Slave to Love

SUMMARY: Angel has an obsession.
POSTED: 12 Apr 2004
1) If you’re of the faint hearted please turn away now as this will be a very adult fic. Thank You!
2) Author has classic car fetish and lives vicariously through Angel!
STATUS: Incomplete

Part 1

After what seemed like an eternity, the fog clouding her head like a thick blanket began to slowly lift away. Glazed hazel eyes flickered once or twice before opening to a heavy lidded gaze that skimmed the dark plum wall she was facing. Her body felt light as tingles spread throughout as the ability to move gradually returned.

Warm sheets brushed all over her skin, making Cordelia aware she was naked and despite the hazy feeling of just waking up, she wondered why no clothing adorned her body. Gently easing her body onto her back, the recently woken brunette hissed a little when something tugged painfully in her left hand. Turning her confused orbs to the left, she saw the IV drip pulled tight and she went back to laying on her side.

Relief coursed through Cordelia as the tingles were replaced by total feeling in her body and she let out a deep sigh as she wondered where she was. All she could see was the plum wall and the rich burgundy sheet under her. The pillow cushioning her fuzzy head was soft and positioned in the curve of her neck, the sheets on the bed were embroidered and a mix of dark plum and black. The cotton was curled around her languid body, encasing her like the safety of a lover’s embrace and keeping her from the cold.

The light in the room was soft, easy on her eyes and the creamy glow enhanced the surroundings, highlighting the shading of the wall. A rich, red toned and engraved cabinet stood next to her bed which she could only see out the corner of her eye. Smoothing her right hand across the top bed sheet, Cordelia felt the embroidered pattern tickle her palm and she tried to picture what the pattern would be.

A low sound spilled past her lips as she set about trying to get some attention from whoever was around, letting them know she was awake. However, the attempt made her cough as her throat was dry and a little sore.

“Oh my goodness!” came an excited and awed voice, startling Cordelia into snapping her head over her shoulder to see who was there. The movement made her light headed and she closed her eyes against the spinning room. “Don’t rush yourself dear”

The voice was female, kind and put the brunette at ease somewhat despite just waking up from sleeping forever. Upon opening her hazel eyes again, Cordelia found herself being looked on by a plump woman with a beaming but soft smile decorating her round face. Dark blonde hair was pulled into an unkempt bun with wispy tendrils floating down that were swiped away by a hand that then latched around her right wrist.

“Don’t worry sweetie” the woman tried to get rid of the sudden display of fear on the young woman’s face with soft words and another kind smile. “You surely must have just woken up as I checked not more than ten minutes ago.” The older woman had deep sea-blue eyes that shone with happiness that made Cordelia wonder why she was so happy. “Mr. Angel will be so pleased”

“Angel?” The vampire’s name fell off her parched lips and she wondered where he was, “Is he here?” anticipation lilted her tone as Cordelia tried to glance around the room she was kept in but a disapproving tutting sound made her look to the woman now holding a stick in her hand.

“Not yet honey, but I will bet my life savings Mr. Angel will be no more than ten minutes when I give him the good news.” The woman popped the thermometer into the brunette’s mouth as she continued to talk about Angel. “He has talked of nothing else but your recovery and I dare to say you will be on the receiving end of some beautiful flowers young lady”

Cordelia listened as more confusion rolled around her head the more the woman spoke about Angel. “Pardon me” she asked quietly when the thermometer was removed from her mouth, “Who are you?”

The woman chuckled and gave the younger woman an absentminded expression. “In all my excitement, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m your nurse, Margaret”

“Okay Margaret” Cordelia absorbed that piece of information quickly before setting about finding out where exactly Angel was. “Where is Angel?”

Margaret paused to think for a moment, trying to remember the name of her employer’s firm. “Mr. Angel will still be at work, but I have no doubt he will come directly here when I call him”

So Angel Investigations was still running? The brunette had no clue whatsoever, the last thing she remembered was going against the no interference rules and saving him at the casino. Then, it was like she was looking at a blank canvas and it wasn’t just confusing, it was frightening.

“Maybe you should call him now?” Cordelia offered the suggestion as she found Margaret now helping her sit up and fluffing the luxurious pillows to provide a comfortable rest for her unused body. Remembering her naked appearance, she quickly latched a weakened grip around the top sheet and tried to yank it up over herself modestly. “Yes, I think calling Angel now would be a good idea”

Margaret appeared to think for a moment, seemingly ignoring the disguised demand of her charge in favour of wondering where she should start with the young woman. The regular cosmetic upkeep had more or less kept the young woman’s appearance in good condition but that was neither here nor there. “Methinks we should get that nasty IV out of your hand first and then we can talk about what you would like to eat. Liquid food may give the sufficient nutrients but it does nothing for putting on some necessary meat on those bones”

Cordelia was rendered speechless as the plump, kind nurse began on a mission of activity. Her left hand was raised and the clear sticker was quickly peeled away, causing her to hiss and yelp out her annoyance at the sudden motion. “Ow! That hurt”

“The quicker the better, now let me just slip this out and…” Margaret pressed her thumb to the vein, preventing any blood loss from happening. Twisting to her side, the nurse quickly pulled open the drawer of the cabinet that contained all the medical supplies. Scooping up a package of sterile gauze, the homely woman then routed for the surgical tape. “Hmm, now where did I put… Ah here we go!”

The gauze was taped securely to her hand and Margaret checked one last time before placing the hand back down on the bed with a comforting pat. “Now, my guess is you’ll be famished. Since your body will be used to the feeding tube, we will have to start you off on something that’ll be light on your stomach. How would you like some good, old fashioned toast with a steaming cup of tea? My niece in Britain sent some Typhoo, why I say it’s the best brand and no doubt it’ll have you right as rain in no time!”

“Margaret? Yeah hi there” Cordelia spoke with a slight snap to her voice that had the older woman chuckling to herself as an amused expression lit her rounded features. “What’s so funny?”

Margaret shook her head and sighed, “Mr. Angel warned me you were a bit of a bright spark” she answered fondly, “I’m glad to see he’s right”

“Ooohkay!” the brunette went from confused to simmering with aggravation as what she originally wanted to say seemed forgotten in light of her nurse’s statement. She’d bright spark Angel the second she saw him, after she asked if he got the 300,000 she helped him win in Vegas of course. “Food can wait, the first thing you need to do is get Angel here and, I can’t stress this enough, NOW!”

“I understand how much you want to see your husband dear but I swore on my poor Arthur’s grave that I would take the best care of you” Margaret denied Cordelia’s demand to call Angel immediately. “And the best of care also includes making sure you have some decent food in you. Once we have the little issues dealt with, we can move onto calling your husband”

“Husband? I don’t have a husband and Angel is definitely not my husband” Cordelia heard her voice, she sounded as stunned as she felt. She couldn’t wait until Mr. Angel got here and she finally got to know “What the hell is going on?!”


Reclining in the large, comfortable leather chair Angel brushed his curving mouth as a smile quirked up the corners of the pale lips. The light kiss he had given Cordelia before he left lingered on his mouth. The feel of the pliant lips against his had been delicious as had the silky tresses threading through his fingers as he smoothed her hair away from her peaceful face.

Even in a coma, the brunette had retained her beauty and though she had become a little thin under the circumstances, he never found that he was any less attracted to her. After they had taken Wolfram and Hart’s offer to run the company, Angel had used every resource he could to ensure both Cordelia’s safety and well-being, she now rested in his apartment.

A nurse had been hired to take care of Cordelia’s more intimate needs and general medical duties while he provided all the loving care and attention. Reading poetry and books by his favourite authors, playing music he knew she enjoyed and going as far as to read fashion articles to her. Every night, Angel lay on the bed next to her telling her all about what he had done to keep her as safe as he could.

Everyday before he left and every night before he went to bed, Angel graced her lips with a chaste loving kiss and told her just how much she meant to him knowing she could feel and hear it all.

He knew she probably hate it when she woke up and found out the lengths he had gone too but a little Cordy-anger was something he could deal with. If anything, Angel missed her yelling at him and calling him a dumbass, a big contradiction to how he felt when he had first gotten to know her.

As far as the others were concerned, Cordelia had been sent to a special unit that dealt with coma patients and they had agreed a place like that would make sure she recovered so she could come back to them all better.

His pocket began to vibrate as his cell phone announced incoming call. Slipping the sleek-looking and high-tech phone out of his pocket, Angel flipped it open and answered. “Yes?” he answered coolly, keeping a very aloof tone. Years of soulless behaviour had definitely helped in his ability to hide little secrets.

“Mr. Angel?” the pleased tone of Margaret’s voice sounded and before the vampire could get a word in edgewise, she rushed on. “Your wife is awake Mr. Angel, and by the sounds of it desperate to see you. Why nothing I suggest will keep her quiet, all she does is ask for you just like you said!” The woman gave a wistful sigh, “It’s so nice to see two young people very much in love like you and your wife”

There was no reply as Angel merely flipped the phone closed, thus shutting if off. “I knew she would wake up, she’s never backed down from anything in her life” Angel murmured to himself as he pushed his large, revitalised body out of the chair. He couldn’t run the risk of anyone finding out where Cordelia really was and so he would have to personally pick up some flowers.

She always wanted him to experience the sunny fields of nature so Angel decided daisies, a summer flower, would be best. On the way out of his office, the vampire gracefully unhooked his leather jacket from the hanger and stalked out. “Harmony, cancel anything I have for the next two to three days”

Jolting out of her mindless reverie, Harmony glanced up at the other vampire and simply smiled at him. “Sure thing boss, what if one of your friends wants you? Shall I call?”

Angel didn’t bother to reply or even acknowledge Fred as she smiled at him from the door to Wesley’s office. Ignoring the worried, quizzical smile that replaced the friendly one, Angel picked up his pace and kept his face void of everything.

Inside, the vampire was buzzing with every kind of emotion as he thought about how he would react when he saw her. Should he just go with his original plan and kiss her until she passed out? Or should he do something that would give her some idea of his feelings?

He decided to take things one step at a time, see how Cordelia would react to him and go from there. Angel knew the first thing she would do is smile that stunning, time stopping smile at him and then maybe she would tell him she loved him too. She did love him, he knew that, but getting her to admit it was another matter.

If she had her way, she would deny the Earth was round and she was the centre of the universe. An affectionate and tender smile flittered his mouth upwards as Angel mentally went through all the trivial arguments he had shared with Cordelia. It had been too long since he had seen those pretty hazel eyes flash as heat swept through her body. He could say he loved it when his Cordy got vexed.

Angel wondered if Cordy had found the closet that held the clothes he had bought for her. All in silky, jewelled tones of the richest colours. Forest green that would compliment the flecks that shone from the hazel orbs when she got mad. Ruby red that matched her passion, all the colours held a significance to her personality and appearance. She would like that, he just knew she would.

The one thing he couldn’t wait to see her in was the pale blue chemise. It would skim her hourglass figure, the silk would melt around her breasts and shape to the dusky rose coloured tips. Angel’s eyes flickered momentarily as he imagined running his hands up Cordelia, feeling his palms rasp over the smooth material teasingly.

She would respond to his loving caress, those little dusky tips would harden and beg for attention. Arousal would make her hot between her thighs and she would ask him to take it off. Silk would turn raw as perspiration made the silk cling to the heated body.

Shaking away his fantasy, Angel put it to an easily accessible place in his mind as he opened a car door. Pausing for a second, he wondered if he was choosing the right car for today. Maybe the Cobra would be a better choice or even the Ferrari Testarossa. With a frown of indecision, the vampire closed the door of the Aston Martin DB7 and headed for the Plymouth.

Angel was forced to change his mind once again when the knowledge it was daylight came forward and the fact the Plymouth’s windows had yet to be upgraded. His dark gaze swept through the underground garage that held every boy’s dreams and tried to decide.

One car stood out to him at that very moment.

Sleek, silver and curvy in all the right places; the shape of the sought after McLaren F1 domestic car. A slow, sensual smirk lifted his lips as the vampire began sauntering towards the car.

With a BMW V-twelve cylinder engine insulated with gold, a top speed of 231 miles per hour and six speed transmission, the McLaren was the epitome of automobiles. Going from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds, 0-100 in 6.3 and 30-70 in 2.2 seconds, this was the fastest car on the road. Beating the better known Ferrari F40.

His fingers slid over the ridges of the vent, a purr escaped from his throat as he caressed the stunning work of art.

Only a hundred of them had been made. At an incredible $1,070,000, Angel could see why not so many had been sold. Not that cost had bothered Wolfram and Hart when they had purchased the first one ever made of course, that thought made him shiver with delight.

Opening the door, he marvelled at the ingenuity of the batwing mechanism before slipping into the drivers’ seat set in the centre of the car.

Slipping the master key from his jacket, Angel eased it carefully inside the ignition and turned it on. The F1 purred as the engine kicked in, the raw power of the V-12 vibrated through his body as he breathed out sharply. The digital dashboard stated in a bright green liquid crystal display that it was safe for him to close the door. Pressing the button, Angel gripped the steering wheel tightly.

Shaking off the urge to damn everything for a spin down the Pacific Coast Highway, Angel got his mind back on Cordelia and the fact she was awake. Peering over his shoulder, the vampire smirked at the extra cost the firm had gone to have the original glass replaced. No matter what car he drove, he didn’t anything would come as close to perfection as the McLaren F1. Not wasting a second more, Angel moved the car and headed for what he would the eighth circle of hell.

The mall.


She was too stunned to do much else apart from sit in front of the antique and expertly crafted vanity table, watching Margaret brush her hair. Her nurse had a strange sense of humour as most nurses probably would. If you didn’t find something to laugh about in your line of work, you’d probably go mad!

Cordelia wondered what Margaret would think of her humour regarding vampires, demons and slayers. She wondered if her nurse knew about the more supernatural side of life.

Not taking the chance of being branded insane by the kind, homely woman, Cordelia set about finishing the light meal of jam and toast while her hair was brushed softly. All she could think of was where Angel was and how long it would take him to get here before her calm nature bubbled into something hideous.

What was taking him so long? Margaret had called him more than half an hour ago and Cordelia knew he would have been straight to see her. Horrible thoughts began weaving into her mind. What if he had been attacked? What if he had been in a car crash?

There were so many what if’s that she didn’t want answers too. The only questions she wanted answered were the ones regarding her sleep her so-called husband and why she was in an apartment worthy of a penthouse crypt!

Seeing the anxious expression on her charge, Margaret chuckled to herself as she put the natural bristled brush on the vanity. “Don’t worry dear, your husband will be home soon enough!” she comforted with a warm smile. “And I bet Mr. Angel will have an armload of flowers for you”

“Why do you call him Mr. Angel?” Cordelia enquired, purposely ignoring the husband remark with ease.

“He is my employer dear, can’t be calling my boss by his name now can I?” Margaret asked in a professional manner as she studied the brunette for a moment. “We’d better get some clothes on you, can’t have your husband seeing you in your underwear just yet!” she grinned in a cheeky way.

“That’s the best idea I’ve heard all day” Cordelia mumbled under her breath as her nurse shooed her off the vanity chair and back towards the bedroom. On the way, the brunette finally noticed the decor of the apartment.

The thick material of the carpet tickled her bare feet as she padded carefully across the floor. Behind thick, burgundy drapes she guessed a large window lay with an impressive view of Los Angeles. However, they were closed and she couldn’t be 100% certain.

Antique furnishings were dotted throughout the lavish room she walked through the living room. Candle-shaped lights sat on the wall above the real fireplace while a large painting hung between them.

Pausing to look at the painting between the candle lights, Cordelia felt her eyes grow wide with awe and amazement. Distracted from clothes, the wide-eyed brunette slowly approached the painting and wondered when the hell Angel had gotten it done. Oxygen gathered in painful stabs in her lungs as she saw herself through the eyes of an exquisite artist.

Painted in deep colours, Cordelia saw Angel stood with his arm wrapped around her, the fingers of one hand tilting her closed-eye expression up to his. Dark eyes were clearly shown to be fixed on the pouting, red mouth. Her hair was in thick, luxurious chestnut waves that tumbled around her bare shoulder, contrasting with the golden skin. At the first sign of bare skin, Cordelia instantly thought she was naked and her breath caught in a thick lump.

Hazel eyes travelled more and the lump of breath was released in a numb puff of air when she saw her hand clasping the red sheet around her body, keeping secrets safe. Strips of white in the red obviously stated the sheet was silk, the highlighting perfectly captured the way it would in life.

Seeing the slight wrongness of his facial features, Cordelia realised with startling clarity just who the exquisite artist was and how long it had been since he saw himself. Despite the creepy feeling building within her, she couldn’t help the soft smile as she glanced at the vampire’s hair.

“Always perfect” was the whispered comment as she walked closer until her toes nudged the edge of the hearth.

“It is a beautiful picture, isn’t it?” Margaret’s voice had the brunette snapping out of her shock and the young woman spun round to face her nurse, wondering who else had seen the provocative piece of art. “Even in that I can see Mr. Angel loves you with all his heart. Still, I do find it disapproving that your husband would openly display such a… Sexual picture in his living room. Why my Arthur would have given him a sound talking too for having this here” she sighed disapprovingly.

Cordelia got the distinct impression her nurse was fairly old fashioned when it came to things like this. It was refreshing to be around an older woman who held dignity and respect for other opinions in the same breath instead of being all for one and not the other. Everything was severely overwhelming for the brunette, there was so much to take in apparently and she had the feeling it was just the tip of a very large iceberg.

“Clothes dear” Margaret reminded with a flourish of her hand as she began shooing Cordelia towards the bedroom once again, not giving her anymore time to study the layout of Angel’s apartment. “Methinks something comfortable, not too enticing. After all, I can’t allow your husband to get, how shall we say this, excited? It would be unprofessional of me to condone any sort of activity when you have only been up and about for a short time”

There was that husband word again. “When did I get married? I’m guessing Angel is the groom? Where was I when all this happened?” Cordelia muttered as a fresh wave of overwhelming confusion filled her already tired brain.

The older woman suddenly sat her down on the end of the bed before scooting off to the closet, rummaging through the clothes under the studious gaze of the brunette.

Cordelia could just see the row of neatly hung and folded clothing in the closet and she knew they weren’t her old clothes. Had Angel bought them while she’d been asleep? Had he bought other things for her too? Like a bodyguard for when she wanted to go too the store? There was so much that felt wrong and right about this scenario that left her in a whirlwind of unanswered questions.

“How much longer do you think Angel will be?” she asked, turning patiently calm orbs to her nurse who was holding up a nice, white shirt with a pair of conventional black dress trousers.


Holding the large bouquet of daisies in one hand, Angel used his free hand to swiftly place his clan ring onto the fourth finger of his left hand before making a move to enter the apartment when he heard Cordelia’s voice ask how much longer he would be. Every part of his body tensed as he listened to the heart rate, the breathing and the conversation that followed before truly allowing himself to believe it.

She was awake. His Cordy was finally awake and she was all his. His to love forever, his to hold, his to protect and his to keep. After waiting so long and being denied a chance to tell her he loved her more than anything, Angel decided he wasn’t going to take anymore chances of being interrupted. With her safe in his apartment, the vampire could make sure no interference would ruin it this time.

He could give her everything she asked for, anything at all without having to worry about anyone else or consequence. His soul had been secured the moment he had a shaman come to perform an old bonding ritual Andorian demons used for lifemates. Sure, he had to improvise because of Cordelia’s coma but it had still been possible when the transfusion had been done.

Absolutely nothing could ever take her away from him now, they belonged to each other. Fate, destiny and all that other crap didn’t come into it, they didn’t come close to explaining how he felt about his Cordy.

Making sure his ring was in place, Angel went through the checklist of minor imperfections to get them right. Smoothing the visible part of his shirt free of wrinkles, running his hand through his hair, checking his unneeded breath and finally buttoning up the top button on his shirt. It wouldn’t be in his favour to make Margaret suspicious of his intended motives.

He had definitely picked the right woman to take care of his Cordy, Margaret was from Ireland originally and was very professional with a genuinely caring attitude. She was also very old fashioned and set in her ways, if she thought he had ulterior motives towards her patient, she would send his on his way with a solid right hook. Being in America for most of her life hadn’t dulled the edge Irish women had.

You could take the girl out of Ireland but you can’t take Ireland out the girl.

Or the vampire for that matter, Angel smirked to himself as he listened to his Cordy once again ask after him. He shouldn’t really keep her waiting like this but he was quite content just listening to her through the door. of his apartment. Deciding not to be cruel in making her wait any longer, the vampire entered his apartment completely unprepared for his reaction when he saw her.


Upon hearing the door open and close, Cordelia forgot all about the tiredness creeping up on her as she launched herself off the bed and all but ran to who she knew it would be. When her gaze landed on the vampire and the daisies, the brunette skidded to a complete halt and simply stared wide eyed at him. She had been expecting a hug, maybe kisses on the forehead and a whispered “I missed you so much”

No matter how many times Margaret had told her Angel would bring flowers, she didn’t believe it but yet here he stood with what looked to be daisies. Cordelia found herself staring in silence at the dark haired vampire who was stood staring back at her with a forming grin on his handsome face as he looked her over with an unreadable gaze. Those fathomless orbs seemed to glow a dark bronze as his cool temperature slowly increased.

Dressed in black fitted pants with a pinstripe silk shirt just visible below the leather jacket, Angel looked like the stereotypical businessman who just got home after a hard day’s work. A smile began to tug at lips as he looked the brunette over, eyes scanning her form as though he still didn’t believe she was awake. There were no words to describe how he felt at seeing her like that.

He was elated, ecstatic, choked up, aroused but none of those emotions showed on his serene face as he observed her. It seemed that everything he had ever worked for, everything he had ever wanted was now standing right in front of him just waiting for him to take it. Now his fantasy, his lover, his Cordy was right there; Angel felt light headed.

The long chestnut hair that had once been short and blonde, was now shoulder length curls that made his fingers ache to touch. Her skin was understandably a little pale due to the lack of sunbathing, she was a tad to thin but these were things easily fixed. Angel had every intention of getting his Cordy all better again.

A knee-length white robe was tightly wrapped around her figure, keeping her body from burning up under the searing heat flickering under the black orbs. Her hands subconsciously came to rest on the tied knot that held the robe closed and Cordelia shuffled a little nervously, her own lips flittering up in a smile. She stood there waiting for him to make the first move, hoping he would hurry up before she died of anticipation.

Patience was a virtue in times like this. Angel kept a tight lid on his emotions as he turned to first place her flowers on a small cabinet before removing his jacket. Silently and in measured footsteps, the vampire neatly hung his jacket on the slim oak stand and finally turned a calmer gaze to the young woman.

“So” Cordelia began as her shoulders twisted back and forth, her hazel irises anywhere but his face. “Do I get a hug?”

No vocal reply was given.

One minute, the dark haired vampire was stood by the coat stand and the next, he seemed to be stalking her as he tread slowly and carefully until he was standing inches away. Not moving any closer just yet, Angel took the opportunity to inhale the difference in scent. It was lighter, once again filled with both the fresh daylight air full of sunshine and the crisp, cool night air of twilight.

The heart rate was picking up in speed, drawing his gaze to the sensitive place on her jugular where the pulse throbbed with blood. There was so much for his senses to take in all at once; sight, sound and scent was about all he could handle without doing something foolish and ruining this. Full, pouting lips parted to allow her pink tongue to sweep out across her lower lip making the naturally rosy hue shine under the artificial light.

The tip of one finger was softly placed under her defiantly set chin, tilting the heart-shaped face up towards his. Angel swept his gaze from her confused eyes down to her parted mouth, trying to get round the face she was actually awake. “I’ve been waiting for you to wake up” his voice low, husky and melodious had shivers reverberating up her spine causing her skin to prickle with heat. “Margaret, you can have the rest of the night and the next to days off. I can take care of things for now”

Margaret was still needed to care for Cordelia as she still had medication to take and the vampire knew without a doubt that if she wasn’t supervised, the brunette would throw her tablets in the nearest rubbish bin. Sometimes, she was stubborn for her own good.

The nurse’s kind eyes narrowed suspiciously as she pinned her employer in place with a hardened gaze. “Mr. Angel, I trust you will follow my advice?” it wasn’t a question as much as it was a warning. “When I say no strenuous activity or over-exertion, I mean no strenuous activity or over-exertion”

Turning a gaze as innocent as the Scourge of Europe could manage, Angel looked like the perfect little angel with a newly polished halo made of solid gold. “My wife will be well cared for Margaret, I promise you she’ll get plenty of rest” he turned that angelic expression to Cordelia who didn’t believe it for a second. “After all, I just got her back and the last thing I want is for her to suffer a relapse”

“Hmm” it was clearly obvious the wool hadn’t been pulled over her eyes as Margaret never once removed that suspicious glare from the vampire. “I say I know a true-blooded Irishman when I see one. All the same they are” with a heavy sigh and shake of her head that made Angel smile sweetly.

“I’ll see myself out” she announced with a final narrowing of her knowing orbs, “You just behave young man, you’re not too old to be put over my knee”

Cordelia felt invisible as she watched and listened to the interaction between her nurse and the vampire; standing there in a white robe she shuffled her bare feet around on the luxurious carpet wondering what Angel was thinking. She had a lot of questions that needed answers and a lot of thoughts he had to hear, but they could wait until her excitement at seeing him again had been taken care of.

She’d missed Angel more than she had thought possible and seeing him again could be compared to being high. Despite the stuffy and expensive suit he wore and the expensive shoes, he was still the manpire she deemed her best friend and she loved being back with him after what felt like an eternity.

It was a shame she never got to find out what he was going too say the night she’d left for that weird place in the big blue. Maybe there was a chance for her, for them to see if they could have something good between them.

“I’ll see you in a few days dear, no less” Margaret’s voice brought the brunette out of her thoughts, “You just remember my words” her finger wiggled at Angel as she left without another word, leaving him alone with Cordelia.





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