Russian Roulette

SUMMARY: An AU historical piece set in 1865 Russia.
POSTED: 26 May 2005
CONTENT/PAIRING: Cordelia/Angelus
WARNINGS: Explicit Sexual Content
AUTHOR NOTES: I know this won’t be to everyone’s taste, but I’ve always wanted to write a historical piece so here ya go. Hope you enjoy.
STATUS: Complete

Russia, 1865, was a world where ancient Asian magnificence met the exquisiteness of Europe. Beautiful buildings, such as the Kremlin and Intercession Cathedral, dominated the skylines and gave a glimpse into the past and the future. What was once a wooden country, was fast becoming a place of politics and importance, something all citizens were glad for.

Some time ago, Russia suffered under the ruling of Ivan the Terrible and the war with Napoleon, and the place had been devastated, torn apart. Now, in the midst of the nineteenth century, the country was an attraction for the world.

Lords and Ladies, royalty and clergymen, from Europe and beyond, were in attendance for the opening night of Giselle, a performance highly sought and well recommended. The Bolshoi theatre, an architectural work of art, was the saviour of the piece.

Seated in the private box and away from those of a lower class, Lady Cordelia flicked open her fan to hide her face, as properly done, from an admiring gentleman and focused only on the dazzling richness and splendour of the Russian court. Expensive jewels sparkled as women flashed their wealth, while the men in turn displayed their power and talked of nothing but estates and annual incomes.

Such things did impress the Lady, but she no desire to talk of them, it was much more preferable to watch them attempt to outshine those in possession of more.

High above the lowly commoners, the young Lady settled herself back in the private seat and waited, all but impatiently, for the performance to start. Her dress, made of the finest silk and lace, properly covered her legs and ankles with layers of burgundy and bronze, the shades flattering her creamy complexion and chestnut hair.

The box across from her housed her admirer. A young man, who looked about seven and twenty, with dark brown hair, tied back, and the deepest eyes she had ever seen. His shoulders were as broad as his chest and though he was clothed in the most expensive of attire, his powerful physique was not disguised by trousers and waistcoat.

Upon being caught staring Lady Cordelia hid her face with another flutter of her fan, and her gaze caught sight of an amused expression. A man not intimidated by her title, wealth or beauty? A slow smile curled upwards, a bonus on his part most definitely. That was, of course, if he knew who she was.

She was the only daughter of Sir Richard and Eliza Chase, making her the sole heiress of Chase Crest, a large estate in Derbyshire and it would take a fool not to know who she was. Her admirer was either a fool or part of the lower class, as his attire was expertly tailored, and she was inclined to believe he was neither.

Though she was not an English native and did not care for the standing rules, she eagerly took part in what was and was not allowed. It filled her days with amusement and entertainment. The only thing she had not taken on was the accent, she much preferred her own, however much the ladies of the Ton frowned upon it.

Covering part of her face with her fan and smiling behind the original design, the young Lady once again captured the interested eye of the man. Purposely breathing deeply to enhance her cleavage, already defined by a tightly laced corset, the brunette battered long lashes temptingly when his eyes, sparking with intent, roamed over her hidden figure.

“Very nice,” Lady Cordelia lost interest in the game and turned her attention to the filling auditorium below. “Even if he is a little lewd”

“My dear,” a thickly accented voice startled the young lady, and coyly cocking her head, faced a dear friend of her family. “I hope you are well?” Lord Price graced her with an exaggerated and gallant bow, a move that brought a mockingly admiring smile to her face.

“I thought we had moved past the formalities society placed on us?” Cordelia waved her fan, dancing orbs darted once to the handsome man still flattering her with charming smiles and indecently suggestive looks. “Do not over exert yourself, my Lord, I would truly hate to be the cause of an injury”

The Lord laughed, and he took her hand to place a familial chaste kiss upon her knuckles. “Still as witty, I see. Dare I presume you are still giving as much trouble as you can?” Straightening his body into the proud stance held by only gentlemen of wealth and status. Like herself, Lord Price had no need to talk openly of his possessions, his being whispered what he owned.

Offended and indignant, the lady wildly tossed her hair over an improperly revealed shoulder and large eyes, hazel and surrounded by darkened lashes, battered. “You wound me Sir, for I never give trouble, no matter how much I wish it”

Seating himself by her, Lord Price cast his gaze, lighted by wariness and amusement, in the direction of the man openly admiring the Lady. “I take it your dear papa has you, yet again, under lock and key. Not that surprises me, of course, knowing your propensity to tempt unworthy admirers with feminine wiles and charms”

“Lord Price!” Lady Cordelia sent her fan, of original Oriental make and design, across the back of his head and giggled, in a manner unbefitting her station, when he murmured an ouch. “I will have you know Alexander was a most unworthy and delightful distraction from one’s duties”

“You, Miss Chase, are far too charitable to the tenants and servants of your father’s estate. For shame!” Lord Price tutted in disappointment and condescension, his handsome face slowly shook from side-to-side, a motion which sent his spectacles riding low on his nose. “They have better uses than entertainment, you know”

“Indeed, and yet, I cannot appear to think of what those uses might be. Do take the conversation from me and my wily behaviour.” Lady Cordelia treated her admirer to a most sultry glance, earning herself raised eyebrows and smirk. How she hated presumptuous gentlemen, yet he seemed to have an air she found appealing. Perhaps it was the combination of the fine clothes he wore and attractive face.

It was rare these days, aside from the company she kept, to see a man take such care on looking his best and when one did find such a man, then it was imperative to take him into consideration as a future acquaintance.

A slow and enchanting smile furled her mouth up, and the man responded with a sensuous licking of his lips. When heat crept up and turned her fashionably white cheeks a deep rouge, the man gracefully rose from his place, keeping her eyes transfixed on his body.

Watching the exchange in mild amusement and figuring she was looking for a distraction, Lord Price sat back to watch the display she gave. Lady Cordelia was nothing if not improperly blunt, a rarity amongst the women. “Lady Winifred sends her regards and sincere apologies she could not join me”

The young Lady, somewhat preoccupied with her admirer’s whereabouts, barely heard her companion speak. “And how is dear Winifred? Has she much left of her confinement?”

“Doctor Giles advises a few more weeks, at the least. I am glad to inform she is of good health and is doing remarkably well.” Lord Price, feeling a heavy gaze on him, peered over his shoulder to see a man, mildly intimidating, casually leaning against the alcove wall. “Lady Cordelia, I do believe you have garnered yourself another unworthy yet delightful distraction”

As all ladies would do, she sent the man a bored and sweeping glance of her eyes before returning to the conversation at hand. “So I do”

Ever the gentleman, Angelus thought as he hungrily looked at the delectable curve of her neck, the creamy skin screaming out to be bitten and flawed. “Pardon me, my Lady. I could not help but notice your beauty, and wish for a moment of your time.” A moment was all it would take to taint this slice of innocence. His fangs itched and yearned to go deep, his tongue was parched and stomach growled at being in the presence of something so delicious.

Her fan fluttered around her face as Cordelia shared an unimpressed expression with Lord Price. When would men ever learn? She did not conform to the opinion of society that women of high class should be flattered by pretty words and charming disposition. “You have had your moment and I thank you for your compliment, Sir, now please do not interrupt my private conversation longer”

Lord Price, suddenly held captive by a dark stare that told him to leave. Not normally a man to be intimidated or shy away from gentleman wishing to make the acquaintance of his friend’s daughter, he adjusted his cravat and cleared his throat. “Forgive me, Lady Cordelia, but I must return to my company else Lord Charles shall make a mockery of himself.” He rose, feeling relief as the dark stare became replaced by a serene countenance. Mumbling a “Good luck” to the gentleman, he bid a final farewell to her and elegantly walked to his own box.

“A little bird tells me my compliment, though genuinely meant, was unneeded.” Her new companion did not bother with trivial permission and took up the seat warmed by the Lord. Settling back into the comfortable setting and placing feet upon the balcony, Angelus regarded the Lady quizzically. “I have never seen you before”

“If I have my way Sir, you never will again.” Though Lady Cordelia was impressed at his relaxed manner, his conversation was severely lacking in the entertainment department. “Please remove your feet, they are in the way of my view”

Ignoring her and leaning further back in the chair, “The performance has not yet begun. What can you possibly be viewing?”

“People” she stated and finally looked at him. Up close, he was more than handsome, Cordelia decided with a quaint and coy smile, perhaps she had found a decent companion for tonight. Now if only there was a way to prevent her father from discovering she had attended the ballet without her guardian. “Do you see them? They go here and there, trying so very hard to fit within the given and meaningless rules of society”

“Yet,” Angelus commented and suddenly sat forward, his feet dropped to the floor with enough noise to draw attention. “Here you are, in the thick of what you frown so much at”

The Lady remained silent for a moment or two, “You misunderstand me, Sir. I do not frown upon society, but nor do I care for the restrictions it places on us. Women in particular”

“I would think being taken care of and not having to work would be a blessing, not curse.” The more he talked, the more she uncovered a heavy edge of Irish accent. A truly delightful distraction indeed.

However, as pleasing as his voice and husky tone, Lady Cordelia could not agree with him. “Far from it. Heaven forbid a woman’s accomplishments exceed beauty and the ability to bear heirs. In London, it is almost unheard of for a woman to have tastes that surpass the accepted limitations.” Smoothing down her gown and offhandedly admiring the grandeur of Madame Selene’s work. The skirt, though full and heavy, was beautiful enough to take away the burden of wearing such a thing.

“I can see the benefits of limiting the talents of a woman,” Angelus pointedly ignored the expression sent his way and continued. “Women are very dangerous creatures indeed. If I may be so bold, Miss…”

“I do not recall giving you leave to address me in such an informal manner, however you may refer to me as Lady Cordelia.” The Lady in question held out a feminine hand which was accepted in a firm hold that had her breath hitching in her throat. Lips that appeared hard, softly placed a chaste kiss on her knuckles and a roughened thumb followed with slow circles. “I would never place myself at an advantage, so kindly tell me your name”

“The pleasure is mine, Lady Cordelia, and please feel free to use my Christian name.” Yes, the young Lady was a very dangerous creature indeed and he enjoy a slice of danger. Usually, that danger involved running from townsfolk wielding pitchforks and burning torches, not a woman with an alluring demeanour and improperly revealing dress.

A genteel laugh erupted from her but she made no attempt to remove her hand from the protection of his. “What is your Christian name? Wait!” Lady Cordelia exclaimed with an enthusiasm she had not experienced in a long time. “I shall guess. I do so love games”

“If it is a game you want to play, then surely we must have some form of wager.” Bringing the Lady’s hand closer to his lips and bestowing a whispered kiss across her delicate wrist, Angelus held her gaze prisoner as blunt teeth nipped at the protective skin. The motion brought a fire to the China eyes that flashed and burned, the flush on her throat made him hungry.

“What would be your wish Sir, if by a miracle, I should lose?” Not attempting to remove her hand from his solicitations and attentions, the Lady merely twirled a delicate finger around his arm, enjoying the feel of his clothing against her skin.

What did he want? “My Lady, I have many wishes and not the time or patience to tell you of them. For now, a kiss would sate my appetite.” Angelus leaned forward and placed his lips close to hers, feeling her warm breath brush over his cool mouth. She did not cower from his closeness. Impressed by the bravery, or stupidity, exuding from the Lady, the vampire risked punishment to softly nip her lower pout. “You have one guess”

His voice broke the thrall and Cordelia inched back from him, the use of her fan dissipated the heat on her blushing face. Though she had pulled away, she did not back down from the challenge in his darkening eyes. “Hmm, you appear as an Algenon, or perhaps a David. Yet neither of those are of Irish origin, which your accent suggests, so my guess will be…”

What were fashionable names in Ireland?

“Admittedly, I haven’t one.” Gently curved shoulders slumped, thoroughly defeated, and she posed an amusing sight for the vampire. “Tell me”

Angelus had two choices. He could inform her of his name and pretty much give away what he was, or he could supply his human name and toy with her a little more. Decisions, decisions. Perhaps she was one of the few who did not know, or speculate, on the existence of his kind. “My Lady, call me what you will”

“What You Will?” Cordelia mused with a highly arched eyebrow, “That does not appeal to me, and it is my ideals that matter in this case. Particularly as the honour of my lips happens to be at stake”

“And what honourable lips you have.” Angelus tugged on her lower lip, testing the pliability he would later taste. “Soft, plump. Pouting. Yes, I would definitely like a kiss”

“My, my.” The Lady flirtatiously flickered her fan over her smiling mouth, the Oriental design used as a peacock’s display. “You are a one for pretty words and bold requests, even if in a wager. A kiss for a name? That is an original manner in which to gain a young lady’s affections. I commend you”

“I see your good opinion is rarely given, I take your commendation to heart and will treasure it always…” Cutting off the vampire’s words, a quick hush came from below the balcony and both peered down in time to see the beginning of the first act. As much as Angelus wanted to see the ballet it was not enough too encourage him to give up the delectable and intriguing conversation.

Hazel irises turned back to him and that sweet mouth furled up, “Should you not be returning to your box Sir? To enjoy the ballet with your own company?”

A wounded expression crossed his face as he deeply laughed, the sound echoed through her ears and brought on a feminine chuckle that complimented the masculinity of his. “Does that mean I am unwelcome to enjoy it with you?” If that was indeed the case, then she would be sorely disappointed as he did not intend on leaving before he got his kiss.

“I have no objections to your joining me for the evening, but I cannot say the same for your wife or mistress. A man like you?” Lady Cordelia purred, her voice just as silky as her gown. “I would think has both”

An almost triumphant smile flashed on Angelus’ face as he was able to contradict her thoughts. “I have neither, I am what you ladies fashionably term a bachelor.” The vampire gauged her reaction to the revelation of his unattached state while deciding where he was going to kiss her. Colour heightened and tainted the visible portion of her cleavage a rose pink, her gown tightened as her breathing deepened and eyes of fire coyly fluttered away from his.

Lady Cordelia appeared to be a woman who liked to chase and be chased. It was obvious she enjoyed verbal repartee, so the chances of her wanting a toy for the night was high, and that was just fine with him. “A young and handsome gentleman like myself has no need of the ol’ ball and chain”

“Young is debateable Sir, may I see your hands?” Her fan was discarded in favour of taking hold of his hands, soft fingertips traced the rough surface and noticed the coolness of his touch but did not say a word of it. “You have workman’s hands and physique, rare among men of your class. Or perhaps, your appearance is misleading and you are really a pauper, not Prince”

Closing the small gap between them on the double chaise and bring her hand to his lips, Angelus graced her skin with a light but intimate kiss, his tongue flicked out to capture the taste. “I am neither Prince nor pauper, and you are no Lady despite your title. At least, not a fashionable one”

Lady Cordelia, offended at that last remark, loudly huffed and tossed those ringlets in his face. The pearl clips shone and dazzled against the backdrop of darkness, her cleavage rose and fell with indignant breathing, and her eyelashes battered theatrically. All this was foreplay for the vampire.

“Am I not wearing colours of Autumn? Is my gown not made by Madame Selen, the sought after French seamstress? Not fashionable indeed!”

“Not at all, you see…” and this was where the seduction begun. “Your hair may be pinned up with diamonds and pearls, but it is adequately loose for me to touch.” He let go of her hand but slid thick fingers up the side of her face to tangle in her hair, fisting the strands hard enough to make her gasp. “Your gown does little to conceal what you hide beneath,” melting orbs traced the curves and dips of cleavage, his tongue darting out to lick his lips in anticipation.

Cordelia looked down to see where his gaze lay and brought a hand up to cover, only she found herself tempting him with alluring strokes across her décolleté. “You Sir, are an incorrigible flirt and no gentleman”

His low voice rumbled with satisfaction as he tracked the hypnotic dance her fingers performed. “Then we are well matched.” Not wanting the little distance between them, Angelus leaned closer and smoothly slid his arm around her shoulders. His mouth improperly brushed her blushing cheek and fingertips sensuously tickled the nape of her neck. “Yes,” wisps of air cooled her skin, “Well matched indeed”

The Lady’s eyes travelled over his chest and widened upon seeing it unmoving, a sharp gasp of air was snapped in and her hand laid claim to his heart. It did not beat. “Perhaps we are not as well matched as you proclaim Sir.” She had heard stories of unnatural beings but thought little, if anything, of them for surely they could truly not exist.

“I beg to differ, My Lady.” His voice, low and melodious, was accompanied with a rich purr as she made her discovery. Unlike others, she did not appear afraid. If anything, curiosity was covering her face.

Cordelia’s fingertips swept over his face to seek the truth of whose company she kept. His skin, unlike hers, was rougher and cooler, his mouth did not take in air and his eyes glimmered a faint gold. “It cannot be possible, yet it is”

“Is it not arrogance to believe humans are the only beings who live?” Angelus drew her in closer and closer still, only stopping when her full breasts were cushioned against his chest. Through the layers of her gown and his clothing, he felt her nipples taut and hard. He wondered how they would taste on his lips.

“You do not appear to be alive Sir, as you do not breathe nor have a heart beat. Perhaps it is arrogance, but it is also nonsensical to use descriptors inaccurate to oneself.”

His replying laughter was soon followed by a stolen kiss that lasted longer than it should. His tongue parted her lips and slipped into her mouth, his lungs swallowed her gasp and he increased the pressure. The hand at her neck moved to cup her jaw and followed the defined contours down to where her pulse lay. Throbbing with life and the beginnings of arousal, the beat started to hum under the illicit caress and she moaned at the sensation.

Pulling back from her to study his work, Angelus was pleased to find her lips redder than rubies and a heated blush tainting her chest. “Have you been kissed before?” He judged the look of shock and wanton lust, the pretty pink of her skin, and guessed she had not. “So you do conform to some of society’s regulations, I must admit my surprise and pleasure”

“You presume too much Sir,” Lady Cordelia throatily whispered. “I have been kissed by many men, just not so intimately or with such desire. I am merely in awe, and can say with candour you have not ruined the honour of my lips”

“And you are a liar,” his tongue traced her lower lip. “Many men may have kissed you, but never on the lips. What would your papa say?”

“Papa would not say much to me, but you would do well to watch for shotguns”

It seemed his attentions were not enough to cease that sharp mind, perhaps he should indulge her in what a true kiss was. Images of this prim and proper Lady straddling his face made him hard. Angelus’ hands took a firm hold of her waist and eased her onto his lap, ignoring her mild protests. “What would papa say to you now? Allowing a gentleman such an private privilege?”

Distracted by the sudden motion and the slight feel of firmness under her buttocks, Cordelia did not hear his question. She stared at him, wide eyed and furiously blushing, and not knowing what to say.

“You excite me Lady Cordelia,” Angelus let go of her trim waist and moved up, a smirk flickered on his lips as he palmed her breasts. “Do I excite you? Does this excite you?” Thumb and forefinger nipped the pert buds and she gasped, then dazedly nodded. “This?” He squeezed harder this time and her hips rocked as a burst of heat seared her body.

The arousal clouding the air was potent, feminine, and he wanted to devour her whole. Saving that for later, the vampire pulled her dress down to expose her to his hungry gaze. His tongue swept slowly across parched lips as he lifted one to his mouth.

Her gown twisted and shifted until it was no longer a problem. Cordelia pressed down against his excitement, eager for more. When his lips closed round her nipple, she arched and bit her tongue to keep quiet. “I like that”

“Yes, you do.” Her skin was wet from his tongue and nipple red from gentle bites. She hot, wet, and taking pleasure in having him hard between her thighs. The softness there stroked him on, forced him to drive his hips up and teased with what she wanted.

Breathy pants were warm and deep as he moved with her, roughly tugging her nipples and making her take what he wasn’t giving. “Please?” Cordelia begged as she ground her hips down onto him, feeling the friction right where she needed it.

Angelus looked at her, eyes closed and mouth parted, tiny moans coming from her throat. It was unmistakable. She was climaxing. Forcefully stilling his body and ignoring the intense urge to end the game, he watched as she increased pressure and pace, riding him fast and wild. “Give it to me,” he hissed, his own state not much better.

Her neck arched and her body tensed, hands gripped his shoulders and nails were felt through his clothes. Not giving her a moment to relax, he pushed the skirt up and dipped a hand between her thighs, calloused fingertips were scorched with liquid sex as she climaxed. Catch Cordelia’s glazed eyes with his own, Angelus eased thick digits past the tightness and watched her eyes the second her muscles clenched round him.

Cheeks splashed with rose red and eyes brimmed with lust, her body laced with heat and heart bruised her chest. She sat there, in the arms of a stranger, a man whose name she did not know, and with his hand explicitly between her legs. She, and her family, would be ruined by scandal by this, and yet she did not care.

The vampire slowly moved, his fingers slid out to tease her with more, and gripped her waist in a tightening hold. A smirk firmly in place, “I see you do conform to certain rules.” The bold description of innocence did not surprise as much as it pleased.

There were young ladies who were not virgins, yet proclaimed themselves to be, knowing men in general could not truly tell the difference. He was delighted Cordelia was not such a woman. It gave him a chance to ruin her for other men. He would pleasure her all night and turn her into his little whore, just to have her wet and willing whenever he chose.

“I am a Lady,” Cordelia breathed and bucked against his knuckles when he gave it to her hard. Her eyes, almost wild with passion and lust, fluttered shut and a softly feminine moan escaped, drawing attention from others.

“Not anymore.” Angelus murmured and licked his fangs. The scent was intoxicating and thick, tangible on his tongue and lips as it made her slick and sweet to touch. “You are my whore. My Queen. You will be whatever I wish you to be.” He parted sugared petals and found the tiny bud hidden inside, he tugged and teased and elicited a startled moan from her. She liked a little pain it seemed.

Circling her clitoris with expertly and slipping down to feel her, silken and wet with more than simple lust, Angelus added a second finger and watched, fascinated, as Cordelia rocked and bucked hard. He was solid beneath her buttocks and each motion drove him further, control coming close to snapping.

Too close, too fast, and not like this. After all, a Lady’s first time should be special and hers would be nothing less than memorable.

Much to Cordelia’s dazed confusion and frustration, he withdrew fully from her body and left her unfilled and wanting more. Digits, coated with arousal, were raised to his hungry mouth and he licked every drop and savoured the taste. “Delicious,” he always did prefer the finer things in life. “Now, may I suggest we take in the performance my Lady?”

Grateful for the respite from the sexual and sensual onslaught of desire, Cordelia numbly shifted herself off his lap and back to her seat, her face flushed on noticing stares coming their way. “Yes, I think that would be best”

Hearing a slight note of flight in her voice, Angelus snapped a heavier and more violent gaze her way. Sharp and deadly fangs were shown through a deceptively serene smile, and once brown eyes took on a golden hue. The sight did more than leave her breathless. “I would not stray to far from me nor think of going home. I tend to get a little irritated when I lose things I wish to keep”

The truth in that weighed down upon the Lady’s shoulders, and thinking to recent moments, Cordelia concluded that it may not be such a burden to be kept by him. Shaking off his veiled threat and regaining some semblance of control over her body, she graced him with a haughty expression. “Perhaps I might have your name Sir? I think we are intimate enough for you to confess it”

Angelus ignored her statement and sat back to watch the ballet, only to cry like a newborn when it was done.




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