Kiss Below the Mistletoe

SUMMARY: On the 3rd day of Christmas, your Goddess gave to you… 3 naughty snogs (lotsa pretty presents and a fluffy fic in New York!)
POSTED: 19 DEC 2004
WARNINGS: Explicit Sexual Content
1) Admittedly, I’m not happy with the smut in this one but never mind! Eh well, smut is smut, innit?!?
STATUS: Complete

The hanging of mistletoe signalled the end of decorating the library. Clapping her hands together, Cordelia looked on at her work in pride.

Three wreaths of holly and ivy were lined along the shelves, blocking access to books, but seeing as it was Christmas, nobody would mind. Tinsel in the prettiest and deepest shade of blue shone around the doors, contrasting beautifully with the deep purple surrounding the windows. Fake ice sparkled on the glass while a mini fibre optic tree stood on Giles desk.

Won’t Giles get a nice surprise?

Nodding once in satisfaction, Cordelia beamed at the empty room, hazel eyes taking in all her hard but enjoyable work. After Angelus and cronies caused hell on Earth, she figured Christmas was the perfect time to end a year of badness and bring a little happy time.

At the thought of his name, a sliver of fear ran down her spine and prickled at her skin, her mind focusing on that night…

Caging her against the dewy grass, Angelus pressed his solid body into hers, his strong thighs parting the supple ones allowing him to slide effortlessly between her legs. Clothed beneath cool leather, his hardening cock rocked heavily into her, her hands on his chest.

Cutting off her chance to scream for help, the vampire harshly covered her pliant mouth with his own. Cool and hot, his tongue sliced past her lips, the faint taste of cherries and cola on her hot breath. Ravenous and meaningful, he controlled the kiss, swallowing the cries as they turned to muffled moans.

Under her skirt, his hands slid up her shaking thighs, trailing fire over the silky surface. Teasing his touch, cotton panties proved to be a distraction and he tore his mouth from hers, giving Cordelia space to breathe.

Moist and hungry, his lips travelled down her jaw to her neck, his tongue bathing the delicate skin and blunt teeth biting down. “Gonna make you come on my mouth baby, before you come on my…”

Dissipating at the point where Buffy managed to get him off her, Cordelia’s memory faded but lay unforgotten in her imagination. Quickly rubbing her hands down her face, she swiped a finger under her lower lashes to make sure her mascara hadn’t been smudged.

Climbing down from the table, the cheerleader looked up at the dangling green, smiling wistfully at the thought of Christmas kisses. The wistful smile soon turned into a huffed sigh, she’d be having Christmas kisses with Xander if he hadn’t felt so guilty about Willow finding them.

“Yeah well, it’s his loss” Cordelia grumbled, knowing her and Xander had been doomed from the get-go. His touch had been too warm, his kisses too sweet and his overall attitude was too boyish. He hadn’t made her blood boil like the vampire and that was what she wanted.

It was what every woman should have.


So, Angelus had only pounced on her because it’d rile the slayer and if Cordelia had known just how riled Buffy would get, she would have had him pounce a lot sooner.

Giggling at the way her thoughts were going, the brunette shook her head and began to pack up her bag, offhandedly checking for her training shoes. She had practice in ten minutes and it wouldn’t do for the captain to forget her brand new Nike Air Max’s.

Swinging the straps over her shoulder, Cordelia spun about face and screamed, her heart ready to burst through her chest.

“Going somewhere?” His voice silky smooth and rich, the tone deep and husky. Roaming around the decorated library, black orbs twinkled with amusement as the finally landed on what and who he came for.

Holding up her hands protectively, Cordelia backed away slowly, her breathing shallow and painful as she watched him saunter further into the room. Deep down, she’d expected to see him, just not so soon.

Curling round both straps of her somewhat heavy bag, her fingers clutched until her knuckles turned white and nails cut into her palm. If she moved quick enough, she might be able to knock him out and make a run for it. “As it happens, yeah I am. Practice. So if you don’t mind, I’d really like to go”

It could happen, she thought.

The tip of his finger casually trailed along a book shelf, his gaze admiring the holly and ivy. “I do mind, actually. See, you and I have a little unfinished business. And I hate loose ends.” Lazy yet measured, each footstep took him closer to the cheerleader and though his eyes weren’t on her, his senses tracked everything.

Elevated heart rate, the sharp breaths, the fear… It was positively delicious. His favourite aphrodisiac.

Hitting the back of her legs, the hard edge of a table was an unwelcome sign that she had pretty much cornered herself. Swallowing deeply, Cordelia offered a feigned happy smile to Angelus. “Loose ends should always be kept loose, ya know?” Her body shuffled to the side, pointing her in the direction of the exit and survival. “Adds a certain excitement to life. You never know when those loose ends might turn up to bite your ass.”

As soon as those words left her mouth, she placed a thousand curses on her own head.

“There’s a thought” Angelus remarked and finally faced her, his stare penetrating and petrifying. Form fitting and blood red, the velvet shirt skimmed broad shoulders and expansive chest, hiding the heavily set muscular forearms.

Remembering the feel of him above her, Cordelia found her eyes dropping low, widening at what she saw. Black leather and sexual, his pants clung to powerful legs and not hiding what he had offer.

A flush of heat burned between her legs, causing her panties to get wet and her nipples to tighten into pert little buds. “No, it’s really not a thought” she countered, her voice a little on the shaky side. The grip on her bag strap slowly weakening as he casually walked her way, his gaze keeping her from running.

Glancing up once, Angelus wasn’t surprised to see the mistletoe hanging from the ceiling. Lowering those orbs to her face, he smirked as a new plan took shape. “Look” he pointed up, a grin flirting at his mouth. “Mistletoe. Isn‘t it tradition to kiss under mistletoe?”

“It’s also tradition to make a break for it when trapped with a homicidal sociopath so if you’ll just excuse me…” Before she had a chance to move, an arm shot out and wrapped round her trim waist, making Cordelia squeak in terror.

“You don’t wanna kiss me? Baby, I’m hurt.” Inching the back of her top up, his cool fingers slid over her skin, feeling the tremors run through her. Plucking her bag out of her hand with his free one, the vampire dropped it to the floor and kicked it away. “Too bad, I want to kiss you and I always get what I want”

As he swept her up, Cordelia grasped his upper arms in shock, her nails digging through the velvet as she landed hard on the table. Parting her long legs, Angelus set his body between and nudged her thighs around his hips, making her feel his growing erection.

Touching her mouth once, he softly sipped a taste from her lower pout, his tongue lapping up the fruity lip gloss. “Look at you, all flushed and hot. Makes me think you wanna be kissed after all.” Trapping that same lower pout between blunt teeth, Angelus slowly let it go, leaving her lip red and plumping up.

One by one, her hands were removed from his arms, placed on the smooth table and ordered to stay there. Nuzzling the delicate juncture of her throat, the vampire teased himself and her with a bite, gently sucking on her heated flesh until she hissed and moved against him.

Moving his face down her clothed body, Angelus breathed her in, taking in the increasing scent of arousal as it overpowered the fear. Strong hands came up to feel her breasts, fingertips rubbing the sensitive nipples, feeling her arch into the touch.

“Someone will come back.” Panicked and husky, her voice was breathy and words caused him to smirk.

“Think I care Princess?” Angelus replied, his eyes narrowing at her feeble attempt at stopping him. “I want my kiss and I want it now.” Squeezing her firm breasts tightly, he roughly circled his hips deeply into hers, enjoying the way she cried out in pleasure.

There was something so good about eating forbidden fruit.

Through the barriers of clothes, he could feel her warmth warming his skin and her wanton response as she burned hot on his cock, the leather growing soft under the heat. Dipping into the warm cavern of her mouth, he tormented her tongue with sensual licks, encouraging her to respond as he mimicked what he wanted.

The kiss was dirty as he shamelessly fucked her mouth with his tongue, darting in only to pull back, giving her the slightest idea of more to come. Hard on hers, his lips demanded dominance and full control, manipulating her every response with one of his own.

Leaving her wide-eyed and breathless, the vampire pulled back only to suggestively lick his lips, bringing a pretty blush to her cheeks. Moving lower, Angelus knelt down and hooked a slender leg over his shoulder, opening her obscenely wide.

Shifting closer to the table edge, Cordelia leaned further back on her hands and watched through glazed hazel irises. Short and sharp, her breath came out in hot pants, little moans gradually increased in volume.

Her skirt was pushed high to gather round her waist, exposing the burgundy panties that matched her outfit. Clinging to her centre, the soft cotton material was tight and wet, allowing his gaze to trace the shape of her sweet sex.

Slipping his fingers past the elastic trim, Angelus tugged them down over the curve of her hips and down her toned thighs, discarding them carelessly on the floor. Soft folds decorated with a dark patch of neat curls that glistened with creamy arousal. Her clit, pearl hard and pink, begged for his mouth.

Tempted and wanting, his tongue lapped up the falling juices, relishing in the exotic taste. Strong and thick, blunt fingertips slid up the petals, parting them enough to tease her with penetration. Dipping past the initial tightness, Angelus purred against her, the vibrations causing her to moan his name.

Intoxicating and heady, the scent and taste of her was like a drug, addictive and powerful. His tongue tingled with the natural spice as the liquid sex coated his lips, daring him to drink it all.

As her hips bucked up, Cordelia’s head fell back, lower lip bitten and eyes shut. Fluttering open, foggy orbs looked down at the vampire, smoke gathering in the depths as she watched and felt him drink her in.

Taunting her, the tip of his tongue fluttered over her clit, flicking the tiny pearl until she loudly moaned and hips were raised high. Lightly, Angelus slipped an exploring finger just inside, the silken walls clenching tight around his intrusion, urging him to go deeper.

Feeling him touch her so intimately, Cordelia gasped out a mewl of pleasure as his tongue replaced his fingers. “Angelus…” Moist and cool, his talented tongue inched slowly inside, hot rain drenching his lips and face.

Pulling back from her with a low growl, Angelus slapped her hand chastising for disturbing his pleasure. Pale and shining, his lips were coated with delicious cream and blunt fingertips equally glistened. “Don‘tcha like the way I kiss?”

“Someone could walk in, it wouldn’t be healthy for us to get caught like this.” Her meaning was loud and crystal clear. She was worried about the slayer and her litter.

“Caught like what?” Angelus quizzed, his tilted to one side as he pushed in just that little bit deeper, enjoying the way her eyelashes fluttered at the feel. His skin was rougher than hers, the pad of his thumb rubbed lazy patterns over the sensitive spot while his finger slipped past the tightening muscles. “Like this?”

Catching in her throat, her breath formed a thick lump and almost choked as he pushed in knuckle-deep. Closing round him like a vice, hot vaginal walls clutched and refused to let go. Watching through a heavy lidded gaze as he moved slowly, Angelus smirked when the first tremor of climax made her quiver under his touch.

“Or like this?” Grabbing her leg behind the knee, he angled it and opened up a place inside, speeding up her orgasm. Stabbing his fingers hard into her, the vampire was satisfied when her hands snared the table edge, hips driving for more.

“Like that!” Cordelia hissed then moaned, her mouth parched through hot panting breaths that stung her lungs. Choking back a scream, her head fell back as jolts shocked her body, eyes shut as he pushed her further. A burst of hot liquid covered his hand, scalding his skin as her body became still as the aftershocks gradually decreased.

Opening her glassy eyes, Cordelia looked at Angelus who was stood there smirking as he eased out from her. Keeping her orbs on his, he brought sugar coated digits to his mouth and lapped up every drop, visibly enjoying the taste.

“Delicious” he murmured, flashing her a wolfish grin that showed his pearly whites. “I think you like my kisses, baby. Now lets see if I like yours.” Backing a little ways back from her, Angelus gave her space and casually tucked his thumb into a belt loop, gauging her ever reaction.

He was hard, ready and unwilling to be merciful. He’d make sure he left here tonight having exactly what he came for.

Owlishly, she blinked away the remnants of lusty fog, finally focusing on the vampire. “Kiss you?” Her attention dropped down, honey eyes dilating until black pupils swallowed them whole. Under the leather she could see him, the outline of his erection not hidden at all and she felt her mouth water.

Seeing the sex kitten in her let loose through hungered looks and needy cries, Angelus made a move to quench her thirst and closed the small distance. “Open my belt” was the husky order.

Doing as he bid, Cordelia’s nervous touch slightly fumbled with the buckle, the metal cold on her heat. The sound of leather-on-leather had never been so sexual, the feel of the belt sliding smoothly through her fingers was merely a prelude.

“Good girl” the vampire breathed, his body tightening in preparation for her kiss. Thickening between them, the atmosphere intensified as his mouth brushed across hers, sharing the sweetness. Her button nose nudged his defined jaw up, soft lips timidly pressed against his Adam’s apple, gentle nips were taken and eyes unsure of his reaction to that.

Standing on trembling legs, Cordelia turned them around so the table was on his thighs. Inhaling the natural musky scent, she rubbed her cheek down the surface of his shirt, her skin prickling with the tickling feel of velvet. Pushing the hem of his shirt up, her lips descended on his cool flesh, her tongue tracing the shape of his navel, smiling a little when he hummed in response.

Taking a lax hold of the waistband of his pants, she lowered them past his formed hips and slid them down his thighs. Rough and dark, his hair tickled and forced herself not to giggle. Feral and dangerous, his scent exuded the power he held and it drew her into his web, the strands of lust taking hold.

As she knelt, Cordelia glanced up at the vampire, her mouth parting in surprise when she saw his eyes closed and jaw clenched. Stroking her hair, his fingers smoothed through the long strands until his palm cupped her cheek, pale skin contrasting with her tan.

“Kiss me Princess, I’m waiting”

Sparkling with submission, her orbs fell to his erection between solid thighs and brimmed with hunger. A thatch of dark curls lined the base and balls were tight against his body, his pale flesh looked marble smooth and satin soft as it stretched to fit around him.

Experimentally, Cordelia touched his cock and pulled back when his thigh muscles flinched and flexed. Gliding along the rigid length, slender fingers gently curled round him, delighting when his hips bucked. Breathing deep, she inhaled his scent once more as she moved her hand up, her palm not expanding his girth.

At the first feel of her hot little hand, Angelus felt his entire body tense and was barely able to stop the groan escaping. When she touched him again, moving so delicately and innocently, he was unable to stop his voice from sounding out. “Use your mouth, open those pretty red lips and suck me”

“Like this?” Using his own words as a weapon, she eased the flesh over the sensitive tip and used her tongue to taste. Male and tangy, precum burned on her pout as she savoured the flavour, the teaser leaving her unsatisfied and wanting more. “Or like this?”

Enveloping him in her hot mouth, Cordelia swirled her tongue around the broad tip, lapping and licking up the sweetness. Pushing his cock further, she moaned when he bucked hard and forced her to pull back.

“Good girl” Angelus managed, her learning curve much more exciting than any whore. Combing the long strands, he loosely fisted her hair, guiding but not controlling, letting her feel her way.

French manicured nails grazed his inner thigh, leaving tiny white welts that neither tickled nor hurt. Redder than roses and just as enticing, her lips slid up his length, tongue flirting with the tip.

Replacing her hand, his fingers curved round his shaft, moving rhythmically and encouraging her. Taking him deeper and sucking harder, Cordelia treated him to a slow sweep of her tongue and moaned, feeling him pulse in her mouth in response.

Angelus hissed, gritting his teeth as his balls got tighter, one hand fisting her hair and the other squeezing his cock, teasing her hungry lips by withdrawing. “You kiss good, now make me come.” She looked so naughty with her mouth snug round him and her hand covering his, slowing him down.

Relaxing her throat a little more, she took him further and heard him throatily groan, feeling him twist knots in her hair. Sliding her fingers round his, Cordelia scraped her nails over the soft skin and hummed, caramel orbs flicked up in time to see the vampire’s dark turn to spun gold.

Repeating the motion, her nails scratched harder and fingers kneaded his balls, adding to the sensation of her mouth sucking and tongue licking. His hips bucked and thigh muscles flexed, his hand pushed heavily on the base of his cock and his shaft thickened.

A low growl vibrated through his body, his hips jerked once as he filled her mouth, his chest rising and falling with panted breaths. Coating her tongue with orgasm, Angelus watched as she swallowed what she could, his hand stroking in short, rapid motions that forced droplets of cream to spill from her lips.

Pulling away from the vampire, Cordelia gathered up the spilt drops and devoured him, revelling in her success. From her position on the cold library floor, the cheerleader continued to lick her pout as she peered up at him, waiting for his next move.

Tilting his head back and catching sight of the over-hanging mistletoe, Angelus smirked and returned her look. “That makes me wonder what present I could put under your Christmas tree” he mused, voice full of wickedness.

“Not a lot considering it’s only six inches…”



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