Morning After

SUMMARY: It’s the morning after, just like the title.
POSTED: 9 Aug 2004
WARNINGS: None Listed
1) Originally written in Al Bhed as a pressie to Illusion in celebration of our mutual love of Final Fantasy and the gorgeously confusing language of Al Bhed!!! This is the English version…
STATUS: Complete

Hazel eyes slowly drifted open, the irises shone with a glassy haze brought on from hours of sleep. Her limbs felt light, skin tingled as the arms of morpheus let their hold on her go. Full mouth curled into a soft smile as her body rolled onto her side, bringing her gaze onto the sleeping face of the vampire beside her.

Angel. Her waking thought rang clear as she looked at him. Only in sleep was he at peace.

Dark brown hair, ruffled and untidy, looked soft without gel. Pale pink lips slightly parted, no oxygen escaped as the need to breathe didn’t apply. Deep dark eyes were kept hidden from view by lids that flickered as sleep still remained. Cheeks were contoured perfectly to fit the handsome, defined face. His nose was a little to large but the imperfection made the perfection.

Heavily muscled arms lay relaxed over the sheets, marble skin so smooth decorated the surface of his sculptured physique. All over, he was solid, built and well-kept. Hard ridges formed muscle from his shoulders and neck right down to the masculine calves that made up his powerful legs.

Just as slowly as he let her go, morpheus released the vampire into the waking world. Those deep set orbs eased open, eyelids fluttering gently until his gaze was focused on her. A hot, sinful mouth which had brought so much pleasure the night before stretched into a smile that caressed and warmed.

Male fingertips swept gracefully across the smooth dewy skin on her face, legs slid between slender feminine ones and body arched into the supple, warm one beside him. The solid wall of his chest became cushioned against her breasts, pert little buds felt deliciously arousing. Bringing her closer, his cool lips press sweetly on the tip of a cute button nose that wrinkled under the sensation.

Responding in kind, her own lips brushed the edge of his rugged jaw and her tongue flicked out for a little taste of the salted, male flesh. A feline purr broke the sweet silence at the feel of strong hands curling around her back, enveloping her in an angelic embrace.

Close enough to steal a kisse, sleepy lips covered hers and the heated tongue darted out to flirt with his before she pulled back. A lazy grin surface as she twirled a lock of short hair around her index finger, enjoying the way he smiled with his eyes.




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