just that, he’d be playing in the park and running around without a care in the world. It would be just after sunset of course so he could play football with Angel. The little boy’s hair would be a dark brown and he’d have his father’s forehead and scowl.

“Awww!” Cordelia sniggered at the picture she had created. Angel would be chasing his son through the crunchy leaves, yelling at Connor to behave himself and she would be laughing at the hopeless attempt to controll the five year old.

Her eyes glazed over as she got lost in the fantasy of it all, the sky would still be blue the way it was in Autumn and the air would have that crispy feel to it.

Angel would stop chasing Connor to look at her, his handsome features would sparkle as a huge smile went from ear to ear. “Cordy, c’mon stop laughing” he’d pretend to scowl, “If you think it’s so easy, you try catching him”

She would shake her head, refusing to take the bait “No thanks, I’m having fun watching you run around like a headless chicken!” she’d reply laughingly. He’d notice her, really notice her and he’d notice how she felt about him without her having to utter a word. He’d just look at her and know.

Cordelia was brought out of her fantasy when she heard Angel behind her, “Your devil child still asleep?” she asked tiredly and hopefully.

“Yeah thank God” Angel replied through his yawning, “I hate teething”

“Me too, you’d think you could just buy baby teeth and stop daddies from going through this” she complained and took a sip of her hot coffee, wrinkling her nose when the steam drifted upwards.

“Great idea, hey maybe there’s a mystical potion or something that could hurry this stage up” he commented thoughtfully, one more sleepless night and he was gonna give Connor to the first vampire clan that offered him a decent price!

“Get Wes to research that” Cordelia agreed.

“You have thinking face on, what were you thinking about?” Angel enquired, he’d been stood just inside watching the glazed look come over her and saw her drift off somewhere. She looked so pretty just then and he couldn’t look away.

Laughing a little, “Oh, I was just thinking about when Willow, Xander and I used to play in the park in the crunchy leaves” she explained. “Then I saw a five year old Connor running around with his daddy trying to catch him”

“Oh” Angel grinned at the picture that came to his mind, “Were you there?”

“Yeah, I was laughing at your pathetic attempt to control him” she deadpanned affectionately.

Angel glared playfully, “I bet you couldn’t do an better than me”

“I too could, it’s easy all you have to do is mention the word ice cream and five year olds will come a’runnin” Cordelia smartly replied smugly.



“You just have to get the last word in don’t you?” Angel cleared his throat and looked at the floor for a second. “Thank you for last night, helping with Connor and stuff”

“You don’t have to thank me for that Angel” Cordelia told him honestly, “I enjoy helping with him, he’s a little terror but he’s a little, wonderful devil. And he’s your little devil so that means he’s my little devil too”

“Your little devil huh? I guess that means you won’t be running out on us anytime soon then?”

“Dumbass!” Cordelia laughed softly and whacked his arm with her free hand, “I guess that means you want me to stick around then?” she knew she flirting outrageously but who cared? After being up all night, she had a right to flirt.

“A five year old needs his mom to keep him under control with teeth ruining ice cream”





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