Loving Me, Loving My Demon

SUMMARY: A Companion Piece to CALIFI’S ‘LOVE ME, LOVE MY DEMON’ Ficlet.
POSTED: 7 Dec 2003
WARNINGS: Explicit Sexual Content
AUTHOR NOTES: I just couldn’t leave well enough alone so here ya go!!!
STATUS: Complete

The water fell in a rapid shower of hot rain down the lithe, firm feminine body; making the bronzed complexion shimmer with crystalline droplets. Steam curled around the naked body like a warm cloud full of sin and sex. Breasts rose and fell with heavy, deep breathing as her eyes followed his teasingly slow movements.

Leather jacket slung carelessly over the laundry hamper in the corner leaving his shirt to cling to his taut muscles visibly flexing under the silk. The steam acting like water, reacting to the heat building up in the small enclosed room and making the material work like a second skin. Large fingers unfastened the top button easily, golden-hued eyes boring harshly into submissive hazel ones as his fingers worked each button.

Cordelia bit her lower lip, swallowing back a moan as the landscape, marble torso was revealed. Smooth, so very smooth and flawless, pale skin rippled with underlying muscle. Starting with his shoulders, hard outlines dictated the secret power held by his upper body. The pectorals shifted just below the marbling, drawing her gaze to where small, dark nipples lay.

Angel moved with the grace of a naturally born predator, taking each measured step with burning confidence and sureness, keeping his smouldering gaze locked to what he wanted. “You better be damn sure you know what you’re offering to me and you better be damn sure you want who you’ll get” With the demon came the natural dominance.

The Soul still in control… Angelus had come out to play. Could she take it? How deep did her acceptance run?

The darkened tone of his melodious vocalised warning made her tremble slightly but not only in fear. Lowering the orbs of hazel for a moment, Cordelia flicked those eyes back up at him, she had to be sure herself. She loved and accepted the whole of him, including the demon within but what if the demon didn’t accept her?

“Answer me” Angel demanded before he took another step towards the girl offering herself to him for always.

“What about you?” she asked, a little defiance crept into her voice as she returned his heavy stare. “Am I accepted too?” her voice was small, unsure and quavered a little, not knowing what his answer would be.

The intense expression that raced through the glowing irises was her answer. “Then yes”

Stepping back a little to make room for the vampire, Cordelia let the last shred of fear disipate into the steam. Steady hands dropped to her sides, breathing deepened and eyes became black with a corona of melted caramel devoured him as he began to unfasten his belt. Black leather slid smoothly out of the metal clasp, belt loops and made a quiet sound when it was dropped to the floor.

Fingers popped the button of his pants and lowered the zip, the sound it made and knowing the outcome of that simple move had her heart rate picking up. Kicking off his boots before removing his pants, Angel took a second to revel in the rhythmic beat of her heart.

His heart.

A wave of male pride washed over him as her gaze followed his pants to the floor. Completely naked, Angel felt her trace the whole of his body, letting the drugging scent of aroused blood make his body buzz. Every part of him was steel-hard and yet cotton soft, he was pale and his whole figure seemed to have an ethereal glow. Entranced by the thrall he had her under, Cordelia swept her eyes wantonly over him once more. His thighs were just like the rest of him, hard and thick with heavily toned muscle that flexed with every move he made. His waist was well proportioned and flat with a hint of a treasure trail down the centre of his abdomen that led her gaze to the apex of those powerful thighs. Angel let her look at him, let her get used to seeing him naked for she would be seeing a lot more of him naked after this.

Her eyes came to rest on his sex, hazel orbs widened a little more as she followed the length of him from the base to the tip that teased the edge of his abdomen. Swallowing back a lump of nervous, female fear Cordelia flicked her eyes up to meet burning tigers’ eyes. He refused to let her back out now, knowing she wouldn’t anyway but it wasn’t going to happen. Giving her up before he had a chance to prove all of him loved her wasn’t an option. This was out of her hands now, this was going to happen his way and on his terms. “Open your legs Cordelia” his voice came out silky with intent.

Not questioning his order with an argument, she did as she was told and parted her legs a little more. “Like that?” she asked huskily, shyly looking up at him through dark eyelashes. The slow, wicked curl of his mouth told her she was. Taking the final step into the shower, Angel’s hands became firmly planted around the soft swell of her hips and eased his thicker frame up against the cradle of her thighs.

His fingers trailed fire along her hip as he traced an invisible line across her upper thigh down towards her knee and wrapped his hand in a firm grip. The steel, velvet touch of his sex grazing hers made her bite back a moan. Working his hand up, Angel didn’t bother to hide the change when his touch fired up with a coating of slick, heady heat from her body.

Forehead became prominent, eyes blazed pure molten, blunt even teeth merged into deadly points made for killing. His cool pink tongue caressed those fangs, readying himself up for the taste. Pale skin contrasted starkly with a flash of red female humanity as he teased his fingers up to her core. “You should have come to me all those years ago baby, we could have been good” he brushed his fingers up her wet labia, gently parting the soft downy folds with a hungry touch.

“Uhm” Cordelia took a deep inhalation as he played her, full male fingers touched her more intimately than she had done herself. Parting the sensitive petals, Angel teased her body with penetration and smirked when her hips jolted against his hand. The water still poured down on them, the heat soon forgotten about as he set about turning her into liquid fire.

Removing his hand, he brought his fingers to his mouth and looked in fascination at the red honey coating his skin. Cordelia watched him as his glowing eyes slammed shut, a low vibrating growl ripped from his throat as he tasted her on his hand. Tongue darted out past his lips and lapped up the hot liquid, sucking his fingers into his mouth, Angel curled his tongue around them determined not to lose any of her.

Thick, hot, spicy and sweet; she was everything he fantasized and more. He could taste the life, taste the hopes, taste the dreams and taste the want filling her. It covered his tongue in rich syrup, stained his pale lips with a ruby red tint and made his own borrowed blood run sinfully through his body. Opening his eyes, the gold had turned to a deeply shaded tone of ochre; the pools full of both promises of the sin of hell and the pleasure of heaven. Angel flicked his tongue once more over his fingers before removing them from his ravenous mouth. Lowering slowly to his knees, the vampire kept his eyes on hers and slid both hands over the curved hips that spelled woman.

“You were made for me, Baby” he growled deep in his throat.

No sound came out of her parted, dry mouth when Cordelia felt the first caress of his tongue on her most intimate place. Her eyes went saucer-wide and her hands clasped his strong shoulders to keep her balance. His fingers once again parted her for tasting, Angel purred low and the noise sent vibrations through her sex.

Pink, soft and glistening with both blood and arousal, Angel swept his tongue across the whole of her pussy and delighted in the quiet moan. It wasn’t his knowing touch, it wasn’t his expertise and it wasn’t the thought of something so sinful that pleasured her so. It was the fact that it was him doing this to her.

Him. Angel. Angelus that caused her body to fill with desperate craving, him that caused a red-hot flush of arousal to slide onto his lips and him who caused her body to tremble the way it was now.

Angel’s gaze was lost to her when his eyes once again slammed shut as he was lost. His tongue coaxing all he could from her pliant body, dipping into the hot entrance he devoured each taste with an unrivalled hunger. Sweet spice flowed softly down his throat as his tongue delved deeply inside the alcove while his deft fingers located the pearl hard bud of her clitoris.

“Angel…” Cordelia’s breathy voice sounded off the tiles in the bathroom as her nails dug into the skin of his shoulders, leaving pink welts that would heal within minutes. Her hips rocked against his mouth, trying to increase pressure on her already sensitive clit. “Uhm”

Flicking his tongue up sharply, he curled around the rosy pink bud in twirling patterns and pressed hard fingers into the V shape of her labia. His touch rasped along the desire-swollen place, making more red-hot liquid to spill onto his skin. Taking a brusing grip of her hips, Angel lifted one leg over his shoulder and deepened his oral penetration.

Leaning back against the warmed tiles, Cordelia splayed her hands at either side of her, nails clawing at the wall. His tongue left her empty only to fill her again and again while thick fingers toyed with her clit. Her hips rotated on his mouth, panting breaths came out in quiet moans as he devoured her.

Her quiet moans got louder as he continued to drink the potent cocktail of blood and arousal. Angel groaned a complaint as he slipped his tongue from the heated cave to trace the middle of her folds until he found her clitoris. Without hesitating a minute longer, the vampire latched his eyes onto her face “Cordelia”

Glazed, hazel eyes opened wide to return his glance; Cordelia licked her tongue over her parched lips prepared to beg for more if she had to. She didn’t get a chance to say anything, he cut her words off before they were formed. Angel penetrated her with ease, sliding two masculine fingers inside her body which fisted his touch in an instant reaction.

Inside, she was like the softest, smoothest silk and so hot his flesh sizzled. Ochre orbs watched as he entered her over and over, the heel of his palm brushing against her clit and making her mewls grow louder. His skin washed with glistening, thick red honey and female arousal; Angel took it all in and pushed harder. He fucked her faster like that, never removing his eyes away from the sight of her opening up to him.

Angel increased the pressure of his tongue on her clit, roughly moving back and forth, flicking sharply and slowing down into lazy circles so she never knew what to expect from him. One hand fisted in the short strands of his hair while her other hand kept purchase on the tile wall behind her. Cordelia rocked against his tongue, hand and lips as pulsing orgasmic throbs made her body vibrate.

He felt her vaginal muscle contract around his fingers, making penetration a little harder. Angel pushed harder, curling up inside to stimulate her G-spot, he touched and teased her there until he felt the rush of heat flow from her and down his hand.

Cordelia’s climatic scream was suddenly lost as she felt his lips descend on hers with bruising pressure. She didn’t recoil from the taste of herself on his tongue, instead she opened up to him more and more. Sweeping her warm, moist tongue along his cooler one, Angel easily won dominence over her and took complete control.

His lips worked hers marsterfully, massaging forcefully and reassuringly, he inhaled her breath and made it his. Angel ignored the complaining sound when he left her lips red, swollen and bruised; turning her round to face the wall “My turn” he rasped out, “Put your hands on the wall baby” if she wanted the vampire then she was going to get the vampire.

Cordelia’s hands landed on the wall with a slap as she anticipated his next move. Pulling her hips close to his, Angel felt the orgasmic throbs still making her muscles clench inside and positioned his cock to the entrance of her sex.

Again without hesitating, he pushed up into her; groaning loudly when her hot walls welcomed his intrusion. Cordelia pulled away with a gasp as he entered her to the hilt, his balls nestled tight to her body and the tip of his erection bounced off her cervix. He was solid and cool, yet velvety soft as her body gloved him in a wet, slick grip that made him weak. The scent of sex surrounded him, the feel of liquid life covered him and the taste of female blood still strong on his tongue.

“Mine.” Angel snarled possessively, pulling her hips tight to his for a moment and relishing the connection.

The sound of skin on skin, female mewls mixed with demonic, male purrs filled the room as he fucked her slow and hard. Withdrawing completely from her tight body, Angel squeezed her ass firmly and dipped his exploring fingers between the soft cheeks and gently teased her there.

“Angel” Cordelia gasped, throwing a shocked look over her shoulder at the vampire. The wicked smirk he flashed her said more than a response ever could.

His eyes landed once again on the thin, red droplets escaping down her thighs. The sight fed the controlling demon and made him hungry. Angel penetrated her once more, faster this time and harder, making her scream his name. Fucking her almost mercilessly, the vampire’s hand moved down her wet body to find her clitoris.

His strokes got faster, harder, feral and erratic, pushing up higher inside her always touching the place that made her moan his name. Biting down on her throat, Angel used his hand to pull her hips further back onto his for a deeper penetration. His balls grew tight with building pressure as she got wetter, his purrs disappeared into low growls as her moans turned to quiet screams.

His large hands covered hers, his body pinned hers to the wall and he felt it all happen at once. Softer, tighter, hotter and slicker, Cordelia’s head dropped back onto his chest as her movements gradually decreased.

He bit her then, sinking his fangs through the delicate skin protecting her jugular and her blood flowed freely into his mouth. His tongue bathed in rich, human blood that hit the back of his throat with an intensity to leave him shocked.

Cool ejaculate poured from his body, soothing the heat inside the feminine one. Climatic throbs were wild before decreasing as Angel slowed down the intimate coupling between them. Retracting his fangs from her throat and lovingly licked the puncture wounds, he appraised the impressive bite with an appreciative eye. “Mmm”

Relaxing face-first against the refreshingly cool tile wall, Cordelia hissed a little when she felt him leave her body empty. Turning round on shaky legs, she looked nervously at the vampire now watching her with a glance full of all different kinds of emotion.

“Angel?” she asked tentatively, reaching up to his face with unsure fingertips. Was this where he lost his soul? Was this where her illusions got shattered into a thousand pieces? Was this where her heart would be broken?

Resting his large hand over her smaller one, Angel turned his mouth into the soft skin of her palm, kissing gently. “I’m still me, Cordy” his words both assured and almost destroyed her. “I won’t turn on you” his eyes flickered to hers, honesty shining from the lightening orbs. “I can’t”

“Because I didn’t make you happy” Cordelia’s words were barely above a hushed whisper as she tried to tug her hand away, desperate to get away from him and hide forever.

Angel pulled her forward with enough force for her body to slam into his. “If you didn’t make me happy, I’d take great pleasure in telling you baby” the cruel smirk flirting at his lips was enough proof to show he meant his words. “Lets just say I’ve learned to share.”

…The End…



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