Princess and the Vampire

SUMMARY: Angelus lures Cordelia into a smutty situation.
POSTED: 26 Aug 2004
AUTHOR NOTES: As collaborators, we’ve been MIA for far too long and missed doing on-the-spot C/Aus smut so here y’all go.
STATUS: Complete

Muscular fingers flexed tight around her delicate wrist, the cool touch soothing the slight friction on her skin. Heavily muscled arm wrapped around her shoulder, scent of leather teasing to her senses. Hardened male lips brushed the soft shell of her ear, a breathless whisper did little to subdue the fear.

She shivered as he warned her not to scream and led her away from the lights and sounds of The Bronze. She tried to swallow the lump of fear that had formed in her throat but it wouldn’t budge. He led her deeper into the darkness and her imagination began to run away with the thoughts of all of the things he was most likely planning on doing to her.

The shadows soon cloaked around her like a lover’s embrace, closing her off to the rest of the world. Behind her, the vampire was silent, his chest still against her back. Large and strong, powerful and lethal, a deadly enemy held her in it’s grasp, unwilling to let go.

“What do you think you’re doing?” She asked, with a brave and irritated disposition, Cordelia covered the mortal terror as best she could. Heart pounding hard, blood flowing fast, eyes wide, glassy with helpless pleas.

“What do you think I’m doing?” Angelus lips curled up into an unseen sensual smile, walking the luscious vixen further away from the world. He’d watched her dance, the way she moved aroused the man, hypnotised the demon.

“I think you’re probably luring me to a slow and excruciating death, but I was hoping you’d do your patented lying and calm my rattled nerves just a little bit.” Her voice flat, even and steady, a far cry from the heart beating a staccato inside her chest. If it weren’t for the scent of fear radiating off of her, he would think she was actually as calm as she was acting.

A breeze floated down her dewy cheek, staining the golden skin pale pink. The vampire halted, turned the unresisting brunette to face him and reached to touch. His knuckles travelled down her structured features, traced the line of her defiant jaw, fingers curled under her chin. Raising her face, dazzling black orbs connected with orbs rimmed with a beaming corona of spun gold. “Don’t hope for a death that won’t come” Angelus’ orbs flashed, brightening with a lightshow of promises, full of unholy sin.

As she looked into his eyes, her blood froze and her heart stopped. She knew at that point that he was right. She was thinking positive is she thought he’d let death release her. He had warned her in his own way over and over again, but she had not taken them seriously. A dangerous mistake on her part. “Do you really think that this is going to send your message to Buffy? She doesn’t really like me you know”

At the mention of the slayer’s name, the vampire remained unmoved, unaffected. His large, male hand smoothed the worry lines from her brow almost lovingly. Roughened fingertips rasped against the contrasting soft surface. “The slayer is a toy to me, nothing more. Play with her enough, you begin to get bored.” His voice sang to her, thick and low and melodious.

“And what am I?” she asked, almost afraid to know the answer.



The wind whispered through the trees, falling leaves rustled, blowing at her feet in patterns. Green grass grew long, soft wispy blades crunched beneath heavier male footfalls.

The darkened night sky illuminated by a stunning crescent moon and diamond stars that fell beyond the castle walls. Against the starlit blanket, high towers of cold, grey concrete stood proud and tall. Foreboding as always, the ancient mansion held mystery, mythology, might and magic within it’s shell, daring all who entered to leave alive.

She stood, looking at the massive building in awe. She had always been intrigued by the old mansion, but seeing it at night showed her a new and even more mysterious side. She felt a tug on her arm and looked at him nervously. She was afraid. Afraid of the mansion and what secrets it held…and what secrets it would hold after this night.

Diamonds reflected within the blackness of his cruel gaze, moonlight shrouded the vampire in an ethereal glow. Beautiful lips, sensual and erotic, brought a new dimension to his demeanour when he smiled. “The highest tower is yours, Princess” his entire body vibrated with a sensation she couldn’t place.

She had the distinct feeling she was being thrown into her very own version of a fragmented fairy tale as she looked up at the highest window. She wondered exactly how long she’d have to wait for her Prince Charming to come rescue her, not that it would ever happen. A shiver ran through her body again as he pulled her closer to his cool, hard body.

Under his confident fingertips, her flesh bristled with goose bumps and prickled with fire as he trailed down slender, feminine arms. Breasts pushed up against his well built chest, erect nipples could be felt through the clothing, teasing his heightened sense of touch. Angelus inhaled deeply, breathing in the natural scent of roses and honey.

“Sweet, intoxicating” he whispered, hands ran from her arms down to her upper thighs, fingers gently testing the sensitivity of her body. Following the trail of breadcrumbs, he mapped the soft curve of her ass, bringing her ever closer.

She gasped and froze, her will faltering against his expert touches. Her body shook with fear as his mouth dipped down to her exposed neck and then left a moist trail along her collarbone. She let out a sharp cry as he swept her feet out from underneath her and began to carry her into the mansion, leaving her no room for escape if there ever was any before.

His tongue dipped past his lips, capturing the slight taste of her, revelling in the fear laced with her natural defiant instinct. In his arms, she trembled and shook like a skittish kitten. Hot, human warmth soaking through her clothes, slowly getting under his skin, making him itch and crave to feel it, to taste it in his mouth, to own what was now rightfully his.

She jumped in his arms as he kicked the door shut with a resounding bang and stalked to the staircase. She didn’t know exactly what he had planned other than if she lived, she’d never be the same and it terrified her more than dying. She made a silent vow to herself to not make it easy for him do carry out whatever plans he had. Her demeanour changed instantly with that promise to a calm and ice cold expression.


Angelus strode powerfully past his childer, ignoring the intrigue marring their faces and took Cordelia to where she would forever belong. Moving with grace and ease, the stairwell proved to be no great task even with her added weight. His boots landed on each concrete step, the sound softly echoed throughout, chilling vibrations raced up his body and into hers.

“I wouldn’t put up too much of a fight” his voice deceptively light, throaty with underlying warning and evil. “I might bite”

“If you’re threatening to kill me, don’t make promises you don’t plan on keeping” Cordelia’s tone was cold, hard and full of determination.

“Kill you? Oh no. My plans are much more exciting and pleasurable, I’m sure you’ll agree.” Amused at her shrewish nature, the vampire’s husky lilt thickened with a chuckle.

Cringing at his crudeness and implication, the brunette glared at him through stony irises. “And if I refuse?”

“Then the pleasure will be all mine” Angelus halted in front of a wooden door. Intricate designs engraved in the frame were so original it had to have been done by a skilled craftsman. “Welcome home,” a swift kick to the door sent it wide open, a loud bang resonated along the corridor.

Cordelia’s gaze searched the room intensely, from her place in his arms she was able to see the dark shading of the walls, the exquisite furnishings and heavy drapes covering what she assumed to be the windows. Deep red, dark plum and other rich colours made up the tasteful yet maudlin décor. She wondered if he himself had done this.

Finally, her wondrous and fearful orbs came to rest on a Queen size bed and her heart rate rocketed. Unconsciously, her slim fingers clutched his chest, nails dug through his silk shirt and into his skin. Nervousness crept higher until it outshone the fear.

She knew what he wanted, she knew he’d get it one way or another.

Swallowing the thickening lump in her throat, the brunette took in a shaky breath and hoped against hope she’d live to tell the tale.

Angelus took delight in the concoction of fear, nervousness and trepidation emanating from the girl he held. Clouding his senses in a fog of emotion, making him want to extract it all from the very depths of her soul. Wanted to see those emotions sparkle and shine from her eyes.

Another loud bang signalled the closing of the door, escape completely impossible. Here, in this room, with him, Cordelia was kept prisoner to a soulless heart.

The noise reverberated along her spine, the sensation forcing her eyes to snap shut in response. Was this a blessing or a curse? She didn’t know. All she was sure of was Angelus would not tolerate a pretence, would not allow her to hide behind a cloak of indifference, would not stand for emotionless safety.

She had long left who she was in favour of someone who could care less. She wasn’t even sure of just who Cordelia Chase really was underneath the pretty face and gold cards. Living up to expectations became tiresome, tedious, draining her of true feelings as she let herself be led by society.

Maybe, she had been a prisoner of her own empty heart.

Focusing all his attention on the emotions fluttering across her face, Angelus smiled indulgently, watching as resignation settled beneath creamy eyelids. Closing the gap between him and his bed, the vampire carefully laid the brunette down upon the soft mattress, becoming entranced by the liquid orbs opening up to him. A finger on her warm, pliant lips kept her quiet.

The wide pad of the tip swept languidly along the luxurious surface, tainting his pale skin with lightly shaded gloss. Hot breath brushed his fingertip as the girl exhaled, her chest falling gently. “You belong to me now”

Was that a blessing or a curse?

She tried to stop the tear from trickling down her cheek, tried to hold it back, tried to prevent the weakness from showing. Cordelia held his gaze, drowning the hypnotising orbs as the stormy black oceans threatened to drag her under. A cool, soft drop of water fell silently, wetting her cheek.

Leaning down, Angelus caught the tear on the tip of his tongue and tasted her. Daytime, twilight, the night, she held it all. The bitter loneliness, the exhaustion, the terror, everything was nothing but enchanting. His tongue erotically lapped up the sweetness, the flavour exploding in his mouth; he purred deeply.

“I don’t wanna die” her voice a husky whisper of it’s usual volume. Breathing became harder, more laboured as the vampire eased his heavy body down onto hers. Lips tracked the tear trail to her flickering eyes, brushing over the soft lids before sweeping across her forehead.

His weight caused the bed to sink a little, strong hands lay at either side of her head, long and powerful legs enclosed shapely, curvier ones. Fingers entwined in the loosening strands of dark chocolate hair, salted male skin enjoying the silky texture as he took fistfuls.

“Then don’t defy me, Princess” Angelus whispered back, elated when he felt her small feminine hands slide over the smooth leather. Below him, her body felt like heaven, warm and soft and delicious. Toned thighs parted involuntarily, unconsciously inviting him there. “Kiss me”

“No…” Cordelia’s eyes widened as his mouth mercilessly came down on hers. Masculine lips covering her pout, tongue slicing into the moist cavern. He kissed like she expected and more. Deeply controlling, dark, just like his personality. Passionate, furious, sinful. He kissed like a demon.

Oh so slowly, the vampire increased the intensity, leaving her mouth wonderfully numb. His tongue passed over her warmer one, dipping in and out of her sweet mouth. Breath full of mint, cherries and Coca Cola.

Her moan was lost, disappearing as he took it into him, filled his lungs with stolen oxygen. Her body arched up as her arms curled around the thick contours of his neck. Nails scored the sensitive nape, creating welts in the flawless surface.

A hot flush stained the apples of her cheeks pink as blood pressure heightened and temperature rose enough to make his skin sizzle wherever she touched. The place between her thighs became hot as the vampire ground his forming erection deep into the feminine cradle.

Laying his full weight on his muscular forearms, Angelus pushed up and straddled her. Helpless and wanton she lay, thirsty for his mouth.

Heavily set thighs around the gentle swell of her hips kept her still, dark orbs kept her silent, hands kept her responding. Blunt fingertips followed the figure high and higher still. Tight across her breasts, downy fabric enhanced the shape and clung to the pert buds. Wide hands cupping, caressing like only a lover would, feeling the softness.

Enchanted, Angelus increased pressure, scraping his hands over her breasts. Arching up, Cordelia hissed as pleasure came down hard. Pert nipples seized by confident fingers, plucking and teasing, turning her top rough.

Touch gentled, fingertips leaving her bereft and needing more. Hands bunched her top in solid fists, material tore clean in two, rendering her exposed.

Tanned and smooth, her skin shimmered and shone. Brilliant white taunted, beckoned the vampire to feel the innocence and make it his. “My little virgin” liquid fire voice coursed over her flesh, merciless and burning. “I wonder will you bleed for me?”

Leather jacket soundlessly removed, dropped to the floor carelessly. Black silk hugged his built figure, every portion of muscle easily seen underneath. Open buttons drew her gaze to visible skin, marble smooth and cool.

Relieving the sweet thing of his weight, the vampire stood beside the bed, looking down on her. Scared and full of human terror yet defiant to the last. Though unspoken, Cordelia challenged him with her eyes alone.

“So expressive, so beautiful” Angelus murmured, mesmerized by honeyed orbs. Hand cupped her cheek, turned her to look at him. Rough thumb scored lower lip, kissing the pout before trailing off.

“Get up,” chest heaving unnaturally, scenting the vivid emotions swirling in the air. A gentlemanlike offer of his hand extended, small slender fingers unsurely curled around thicker ones. “I want you naked”

Easing herself up, Cordelia settled her feet on the floor and rose to her full height. “Why?” Simple questions required simple answers. “Why me?”

“The sunlight in you burns me,” he purred, black ice roamed her figure. “You excite, entice and enchant”

She appeared untouched by the confessed admiration, orbs widened slightly as her mouth kept a tight line. Unmoved on a pedestal too high for a mere mortal to climb, she waited to be brought down by a firm hand.

“I want you to take your skirt off” Angelus stepped away, giving space she didn’t want.

Long, shapely legs encased in sheer silk stockings, white panties covered the softness between her legs. The scent flowing from her was toxic on his tongue, lilies and baby’s breath, that was what she was.

Roses and honey, lilies and baby’s breath. Just right for a princess.

Responding, Angelus unbuttoned his shirt bit by bit, slowly revealing his body. Pale skin expertly engraved with thick muscle, surface smooth apart from a thin trail of fine hair lining the centre of his torso.

His scent was heady, reminiscent of twilight. Darkness crawled all around him, the night belonged to him. He owned the world at night, it fell to his feet, revered him as a God.

Black belt whispered quietly, metal buckled tinkled musically as it was undone. Combat boots kicked off, pants pushed down. Long, powerful legs unveiled.

A sound of fearful longing escaped, Cordelia choked on words as she stared at him. Seeing but not believing.

Between solid thighs, a dark covering of hair stood out against ethereal flesh. The excitement spoken of rose to his stomach, the pink tip glistened with delicious arousal, making her mouth tingle with the urge to taste.

“Panties” Angelus gruffly demanded, “I want em off”

Stepping away from the discarded skirt, white panties fell from a trim waist to her feet. Leaving her completely exposed to his scorching gaze.

“Spread your legs”

Cordelia inwardly cringed at the submissive posture and refuted the demanded request. Keeping her legs locked tight, hands clenched into fists as she rode out the waves of embarrassment.

Black orbs, dangerous and calculating, travelled from her face down to the source of heated wetness. Closing the gap, Angelus fingers clasped hard around her upper legs, leaving reddened marks behind. Willpower overshadowed by brute strength, legs forced open and fingers kneaded the toned muscle. “You do what I tell you, when I tell you”

The blunt tip of his cock slipped against her folds, creamy arousal instantly gathered at the centre. Excitement warred with nervousness, her body shook and trembled even as she shivered with sensation.

“I understand” the whisper was sweet and gentle as that firm hand broke through the shell keeping her apart from the world.

“I wanna taste that virgin pussy” moist lips brushed lightly over pouting ones.

Bra unclasped, cotton straps slid over slender shoulders and down her arms. Breasts bounced a little, rosy peeks responded to the sweep of air. Filling his palms, Angelus cupped, lifted and flicked his thumbs over the sensitive buds.

“The stockings stay”

Laying her back on the bed, crawling over her body, the seduction began at her hot mouth. Lower lip captured between blunt teeth, scraping over the softness. Cool tongue soothed the harmless bite, licking the swollen lip lovingly.

Hazel orbs became hidden under creamy lids, keeping her reaction secret. Mouth, chin, jaw and throat treated to kisses and gentle bites.

Moving lower, Angelus flicked his tongue out to taste the rainbow on her skin. Trailing down the hollow of her neck, feeling the hammering pulse protected by a covering of delicate flesh. The scent was so strong, so sweet, so tasty it made him hungry.

Sucking a pert nipple deep, he heard her cry as small hips arched high off the bed. Teeth bit down, pleasure entwined with a tingle of pain, shocking her core with sensation.

His body vibrated with a low growl, large hands pinned her wrists at either side of her head. Driving his aching cock hard between her thighs, giving everything and getting nothing.

Her stomach lurched when her wrists were released from their bonds, abdominal muscles flexed under the light scrape of sharpened fangs. Legs opened wide, fingertips rasped over silk stockings, palms splayed in the juncture of burning thighs.

Creamy petals parted, the scent of sweetness increased until the desire to drink was irresistible. The pink blush, intimate and attractive, coloured sensitive folds. Luscious innocence painted the fragrant aroma, luring the vampire into her web.

His cool tongue swept over her pussy, licking up the liquid sex spilling from her body. The raw taste shot straight to his cock, making him harder and stretching control tight. The pearly bud protected by inner petals caught the very tip of his tongue as he graced her with another intimate kiss.

Muscles weakened by the onslaught of pleasure, Cordelia snapped her eyes shut and felt her legs fall apart. Her hot hands grasped broad shoulders, manicured nails dug into flawless flesh. Lips and tongue worked magic, garnering breathy pants from her mouth.

Curling his tongue, Angelus slid down her sex, relishing in the pulsing beat of pre-orgasmic sensations on his lips. Going just that little bit lower, he found her perfectly wet, ready and willing. Rimming the tightness, he teased with the promise of penetration.

Nails scored his neck and shoulders, silently demanded more as hips left the bed. “Please”

Flicking his tongue around the entrance, he groaned loudly when she tensed at the feel of him sliding inside. Velvet muscles, welcoming and tight, coated cool lips in honeyed sex full of innocence.

Roughened fingertips rubbed up the soft, swollen folds, rasping over her clit and opening her up. Delving deep, Angelus licked and lapped the sweetness, determined not to spill a drop. Revelling in the essence filling his mouth.

Threading slim fingers through gelled spikes, urging and begging for more. Hips bucking up against his mouth, riding out the delicious pleasure spearing her body.

She couldn’t block out the nagging thought racing through her brain that enjoying any part of this was so very wrong. And so very sick. She squeezed her eyes shut, trying to block out the voice of reason and just experience the pleasure he was bringing to her at a rapid pace.

Slipping his tongue from her, Angelus licked all round the dewy folds, drinking up the juice. His lips were so hot they burned, his throat choked on the sweetness, forcing him to kiss her like he would her mouth. Devouring the rich liquid, savouring the taste, bathing in the creamy heat.

Her body began to lurch into him, shaking in rapid movements as he worked her body with expert precision. Her fingers twisted in his hair and then grasped the sheets, searching for anything that would keep her grounded as her body was assaulted by unknown and wonderful sensations.

“You taste exotic, exciting. How do you feel?” Focused on nothing but the way she opened up, Angelus purred as honey covered the blunt tip of his finger, making penetration oh so easy. Pink flesh stretched as he worked inside, teasing with whispered movements. Liquid silk enveloped, gloved and squeezed tight, pulsed with pre-orgasmic throbs. “Like the finest silk, that’s how”

Letting out a strangled cry, she threw her head back as her body seemed to explode. Instinctively, she tried to pull away from him and the sensual onslaught of her over-stimulated body.

Fascinated by the sight, he pushed in knuckle-deep, thumb smoothed circles around her clit. “Scream for me, lemme hear you come hard”

Cordelia screamed loud, hips driving his finger deeper, harder inside. Hitting off a place that sparked a flame. Hot muscles pulsed, throbbed around him, hot rain spilled down his hand.

A cry of disappointment was lost under the greedy pressure of his mouth, tongue violently claiming domination, making her taste orgasm. Between supple thighs, his cock lay hard and aching, shaft teasing the sweetness.

Her hips bucked frantically, hot core enticed and promised, body open and wanton. Delicate hands scored down the broad expanse of his solid back, nails causing welts to mar the flawless surface. Fingers flexed around his form, squeezing and desperate as the friction on her clit finished her off.

Breathing hard, breasts crushed under his chest, erect nipples toyed with his. Mouth dry, full of taste and silent screams, lips sipping kisses. Legs limp at a thick waist, slender fingers shook and stroking smoothly.

Cushioning his head against the soft swell, Angelus massaged down, mapping the hour-glass curves. “Enjoy that?”

Wide caramel orbs stared unseeing above, hands stilling on his shoulder blades and body tensing. She had the guts to lie, but that was one thing she never would be. “I did” voice full of passion and sweet nothings. “You didn’t…”

“When I come, I’m gonna be hard, deep inside your tight pussy.” Rising over her, he looked into huge orbs, memorised once again by the softly swirling expressions.

Biting her lower lip, Cordelia dropped her gaze from his and spoke so quietly he could barely hear. “I think, maybe I’m ready?” Inexperience showed in the questioning statement, as it did from the nervous fluttering of fingertips as they moved over his back.

“Mmmm” Angelus lips curled sensuously as he stared down at her, the purr rumbling through his body. “My little virgin Princess”

Cupping his erection firmly, he pressed the velvet tip to her tight entrance, teasing her once more. Creamy arousal coated him, made him slip past the initial resistance. Thick, hard and heavy, he penetrated with powerful push of his hips.

Gripping her hips with both hands, he held her to the mattress, shaking with control. Her pussy adjusted, those velvet walls expanding to glove him perfectly as an ache spread along her stomach. “I can’t… Please stop?”

“Sssh” gentle kisses ceased the plea from falling from her lips. Pulling out of her, he allowed her a momentary respite before swiftly entering, groaning when the intense tightness increased.

“Wrap those legs around me, Princess. I’ll make it so good, make you come harder.” Promises fell from a wicked tongue, mouth lightly tasted parted lips and hips flexing gently, going deeper each time.

Squeezing charcoal orbs shut, Angelus relished the feel of silk stockings as long legs wrapped tight, ankles locked at the small of his back. Using centuries of experience, he tilted her pelvis to meet his and slid into the hilt. “Mine”

Her mouth formed an O, eyes lit up in wonder as she timidly circled her hips, feeling him respond inside. A slow smile flirted at her lips, legs pulled him down on top of her, driving a quiet scream from her lungs.

Soft, gentle and attentive, she could almost believe he cared. He didn’t look at her, blackened pools kept from view by lids crunched closed. His handsome face showed nothing but pain while his body shook above hers.

“Angel?” Had she done something wrong? Wasn’t he enjoying it?

At the sound of his name, Angelus gaze snapped open. Burnished golden orbs scorched as he looked at her, hypnotising and sexual, the demon inside exploded.

Handsome human face disappeared, replaced by prominent ridges, enhanced brow and harder lines. Blunt, white teeth now shaped to deadly sharp fangs, deadly and dangerous.

Staring up at the vampire, Cordelia wondered at the sight. Before she could think, he snarled at her, feral and wild.

Angelus pulled out, wrapped a strong fist around his hard shaft, fighting off climax. He was too close, too fast, he needed more but couldn’t take the agony. Penetrating faster, pushing deeper, he rocked heavily into the burning cradle.

Stealing moist kisses from her mouth, forcing breath from her lungs, making her take all the pleasure he could give. He drove up inside, drowning in the liquid making her slick and sweet.

Surrendering to him, she give her all. Body, mind and soul, let him own everything she was. Hips rose up to meet his, body taking him and holding him, never letting go.

His balls were tight, nestled close to his body, cock scraped along the soft silky lining of her pussy. Hands fisted her hips, guiding her movements rhythmically and mouth fused to hers.

Fangs nipped at her lips, drawing blood to taste, tongue soothed and licked. Ceasing to move, Angelus easily brought her up to straddle him, sinking in far enough to cause a cry of pained pleasure. “Ride me hard baby, make me want more”

Arms circled broader shoulders, fingers traced rippling muscles. Rising up, Cordelia looked down to watch as her body swallowed him whole. Repeating that, the burning pleasure shot straight to her core, hips slamming down hard.

“You like riding me? Like making me yours?” Pushing up when she pushed down, the base of his hard shaft rubbed deliciously over her clit. Inside, the blunt tip hit off her G-spot, it was oh so good.

She liked that, liked making him hers. Experimentally her hips bounced, taking him in slow, leaving him fast. His name fell from her tongue, neck bared and sharp fangs caught the flesh.

Lips sucked on the delicate skin, encouraging the blood to pulse heavily against his tongue, giving him a sensational teaser to how she’d taste. Large hands snaked down her spine, fingertips splaying out over her ass, pulling her into him. Breasts crushed against his chest, arms tight round his neck, silky legs in just the right place.

Around his thick cock, she got tighter. Arousal openly poured from her hot body, scalding the rough flesh on his thighs. Gripping the vampire as intense waves caused heightening blood pressure, breathy moans got louder as her pace increased.

Biting down, Angelus pierced her throat, the last step took. In his arms, she went stiff as the addictive high washed over her. His name nothing but a whispered mantra on her lips, her body unmoving apart from walls caving in on him.

Bite sealed and pulled back, he made her look at him. One hand fisting her hair, the other holding her breast, finger and thumb plucking the little bud. Lips stained blood red, mouth parted and golden orbs glowing. “Ride me

Cool liquid soothed the hot core, leaving his body in long, hard bursts. He held her down, filling her deep, leaving her full and himself replete.

His body vibrated with growls and purrs, sated and soft. Flicking his tongue out, Angelus lapped up a stray droplet of blood decorating her throat, relishing in the after glow. “Princess”

Hazel orbs, wide and dazed, gazed into burnished bronzed ones. Shaking fingertips smoothed the ridges, traced the lines and kissed his lips. What was she expected to say and do?

A blunt tip hushed any words forming, sweeping across the plump pout, bruised and red. “You won’t be leaving me”

“Possessive” Cordelia murmured, defying his unspoken order. What did he want from her? She wasn’t a virgin anymore, what more could he want?

A sadistic smirk curled those sinful lips up, gold eyes flashed with amusement. “I am possessive Cordelia” it was the first time he used her name. In his voice, on his tongue, it felt like a lover’s caress.

Clearing her throat, she dared to question him. “What about me? Do I get up, get dressed and get out. Sit at home, wait for you to call?”

“You misunderstand” Angelus responded, another smirk appeared. “I won’t need to call, you won’t be leaving my side.” Fingertips brushed hair out of her eyes, trailing down the dewy skin to cup the defiant jaw in a tender hold that contrasted against his capabilities. “Your pretty eyes, that mouth, these breasts. All of it belongs to me”

Cordelia’s brow drew together, creasing the bridge of her button nose. What about food, clothes, friends? What about her parents and family? He couldn’t expect her to forget about living.

White teeth nibble on her pout, eyes cast down, soft pads smoothed over defined contours. “What belongs to me?”

Tracing the wrinkles, tasting her mouth, feeling her body. His lips quirked, flirted with a smile. “Whatever I give”

A sound of discomfort escaped, drawing a raised eyebrow and a smug expression. Thick finger curled under her chin, brushing the rounded knuckle down her slender throat. Large hand squeezed the curved waist, strong fingers took hold and moved her to the bed.

Cordelia wasn’t sure she liked this situation. She had let herself forget for a short time that this wasn’t some great guy wanting to share the world with her. This was an evil creature that wasn’t about to share her with the world. “What about my family?” she asked as he firmly pushed her down on the mattress.

His handsome face returning, he gazed impassively at the brunette. “I want to get into bed, get up” Angelus once again offered her his hand. “I am your family Princess”

“How do you expect me to give up everything I know, everything I am?” She followed his orders and was soon being enveloped by cool satin sheets. “I have a life. People will be looking for me.”

Sugared lips brushed against fruity skin, tongue tasting the autumn sun. Heavily built arms circled her, bringing her back against his chest. “Don’t concern yourself over that” voice thickening up. “Your only concern is pleasing me, I’ll take care of the rest. Including you”

Her outrage reached a boiling point and she pushed away from him, glaring at him over her shoulder. “You are unbelievable!” She pulled the sheet around herself and tried to stand up but only succeeded in tripping and falling back on the bed. With a huff and an indignant look she narrowed her eyes at him.

“You will not tell me to not concern myself about things that are important to ME!” She informed him hotly as she brushed her hair away from her face in a sharp, angry motion. “I am a human being, unlike yourself, and I have responsibilities and people that care about me. And I have needs that you will not deprive me of”

He was nothing if not amused at the outburst. Sitting up in his bed, hands cushioning the back of his head and legs stretched out, crossing at the ankles. “Are you quite finished your little tantrum?”

Reddened mouth tightly set, his nonchalant manner provoking her irritation. “As a matter of fact, no I‘m not.” Cordelia invited him to dare stop the rant just beginning. “I am not one of your ten dollar hookers, which you probably don’t pay for. I won’t do what I’m told just because you say so”

Rolling the tip of his tongue over blunt teeth, Angelus quietly enjoyed the sight before him. His patient wait for her to continue paid off.

“I won’t not concern myself with important things like family, friends and what’s that other thing? Oh yeah! Life.” Breasts rapidly rose and fell with each furious breath, caramel orbs wild and passionate.

He found her anger enchanting.

“I have one and intend to live it.” The satin sheet floated soundlessly to the floor, crumpling up at her feet. His discarded shirt was grabbed and hastily wrapped round her naked body. A withering, penetrating stare was his goodbye. “If you’ll excuse me” her voice regal and commanding. “I have places to go, humans to see and cheering to practice. I hope NOT to see you soon”

The slamming of the door echoed throughout the bedroom, final and closing.

Relaxing his sated body, Angelus held up a hand and counted down on his fingers. “Five… Four… Three… Two… One…”

Just as quickly as it had closed, the bedroom door was opened and violently snapped shut. Gasping in oxygen, leaning her trembling body to the door and looking as though she had been running for her life.

Which in fact, she had.

Unimpressed hazel eyes slowly turned to glare at the vampire, laying on his bed smug and satisfied. “How many of you… Things are creeping around in here?” She hissed, claws unsheathed and heckles raised. “That’s why you let me walk out, isn’t it?”

Black ice roamed the lithe figure huddled inside his shirt, hypnotic pools twinkled with amusement. “Welcome home”

Cringing at his smugness, she turned accusing orbs his way. “I hate you.”Arms defiantly crossed, eyes snapping towards the covered window. “So that’s how it is? I try to leave and you sic your goons on me? How romantic.” Acidic sarcasm dripped from her tongue.

“Do you really think I need anyone but myself to handle you?” If she did, he hadn’t handled her right. Thinking back on his actions, Angelus figured he had been a little soft with her.

She needed to learn just what being his truly meant.




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