Prized Pet

SUMMARY: Pets win prizes
POSTED: 4 Sep 2004
WARNINGS: None Listed
AUTHOR NOTES: When you’re bored, you do what you can!
STATUS: Complete

A flash of blue silently told his sire to keep the growling to a minimum, a glimmer of fang warned his sire to quit the glaring and an imperceptible tap of a finger told his sire to hold his temper.

Sitting opposite, Angel glanced over his hand and kept his poker face perfect. Deep russet orbs scanned each face around the table before landing on his prize. Seeing what he wanted, it took all his years of control to keep the smug grin off his mouth.

She was the most cutest little thing he’d ever seen. The perfect shade brown with huge, perfectly coloured copper eyes that radiated fun and games. Her mouth seemed to smile widely when she saw him looking at her. Preening under the admiring warm gaze, she gave a small turn and blinked those copper orbs in a fashion that was entirely too adorable for her own good.

Fair and square, he’d win her.

Maybe not completely fair and square, since his Childe was lending a hand. But, at least, they were cheating in a fair and square manner.

Flinging two cards down, Angel gave his desire. “I’ll take two”

Blue eyes rolled, “Three” Spike threw down his and waited for the replacements.

He wondered, not for the first time, why Angel wasn’t using the Ace up his sleeve. Of course, the soul probably felt guilt over it. Disgust shone on his face as he looked towards the other vampire, his mouth curled up in a mocking smirk. “Poncy git” he couldn’t help it. One couldn’t expect a century’s worth of habitual sire name calling to change over night.

A warning was shot the blonde’s way, making him smirk once more before giving the game his full attention.

Picking up the dealt cards, Angel swallowed back the excited, gleeful giggle and coughed, purposely looking away so as not to give his pretty good hand away. “I’ll call” was that too quick a response? Not that it mattered of course, he’d have her no matter what.

Unable to help himself, Spike’s lips twirled up into a victorious smirk as he turned each of his cards over one by one. A four, five, six and seven with a 9 high. “And that fellas, is how it’s done.”

Looking back at his own hand, Angel scowled. He only had a two pair and none of them was above a nine. Damn. Sighing defeatedly, he unenthusiastically turned his cards over one by one. Twos and threes, not so good in comparison to his Childe’s.

Staring longingly at her, he felt his chest ache and his heart squeeze at the thought of her belonging to someone else. “One more game?”

“Not for me, mate” Spike, as always, had to be awkward. “Got to get my old self home.” There were no words to express how much he felt the hate pouring from Angel’s best death glare. That one would have done the devil proud. “Be taking my prize now”

A choked whimper almost escaped as Angel watched Spike reach out to her, his hands outstretched and cooing noises coming from that soon to be bloodied mouth.

Spike was supposed to be helping him and he was taking what he wanted without any concern to his feelings. What happened to family loyalty? Wasn’t blood thicker than water no more?

“I’ll buy her from you” desperation filled Angel’s thickening voice, pleading brown eyes latched onto smirking blue ones. “How much?”

Cradling her in his hands, Spike thought over his answer. “She’s gorgeous, ain’t she?” Long fingers brushed the soft brow, tickling the ears and nose. “Methinks this piece is priceless.” He knew he was going to suffer so he may as well get some fun in while he still had his fangs.

All others sat back and watched, waiting to see if a fight would break out.

“Don’t do this to me, Spike. How much?” Growling as temper broke through his patience, brown eyes tinted with gold as he stared long and hard at the vampire who was touching what was his.

Pretending to think it over some more, the blonde grinned mercillesly. “The Plymouth”

The aching in chest increased to unbearable proportions.

His car or her?

His car and her with the bonus of Spike being extremely hurt?


Seeing the big red bow around the kitty’s tiny neck, Cordelia’s face lit up with the most stunning smile Angel had ever seen. Her bright copper orbs turned glassy as she threw her arms tight around him, carefully minding his extensive bruises and injuries. “Where did you find her?”

“That demon was gonna eat her” Angel replied, his voice full of honesty and quiet disgust. “I don’t think she has a home and I thought who better to take care of her than you.”

Pulling back from the vampire, his seer turned a worshipping gaze up to meet his, her huge doe orbs wide with the deepest of concern. “You let that demon do this to you because of a kitten?”

Angel shrugged, looking away from the glowing expression.

Her full, lower lip pooched out in a pout as her arms reappeared around his neck. Pulling his face down, she planted a sloppy wet smooch directly onto his bruised cheek before treating him to a hug. “I love you!”

Feeling her warm body enveloping him, her slender arms hugging the unlife out of him and her soft lips against his skin.

Seeing stars and heroes, Cordelia all but melted into a puddle of mush. “I’m gonna call her Angel, after her guardian”

Yes, it made the agonising four-hour long fight with Spike and almost being burned alive on the drive home well worth it.

Angel sighed, happy to bask in the adoration of his seer and their kitten.


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