Run and Catch

SUMMARY: Run and catch, run and catch. The lamb is caught in the blackberry patch…
POSTED: 5 Nov 2004
WARNINGS: Explicit Sexual Content

Part 1

There were many things in the world Cordelia found fun, Californian summers being one of them. Deliciously hot and perfect, the climate was made for spending long nights by the pool.

Drowning in the heady night air, she sighed and flipped the magazine page. Reaching out, the brunette snatched up the glass of champagne and took a long, slow sip of the stolen alcohol. Daddy would have her head if he knew she’d helped herself to a bottle of Crystal.

Plump and damp, her lips gently curved into a sly smirk as her nose wrinkled up. After she had caught Daddy and mom doing things they shouldn’t, they owed her.

The sound of her magazine hitting the poolside tiles disturbed the golden silence, Cordelia straightened up before standing to work out the kinks lazing around caused. Slender and toned, her arms were raised high above her head and her neck rolled slowly, satisfying cracks signalled the workout was complete.

“Music would make my night of R&R so perfect.” Not bothering to place her shawl around her shoulders, Cordelia took her time in walking towards the small but tasteful pool house, her mind musing over which music to play.

Opening the glass door, she was greeted by a cool blast of air and stood there momentarily, enjoying the refreshing change in temperature. Air conditioning was a miraculous invention.


Being a vampire made him mostly immune to temperature, but tonight was the exception to the rule. Having forgone his leather jacket, Angelus had opted to wear a black silk shirt that did little to hide his muscular build and broad shoulders. Black and tight, leather pants hugged powerful legs, emphasizing the solid form of his thighs.

His body moved gracefully, measured and even footsteps landed silently on the gravelled driveway, careful not to give himself away too soon. Being one who appreciated beauty in all forms, it had been decided that he wanted something a little artistic and colourful to play with tonight.

The something he had in mind had innocent doe eyes, expressive and beautiful, they could lead a man to his death. Always painted with an exotic shade of bronze, her lips were full and teasing. Long and dark, her hair was a rich chestnut that beckoned to be touched. Glowing with gold, her skin was soft and smooth, the kind that made a man want to kiss it.

Designed to perfection, her body was feminine and curved, hips giving the classic hour-glass shape. Legs were long and shapely, firm calf muscles led the way to gently rounded thighs.

With the picture of her vivid in his mind, the vampire’s thoughts grew dark and naughty. Having already had the pleasure of her laying helpless beneath him, now he was unable to shake the need to have her just once before making her his.

Hot and lazy, thick and humid, hazy nights like these were made for playing. Made for doing things sinful and wicked.

Just once, he wanted to feel those full breasts, wanted to taste those strawberry pink tips. Just once, he wanted to dip his tongue inside that sweet place, taint his lips with a honeyed kiss.

Softly, he picked up the heady sound of a saxophone singing the blues. A dark eyebrow rose as intrigue ate at Angelus, so his little vixen had good taste in music.

Following the neatly manicured path, he rounded the corner only to stop when he saw the brunette.

Around her feline body, strands of silver kept secrets barely hidden. Curling round her delicate throat, small strips were tied tight to enhance security. Shaped and obviously fashionable, triangles covered hardened peaks from full view. Between supple and toned thighs, matching silver briefs set off the two-piece set.

Holding a fragile flute glass, Cordelia’s attention was focused on the CD in her free hand, brow scrunched up in thought. Darting out past her lips, the tip of her tongue prepped her mouth for a delicate sip of champagne.

Feeling the whispered touch on his own mouth, Angelus cocked his head to one side and continued to observe unnoticed.

Low and distinctive, a rumble of thunder broke the silence and startled Cordelia. Surprised eyes fluttered up at the sky, dark lashes catching the first drop of falling summer rain.

Slowly, tanned skin began to glisten under a shower of diamonds. Taking on a lustrous shine, dark hair grew wet and large curls came undone, escaping from the style to cascade down her slender spine.

Lowering her eyes, Cordelia’s gaze found the vampire staring at her. Being to far apart, she couldn’t see the look in his eyes nor the smirk curling his mouth up. Forming on her tongue, words were stopped under the silencing force of his presence.

From the heavens, rain tumbled a little harder, a little faster with the heady drum of distant thunder.

Against damp lips, a thick finger signalled no talking. Keeping his rhythmic stride, Angelus moved intently towards his prey, eyes keeping her in place.

Clinging to his form, black silk skimmed across strong shoulders and broad chest, giving away every inch of his powerful physique. Slick with rain, leather turned supple under the Tropic heat.

Like ripples on a lake, droplets musically tinkled as they hit the surface, attracting a quick glance from the vampire.

Snapping out his hand, Angelus smirked as Cordelia flinched back from his sudden move, the appreciation for the show of fear evident on his handsome face. Sure and confident fingers carefully rolled the glass stem, pale pink tongue travelled suggestively across blunt teeth as the rim was raised to waiting lips.

Watching as he drank the champagne in one swallow, the brunette inched back another step, ready to run and hide. Bringing her to an instant standstill, the sound of shattering glass mingled with another thunder crack.

Joining fear, fright and flight, arguments filled her hazel eyes as they focused on the sharp shards laying scattered at the poolside. Didn’t he know how much those cost?

“Love that”

The belligerence in his voice had her spinning quickly on her heel in an attempt to run. Making the tiles dangerous and slippery, rain and pool water gathered under her feet, causing her to fall and land on her left side. Against nature, the heavy slap of her body hitting the ground was almost sickening and even he felt the sting.

Fingernails dug into the hard tarmac edging the tiles, she pushed up and stared over her shoulder at the unmoved vampire. Blurring her vision were teardrops and rain, dark bangs flopped into her eyes as she got up on her knees.

Amused and slightly satisfied, Angelus did nothing but watch and wait as the brunette hopped to her feet, escape to safety clearly on her mind. Not being there to kill didn’t alter the fact he would play kiss-chase if the need arose.

Taking it slow and steady, the vampire followed his runaway, wondering if she lived in the pool house.

By her sides, Cordelia held shaking fists tight. Tracking the vampire’s every move, wide doe eyes shone with fear and helplessness as she focused on the door handle. It didn’t matter if it was locked, Angelus would easily break it. Then again, if the door was locked it’d give something of a challenge.

Walking past the small bay window, he sent an amused sideways glance in her direction. Taking the brass handle in a simple grip, testing the lock to make her fret, Angelus waited a second or two before snapping it completely.

“The more you run, the more fun I have”

Shaky but strong, her voice escaped on a husky breeze. “Yeah? Catch me if you can.” Rounding a little table, Cordelia darted towards the back of the pool house where a door would be.

Wanting to play her game, Angelus sighed to himself and gave his prey a head start. Counting down from ten to one, he turned on his heel and walked out the way he came, not taking the bait.

Quickly dropping the latch, Cordelia turned the key and locked the door. Hoping he had gone back out the way he came, she ran towards the main entrance and out by the pool.

On hearing the rapid patter of her feet, Angelus cursed himself for underestimating her. Time should have been taken, his prey’s motions should have been second nature to him, but he hadn’t planned on her living long enough to play. “Cordelia…” silky soft and smooth, his voice erotically rolled over her name.

Instantly judging the closest route to her house, calculating hazel eyes took in the length of the pool and time it would take to get around it. Not wasting another second, Cordelia dove into the pool and thanked her mom for making her take those lessons. Each stroke expelled energy, pushing oxygen out of her lungs and making her legs ache.

Reaching the edge, she hauled herself out and stumbled the ten feet or so to the back door, not once looking back. Under her feet, the grass was wet and slippery, but was easily ignored given the circumstances.

Threading through her wet hair, thick fingers bunched up and fisted the long tresses. Rough and merciless, he yanked her round to face him, bringing up his free hand to harshly cup her jaw. Staring down at Cordelia, his eyes shone black and cruel. “Looks like I can catch you.” Sinfully wicked, his mouth slowly curled up into a sensual smirk that burned as it froze. “What do I get for winning?”

Closing the distance between his mouth and hers, Angelus chuckled with deceptive lightness. “More to the point, what do I want for winning?” Sliding over the soft, plump flesh of her pout, his rougher thumb rasped and caressed, making her stiffen. “I love this mouth. It’s pretty and perfect for what I want”

Fiery and wilful, Cordelia burned with determination to not give him the satisfaction. “Then go get one.” Wrenching her face to one side, she tore away from his touch.

“Why when I have one right here?” Never letting go, Angelus merely relaxed his grip enough to bring her into the deceptive security of his body. Picking up faint traces of cocoa, the vampire leaned down to nuzzle the warmth exuded from her throat. Slippery when wet, lips brushed raindrops from her skin, replacing the summer heat with a chilling kiss.

“The only thing you have here is your worst nightmare, Angel.” Under the bravado lacing her trembling voice, terror and coldness were obvious to him. “Touch me and…”

“What?” Smirking unseen, Angelus forcefully led the brunette back towards the pool. “Daddy’ll sue me? Or, lemme guess, the sweet slayer will have me dusted?”

Locking both her hands together and using as much strength as she could, Cordelia sent her elbow smashing into his solar plexus. Shocking him enough into releasing her, she fully faced the vampire with hell in her eyes. Alight with fire, hazel eyes dared and challenged the vampire. “Touch me and I’ll be sending Buffy on a treasure hunt to find your dusty remains”

Swirling intensely, midnight orbs bore into brightly lit, glittering irises. “I’m so scared, I’m shaking.” Fixing a predator’s gaze on her, the vampire lost interest in kiss-chase. Having caught the vixen, he was hungry for more.

Never backing down from his stare, Cordelia gave what she got. “You should be. My name is not Buffy Summers and nor am I mooning over a lost love and abnormal life. Unlike your lady Jane, I will stake you first chance I get”

“Sure about that?” Cocky, arrogant and conceited, the vampire’s tone mixed with amusement and enjoyment.

“Bet your ass I’m sure”

Carefully measured, a single step took him closer to her. As the gap narrowed slightly, Angelus took in the fact she didn’t back away. “How about we bet yours?”

Startled into looking up at the crying sky, the rolling thunder crack gave him a momentary distraction. Seizing it, Angelus closed the remaining distance and captured his prey in a tight, unbreakable hold.

Pulling her soaked body flush against his, a calloused palm smoothed across the slick surface of her cheek. Boring down into wide orbs, the art of seduction poured from his midnight gaze. Wiping away the water, a tender touch forced her lips to part and heart to break.

Soft and plump, her lips were pliant and sweet under his. Cool and wet, his tongue took control and slid into her mouth, allowing him to taste the champagne on her breath. Ruthless and dominant, greedy and wanting, he stole her air and swallowed her moans. Holding her in place, strong hands curled round the trim waist, thick fingers burning under the heat.

Cupping his structured cheek, Cordelia harshly scraped manicured nails down his face, causing Angelus to hiss and wrench her away.

Breathing unnecessarily but hard enough to hurt, he gently touched the scratches in wonder and fury.

“How about you leave me alone before someone gets hurt?” Lacing bright hazel orbs, hellfire and brimstone lashed out as she stared at him, challenged him. Indicating it would not be her who would end up hurt; her statement rang with bravery and heroism.

Appearing as though his own blood had never been seen, Angelus looked in fascination at the small droplet standing out against his pale skin. Raising a deceptively calm gaze to the hellcat, the vampire was every bit the predator as he ate her up with a single glance. “Kitten likes to scratch. I wonder if she’ll claw my back as good”

“Kitten likes to bite, so I’d be careful what toys you make her play with.” Half-naked and wild, she stood there and gave what she got.

Wicked and malicious, his sensual mouth twirled into a merciless smirk. “Baby, I won’t need to make you play with anything.” Conceit and arrogant, his words struck a chord within her and it showed on her face. “You’ll be on your knees” a heavy hand caught hers, slowly twisting a slender arm round her back. “Purring and begging to be petted”

Her own lips formed a smirk as she met his gaze, “No. I’ll be on my knees, sweeping up what’s left of you.”

Twisting her arm hard enough to make her hiss, Angelus held the position and watched her expression show the slight ache shooting up her limb. “I think you’ll be on your knees, begging me not to kill you. Of course, you won’t be dead for long”

Not being able to hide the quick flash of pain, Cordelia settled for biting back. “You’d have to kill me first and that’s defeating the object. Poor Angel, can’t get a girl to beg for her life. How does it feel to fail? What’s it like knowing you’re not good enough?”

Releasing her arm, he grabbed a fist-full of wet hair and roughly yanked her head back, forcing her gaze to his. Like the sweetest of symphonies, the cry of surprise and pain was like music to his ears.

Heavy and harsh, the breathless whisper felt like icy wind blowing softly against her face. Hard and parted, his lips brushed over the apple of her cheek, his tongue darted out to taste the rainbow of emotions. “Keep it up Cordelia, I want you scratching and screaming all night”

Leaning closer into him, Cordelia traced the rain with her own mouth, teasing him with compliance and sweetness. Light and peppered, soft kisses led the way towards his sinful lips, her tongue lapping up the taste of him.

Full and firm, her breasts pushed against his chest, tightened peeks could be felt through the soaking shirt and bikini top. Slipping down his torso, her hands followed the bread crumbs until her fingertips touched upon his belt. Turning away from his responding kiss, she sealed her fate with a heated retort.

“Go to hell.”

Part 2

“Go to hell”

Wide open and full of promise, his gaze swirled with vengeance as those three words reached his brain. Under intense pressure, his jaw flexed and blunt teeth ground down. Tangled in her hair, thick fingers slid over the curve of her fragile skull and down her face.

Looking down into those doe orbs, he grinned cruelly and vowed to tame the shrew.

Defiant and daring, Cordelia did nothing to encourage nor anything to sway him from the intent to kill.

Refusing to be affected or outwitted, Angelus demurely smiled while encasing the vixen in a feigned loving hold. “Let’s you and me take that hell ride together”

Resting just above the soft swell of her ass, blunt fingertips drew circles on her naked skin, creating delicious heat that made her shiver. Second by second, Angelus slipped both hands below the bikini briefs, feeling the curves.

Gritting her teeth together, Cordelia fisted his wet shirt and hissed a warning. “Get off me, asshole. Before I…”

Enjoying flash of anger on her face, he chuckled and didn’t bother to let her finish before claiming her mouth. Powerful and dominant, he controlled the kiss and added fuel to the flames. Covering hers, his lips were hard and velvet, bestowing bruising pressure on the plush pout he owned.

Wet and supple, black leather sensuously slid against her thighs, the solid line of his belt tough on her abdomen. Squeezing water out of his shirt, her crushing grip slowly relaxed as her finger splayed out over his toned stomach, stroking the muscle.

Moving lower, Angelus moaned deeply into her mouth as he felt the entrance to her body. Wetter than more than water and silky on his skin, the response said more than words ever could and he brushed the little place with a feather light touch.

Stiffening at the intimate contact, Cordelia closed her legs and pulled away from his kiss. Searching the vampire’s face, golden rimmed black orbs tried to figure out the rules and cheats to his game.

Sliding his hand out of her briefs, Angelus brought it up to his face and deeply inhaled the intoxicating scent of honeyed arousal. Entering his mouth, his lips firmly closed round the thick digit, teasing his tongue with a taste.

Between her legs, heated liquid pooled and the sweet scent increased. Watching him taste her, hearing the low growl and seeing the reaction she caused, Cordelia’s breath ceased for a single moment.

Satisfied to see her cheeks tinted with a pretty pink hue, he rolled his tongue around his mouth, recapturing the sugared flavour. “Not enough, I want more”

Slicing through the dark sky, fork lightening lit up the world, bathing the vampire in an ethereal glow.

Taken aback by the suddenly haunting presence of him, Cordelia swallowed mutely and exhaled a shaky breath. Taking a true grip for the first time tonight, fear caused her heart to skip a beat as it clenched hard.

Rakishly, his gaze travelled the svelte length of her body, from the tips of her toes to the top of her head. Taking in each hand-carved detail of her stature, Angelus openly appraised his goods before returning to the big doe eyes.

Having her once more against his body, the vampire tilted her head up and took her mouth. Searing his lips, more heat and light coursed through his veins, bringing his blood to a slow boil.

Sliding around her throat, he cupped her jaw and deepened the kiss, teasing her with the promise of things to come. Playing with her wanton lips, his tongue swept across the lower pout and soothed the bruised flesh. Fighting back, Cordelia snared his lip between blunt teeth, biting down hard enough to draw a loud moan.

“Play nice Kitten, you’re not the only one that bites.” Delivered in a husky breath, Angelus waited a second before returning her bite. Sharper than hers and far more deadly, his teeth scraped over the plump pout, eliciting a hiss at the sensation.

Feeling the smooth edges of her nails on his neck, Angelus issued a low warning that dissipated into a throaty groan when her fingers laced through his hair. Forcing more from him, Cordelia was determined not to let him fool her with tenderness and mock adoration.

Growing more potent, honeyed arousal mixed dangerously with his. Inhaling, he took it in and let the scent of sex, innocence and sin burn from the inside out.

Angered and hot, Cordelia saw his distraction as surrender and refused to let him give up so soon. Placing shaking hands on his chest, she got his attention by scraping her nails down, creating welts in the water-logged silk. “You wanted a hell ride? You’re gonna get one”

Shot down by the sting of her words, any thoughts he may have had on playing the gentlemen were gone in an instant. Just as her top was cleanly torn from her body, a rumble of thunder hit and swallowed the sound.

Completely exposed to his ravenous gaze, her breasts rose and fell rhythmically, waiting for his next move. Puckering up into tight buds that begged to be sucked, her rose pink nipples shone with rain and made his mouth water.

Roughly cupping her breasts, his hands tested the weight as thumbs flicked over pert nipples, enjoying the velvet feel. Trapping each peak between his thumb and forefinger, Angelus tugged on the swollen tips until she hissed and moaned. Instantly responding, Cordelia’s panting lips sought his, seeking something a little harder this time. At the flirtatious touch of tongues, they both inhaled sharply and his caresses grew tight.

Tearing away from her, Angelus leaned down and sucked a hardened nipple into his mouth, teeth biting down. Strong and thick, his fingers toyed and pinched the other, forcing moans from her throat. Arching into him, she pressed harder against lips and hands, her hips eliciting fantasies to be fulfilled.

Purposely teasing and tantalizing, his cock moved slowly against her softness, neither giving nor getting anything. Growing hotter between her thighs, Cordelia reacted to his touch, back arching as his hands and mouth intensely worked her breasts.

Inexperience didn’t mean she didn’t know what, or who, she wanted. Fuelling her anger with passion, he started something she wanted to finish. Started something she would finish, even if it killed her.

Reacting with every bit of fire she possessed, Cordelia fumbled with his shirt. Nimble but trembling fingers popped every button in turn, gaining a low moan when her heated palms met cool flesh. Smooth and flawless, his chest was solid with perfectly proportioned pectorals that flexed under her touch. Sweeping her delicate hands up, she tugged the wet shirt over each broad shoulder and down heavily muscled arms.

A slap signalled the discarding of his shirt.

Sending licks of fire straight to her core, pert nipples rasped against his naked chest, her resounding moan drew his gaze to her face. Allowing Angelus a rare glimpse behind the facade, Cordelia looked up into fathomless orbs and for a single moment, thought she saw something flicker. Softened lids blinked once, breaking the fragile connection before confident hands traced her supine spine.

Slender and graceful, her back was covered in silky skin that sizzled under his caress. Over her formed shoulders, his hands were heavy and strong as he pushed Cordelia down, indicating where exactly he wanted her.

Scoring his chest, her nails marred the surface with red, earning her hands to be captured by one of his. Deadly and poisonous, arrows shot from dazzling irises as she struggled to be let go. Turning a bright a red, her wrists chaffed against the iron hold as she pulled and tugged.

Not wanting to be restrained or controlled in any way, Cordelia made her annoyance known. “Let me go Angel, or I swear I’ll…”

Covering her smart ass mouth, Angelus cut her off easily and his stare penetrated her very soul, seeing right through her. “Tell me you were threatening to scream Cordelia, I do love to make a woman scream my name”

Wild and untamed, her gaze said everything she wanted to. Narrowing into dangerous slits, those orbs promised to deliver him to Satan when he let her go.

Leaning down to look the wildcat in her venomous gaze, he moved close enough for her to feel the brutality and strength that made him who he was. “If I take my hand away from your mouth, do you promise to scream?”

Feeling the hatred and fury war with passion and lust inside her, Angelus chuckled in amusement, treating her to mock sympathy. Feeling his hand loosen around her mouth, Cordelia took a deep breath through her nose and bit his hand.

Snarling in anger, Angelus snapped his hand away but didn’t avoid the curled up fist that was directed toward his groin. Though not hard enough to hurt, the aim was perfect and he doubled over.

Smug and victorious, Cordelia smirked down at the vampire as she held her head high, looking every inch a Queen. “I told you to watch what toys you used”

Slowly, Angelus got his unneeded breathing under control as he directed his full attention to her. His eyes, once black and cruel, were now torrent whirlpools of gold and amber. Righting his frame, he fully faced the brunette, the atmosphere grew thick and intense as he simply stared at her.

Preparing to face the consequences, Cordelia closed her eyes against the face of Angel and waited. Crashing to a standstill, she heard time stop as the blood racing in her ears became deafening.

He would retaliate, he would kill.

Above, the sky rumbled and groaned as light flashed behind her lids, signalling the storm was about to break but still she waited.

Slipping the belt through the loops, the sound of leather-on-leather forced her shining orbs to open. Watching her every action, Angelus kept a crystal gaze on her, all his senses tuned and focused. Imperceptibly shaking, confident fingers unbuckled his belt and cracked it once before dropping it next to his shirt.

Garnering her attention, the vampire’s hands unzipped his pants and toed off his boots. Flexing with solid muscle, his stomach was flat and toned, a thin line of dark hair led the way down. Following the treasure trail, her eyes fluttered past his erection and took in the detail of his legs.

Long and powerful, heavy and built, his legs were perfect. Contoured and proportioned, his thighs were thickly set and covered with a fine layer of dark hair. His calves were shapely and, like the rest of him, were muscular and strong.

Burning with sin and wicked temptation, hazel orbs snapped to the heavy hand trailing a path up a solid thigh, thick fingers moving hypnotically against a background of marble flesh. Silently daring her to follow his lead, Angelus moved his touch slightly closer to his cock, smirking when her gaze involuntarily tracked the motion.

Mirroring her, his gaze lowered and focused on the silver bikini briefs that barely kept her hidden. Lifting dark orbs to lock with challenging hazel ones, Angelus took closed the small distance between them. Bending a finger at the knuckle, he tilted her face up and traced the contours of her throat, waiting to see if she’d fight his desire.

Seeing what he expected of her, Cordelia inwardly smirked and silently vowed not to give him what he wanted.

As his finger smoothed over the skin between her breasts, she swallowed and released a shaky breath, fighting with herself and the reaction he got from her body. Splaying his hand across her abdomen, he used the gentlest of touches to surprise and force a tiny purr from her throat. Feeling thick fingers slipping into her panties, her stomach tensed under the sugar-coated killer sensation.

Parting the soft and honeyed folds, confident fingertips circled the hidden pearl, delighting in the hot flush of liquid heating his skin. Watching her every expression as he pleasured her, Angelus pretended to ignore the way her legs opened and the swallowed back moan that broke the thunder. Bringing up his other hand, he curled a thumb around the waistband and fought the urge to rip them off.

Oh so tenderly and cruelly patient, he eased the briefs over the delicate swell of her hips, eyes fixed on the glistening flesh being revealed. Making his mouth water and tongue itch to taste, inviting pink flesh glistened with arousal and temptation.

Bending at his knees, Angelus moved the briefs down long legs, his eyes never once leaving the apex of her thighs. Upon reaching her ankles, only then did he rip the flimsy material in two and carelessly threw them away. Wrapping around her ankles, strong hands overlapped around the dainty structure.

Reaching down, Cordelia gripped his broad shoulders with trembling hands. Full of contradicting nervousness and daring, her eyes swam with a light show of emotion as she watched and felt his hands smooth up her legs.

Rough and cool, his confident fingers left her skin itching with sensation. Over the gentle curve of supple thighs, Angelus mapped each inch of silky flesh as he rose onto his knees and clasped her hips in an unbreakable grip. Closing his eyes, the vampire nuzzled her abdomen, deeply inhaling the rich fragrance burning between her legs.

Darting past his lips, his tongue circled her jeweled naval and wondered why he hadn’t noticed the gold dragonfly. Massaging his hands further up her lithe body, Angelus trailed blunt fingertips down her curves until soft curls tickled his touch.

Coming in short and shallow pants, hot breath warmed her rain chilled lips as she watched him through beaming irises. Brushing up against her core, thick fingertips swept over the honeyed petals, drawing a gasp from her throat. Smirking at the reaction, the vampire smoothed his touch over

As he lightly penetrated her, Angelus watched in fascination as her body opened up to welcome his touch. Slick and soft, velvet walls clutched tightly and pulsed with pleasure. Heating him up, lush liquid sex ran down his hand and made his pale skin glisten with more than summer rain.

Feeling herself stretching round his intimate caress, Cordelia tensed for a moment before relaxing, a throaty moan pierced the thunder and caught his attention. Fluttering against her sensitive place, black lashes opened and eyes of amber stared up at her, shooting Cupid’s bows straight at her. Pulling back from her, the vampire gave a stroke that sent her head rolling back and a louder, huskier moan to escape.

Calloused and tempting, the tip of his thumb caressed the pearl hidden by honeyed petals, making her nails dig into his skin and thighs to tense. Pushing past the initial tightness, Angelus penetrated deep, never tearing his gaze from the sight of her body eating him up. Deliciously spicy, the intoxicating fragrance lured him further into her, determined to make her give all her secrets.

Seeing him kneel before her, feeling the tantalizing touches and burning from the look in his eyes, Cordelia knew he was toying with her. She was little more than a toy to him. A toy in the hands of an experienced man, a toy he’d play with for a while before he got bored, a toy to break.

She was playing right along with him, opening her legs, letting him touch and play.

Fueling the dying embers of angered passion, the pleasure he gave ran like fire through her veins. Dominant and sure inside, his fingers penetrated deep enough to make her lips cry out, eyes to close and hips to buck.

Scraping lightly across the corded muscle in his neck, manicured nails ran through hair, slender fingers curling over his skull and tugging on the short strands. “Not here” Cordelia’s voice was no more than a husky whisper, glassy orbs blinking away the wanton need.

Narrowing at the request, burnished bronze eyes gave away his reluctance to leave and Angelus voiced out his complaint. “Yes here” his voice brooking no arguments. Cutting off her retort, he pressed the flat of his tongue over her sex, sliding the wet tip up to tease her clit. Pink and pearl hard, it throbbed under the intense kiss, her body rocking rhythmically against his face.

He wanted more than this light and gentle touching, wanted something harder than the softness of the moment, needed something fulfilling. He ached for those creamy folds to slide down him, the feel of her muscles wrapping tight around his shaft, he wanted to see her body swallow him whole.

Between his thighs, his cock lay hard and heavy, salted pre-cum glazing the sensitive tip. Causing him to groan throatily, sharp throbs in his shaft beckoned and begged for release. Curling an iron fist around his erection, Angelus moved slowly down, gritting his teeth at the knife-edge control he used.

Sweeping across the dewy folds, his tongue lapped up every drop of arousal that fell and savoured the unique taste on his lips. Rasping and ticking his mouth, dark curls were full of summer rain and drugging arousal. Wanting higher control over her, he tore himself away from the sweet temptation laying at the apex of her long legs.

Letting go of his cock, Angelus moved his hands up and grasped the swell of her hips, pulling her down to her knees.

Looking at him, Cordelia was drawn to his mouth. The natural pout glistened with sex, the upper lip treated to a tasting lick and the lower curved up into a sensual smirk. She could still feel him there, feel his tongue sliding down her heat only to leave her empty and cold.

“Play time’s over Princess, I want what’s mine.”





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